I am new to this so I don't expect my first fic to be extremely well made but I assure you that I will try my best to keep it presentable. The story is inspired by TheDarkWolfShiro's gamer fics. He is one of my favorite authors on this site and I sincerely wish that he will be back after his break. This may contain some parts from other fics.

I will be adding my own ideas and the story will not follow canon. It is called a fan-fic for a reason. So please have an open mind while reading the story. I will try to explain my reasoning in due time. Well too much babble from me already, let's go on with our story. Thanks for giving this your time.

Disclaimer: I own nothing (Seriously, if I did, I wouldn't be writing this)

The stories and characters belong to their respective creators.


Chapter 1 : And so it begins.

People sometimes wonder what they would feel after death. Some say it will be a place filled with light and life called heaven while some say it will be a place covered in fire and death called hell. I say BULLSHIT.

I am not delusional enough to think that I will get a place in heaven, I am not ashamed to say that I have done a few….scratch that quite a few things that will make the gates of heaven shut on my face harder than a man on aphrodisiac in front of naked chicks. My name had quite an effect on people that way. What was my name again?

But I would prefer even the hot and steamy hell to the current situation I am currently in. what's with all the darkness. Did someone not pay the electric bills on time? Is there even a power station in hell/the afterlife, etc. Wasn't it supposed to be something like let there be light and all that crap.

I did hear that they tortured souls in hell. What kind of torture is this? Is this the silent treatment? I thought the afterlife would be something new, I got this crap from my parents enough times already. GET CREATIVE.

Welcome, Gamer.

Okay. Seriously I would have done a spit-take at that if I was drinking something right now. Are you sure you were not waiting for me to say those words before introducing yourself.

No host, the Gamer System was preparing for your transfer.

Now that the host is ready, lets begin with your instructions.

The game system is a tool to help its host to reach unimaginable levels of power depending on how the host plays the game.

As all other gamers, the host is given the signature skills for the gamer.

Skill Gained

[Gamers Mind] (Passive)

Allows the user to calmly and logically think things through.

Allows peaceful state of mind.

Grants Immunity to psychological status effects.

Skill Gained

[Gamers Body] (Passive)

Grants a body that allows the user to live real life like a game.

Skill Gained

[Observe] (Active)

Provides information on target.

Okay. I am not freaking out right now, so that means the skills are actually working. I am really glad to have [Gamers Mind] because being over excited and hyperventilating in times of stress is not something I would want myself doing when I go wherever I am going.

Glad to be of help host, now moving on.

Now select a class.

[Fighter] [Ranger] [Mage] [Support] [Rogue]

As much as I like to get close and personal in a fight, the feeling of someone's face against my knuckles or the classic kick in the balls, fighter class against people actively trying to kill you is not recommended for noobs ( hey, I know I am a noob). So fighter is out.

Ranger is not for me, at least not when my life is on the line. Rouges are generally people who have a high stealth build but low defence at the start and they have to get close to their targets. Thieves and Assassins in general are not good for boss fights at the start of the game.

That leaves Mage and Support. Support is good when you have enough strength to. So mage it is.

Select a specialization.

[Elementalist] [Illusionist] [Druid] [Necromancer] [Summoner] [Enchanter] [Healer]

Summons will leave me weak at the start and I don't know if I have to start digging graves right off the bat for the necromancer. Enchanter is good but I have very little knowledge about this class. Healer is for support mostly and I think I would rather have something to kill my enemies than healing as a starter class. Druid is good nature magic and turning into animals and Elementalist is good for many things depending on what element I choose.

Fuck it Elementalist it is.

Choose an element.

[Aeromancer] [Pyromancer] [Hydromancer] [Geomancer] [Cryomancer] [Electromancer] [Umbramancer] [Locked] [Locked] [Locked]….

I had no fucking idea that there were so many mancers, the fuck is carnomancer.

Carnomancy is the art of flesh magic if be by manipulation, destruction, golem making, or even healing. These people are often experts in how the body works.


Pyromancer is mostly attack based. Cryomancer is good for attack and defence. Geomancer hydromancer and other elements are good too. However my choice is umbramancer. Shadow walk and stealth as well as attacking someone from their shadow is quite good for assassinations. It won't attract too much attention in places I need to be subtle.

Class Gained

[Umbramancer] – LVL 1/100 [0%]

Gain 5 INT and WIS every level.

