Sam and Dean were at their hotel room. Dean was in front of the bathroom mirror cleaning the wounds that the shadow had left on his face.

"Find anything, Sammy?" Dean asked. His mouth opened wide so his cheek would be stretched for him to clean the wounds properly.

"A family was found dead out on a camping trip and their hearts were missing," Sam informed, from the small round table he was sitting at, looking at his computer.

"Who found them?" Dean asked, he had a small cotton ball on his hand and gave a small last touch on the wounds.

"Martin Somers and his son Chase found them when they were going camping," Sam said.

"So, are we thinking werewolf?" Dean asked, he came in the room and leaned on the wall with his arms crossed.

"Could be," Sam said.

"Let's go visit them," said Dean. He got close to his bed and took his bag. Sam stood quickly and closed shut his laptop.

"Do you think we'll be able to see Dad again?" Sam asked while he put on his detective suit.

"I don't know but I hope we do," said Dean.

Somewhere In New York

Sam knocked on the door.

"Hello Mr. Somers, my name is Agent Parker and this is my partner, Agent Smith," Sam pointed at Dean. "We would like to ask you a few questions," said Sam.

Martin stared weirdly at them, he of course noticed the marks on their faces, as if they'd been attacked by a lion. He extended his arm to let them in.

"What's this about?" Somers asked. He closed the door softly.

"The bodies you and your son found," Sam answered.

"I've already talked to other detectives about this," said Somers.

"We are aware, but we are new to this case and we wanted to talk to you personally," said Sam.

"Did you know them?" asked Dean.

"My son knew their kids. He uh, he goes to school with them. They had a very strong bond," Somers said sadly.

"Is there anyone who would want to hurt them?" Dean asked decently.

"No one I can think of," said Somers.

"Are you sure about that?" Dean asked

"Well there was this one time when he got into an altercation with his co-worker," Somers said.

"What happened?" Sam asked.

"We were hanging out at a bar with our wives, then this guy came to us and started yelling about him stealing money and setting him up," Somers said.

"Alright I hear you... If there's anything or anyone else you can think of, give us a call, okay?" said Sam. He handed over a white card with their fake names

on it along with the phone number.

Martin received it and nodded his head.

Sam and Dean took a small bow towards the man they had just interrogated, walked towards the door and let themselves out.

After a couple of hours, they were in a diner. Sam was having his usual healthy salad and Dean his usual hamburger.

"Do you think he was lying to us?" asked Dean, with onion falling out of his mouth.

"I don't know but I think he probably was," said Sam with a disgusted face.

"I think we should check out the crime scene," said Dean as he cleaned his mouth with a tissue.

Later on, after Sam and Dean ate, they headed out to the crime scene.

"So, this is where Martin and Chase found the family," said Sam, looking around the place. Dean followed.

"Hey Dean, I found more blood!" yelled Sam, as he kneeled to have a better look at the fallen leaves on the woods ground.

Dean ran over to Sam.

"Looks like someone was trying to get away," said Dean.

"Or they were moved," Sam suggested. Suddenly, as they were following the trace, they heard a snarl coming from the trees around them.

"Dean," Sam said nervously.

"I heard it too Sammy," Dean said.

After a second, a black werewolf came out of its hiding and jumped in front of them.

"Holy shit," said Dean. He extended his arms and opened his hands and tried to calm the wolf down.

"Told you it was a werewolf," Sam said, doing the same as Dean.

"Oh, shut up," said Dean.

"Run," said Sam. They took off running as fast as they could. They were zigzagging around the trees as they tried to escape the huge werewolf that was chasing them.

"We need to split up," said Dean.

"What?!" Sam yelled.

"Trust me!" Dean yelled back.

Sam didn't like the idea, but he crossed his fingers and went the opposite way.

Sam hid behind a tree. He held his breath tight because he knew the werewolf was getting closer. Sam stood still as a statue as the wolf sniffed the tree he was behind of. The wolf moved his paws towards him and suddenly ran away. Sam sighed in relief. After a couple of minutes still in hiding, in case it came back, there was gunshot and a whimper from the wolf. I hate when he's right, he thought. He came out from behind the tree and headed to meet Dean and the dead werewolf.

Just as Sam was about to leave, he was hit by an unexpected force and got knocked to the ground.

"Hiya Sammy," said a woman.

Painfully, Sam got up from the ground as he rubbed his forehead. He turned around slowly almost losing balance. There was Meg standing along with other two demons.

"Meg," Sam growled. "What do you want?" Sam rubbed his forehead once again.

"My father would like to speak with you," Meg answered, she motioned the two demons to grab him.

Sam quickly gets up and was about to run away when he bumped into another figure.

"Dad?" Sam asked.

"Hey, Sam," John said. Sam smiled in relief; he gave a step forward to hug his dad but John received him with a punch in the face before he gave another step.

Meanwhile Dean was getting up from the ground as he pushed the dead werewolf off of him.

He looked around to see if he could find Sam, but after walking and walking and no luck, the panic started.

"Sam!" Dean yelled. There was no answer, the only sound was the supreme quietness.

"Sammy!" He yelled again.

Still hearing no answer, Dean took out his phone from his pocket to call him. As he put the phone on his ear, he heard another phone ringing. He walked towards the ringing and as he looked down at the leaves, there was a small light coming from the same phone that was ringing; Sam's phone.

"Sammy!" Dean yelled, panicking even more.