Chapter 5

Wally's jaw dropped and his faced paled a bit at the sudden news from Ben who looked like he was suppressing his excitement.

"Uhh think." Wally couldn't finish his sentence because Ben was now parading around throwing superhero facts in his face like he was a kid in a candy store.

"Wally do you know what this means. I mean it's like all origin stories, you fight the bad guys get the girls, hey am I the only one who knows cause then I'm like your sidekick or no manager, yeah manager that sounds kinda cool manager like oh Manager Hunter or I don't know but this is totally crazy I wonder if the lighting strike had something to do with it, probably hey what are you gonna call yourself?" Ben finally asked after rambling excitedly over everything.

Wally paused for a moment. "So your saying that I have superpowers." Wally repeated not fully comprehending the information just given to him.

Ben looked at him with a smile plastered across his face. "Oh definitely I mean we don't know to what extent or anything but that will all be found out soon."

Wally looked down and continued eating his food processing everything that had changed since the accident.

"It did make sense why all of a sudden I'm so hungry, or why time's so slow but what does this mean?" Thought Wally as he took a big bite of ice cream.

Ben kept muttering to himself before speaking rather loudly. "Okay okay okay, I got an idea and I think your gonna like it."

Wally looked up from his ice cream and arched his brows interested in what Ben had to say.

"So all super heroes go through a period of time where they discover there powers an how to use them and then figure out all if any side effect's."

Wally nodded urging Ben to continue.

"So you mentioned that you are always hungry meaning that your metabolism is probably faster then what it once was because of your new abilities like spider man from the movies." Ben explained.

Wally was puzzled having never watched Spider man, but just nodded his head in agreement.

"So I think are first way of going about this is to measure your metabolic rate to properly take care of your bodies new needs, now I'm no doctor and I don't have any cool high tech gear but we could count the amount of calories you consume before you feel full and then we time how long it takes for you to begin feeling hungry again then by using the RMR Formula we will be able to estimate the proper amount of calories you now need to function." Ben explained trying to dumb it down for Wally's sake.

Wally smiled. "So basically I get to eat a ton of food until I'm full."

"In a sense yes."

Wally was happy." Dude that sound's awesome, I haven't really been full since the accident so I kind of forget what it feels like."

"Well I'll order a bunch of pizzas and while we wait we can work on other things." Ben eagerly walked towards his phone to place an order while Wally sat at the counter having nearly finished all of the food in front of him.

"Wow a superhero this is so cool and surreal, I wonder what my name should be Fast Boy, No sounds dumb. Thunder Bolt, hmm kind of cool, Speedy, maybe." Wally continued his train of thought until Ben snapped his fingers to get his attention.

"I ordered like 20 large pizzas just in case."

Wally looked sheepish. "Thank's man but you didn't have to do all this I mean I'm fine."

"Hell no man, I've waited my whole life to be a superhero and this is the next best thing, plus my parents are rich they can afford a little bit of pizza." Ben countered.

A little bit of pizza was an under statement but Wally brushed it off. "Where are your parents?" Wally asked now realising that it had just been him and Ben in the giant white house.

Ben scoffed. "There never around always working or partying, So It's just me. Get's kind of boring but what can you do when your dad's the leading doctor in biochemistry and your moms.. well my mom's busy to." Ben eyes sadden for a brief moment before returning to there natural happy state. Wally of course notices this being a little faster but decides not to pressure Ben at this point in time.

"Sound's fun, my parents weren't around much either, but that didn't bother me I was more worried about them when they were home." Wally sighed as he joined Ben in the living room taking a seat next to him.

Ben looked up. "Barry isn't your.."

"Dad no he's my uncle but I love him like a dad and I love Aunt Iris like a mom. I live with them now." Wally finished cutting Ben off.

Ben must of realised what Wally was implying and stopped talking for a bit letting Wally ponder what he was thinking before speaking up.

"I'm real sorry." Ben began.

Wally looked over to the younger boy who was adjusting his glasses and forced a smirk. "Hey it's fine no ones fault."

Ben smiled back and the two left it at that.

After another 20 minutes of just talking and laughing the door rang indicating the pizza was here and Ben quickly answered paying the Pizza delivery boy with a wad of cash that seemed to appear out of thin air.

Wally eagerly sat on the couch as Ben took the pile of boxes out of the boy's hand and set them on the table in front of Wally.

"Okay so it says on the website that an entire pizza is roughly 2,700 calories so multiply that by 20 and we have here 54,000 calories." Ben explained while grabbing his clipboard and began writing these facts down.

Wally nodded as he eagerly awaited what was about to happen.

"So I'm gonna time everything and after your done we will have a number to work with for the amount of calories you need daily okay." Ben asked.

"Yeah I'm ready." Wally answered licking his lips in anticipation.

"Okay ready set go." Ben announced and as soon as he did Wally began devouring the first pizza much like he had to the food when he first arrived.

Wally quickly finished the first and then the second and then the third, fourth, fifth, sixth and was now on the seventh before showing any sines of slowing down. then after the eleventh pizza Wally let out a groan and sat back in the chair looking contempt.

"There I'm completely full." Wally stated now trying to carefully lay down.

Ben let out a laugh. "Yeah and I thought ten slices was a lot you just annihilated your own record."

Wally laughed lazily and nodded.

"Okay so you ate 11 entire pizzas in just under 32 minutes, meaning you consumed just under 30,000 calories." Ben stated now going over his notes.

"Now we'll just have to wait and see how long it takes for you to digest this and then we can get an estimate on your caloric need for a day." Ben explained.

