DISCLAIMER: This is a "crossover" between Danganronpa and Total Drama.


Nah, I'm not doing that. Hello everyone, my name is Fuzzboy, and this...Well this is a story, can't get blunter than that. Specifically, this is a story featuring the cast of Danganronpa, with the concept of Total Drama (and really only the concept; besides two characters, this is all DR baby, so you don't need to know a thing about TD to enjoy this).

Now, I've done these types of stories in the past. One finished, one was discontinued, and another is continuing, but my co-writer is busy with his new home, so I can't really continue it at the moment. Oddly, that's what links all those stories together; a co-writer, specifically my best friend, Delta Xtreme, AKA Alexis. He's always by my side for these sorts of stories, and it's always been a nice comfort in a way. But I've also been meaning to branch out more with solo works that are low maintenance.

AND this is my first story that is both not written with him, and a relatively large scale project. And honestly, I've wanted to both do a competition story, and write a Danganronpa story, so it largely works out. Though as a heads-up...Not all 48 DR characters across the 3 games are in this; there are 26 contestants, so obviously they're not all in this. However, I do have some surprises along the way, so don't lose out hope on a favorite showing up.

With that said, I also urge you to check on Danganronpa Island by SoulfulGinger17, which shares the same premise, though was sadly abandoned 2-years ago. Honestly, if he had finished his take, this story might not even exist, but that didn't happen sadly, so here I am to fill the hole. I'm also gonna try and incorporate my Danganronpa elements in this story, so look out for surprises along the way. But yeah, in total there will be 26-episodes, each episode split up into multiple chapters for the sake of both pacing, and putting out chapters faster. There will also be some intermissions.

I feel like that's about everything I wanted to say, so...Let's get down to business!

The camera slowly faded into a view of a pale blue sky, clouds sailing by as a flock of seagulls flew overhead. It soon panned down to reveal a unique sight; a chain of five large islands, with a sixth and far smaller island in the middle of them that held them together loosely with several thin, wooden bridges. After a moment of lingering tension, the camera suddenly cut away to the central island, panning across the sunny beachside, before eventually settling on a figure standing on the very edge of the water, a large grin growing across his face.

The camera faded into a view of a clear sky, the sun beating down onto the earth like a ton of bricks. Seagulls flew through the air, their chirping and the sounds of waves crashing against the beach overpowering everything within earshot. The camera soon panned down to reveal a unique sight; a chain of five large islands, with a sixth and far smaller island in the middle of them that held them together loosely with several thin, wooden bridges. After a moment of lingering tension, the camera suddenly cut away to the island on the far-right, before settling on the sight of a sunny beachside view, the sun rising off in the distance as a cool breeze blew on by.

Soon after, an average-sized and decently handsome man popped up into view, his perfect teeth shining from the bright sunlight reflecting off of them. He looked like he was roughly in his late twenties, most likely bordering on thirties, his combed back raven hair giving off an eerie, though approachable vibe. He wore only the highest quality clothing, as he casually straightened his navy blue button-up shirt. His camo-green jeans looked completely untouched by any kind of grime or dirt, looking brand new and well-kept, and oddly enough the same could be said for his slightly worn-down blue and white hand-me-down sneakers, as if their flaws in itself were artificial to a degree. His entire appearance could be described as something that could only resemble a professional actor, the oldest thing on his entire body possibly being his odd-looking necklace.

The man in question turned to the camera with a deceptively fake smile, as he casually greeted the camera in front of him, "Welcome viewers all over the world, to Jabberwock Island, a beautiful archipelago in the Pacific Ocean, known for being a paradise of everlasting summer, hoisted up by its own natural beauty. It used to be a popular vacation spot for tourists all over the world..." His smile then turned to a twisted grin. "Well, until that one guy got eaten by a polar bear they flew in as a promotional gimmick. Here's a tip, kids; don't start spray-painting a bear with black paint. Or at least if you do, make sure to catch it on camera."

With a low laugh and a wink, he shrugged at his own words before the smile returned once more. "But after years of abandonment and constantly selling the islands out to just about anyone with pocket change, I finally came along and took this place off their hands, and bought back all the islands they senselessly gave away...Well, technically the producers did, but they're not the star of the show here."