Skill Gained

[Shadow Magic (Novice)](Passive)

Gained instinctual knowledge about shadow magic.

Shadow Magic related spells are 10% stronger.

Skill Gained

[Shadow Ball] [Active]

Makes a ball of shadow and darkness to attack the target.

Deal [(INTx2) + Weapon damage] Magical damage.

Costs 50 MP to use.

[Shadow Spike] (Active)

Makes a spike of shadow and darkness to attack the target.

Deal [(INTx3) + Weapon damage] Magical damage.

Costs 75 MP to use.

Skill Gained

[Shadow Stealth(Novice)]


Increases the chances of being unnoticed by 10%. The skill is canceled when the user moves out of a shadow or attacks a target.


Increases the chances of being unnoticed by an additional 10%. The skill is canceled when the user moves out of a shadow or attacks a target.

Cost 50 MP/min.

The effect of this skill can be boosted by stealth type skills of other classes. The effects overlap on each other.

When can I get other classes?

Host can get other classes after reaching Level 40 in the selected class.


You are taking this quite well.

Well when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade and quite frankly this is much better than the over-exaggerated powercut I was stuck in.

Now this part is optional but you can choose different flaws for yourself and for every flawed trait selected, you get a perk.

It can be anything depending on your luck.

Would you like to spin.

'Anything' you say? That word rings several bells in my head. The fuck I could become 'Impotent' and get 'Ladykiller' as a perk. Can you imagine the torture that would be. I love my junior too much to take that risk, thank you very much.


Several overpowered Gamers felt a chill down their spines. Thanking lady luck for their draws and removing the 'Impotent', 'Asexual' and similar traits from the systems.

-Back to the game-

The host has raised a very important and valid point. As a gift the other senior Gamers have removed any similar traits from the starting rolls.

There are other gamers?

Yes, there are a few other gamers but they have their own multiverses and do not generally interfere with other gamers in a bad way.

Good to know, though other multiverses. The game really puts a lot into this.

There was a certain incident when the child of a certain Gamer interfered with the life of another Gamer and things got a little messy and led to the destruction of a couple of universes. Since then every new Gamer gets a multiverse of their own.

Destruction of a couple of universes…...I feel the prospect of being an overpowered badass going further away with each word you speak.

No worries though, I am willing to take my time. Let's roll and see what my luck has in store for me.

Trait Gained

[Diminished Presence]

Being a user of shadow magic, your presence is similar to a shadow. It is present everywhere but generally ignored unless brought to notice.

People will tend to notice you less unless they specifically think about you.

All Affection/Reputation gains will be halved between +10 and -10.

Perk Gained

[Lady Luck's love child]

Increases loot drops.

Higher chances of winning games of chances.

Gacha and dice rolls never give a blank result.

Rarity of loot increases.

Yup, totally worth it. Luck is something I can always do with more and never less.

Being more likely to be ignored at first is not bad because it means I am less likely to catch the attention of people who could cause trouble for me.

Let's roll it again.

Trait Gained


You are an incarnate of lust.

Be drawn to the opposite sex and sexual acts.

Perk Gained


You have your way with the ladies.

All Affection and Obedience gains with females will double.

Lustful is not too bad for a trait. I was always lustful, it just depends on if I go full on crazy or am able to retain control over myself.

Okay, third time's the charm. Let's roll this one last time and see what I get this time around. Will hopefully make it this last one for now.

Trait Gained


You are a cold and calculating son of a bitch who would not blink an eye while lying to others or backstabbing newborn puppies if it means that you can achieve your goals.

Perk Gained


Class experience and stat gains doubles.

Not bad. Not bad at all for my starting set.

Get ready to start the game in 5….





-Scene Change-

I find myself in a room with a small bed which looks quite worn off. After looking around I can see that most of the things are old and cheap. It smells dusty indicating the lack of cleaning around the room. The most eye catching part of the room is the windows which have bars across them. Looks like it's around midnight. Is this area not safe? Food for thought for another time. Just where the hell am I?

Quest Added

[Where in the blazes am I?]

Objective: Find information about yourself and your surroundings.

Reward: You get to know where you are, Memories of your body,?,?.

Failure: Get old and die lonely in a room because you are too dumb and lazy.

Accept : Y/N.

Accepting the quest I get on with the task at hand. Okay first let's start with myself. If I remember correctly about the gamer systems then I should start off with Status.

