QUICK DISCLAIMER- In this story Wally is living with his aunt and uncle for child abuse only briefly mentioned throughout. He is 15 and will be the first flash rather then Barry (Who will not end up having powers of any sort.) The justice league still stands just without a flash, and young justice will form around the end of the story. Now with that out of the way please enjoy and leave reviews on how you like my adaptation to Wally Wests origin story.

Saturday June 26th 10:45 AM

Iris walks upstairs not looking forward to the gruelling task of getting Wally out of bed, of course he's a teenage boy with a bottomless pit for a stomach, who would rather spend the entirety of the day sleeping but Iris believes that being productive is healthy for a growing boy so letting him sleep in past 11:00 is usually avoided.

Iris quickly knocks on the door.

"Come on Wally time to get up." Iris starts as sounds of snoring can be heard on the other side.

Wally doesn't move or make any noise indicating that he's awake hoping that his aunt will just leave him be for once to sleep as long as he prefers. Of course that's not the case.

"Come on Wally get up, I know it's summer and all but I can't let you spend your entire vacation locked up in your room." Iris continues now on the verge of barging into her nephews room.

"Uhhh Aunt Iris just a few more minutes.." Wally grumbles as he rolls over a pillow to block the sound of his aunts voice.

Iris sighs. "Nope time to get up." and with that she enters now trying to pull her nephew out of bed.

"Hey Aunt Iris..What are you doing." Wally mutters as his aunt rips the blankets from on top of him off.

"Getting you up, Wally it's time it's nearly 11:00 AM." Iris proclaims now wresting Wally out of bed.

Wally just scrambles back into bed trying to get back to his favourite pass time, or would be favourite pass time if he wasn't so damn hungry.

Wally's stomach growl's loudly.

Iris smirks at this. "You know I'll make you a big breakfast if you get out of bed right now." Iris taunts.

At this Wally shoots up rubbing his eyes. "Yes Ma'am." Wally state's now saluting as if he was in the army.

Iris rolls her eyes and the 2 make it downstairs for breakfast.

Wally sits at the table while his aunt starts on the blueberry pancakes.

"How many do you want Wally?" Iris asks.

"Oh um I don't know like 5 I guess."

"5, jeez boy your going to eat us out of the house one day." Iris comments half laughing.

Wally leans bag in his seat a sly smirk across his face. "What can I say, a boy's gotta eat."

Iris just laughs. "You sure do have a bottomless pit for a stomach there Wally."

Wally shrugs. "Yeah I get that a lot."

A few minutes later and Iris is finished now stacking the pancakes on a plate for her nephew.

Wally digs in immediately barely coming up for air as Iris just sits down across from him with a book.

"So tomorrow Wally, Uncle Barry was thinking of taking you to his work just to check it out since they got that junior science program this summer, and It would be good for you to start taking initiative with your summer by maybe applying for an assistant sort of job there." Iris hints to her nephew who is absolutely devouring the food in front of him in an unnatural kind of way.

Wally sighs, both Barry and Iris had been trying to get Wally to take an interest in something. Sports, Science, Math, basically anything and everything and now that he's 15 the new thing was to get Wally a job. It was all very annoying to Wally since he liked his freedom at home and he liked his life at school just the way it was, sure he didn't have too many friends but he was never bullied or anything he just kind of did his own thing, which was another reason Aunt Iris wanted him in a job that would boosts his academics, since graduating grade 10 with nearly all Cs seemed to worry both Iris and Barry.

Wally swallowed the last bit of his pancakes before answering. "Aunt Iris you know I'm not into any of that science stuff like Uncle Barry."

Iris frowned. "I know but I thought it would be a good experience for you to work somewhere maybe earn a bit of independence and his work and internship just sounded like a good opportunity for you."

Wally looked down he felt bad, he always turned down His aunts ideas and suggestions when it came to stuff like this, yet she still made him a stack of blueberry pancakes. "Maybe an internship with uncle Barry wasn't so bad, I mean I like uncle Barry a lot and science is one of my better subjects think I got like a B- in it this year. Maybe I'll just go one day and see how I like it." Thought Wally.

"Okay I'll go tomorrow and see how it is, Not saying I'm signing up or anything but If I like it maybe I'll consider doing it more often." Wally explained.

Iris looked up from her book smiling. "Oh that's wonderful, I'm sure your gonna love it there and Barry will be so pleased, thanks Wally." Iris gave him a kiss on the forehead before leaving for work.

As she left the room Wally smiled. "What can I say I'm the best."

So that's the end of this first chapter, I know it's short but my first chapters tend to be that way, hope you liked it and I hope you will continue reading this story, as usual Please Leave Reviews!