People were not created equal. That was a lesson Izuku Midoriya learned early in his life. As he walked back towards his home, alone and ruffled in his black middle school uniform, he couldn't help but ponder on the terrible fate handed to him. At the age of four, he had been told the horrible news he would not have a quirk, a superhuman ability most children developed.

While some suffered from bad luck, others were graced by fate. For instance, the one who caused Izuku to look as badly as he did had once been his friend… before Izuku was diagnosed as quirkless of course. Katsuki Bakugo, however, didn't just get a quirk: he got a combined mutation from his parents. It wasn't just the fact that the combined mutation rates were exceedingly low, but it was also the fact Bakugo developed the ability to cause explosions. It was a quirk meant for greatness and Bakugo knew it.

Hence, there he was, wallowing in self-pity. It had been another shitty day at Aldera Middle School, being bullied, belittled and overall ridiculed for his impossible aspiration of becoming a Pro-Hero. Truthfully, Midoriya knew that he couldn't become a Pro-Hero, not without a quirk. Thus, instead of training and preparing, he watched. He watched as Bakugo grew stronger and trained his quirk. He watched Pro-Heroes and marvelled at their abilities and achievement. He watched people use their quirks and allowed his jealousy to simmer.

Midoriya knew he was pathetic. He was a cry-baby, a true coward at heart. What manner of Hero could he be? And yet, he needed to believe he could make it, that he could be a hero. He had to. It was perhaps the only thing that kept him moving, even when he knew it would never happen…

"It would have been easier if I had dreamed of being a cop" Midoriya mumbled, ignoring the dark underpass he was walking across. But no, he just had to want to be like All Might, the Number One Hero and Symbol of Peace.

As he obliviously walked onwards, he missed the manhole creaking open and a pair of sinister eyes expectantly staring at him. He was so consumed in his misery that he did not react as something jumped behind him. When Midoriya realized that he was in trouble, it was too late.

A strange mucky substance covered him whole. Midoriya, terrified, struggled. Then he heard the mocking voice. It was a villain, and it was trying to choke him. No, not just a villain: some kind of slime or sludge person that wanted to use his body.

"Just die already!" The sludge villain growled. "I need a suit before he shows up!"

Midoriya, though, fought on. He desperately clawed at the sludge as his mouth was pried open. He tried to dislodge from the monster, but it was futile. Worse, it was amusing to the villain. Soon, air started failing Midoriya. His movements gradually slowed down and consciousness slipped further away.

This is how I die? Midoriya asked with weird serenity. I'll die just as I lived… choking against the impossible… Instead of calm, however, as he slowly faded an alien emotion rose from within, something he had never experience before: rage.

Then the world turned black…

…Only for Midoriya to snap his eyes open and kneel over, coughing out a disgusting mouthful of sludge. Urgh, it was absolutely awful! He remained there, breathing hard and retching.

"There, there!" A strong, powerful voice worriedly said. Midoriya felt a massive hand patting him. "Now, now, you are alright!"

Midoriya blinked, disbelieving. Slowly, he turned to the side. There, kneeling next to him, was an impossible sight. It couldn't be. Not here. And yet, that large muscular frame, those bright glowing eyes and that trademarked smile of his. It was him!

"Are you feeling better now?" The giant of a man asked, rising to his feet.

Holy crap, it is him! Midoriya stared. He saw it, and yet he couldn't believe it.

"Have no fear, citizen, for I am here" the Number One Hero, All Might, dressed as a civilian, proudly laughed. His smile faltered, replaced with worry. "For a moment there I feared I had been too late, young lady. That wretched villain nearly got you!" He showed a pair of bottles to Midoriya.

Midoriya's jaw dropped. There, on the hero's hands, was green sludge. He saw a pair of eyes and a mouth struggling inside. Midoriya sat up straight and suddenly, something felt amiss. He felt something weird behind him, but at the moment he could only think of one thing: he had his idol right in front of him.

"All Might" Midoriya said. He wasn't sure if his voice had turned a few octaves higher because of his excitement and shock, or for other reasons. In any case, speaking broke him out of his stupor. "Oh my God, All Might! Can I have your-?"

He was in the process of picking his schoolbag, to take out his battered and burned notebook he treasured, only to notice something, something that was out of place. Why did he have long claw-like fingers? He stared at it. His heart was already beating fast enough with excitement without adding more emotions into the mix. Now, with dread, he felt like it would burst with shock. But that was only the beginning.

"What the hell happened to me?!" Midoriya asked, realizing both his hands had turned into claws. Then he felt it: his ears. His hands reached to the top of his head and – "ARGH!"

"Young lady, what is the problem?!" All Might inquired, concerned.

"I- I have claws! And- and cat ears!" Midoriya screamed, horrified. This had to be the worst-best-worst day of his life (he had yet to make up his mind about it)! He looked down at his chest – his definitely not manly chest - and suddenly he realized that the situation was much worse than he first thought.

"Eh…" All Might raised a confused eyebrow. "Cat ears? I had assumed by the tails you had a fox quirk".

"TAILS?!" Midoriya snapped his head towards his behind. Yep, there were tails there, big and fluffy – oh, and three of them. Well, the fur was a dark green, like his hair, so they might as well be his. "W-what – how – when…?"

And with that, Midoriya fell unconscious for the second time in the same day. All Might blinked at the young girl, before frowning.

"I suppose I should take her to a hospital" All Might hummed. He bent down to pick her up. However, no sooner had he touched the girl, she burst into a cloud of smoke. Startled, All Might stepped back. "Oh, so it isn't just a mutation as I had first suspected!"

All Might picked the now changed fox-boy – or was she still a fox-girl? – and studied him (or her?) in his arms. Why did the boy now have more tails? And was he taller? That was strange. But hey, who was he to judge, right?

"I do not know who you are, young man – or woman – but I can tell you have quite an interesting quirk" All Might laughed.

If only anyone knew just how correct the Number One Hero was.