At first Wally felt lazy and tired but after 5 minutes the buzz of energy he was beginning to familiarize with came on stronger then ever before, and Wally was having difficulty sitting still.

At first just tapping his foot was satisfactory but then he started going faster and faster until his foot was just a blur, Ben going over the data in another room failed to notice any of this.

Eventually Wally felt as if he would explode if he didn't start moving more and so Wally jumped to his feet and began pacing faster and faster and faster before..

"Hmm is something burning." Thought Wally not noticing how fast he was really going.

Ben in the other room had no idea what was happening just outside the kitchen and when he went to check on Wally the sight before his eyes was well interesting.

In front of Ben a blur of grey and red was seen zooming around in a circle going around and around.

Ben strained his eyes to get a better look and sure enough Wally was there pacing around in super speed although he didn't seem to notice he was doing it.

Ben smiled making a mental note that a lot of food made the speedster very jittery. Although that smile faded when Ben started to notice the carpet from beneath Wally's feet had begun to smoke.

"Uh oh that's not good." Ben spoke out loud and was now attempting to get Wally's attention.

"WALLY HEY WALLY." Ben screamed right in front of the blur and began waving his hand's but the boy didn't seem fazed at all just contempt in moving.

"Damn it Wally." Ben swore now realising that a tiny fire had broken out over the small area where Wally was moving.

Quickly Ben ran towards the garage where the fire extinguisher was and ran back inside.

"Sorry Wally." Was all Ben could think to say before spraying the blur of red with the foam that emerged from the container Ben held in his hands.

The cold liquid foam brought Wally right out of his trance and the boy tumbled over the sofa before finally stopping.

Ben was relieved that his friend had stopped pacing so fast but he now had to face the problem that there was a massive burn mark etched into the carpet.

Ben sighed. "Dad's gonna kill me."

Wally looked up from the floor where Ben was standing fire extinguisher in hand, while below him a massive scorched patch of carpet stuck out like a sore thumb.

Wally immediately felt bad and angry at himself for ruining Ben's carpet but his thought where moving so fast that he didn't understand which words to say first.


Ben gave a look of confusion towards Wally who was talking in like gibberish or something since every word that came out of his mouth was super high pitched and fast nothing that even remotely came close to an English word.

"Um Wally slow down man I can't understand you." Ben stated trying to grasp what his friend was trying to say.

Now it's was Wally's turn to look confused since Ben was talking so freakishly slow that he could barely make out what he was trying to say.

"Did he just tell me to walk slow or wait what?" Thought Wally trying to piece together his information.


Ben slapped the side of his head. "Great your moving so fast now that you can't even understand me, maybe I'll just write it down."

Wally watched as slowly Ben began to move towards his clipboard and write something down, before turning the clipboard to Wally which read Slow down your moving to fast and we cant understand each other focus on your breathing.

Wally read his message and then noticed how slow everything else seemed the clock on the kitchen was taking what felt like hours to tick alerting of each passing second.

"Okay okay Wally relax you have to slow down, Breath slow." Wally began focusing on his breathing.

Slowly the buzz feeling went away and soon he was moving slow enough to understand Ben.

"Dude your where going so fast what did it feel like, what happened was I going super slow to you?" Ben asked now writing down even more thing's down on his clipboard.

Wally forced a smile. "Well I got the jittery feeling again but this time much worse like I would die if I sat still, so I got up to move but I didn't realise what had happened until you put out the fire." Wally rubbed the back of his neck in embarrassment.

"Yeah umm sorry about that man."

"Oh no problem I'll just cover it up with a chair or something, but what you just did today was amazing, you where actually able to slow yourself down without crashing into anything, which is a plus in my book. Now we know that after you eat the access energy makes you jumpy so you'll need to control that but we'll work on that and oh are you hungry at all?" Ben questioned, fixing his glasses to get a better look at his friend looking for any sines of exhaustion.

Wally thought about it for a bit. "Well I could eat but I'm not hungry I'm not full either I'm just fine."

"Okay great so I think for you were looking at roughly 20-25 thousand calories a day if possible but we'll see how that changes after you do your super fast running thing like super speed."

Wally laughed. "Yeah, hey I was thinking that my name could be Speedy, like because I'm fast an all." Wally grinned clearly proud of himself for thinking of that himself.

Ben just shook his head. "Can't green arrows sidekicks name is Speedy."

"What there's another person out there with super speed." Wally asked hoping that there was since then they could help him control his newfound abilities.

"No just an archer like green arrow." Ben answered now thinking of names himself.

Wally frowned. "Then why call him Speedy?"

Ben laughed. "You know what that's a good question and honestly I don't know just picked it I guess."

Wally chuckled as well. "Okay then what about Lightening since you know that's how I got these powers."

"Oh Wally that's too similar to Black Lightening one of the member of the justice league." Ben countered.

Wally sighed. "So are all the names taken."

"No you just don't know how to pick good ones. Leave the name picking to me your job is to research heroes and to practice your running but don't tell anyone about this okay the less that know the better."

Wally was surprised since he assumed he would be telling Aunt Iris and Uncle Barry about this the second he got home.

"Not even Aunt Iris and Uncle Barry?" Wally asked.

Ben shook his head. "Not even them the less they know the better it will keep them safe. That's what most heroes first mistake is and then they pay for it when the villain finds out and hurt's there family members."

Wally was unsure about this but trusted that Ben was making the right decision and agreed.

The two shook on it and silently knew that this bond would take them places farther then they could imagine, they just had to wait.

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