Harry J.

Level -1

Class – Umbramancer – LVL 1/100 [0%]

Race – Human (Magical)

Rank- Mortal

Alignment- True Neutral

HP- 100 [20 per minute]

MP – 500 [100 per minute]

SP- 100 [20 per minute]

STR – 10

END – 10

DEX – 10

INT – 20

WIS – 20

CHA – 10

LUK – 10

MP Regen = WIS x 5

MP = INT x 25

SP/ HP Regen = END x 2

HP= END x 10

SP = END x 10


Harry J., Human (Magical), bars on the windows. Might as well put one of those up my ass. I am in fucking Harry Potter in more ways than one. I am in the Harry Potter world and inside the Harry Potter universe. This place is 4, Privet Drive home of those creepy Dursleys. Atleast looking at my body I am not a fucking kid, so I guess I am already in Hogwarts. It must be after the school year if I have to stay here for break.

Looking around I find my wand and a trunk.

Observe shows the stats of the wand.

Harry Potter's Wand

Holly wood and phoenix feather wand used by Harry J. Potter.

It was made by Garrick Olivander.

Acts as a Magical Focus for Wizarding Magic

+100 to Magic attacks when using the wand.

Well, that takes care of who and where I am part.

Quest Completed

[Where in the blazes am I?]

Objective: Find information about yourself and your surroundings.

Reward: You get to know where you are, Memories of your body.

Skill Gained

[ID Create]

Creates an Instant Dungeon.

Current Dungeons.


Failure: Get old and die lonely in a room because you are too dumb and lazy.

And then it hits me like a truck filled with a ton of bricks. The memories of this body as the game says. Every instant from when he was a kid to the present time.

Turns out this world is not exactly the world of Harry Potter that I have read about. There are some differences. Some very MAJOR differences.

Starting with the crux of my problems Harry is not 'The-Boy-Who-Lived'.

Harry's parents Lily Potter and James Potter are still alive.

Harry's brother Alex Potter is 'The-Boy-Who-Lived'.

Harry was sent to the Dursleys because his parents had to train Alex Potter to fulfill the prophecy and couldn't waste their time on another child. So the master of all fuckeries Albus Dumbledore suggested to them that they should send him to Lily's sister's home so that he could stay protected.

Fat chance of that happening.

Then comes Hogwarts and the start of all the crap. Story goes on Harry gets sorted into Slytherin and all hell breaks loose.

All the so called light side look at him as if he was a plague and the dark side already hates him because of his 'family'.

He still does all the things he did in the books but all the credit goes to 'The-Boy-Who-Lived' because apparently the sun shines right out of his ass.

Finally a week ago Sirius Black dies in the Ministry because Alex had a vision through his link with Voldemort and ran ahead like a true idiot down to his very toe nails. And when all is said and done Dumbledore comes in and rescues his ass back to Hogwarts where like countless previous times he blames it all on the poor little Slytherin. And apparently the chronic bully James Motherfucking Potter agrees with it. Finally being fed up of their fuckery Harry snaps and confesses that all the previous years it had been him who was saving everyone and not Alex which results in him being disowned by James Potter because apparently a Slytherin can't ever do a good thing in their lives and he is trying to 'steal' Alex's fame.

He gets shipped back to the Dursley's to keep him safe.

What kind of badly written fanfiction is this?

Well this explains why my name is only Harry J. and not Harry J. Potter.

Fuck I don't like this name. I don't have anything against all the Harrys and Potters in the world but I just don't like this name.

Hey, game can I change my name. I thought that's the first thing people do in character creation. Why am I given this name by default?

The Host will get a chance to change his name through specified events. You are advised to keep an open mind while playing. This world is not exactly the Potterverse you know. The Gamer's first world is made by senior Gamers who have put their own tastes into the world. While the worlds might seem similar, you will find out more the more you explore.

First things first. Get the fuck out of here. I am no one's puppet. The sooner I leave this place the better.

Looking around in my trunk I find something interesting.

The invisibility cloak which the previous host of this body had snuck out from his fucking bitch of a brothers trunk.

Using Observe on it shows some interesting information.

Cloak of invisibility

One of the three Deathly Hallows crafted by Death herself.

Grants invisibility to the wielder.

Stealth skills gain a massive increase in proficiency when wearing this Cloak.