He turned toward the camera with a coy sneer, as if attempting to keep those watching entranced with anticipation. "And so, that brings us to today, where I've invited twenty-six Japanese teenagers to these very islands, to compete in Canada's number one gameshow, Total Drama!" He flashed the camera a smile, "As all you returning viewers know, I'm your lovable host, Chris McLean, and soon enough, some of Japan's brightest minds and strongest competitors will be arriving, each of them the best in their own respective fields, scouted out specifically by Hope's Peak Academy."

Chris leaned slightly to the right to stare offscreen, his eyes shifting up and down as if he was reading something off-screen. "A government-funded school of privilege, that is the...Uh, the leading supplier of the next generation of world-changing super teens?" He couldn't help but squint slightly in disbelief at what he was saying. With a shake of his head though, his confidence returned with another massive grin. "Basically, unlike the last few seasons, these kids might actually be worth something."

With a sadistic chuckle, he continued by saying, "For the next eight weeks, these kids will be dealing with untamed wildlife, unpredictable weather thanks to my good pal global warming, and the worst thing of all...Each other." Rubbing his hands together cruelly, Chris' smile only grew in anticipation. "Oh yeah, I can already hear their screams..." With a shake of his head, he snapped out of his thoughts if only for just a moment. "As soon as they arrive, they will be split into teams, and every couple days, will be forced to compete in dangerous, life-threatening challenges against each other."

"Winning these challenges guarantees your safety, and continued existence in the game," he explained, "but losing, means that you'll have to attend the elimination ceremony, where one contestant will unfortunately be eliminated from the game, as chosen by their peers. And by the end of the Summer, only one teen will be left standing, and will be rewarded with..." He threw out his hands, "One million dollars!" He glanced off to the side, "Or about one hundred and six million, nine hundred and seventy-eight thousand yen...If you want to be technical."

With that, Chris turned back toward the camera with a big grin, "So, who'll crack under the pressure? Are these 'ultimate teenagers' really as ultimate as they appear? And will any of them even survive the first week?" He abruptly pointed at the camera, "Find out now..."

The camera zoomed out, showing off the entire beach, "On Total-" He was interrupted by a ringing phone, causing the camera to come crashing back, focusing in on the host's blank, embarrassed face as his eyes slowly drifted toward his pocket. In one sudden movement, he reached into it, pulling out the phone and placing it to his ear, "Yo, what's up? I'm sorta in the middle of-"

Chris was interrupted by some muffled sounds on the other end, as he rose a brow in confusion. "Wait, what? Since when did that change?" More muffled sounds erupted, as his eyes shrank. "What do you mean it was better received by test audiences?! And what do a bunch of Japanese kids know anyways-" He bit his tongue at the sound of screaming, as he held up a hand in defense, "Alright, alright, I get it. Okay...Okay, later."

Turning off the phone, he groaned as he rubbed the temple of his nose, before shaking his head and turning back to the camera with a deadpan look. "Now, like I was saying...Welcome," the camera zoomed out to showcase the beach once more, "to Totally," the camera zoomed out even further, revealing the largest of the six islands in its entirety, "Dramatic," it zoomed out one last time, showing the island in full view, "Island!"

The camera lingered on this shot for a moment, as Chris groaned in the background, "Just doesn't feel the same, man."


With a snap, a clapboard smacked down, and a young girl took a step away from the camera, her mop of dark red hair shimmering in the sunlight, freckles dotting her cheeks. She tugged slightly on the tight red button-up shirt, the white t-shirt underneath tightening around her body as she winced to herself. These sorts of clothes weren't really the type she'd usually wear. If anything she tended to avoid anything this tight-fitting, but it was apparently the uniform for out here, so she couldn't really complain about it, especially since this technically counted as extra credit.

She flinched at the sounds of screaming, her head turning to see Chris McLean screaming at some poor intern, who was taking it without so much as cringing. His name was...Rantaro? She couldn't quite remember, but that sounded right. He had been fairly quiet since they had all arrived here; wasn't even sure what his talent was. All she knew was he was from Hope's Peak; all the interns and staff were.

