"Exactly, Sammy. That's your mom," said Azazel with his arms crossed as he nodded his head in a weirdly disappointed way.

"Why did you bring me here?" Sam asked as he shut his eyes hardly.

"Because you needed to see for yourself son," Azazel smirked as he watched Mary gasping.

Mary turned around to see John with a huge satisfied smile on her face only this time John's eyes glowed yellow. Mary immediately got up and covered herself with one of the sheets and stared at him with shocked and mad eyes. "You," she stuttered.

"She knew you?!" Sam asked Azazel.

"Surprise!" Azazel moved his arms with sarcasm and after throwing a smirk, he shifted back into his normal form.

"What are you doing here? We already made a deal," Mary said, with the sheet still around her.

"Well now the deal has changed," Azazel said as he put his hands on the back of his head to make himself more comfortable. "And thank

you giving me the heir," he closed his eyes calmly.

"Heir?" Mary asked confused. After thinking for a second, she realized, "Oh god!" she gasped hardly. "I'm pregnant, aren't I?"

Sam's eyes narrowed as he covered his face with both his hands. A second later he was on his knees, pitying himself for what he'd just


Azazel smiled and nodded gladly. "I tried to tell you Sammy," said Azazel as he watched Sam on the floor. He rubbed his hands together in excitement and when he was ready, he snapped his fingers to take Sam and himself to the present.

"I still won't do anything for you," Sam assured, still on the floor but they were both in his cell again.

"Oh, Sammy… your brother isn't going to find you, you might as well just give in," Azazel suggested with a slight shoulder move.

"I won't do anything you say. I don't care! Even if you're my father, that doesn't define me," Sam said as he stood up to face Azazel.

"Oh well… I tried to be nice," Azazel said sarcastically. Two guards suddenly appeared and grabbed Sam's arms and head hardly.

"What are you doing?" Sam asked as he struggled against them.

"Open his mouth," Azazel ordered the two demons sharply. Sam struggled even harder against the two soldiers as they were trying to open his mouth. Azazel took a knife from his back to slit his own arm. He lifted his arm and put his cut wrist against Sam's mouth.

"What did you do?" Sam asked as he had blood coming out from the corner of his mouth.

"This is called demon blood… and I just fed you mine," Azazel said.

"You're sick!" Sam said disgusted.

"You are my son Sam, you're the boy king," Azazel said as caressed his son's hair. "Until you learn to accept it, you'll stay here," he smiled. The two guards tied him up with chains against the wall. Sam tried everything to get out of them but nothing worked. Moments later he was alone, struggling to free himself up.

Sioux Falls

"Morning sleepyhead," said Bobby when he saw Dean coming down the stairs.

"How long was I out?" Dean asked as he rubbed his eyes.

"You got here around 9 pm and it's now noon, you do the math." Bobby laughed.

"You still couldn't get in touch with dad?" Dean asked. He walked towards the fridge to fix himself something to eat.

"Still nothing," Bobby said.

"There's got to be something," Dean said as he poured some coffee in the cup he'd just taken. A noise stopped the pouring, the door

opened suddenly, almost braking the wall.

"Dad?" Dean asked, shocked.

"We need to help Sam!" John was the one who stormed in. He was quite injured and scared. Dean and Bobby helped him up and took him to sit on the couch.

"What the hell happened to you?" Dean asked as he sat by his dad's side.

"Dean your father needs some rest," Bobby said. He handed a glass of water to John.

"Yeah, you're right," Dean said understandably. They carefully patched up John and laid him down.

With Sam

Meg came into Sam's cell with a rather chipper smile.

"What the hell do you want?" Sam asked as he sat up. His eyes squinted in distrust and his lips barely moved.

"Hello to you too, little brother," Meg said, she stood in front of him and lowered herself to level her face to Sam's.

"Why are you here?" Sam asked.

"Because it's time, Sammy."

"Time for what, bitch?" Sam asked, his teeth tightened.

"Your next batch," Meg said as she took a knife from her back and slit her wrist without even flinching. As he blood came out, she forcefully put her wrist against Sam's mouth and waited a couple of seconds to make sure he actually swallowed it.

"Now that wasn't so hard was it?" Meg asked. Sam squinted with hatred again and spit all the blood on Meg's face.

"Rude!" Meg yelled at him pissed and slapped him in face as hard as she could. She took Sam's chained hand aggressively to wipe the blood off of her face.

"When I get out of here, I'm going to kill you and your daddy," Sam said.

"Come on, Sammy… I'm sure you're not as cruel as someone who would hurt their own father, now are ya?"

"Don't care what you say blondie, I already have a father, and trust me, he's gonna wanna help me," Sam grinned.

"And how are you going to do that when you're chained up, Sammy?" Meg smirked back at him as she stood up and turned around to head for the door. Sam stood up quickly and extended his hands towards Meg's neck but the chains stopped him halfway and made him drop on his back.

"Nice try, Sammy," Meg said as she opened the door with a big laugh.

With Azazel

Azazel was sitting in his chair when Meg came in. "He's still defiant," Meg said as she opened her arms and his her thighs softly, trying to

show that Sam was a lost cause.

"Don't worry, daughter, he'll turn into one of us. It's only a matter of time," Azazel said calmly.

Sioux Falls

"So, your saying that this demon named Azazel is the one who kidnapped Sam?" Dean asked a couple of hours later as he watched Bobby

clean and cover John's wounds.

"Yes," John answered with a flinch that came from the pain.

"What does he want with Sam?" Bobby asked.

"He wants Sam because Sam is his… bi-ological s-son," John stuttered, not believing it himself.

"His what now?" Dean squinted hardly, thinking he heard the wrong words.

"Yes, Sam is his son… and- that means he is your half-brother," John said softly looking sadly at Dean.

"No, no! I refuse to believe that mom cheated on you! What the hell are you talking about?!" Dean yelled.

"Mary… she, uh- she made a deal with the demon a long time ago and the… demon changed into me, they had… sex and Mary ended up pregnant," John explained slowly as he found the words to summarize the whole situation.

"Oh my god!" Dean said as he sat down next to John trying to find balance to be able to take the news in.

"It wasn't your mother's fault, son, she didn't know," John said, trying to defend Mary as he patted his son's back, giving him some comfort.

"Why didn't you tell me this?" Bobby asked softly, shaking his head in shock.

"I just found out about a month ago. I didn't know! And... I still love Sam even if he isn't technically mine, he's still my son," John said, convincing Dean and Bobby that he -of course- still cared.

"I need some air," Dean patted his legs and got up from the couch and walked out of the house.

"Dean!" John yelled and went after him.

"Just let him go," Bobby said as he pulled back John's arm. John pulled his arm free and limped after Dean anyway, who was already in his car ready to drive off.

"DEAN!" John yelled as he watched Dean, driving away.