I must be happy when looking at this Cloak but it does nothing more than making my non-existent spidey senses go haywire.

Death actually exists in this world. It was theorized that it was fake and they were just some super rare artifacts or something, but if Death really exists in this world then it changes a lot of things.

What is the true peak strength of this world?. Is that greater good bastard not the strongest person in this world? Are there stronger people, creatures in the world?

What exactly is going on…..where do I stand as I am.

I feel myself calming down as Gamers Mind washes away all the anxiety from my head and gives me the ability to control my thoughts once again.

Well Death exists, so I guess I just have to become stronger and one day perhaps I can meet…. Her. So she's a chick, well good for me. I am not that good with men anyways. Maybe I could even convince her to make a deal with me…hey, if the Peverells could then why can't I?

Quest Received

[A Dance with Death]

You want to meet with Death. Sure, Why not. But beings of her power don't just meet anyone. You have to work your way up to her and convince her to make a deal with you. People nowadays have forgotten the courage needed to face a being like Death. Can you prove yourself to be different than them? Show the world your courage.

Objective - Go to Gringotts and claim what is rightfully yours.

Rewards – New name and freedom from the status as no name, Increased Affection with Death, ?.

Failure – Get stuck as a no name nobody and lose the chance to talk with Death, Decreased Affection with Death.

Accept : Y/N.

… are you serious?

Higher beings like Death can hear people when they think about them. Host should be careful when using their names as it does affect the Affection and reputation gains with them.

Well…. Shit just got real. I still accept the quest.

Let's see what I can do to get the fuck out of here. I am pretty sure there are tracking charms in this place so if I try to leave without their permission they are going to screw me over, lock me up and throw me back here. I cannot apparate so getting out of the range of the wards fast enough is not easy. As soon as I cross the ward it will alert the guards of the Order of the roasted turkey. Guess before going anywhere I should grind a bit. After all personal strength is bound to help me in my escape.

Time to try my first dungeon out, holding my wand in my right hand and donning the Invisibility cloak I use the skill ID Create [Undead]

A portal appears in front of me. Jumping inside I find a dying town like those cowboy movies with zombies walking around. Using Observe on them shows the stats of the zombies.


Level- 5

HP- 250

Maintaining a suitable distance I cast a shadow ball on the zombie , doing decent damage and taking down more than half of its HP, it turns towards my general direction and closes the distance with a very slow speed. Apparently being dead does a number with one's reaction time. The Invisibility Cloak just helps out even more.

A quick second shadow ball follows the first one and ends the zombie. It does attract the attention of other zombies. At this rate I will have to wait for a minute after killing each zombie. The hardships of low leveled players are something only gamers can understand.

There are probably more zombies in this area and the best way to attract them seems to be sound. I am currently invisible and I would like to keep it like that for the duration of the fight. Picking up a piece of a broken fence I walk over to a tin sign board near a bar…or whatever is left of it and smash it with all my strength. I keep ringing it till I can see over 11 zombies around me taking cover behind the board, I let them all get closer and when they are in touching distance of each other. I use shadow spike. It is a piercing type attack and for the current me who doesn't have any aoe skills this is the best I can do. Hopefully it pierces through two or more zombies and helps me conserve as much of my mana as I can.

Throwing some stones on the tin board I keep their attention towards it while sniping them with shadow spikes. A few hits strike more than one zombie giving me a better overall damage output. After repeating this process till the tin board gives out under the hits from the stones and zombies which is a good two hours and the zombies in the surroundings are almost clear. I get a decent amount of loot and level ups too.

My total income includes a short dagger which looks like something an assassin would have. It does have a cool effect though.

Maria's Dagger

+50 melee damage and a chance to cause paralysis for 5 seconds.

This gives me a decent melee weapon…well anything is better than being empty handed as I am sure I can use my wand for melee attacks. At Least I won't be defenseless when I no longer have mana to attack with magic.

2 END Stat crystals and 1 DEX stat Crystal. Endurance never hurts. I will always appreciate extra HP and SP.

END Stat Crystal

Use to gain +5 END

DEX Stat Crystal

Use to gain +5 DEX

Using them on myself I feel my body bulk up a slight bit. While it might still be a very small increase, for me it's two times my initial END. The effects are quite apparent.

Harry J.

