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Yes, I have another story for you. It's been sitting on my laptop since some time last year, and I thought... yep, maybe it's time to do something with it. So now I fleshed it out and it turned into 9-10 chapters, I think. Still working on chapter 9, but I think I can start posting it and not make you wait forever for the next chapter. Hopefully.

It takes place... before A Memorable Summer, I think. Somewhere around that time.

WARNING: There will be spanking in this story. If it offends you, please read something else.

DISCLAIMER: The Twilight universe does not belong to me, but to Stephenie Meyer. I just borrow her characters for a little while. The OC, however, is mine.

"Maddie, go get changed, now."

"No," the girl answered, shaking her head, then left the kitchen and headed for the living room.

"Maddie!" Esme threw the towel into the sink and hastily walked around the kitchen counter, following her daughter with a very stern look on her face. She was so fed up with this behaviour. This had been going on for half of the morning, starting up in Maddie's room and then continued in the kitchen. Some days were truly difficult and the fact that Alice had left the house giggling instead of telling her what's going on hadn't helped her either.

The girl dropped sideways onto an armchair, threw her legs over one of the armrests and folded her arms across her chest.

"I told you to do something several times now," she stated when she came to a halt in the living room, giving her daughter a no-nonsense look. "Go upstairs now."

Now with his displeased wife in the room and a daughter who seemed to not have a care in the world, Carlisle's interest peaked. He had been out in the woods since the morning hours, just hunting and running some to clear his head. His children had just gotten ready for school when he returned, and he had wished them a very productive day before he went upstairs to have a shower and get dressed for work.

He was sitting in his favourite armchair, going through the newspaper to see what had happened in the world when his wife and daughter had entered.

Peeling his eyes from the paper, he lowered it a little and glanced at his daughter first, then looked at his wife. "What's going on?"

His dear wife huffed. "She missed the bus already, because she refuses to get changed and bring down her backpack."

It was a regular Wednesday morning, and just like all the other kids, Maddie was supposed to be on her way to school.

Carlisle checked his wristwatch, then looked the girl up and down. She was still in her dark blue sweatpants and a grey hoodie, like a human who had just stumbled out of bed. Her hair was in a high ponytail but she hadn't brushed it first. "Madeline, listen to your mother and get changed."


This was not how he had pictured his morning.

He noisily folded the paper and put it onto the coffee table, then leaned forward to get a better look at the defiant child. "I beg your pardon?" he asked in a very calm tone of voice that promised trouble if she wouldn't comply instantly.

Of course he expected her to get up immediately and hurry up the stairs, but surprisingly, she did something completely different.

She snatched the remote off the table and switched the TV on, never even looking at him. Like he wasn't there.

Yes, as of late, she was in one of those phases again where she needed to be told several times to do something or she just wouldn't do it. It was called puberty.

He silently huffed, then got up and towered over her. "That is quite enough, young lady. Turn that off and look at me."

Why in the world would that attribute of hers, her childish defiance, be heightened? It came in waves, and now it was one of those days.

She groaned, switched it off, then looked up at him and asked in a way like she was bored, "What?"

"You heard me. Go upstairs, get changed and then I'll take you to school."

She shook her head. "No."

And that was the end of Carlisle's patience. Swiftly he grabbed her by her upper arm and helped her into a standing position. Without further ado, he marched to the staircase with her in tow and went upstairs.

Maddie stumbled after him, looking neither apologetic nor nervous, but more annoyed. Which annoyed him.

In her room, he let go of her, went into her closet and just a second later he emerged with her school clothes on a hanger in hand.

"Here," he said and held it out for her. "You better get changed now."

"Dad, come on," she said as she took a step back and lowered herself onto her bed. It still didn't seem like she was going to do as he asked. Quite the opposite actually.


She leaned back on her elbows and sighed.

He threw her clothes onto the bed next to her and expected her to at least look at them, but nothing happened.

"Do I need to help you pick up your pace? You won't sit comfortably in school if I have to," he warned her with his hands on his hips. Why was she so disobedient today? Did something happen at school? He had no idea.

She gave him a long, annoyed look, then jumped up from her bed, took a few steps over to her desk and reached into her backpack that was resting on the chair.

When she turned around again to face him, there was a folded piece of paper wedged between her index and middle finger, and she held it out for him to take.

"What's that?" he squinted at it before he grabbed it with a frown on his forehead. This morning was getting weirder by the second.