For instance...She was Mahiru Koizumi, and at school, she was known as the Super High School Level Photographer, though it was abbreviated to just "ultimate photographer" for Americans. For that very reason she was specifically recommended for this...As a camerawoman. It...Wasn't the type of photography she was into by any stretch of the imagination, but she could make it work. Outside of her, she was at least a little aware of the talents of some of her peers working for that dreaded host; a maid, a chef, a nurse, even some kind of imposter. There were also the interns, like Rantaro, who she hadn't really gotten to know yet. They seemed...Interesting, but she hadn't really gotten the chance yet.

As the host finished screaming at the poor boy, he straightened his back and cracked his neck, groaning to himself as he walked away from the scene, growling out, "Stupid sponsors, what do they know about quality entertainment, huh?! Nothing, that's what! Somebody get me on a call with Jin, I'm giving him a piece of my mind!"

Rantaro stared passively at where the host had once been, before smiling warmly and walking away without any complaints, as Mahiru gave him a bewildered look. "How could he shrug that off so easily?" She thought to herself, before shaking her head and getting back to inspecting her camera. "None of my business. Shouldn't give it anymore thought."

As Mahiru thought this though, her eyes scanned the beach, before finding themselves having fallen upon a boy, roughly around her age, if a little older, staring out at the water. He had spiky brown hair and bright hazel eyes, and was quite a bit shorter than average, even more than her. He was smiling faintly, a look of complete relaxation on his face, as he took in his surrounding silently.

Blinking to herself, she somehow found herself walking away from the stand-up camera, as she approached the boy. "Um...Hey, you good there?"

Mahiru watched as he jumped a bit at her words, twisting on his feet to stare at her with a flustered look. "Wha- Oh," he quickly seemed to relax, if only a little, upon realizing it was her. Forcing a grin, he rubbed the back of his head awkwardly. "Hey. Sorry, I sorta got a little distracted."

"It's fine," she quickly affirmed, her eyes staring him over in mild confusion, "you're one of the interns, right?"

"Yeah," he confirmed, letting out a low chuckle, "though I haven't really been told to do anything yet. To be honest, I don't really know if our boss has even noticed I'm here yet."

With a roll of her eyes, she muttered, "Yeah, he does seem to be off in his own little world," turning back to him, her eyes narrowed slightly, adding on, "though, I don't remember you during training either."

"Y-Yeah, I tend to blend in with the crowd a bit," he muttered awkwardly. Mahiru stared him down in suspicion for a moment...Though reluctantly allowed her expression to soften. "You're Mahiru, though...Right?" She couldn't help but flinch at the question, as he smiled, "I remember reading up on you before I came here. Your pictures look amazing."

Mahiru simply looked on for a moment, though eventually, a layer of confidence fell over her, as she gave him a smile of her own. "Well, glad to see you have good taste. Though...Who are you out of curiosity."

"Makoto," he simply replied, "Makoto Naegi."

"Well, Makoto," Mahiru started, before beginning to walk away, "I look forward to working with you this Summer."

"Yeah, same," Makoto quickly replied back, though she was already back to working on her camera, as he let out a relieved sigh. With a smile, he turned back toward the ocean. "And to think...All of this came from a simple lottery." As he stared out though, his expression hardened with determination. "Just further proof I can't let this chance go to waste."

And with that, he promptly walked away from the beach, as he and the rest of the staff prepared for the contestants and their inevitable arrival.

AND, that closes out the prologue! Just as a bit of a heads-up, these types of chapters I'll be calling "intermissions". They're chapters inbetween "episodes" that are designed to help further explore the cast, and in general be quite a bit shorter. With that said, since I don't really feel a need to draw it out, these are the staff/interns who aren't competing.

Host: Chris McLean, ?.
Staff: Chef Hatchet, Kirumi Tojo, Mahiru Koizumi, Mikan Tsumiki, ?, SHSL Imposter, Teruteru Hanamura.
Interns: Kaito Momota, Maki Harukawa, Makoto Naegi, Rantaro Amami, Toko Fukawa.

If they're on the above list, they're characters who I felt could add to the story, but didn't really need to be contestants (AKA the main characters). They'll primarily come into focus during intermission chapters, while episodes are entirely dedicated to the contestants. There will be occasional exceptions, but that's more or less how I'm handling it. With that said, that means that any characters not seen above have a chance of being a contestant in the game itself.

On that note though, I'll be replying to reviews at the start of every chapter, so if you have questions or anything interesting to say, don't be afraid to do so.

ANYWAYS, good night!