Level -7

Class – Umbramancer – LVL 7/100 [16%]

Race – Human (Magical)

Rank- Mortal

Alignment- True Neutral

HP- 200 [40 per minute]

MP – 2000 [400 per minute]

SP- 200 [40 per minute]

STR – 10

END – 20

DEX – 15

INT – 80

WIS – 80

CHA – 10

LUK – 10

On reaching level 5 I got some new skills from umbramancer too.

Skill Gained

[Shadow Bind] (Active)

Binds the target's shadow and paralyzes the target. The target can break free if its STR is greater than the caster's INT.

Cost 50 MP/ min.

Skill Gained

[Shadow Walk] (Active)

Teleport a short distance between shadows.

Range INT x 1m.

Cost 50 MP.

I did spend a decent amount of time here. If I remember correctly the time when I entered the ID it was around midnight so I have around 3 more hours before anyone will disturb me. If I grind my levels till then I will hopefully get the range of my Shadow Walk enough to do short distance teleportation and out of this fucking zoo.

Planning to continue with the same hunting plans I notice a certain change in the surroundings. It's very quiet…..almost too quiet.

The sound of something being dragged on the ground makes me turn in a certain direction. Peeking from under my hiding place I spot a bigger than average zombie dragging what looks like a chain made of metal rusted around the edges … the fuck is this a biker zombie without a bike.

Observe shows it's not something much different.

Thug Zombie

Level -15

Rank- Veteran

HP- 3000

The Veteran Rank must mean something if its level and HP ratio is anything to go by. Okay… Sneak attacks it is.

Following my sure fire hunting method I use Shadow Ball on the thug zombie, it surprises me by not being stopped by the hit and instead runs in my direction. Its speed is quite fast for an undead. In fact it is faster than my current speed if only by a little. That DEX stat crystal came at a good time. Sneaking out of the way right on time to have the place where I was hiding being hit by the chain that the zombie carried and FUCK it shattered the wooden cart I was hiding behind in a single hit. The cart might have been old and rotten but that's not a hit I would like to take with my body. Quickly casting Shadow Bind on the zombie, I can see it struggling to break free so its STR must be near 80. Yup, definitely not taking that hit if I can avoid it.

I hit it with all the spells I have in that time after a salvo of 5 Shadow Balls and 2 Shadow Spikes. I renew the Shadow Bind just in time as it breaks out.

It takes two more Shadow Spikes to finish it off. The enemies are getting stronger. This tactic won't work soon enough when the enemies have more strength than my INT.

Even this Thug Zombie would have been able to break my Shadow Bind if not for my Genius perk giving me double stat gain.

The game will keep getting harder. I must change my hunting plans. This is still the newbie slime phase for all I know.

The thug zombie does drop some decent loot a stat crystal of LCK, a set of boots and a, what is that again.

Gacha Ticket

Allows the Gamer to draw an item from the gacha. It can be anything from a copper coin to a legendary weapon or skill.

I have mixed feelings about gacha. I have wasted enough money on online games I played after gacha that I am wary about them but at the same time, the items they can give someone is game changing at times and right now, I need exactly that. I need to have every bit of power I can…..not to mention that I am not spending any money for them.

Let it roll.

Ring of the Archmage

Increases MP regen by 25%, INT by 50 and gives the user the ability to remove any spell, curse or enhancement from anything and put it on another 3 times per day.

Wow, that has so much potential if used correctly. Let's check the boots and see what they offer.

Boots of the Swift

Increases DEX by 20 and gives the Skill [Feather Footed] to the user.

[Feather Footed] (Active)

Increase DEX by 50% for a duration of 20 seconds. Cool Down time 10 minutes.

I equip both the items and use the LCK crystal.

The Thug Zombie did give a decent amount of experience. I did gain more than 1 level from it. I guess the Veteran Rank had something to do with it.

Yes host. High Tier beings have higher strengths than their stats display.

It is as follows.

Regular – No Bonus

Veteran – 2x stats bonus

Elite- 4x stats bonus

Champion – 6x stats bonus

Ultimate Champion – 8x stats bonus

Divine Champion – 10x stats bonus.

Moreover different races have different stat multipliers. For example for a Human(Magical) 10 INT might give only 250 MP but for something like a Dragon it's 1000, even more for higher tier Dragons.

Harry J.