While he unfolded it and read through it the frown disappeared while a little smile slowly appeared on her face.

Looking at her over the upper rim of it, he suddenly saw her beaming up at him.

"Why didn't you tell us? Maddie, what was that display downstairs for, huh?"

She shrugged her shoulders, then giggled a little. "Just wanted to see how you'll react."

"I can show you right now."

She took a couple of steps back, her hands raised, palms facing him. "No! Hey, come on, I didn't do anything. Just wanted to have a little fun."

Their definitions of fun differed tremendously, but at least now they didn't need to worry anymore.

He nodded his head in the direction of the hallway. "Let's tell your mother."

As they walked down the hallway and descended the stairs, Carlisle stopped abruptly, looking like he just remembered something.

"One more thing," he said, grabbed her by the arm, turned her to the side and applied a mighty smack to her behind.

"Ow!" She took a step back when he let go of her upper arm and scowled at him while a hand shot back to the painful spot. "What was that for?"

"To make sure I won't have to see that defiant behaviour again. That was not funny."

"It was… until now," she murmured, rubbing at the smarting spot on her backside.

He let his hand run through her hair, placed a quick kiss on the crown of her head, then continued his way downstairs to see his wife. He found her in the kitchen, rubbing down the cabinet doors like they had been filthy beyond belief. Cleaning helped her deal with stress, maybe that's why the house was always spotless. But the moment he entered, she dropped everything onto the counter and hurried towards him.

"What's going on?" she asked when her husband came into view and looked up at him wide-eyed. She was so apprehensive, fearing Maddie was still unwilling to go to school. She just wanted for this morning to be over.

With a little smile, he handed her the note from school and watched her face as she read through it.

"Oh my, I had no idea! Why didn't she tell me?"

"She thought it's funny."

Esme was not impressed. "Yes, very funny."

He gave her another smile, knowing they were both thinking the exact same thing. They really could go without this pointless drama in the morning.

"It was, you just don't have a sense of humour," Maddie uttered when she reached the bottom floor, still rubbing at her aching buttock.

Esme's face lit up when she saw her daughter appear and hurried towards her in the foyer. "I didn't know you wouldn't have to go to school today. But that's great, you can come with me to the grocery store and I also need to go to the garden centre and the-"

"Awww." Maddie indeed did not look too enthusiastic about her mother's shopping plans.

Esme's face fell. "What is it?" She loved going shopping with her kids. Of course it was always easier when just one of them joined her, so this would be perfect now. After a lot of convincing, Maddie was actually quite the pleasure to take along as she was very sweet around humans when they were nearby. She played her part well and they always made sure to reward her for it. But today, she didn't seem to be on board.

"I don't want to, it's… Edward's turn." Maddie hated food shopping and garden centres. These places reeked. And they were boring.

"No, it's not," Carlisle told her as he came into the foyer, all the while shaking his head. "And Edward is at school. Get changed and help your mother."

Her shoulders slumped and she scrunched up her face, replying in an incredibly whiny voice, "But it's my day off."

"Your day off?"

"Yes," she affirmed. "And I don't wanna go outside and spend my valuable time at stupid stores."

Esme sighed and gave her a sad look while she gently cupped her cheek with her hand. "But I need to run errands, I cannot stay home with you, sweetheart. I'm sorry."

"You don't have to," she replied casually and drew back, shrugging her shoulders, then looked at the ground while she was waiting for her mother to catch on.

And Esme did. But she didn't react like the girl had hoped. "Maddie, I'm not going to leave you home alone."

Her jaw dropped. "Why?! I never get to be on my own, ever. And it's my day off."

"I wouldn't feel comfortable with no one else here with you. Please, you have to understand."

"But I don't understand," she argued petulantly. "I don't need a babysitter and I'm just staying home, you know exactly where I am. It's just for a couple of hours, mom. Please."

"Carlisle, what do you think?" Esme was not sure what she should do. She was uncomfortable knowing that her girl would be on her own, even though she could understand her wish to have some actual true peace and quiet. With five older siblings, she was never alone.

"What about your shopping, love? Don't you need help with that?" If she did, Maddie would just have to put up with it. After all, it was just for a couple of hours and she still had the rest of the day to do as she pleased.

"Hey, that's not fair," Maddie threw in. "Mom, you didn't know there was a staff meeting today. You would have gone to the store without me anyways."

Reluctantly, she agreed. "That's true."

