(PROLOGUE)After Selina Kyle AKA(Catwoman) finally got her revenge against Max Shreck she decided to leave Gotham city and return to her hometown Manhattan, New York where she had her friends and family. As Selina was packing up her clothes she came across her catsuit that she had sewn and stitched together with black leather she thought about how Max use to treat her, how he tried to kill her because she had learned that he was going to suck all of the power from Gotham by building a power plant then he pushed her out of the window but somehow survived and when Selina entered her apartment, started listening to her voice messages something in her snapped, so as you already know she sewn and stitched together a catsuit, clashed with Batman, formed an alliance with The penguin, got betrayed by Penguin, found out that Bruce Wayne is Batman, refused to be with Bruce then scratched him on the face, and killed Max by kissing him with a taser in her mouth while holding onto an exposed power cable.

(PRESENT DAY) "Hey we know that you're in here"! shouted, a gang. The gang was looking for a blonde haired woman that dresses like a cat and uses a whip as soon as Selina heard them shouting she got dressed in her Catwoman costume, grabbed her cell phone, and grabbed her cats to put them in a small cat carrier that's when she started to run down the hallway but the gang shot the hinges off the door and started shooting at Selina, she kept running and running until she had to run out of the window of her apartment as Selina was falling from the window of her apartment she pulled out her whip to grab onto something and she swung onto a nearby building. After Selina had landed safely she watched as the gang wearing skeleton masks demolished and blew up her apartment (TO BE CONTINUED)