Level -12

Class – Umbramancer – LVL 12/100 [53%]

Race – Human (Magical)

Rank- Mortal

Alignment- True Neutral

HP- 200 [40 per minute]

MP – 4500 [812.5 per minute]

SP- 200 [40 per minute]

STR – 10

END – 20

DEX – 35

INT – 180

WIS – 130

CHA – 10

LUK – 15

The new skills gained on reaching level 10 of Umbramancer are something I can look forward to.

Skill Gained

[The Eyes of Darkness] (Active)

Can use any shadows within a certain range of the caster and use it to spy on others.

Range INT x 1m.

Cost 100 MP.

Skill Gained

[Shadow Daggers] (Active)

Summons 5 daggers made of shadows and darkness to rain on the target.

Deal [(INT x 1.5) + Weapon Damage] magical damage to the target.

Costs 125 MP

Skill Gained

[Shadow Bomb] (Active)

Creates a blast of shadow and darkness that consumes the targets within its range.

Deal [(INT x 5) + Weapon Damage] magical damage to the target.

Range 5m radius from the point of impact.

Finally, fucking finally an aoe skill. Looking around the town square I find nothing in the area, looks like the mini boss appears after clearing the area.

Moving further towards the outskirts of the town following the railway tracks towards a mine, I spot something moving in the shadows of the mine. Casting The Eyes of Darkness and Observe, reveals it to be a shade.




Trying out the Shadow Walk I reach within its range. It can't sense me under my Invisibility Cloak and I intend to take full advantage of this fact. Again throwing stones to make them gather at a point I keep changing my position and wait till a number of them amass at a single place. Making sure they are in all in the range I cast Shadow Bomb.

All the Shades are vaporized in a beautiful blast of darkness. I am pretty sure Dumb-and-Dork would say something like 'Harry, my boy, I am afraid that you are going dark.' I am and it feels wonderful. The sheep would no doubt believe anything that comes out of any of the holes of that idiot. Pushing unnecessary thoughts out of my mind I enter further into the mine. I have to be mindful not to use Shadow Bombs too much, the mines' support is weak and I don't think I will survive it collapsing on me.

Killing my way in with a constant and safe pace, I reach a bigger clearing in the cave. The ceiling is much higher and the walls are much further. Inside is a skeleton sitting on a rock throne.

Kovirian, The Lich

Level – 25

Rank – Elite

HP – 3000

MP – 5000

This is the first elite tier monster I have encountered and this one can use magic. If the MP is any indication. I have to plan this out so that I don't get hit by it. My HP is still low and I can't afford to get hit by any of its spells. I can only imagine how much damage it does.

Hiding under the Invisibility Cloak, I sneak closer to it. But as soon as I reached a certain distance from it, it turned to my direction. It might be a magical sensing skill or skill to sense life. Quickly I cast Shadow Bind on it. It's a magic type enemy hopefully its STR will be weaker than my INT. casting the attack spells while stepping forward and slashing it with Maria's Dagger.

Due to high magical resistance of Kovirian, The Lich against dark type spells, duration of Shadow Bind is reduced by 50%.

FUCK….using Shadow Walk almost by instinct, I get out of the way of a black ray of magic shot towards me. It hits the wall behind me and leaves a crater the size of a full grown adult on the walls. That's another problem, I can't let it cause too much collateral damage or the ceiling of the place will collapse and its game over.

It summons a group of 5 skeletons to assist while I was distracted by the damage to the wall. This shit is getting out of hand.

Summoned Skeleton

Level – 10

HP – 450

Using Shadow Bind again on it, I use Shadow Bomb in the middle of the skeletons before they can disperse any further.

The skeletons are blown up in the explosion and it hits the Lich with its edges doing severe damage. Its magic resistance is really good and that is making my attacks do less damage than I would have liked. Renewing the Shadow Bind on it I recast all the attack spells and approach it with Shadow Walk slashing it with the dagger. This time the paralysis activates. Taking that as a chance I slash it twice more and renew the Shadow Bind on it. After a final round of spells, the Lich finally dies…..or dies again? I don't know, it's kind of confusing for the undead.

Collecting the final loot, I check everything I got in the mines. The total haul this time is 5 stat crystals 1 STR, 1 CHA, 2 of END and 1 LCK, a necklace and 2 gacha tickets.

Necklace of Kovirian

50% resistance to Dark magic. +20% damage to all dark magic spells.

I use the stat crystals to get any boost I can and roll the gacha.