"And it's not fair that I have to beg for something that is so normal for everyone else. I'm not a little kid, I don't need to be monitored 24/7." She looked in between the two with pleading eyes. She really didn't see a problem with her staying home for just a few hours by herself. What did they think she'd do? Throw a party? Flood the house? Build a meth lab in their back yard? Seriously...

"I can try to make it quick, maybe two hours," Esme said as she looked up at her husband.

This was such a difficult situation. Esme wanted to give in and let her enjoy some time to herself, she was right, she shouldn't have to beg for it, but the thought of her home alone just made her so incredibly uneasy. Sure, she went to school by herself without anyone of them around, but as there were humans surrounding her, she did have to keep up appearances and act accordingly. Home alone? Not so much.

Carlisle looked pensive. He was hesitant, but not actually as hesitant as his wife about this, since Maddie wasn't surrounded by strangers or in a place they did not know, and letting her enjoy some solitude within the safety of their home did not raise too many alarm bells in his mind. He would like for the girl to go shopping with Esme, definitely, but maybe it was indeed time to give her a bit more freedom. And it was only for two hours.

"Sure," he said after a moment of pondering. "You can stay home, Maddie."

Now the girl openly gaped at him. "Really?" That had been easy. She truly expected them to say no, and then she would have to spend the rest of the morning trying to make them see reason. Yes, she wasn't above whining, arguing or crying. Whatever would get her what she wanted. Now, she was just confused.

"Yes, but there will be some rules."

She groaned and turned to the side, shoving her hands into the front pockets of her hoodie. "Of course..."

"Do you want to hear them or do you want to run errands with your mother?" He was dead serious. They would grant her her wish, but only on their terms. She could take it or leave it, it was up to her.

Her eyes widened immediately and she focused her full attention on Carlisle. "Shoot."

"You will pick up the phone when we call you, call us when something is wrong and don't open the door to strangers. Oh, and behave, of course."

She looked a tad offended. "I always behave."

"I mean, don't break anything and don't get up to nonsense," he clarified, giving her a certain look to show her that he really meant it. If she would use the time alone to wreck the house, he'd never leave her out of his sight again.

"I wasn't going to," she replied with a frown on her forehead. Why would she plan on breaking something in the house? It was way too hard to hide.

"Very well." He glanced at his watch, then drew in a sharp breath. "I need to get to the hospital. Esme, what car do you need?"

"I wanted to take Emmett's, but unfortunately he forgot and it's in the school's parking lot now. The Mercedes' trunk is also big, so I'd like to take yours."

He nodded his head. "Not a problem."

"Come, I'll drop you off at work."

And after the two were busy putting on shoes and jackets, their attention was back on the girl.

They had already agreed to let her stay home alone, but Esme didn't feel comfortable with their decision. It actually wasn't a big deal, she knew that, and she'd make sure to hurry and be back as soon as she could, but she was still nervous. "Are you sure you want to stay here?"

"Yes, absolutely."

Esme gave her a sad smile and let her knuckles run over the girl's cheek. Maybe she just needed to learn to let go. The time Maddie spent at school was a lot longer, but at least she was busy and supervised during that time. Now she would be all alone. "Call me if you need anything, okay?"

"Sure, mom. Have fun. Bye, dad."

"Enjoy having the house to yourself, sweetheart."

"Trust me, I will," she replied with a smirk and nodded her head.

He turned back around to face her. "That sounds unsettling," he admitted.

Her eyes widened and she held her hands up in a way to calm him. "No, no, no, I didn't mean it like that! It's just nice to be able to choose the channel without having Rose taking the remote from me because she doesn't like what I watch, or Emmett constantly wanting me to play with him or Edward playing the piano so that you can't make out a single word."

"All right," he said with a light chuckle and hugged her to himself, "have fun. And don't leave the house, okay?"

"I won't," she promised and nodded her head for emphasis.

He eyed her for a moment longer than necessary, just to check if she was indeed being honest. He was still just a little bit worried about leaving her home all alone. "Good, good. See you later, Maddie. We need to get going."

"Are you sure this is a good idea?" Esme whispered to her husband.

"It's just for a couple of hours, love," he replied, looking back over his shoulder to give his daughter a little smile.

They left through the entrance door as the Mercedes was parked in front of the house, and Maddie could hear the engine spring to life before the vehicle drove off, gravel crunching as it did.

And suddenly, she had the whole house all to herself.

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