Reject Dial

Does 10 times the amount of physical damage it has absorbed.

Skill Orb – Fire God Slayer Magic (Adept)

Not waiting another second I used the skill orb. Fire God Slayer Magic is not something I would pass up…at least if I don't get anything better in return. I am just greedy that way, sue me.

Skill Gained

[Fire God Slayer Magic (Adept)] (Passive)

The ability to use black flames that can hurt even Gods. God Slayer Magic is an ancient lost magic that gives its users an extreme control of and resistance to fire.

User gets the ability to eat fire and convert it into MP, SP however cannot be restored.

MP cost varies.

Deal [{(MP cost)/5} + (INT * 2)]

+100% extra damage to beings possessing Divinity.

Skill Gained

[Fire Affinity (Expert)] (Passive)

40% extra damage to any fire based magic.

-20% cost to any fire based magic.

Skill Gained

[Fire Resistance (Expert)] (Passive)

Immunity to any fire upto Expert rank and below.

+40% resistance to any fire above expert rank.

Worth it, absolutely worth every bit of pain it took to achieve it. Although if I had to guess, I would say Lady Luck's Love Child perk is showing its effects and I totally love it. It is still at adept rank so that means it has a chance to become stronger and IMMUNITY to fire damage upto Expert rank. Fucking Immunity. It's totally broken. I am going to raise it as much as I can to get it to the highest possible stage.

The level ups are certainly something to look forward to. It's always satisfying getting to higher power levels.

Harry J.

Level -32

Class – Umbramancer – LVL 32/100 [74%]

Race – Human (Magical)

Rank- Mortal

Alignment- True Neutral

HP- 300 [60 per minute]

MP – 11875 [2578.125 per minute]

SP- 300 [60 per minute]

STR – 15

END – 30

DEX – 35

INT – 380

WIS – 330

CHA – 15

LUK – 20

Skill Gained

[Shadow Strangle] (Active)

Creates a hand made of shadows emerge and strangle the target.

Deal 500 HP necrotic damage.

Costs – 200 MP

Skill Upgraded

[Shadow Magic (Apprentice)](Passive)

Gain instinctual knowledge about shadow magic.

Shadow and Darkness Magic related spells are 20% stronger.

Skill Upgraded

[Shadow Stealth(Apprentice)]


Increases the chances of being unnoticed by +20%. The skill is canceled when the user moves out of a shadow or attacks a target.


Increases the chances of being unnoticed by an additional 40%. The skill is canceled when the user moves out of a shadow or attacks a target.

Cost 50 MP/min.

Skill Gained

[Shadow Stitching] (Active)

Uses the target's shadow to bind the target. The target is bound until they are broken free/ released or the user runs out of MP.

Costs – 500 MP to cast and an additional 20 MP/sec to maintain the skill.

Skill Gained

[Immolation] (Active)

Creates a darkness based flaming zone around the user that continuously does dark magical damage to opponents.

Deal 20 HP/ sec magical damage to targets in 1 m radius of the user.

Costs – 50 MP/ sec.

250 INT Perk Gained

[Magic Battery]

+25% increase in MP per INT

250 WIS Perk Gained

[Spirit Healing]

+25% increase in MP regen per WIS

The skills are overall decent but the old skills are becoming useless as new opponents pop up. I can't keep on chipping them with Shadow Balls and Shadow Spikes for much longer,

Even the new mobs have more than 1.2k HP each.

Host can take upgrade quests for any skill that can be upgraded. This is a feature of the Gamer System that allows the host to change skills as long as the basic function remains the same by doing various quests for the required changes. The host can have only 3 upgrade quests active at the same time.

Interesting. I just got a whole lot to deal with all of a sudden. Currently the best things that I can hope to upgrade are the Shadow Magic, Fire God Slayer Magic and Shadow Bind to help bind my enemies. But from what I have seen Shadow Magic is upgraded as I level up my Umbramancer Class. So, Shadow Magic is out. Give me the upgrade quest for Shadow Bind and Fire God Slayer Magic.

Upgrade Quest

[I'm all fired up. Or am I?]

You are one who wields the title of a Fire God Slayer, someone capable of burning even the divine to ashes and yet your paltry flames are not good enough to even light their birthday candles. Have some shame and work your ass up to make your fire hot. Let the flames of your youth burn bright.

Kill 1000 regular tier enemies using Fire God Slayer Magic.

Kill 10 veteran tier enemies using Fire God Slayer Magic.


Kill 1 elite tier enemy using tier enemies using Fire God Slayer Magic.


Accept : Y/N.

Select the aspect of Skill Shadow Bind to be upgraded.

Strength of the bindings

Duration of the bind

Cost of the skill

Strength of the bindings.

Upgrade Quest

[Bondage lessons for amateurs]

Bondage is an art and you are taking your first step to mastering this deep and glorious subject. Just tying them up is not enough, you have to bind them. Show your creativity, enthusiasm, passion and bind them.

Kill 100 shadow bound enemies in battle.


Accept : Y/N.

I will continue this next time. I have been inside the ID for a long time now and I don't know what is going on outside. I still have to make a plan to leave this place and go to Gringotts somehow. I am pretty sure that the place has been riddled with charms and tracking spells to prevent me from leaving. I was already disowned, what's with the farce of keeping me with this 'family' shit.

I am pretty sure it is something Dumb-And-Dork must have planned for. Irritating son of a bitch. Maybe I should try and get the necromancer class just to bring back that old farts sister…..Ariana and fuck her in front of him. Yup, add that to my list of things to be done. She was quite young and hot when she died. I could completely use her to get back at the Grandalf wannabe. I use ID Escape.

The light outside is bright enough for others to wake up. Right on time, I hear the banging on the door and the overgrown pig known as Vernon Dursley order's me to cook. He fucking dares to order me. With great difficulty and self-control I hold myself back from sending a dark spike into his head and rid the world rid of another piece of filth. And as satisfying as that would be, I would lose the chance to escape if I draw the attention of anyone unwanted to myself.

Vernon Dursley

Director at Grunnings

Level – 5

Race – Human

HP – 150

MP – 0

STR – 12

END – 15

DEX – 6

INT – 5

WIS – 5

CHA – 1

LCK – 1

Thoughts about you –hatred, anger and disgust

Well the feelings are mutual, I don't wanna see your face more than I absolutely have to, thankfully Gamers Mind keeps me calm, I use the memories of the body to whip up something passable, spit in it. I wish I had slow acting poison or something of a similar nature to use on them but we can't have it all, can we?

The two pigs leave the house in around an hour and I finally start to work. Checking up everything on my body and belongings to see where the tracking charms are located. I find one on my wand, one on my trunk and one connected to my body, which I assume is a blood ward, which is a highly illegal thing to use. But when you are in a place where people get away with murder even when everyone is aware of it, such things won't ruffle anyone's hair. Checking outside the house through the windows, I use observe to search for anyone in range who is looking for this place.

Mundungus Fletcher

Two Knut Crook, Member of the Order of the Phoenix

Level – 16

Race – Human

HP – 200

MP – 1200

STR – 13

END – 12

DEX – 9

INT – 15

WIS – 12

CHA – 2

LCK – 1

Thoughts about you – Annoyance and reluctant vigilance

Don't worry I will end both you and your annoyance before today ends. Currently only Petunia is in the house and resting in her room. I have a few hours on hand. Gotta make this quick.

Sneaking into a shadow I appear behind Petunia and use the Ring of the Archmage to shift the blood ward from my body to her. Protect yourself bitch. A sudden feeling of freedom as if being unchained after so long confirms the effect of the ring.

I get in and shift the tracking charm on my wand to a dirty sock, this includes the trace the ministry has on under-aged wizards and get all the important stuff from the trunk in my inventory.

I have an inventory? Every gamer has an inventory please don't be dumb. I scatter the things around the house to make it appear as if there was a struggle, better to throw them in the wrong direction than make them follow me when they discover that I have gone missing.

Fletcher is around 200m from the house. I can't use magic in the house, just can't risk it. If Dobby's magic can be detected then so can mine. So I collect all the trash in the kitchen and walk upto the dustbins outside the house. Of all the times bloody Fletcher had to be attentive he choose this time, the fucking bastard.

No problem, just a minor hurdle. I let the garbage bag fall behind the dustbin and move behind it to pick up the trash. The time for the trial has come.

I have to make every moment of this count. Casting The Eyes of Darkness I scout the area behind Fletcher and Shadow Walk behind him. Shadow Bind and a few stabs from Maria's Dagger later I shift his body into my inventory. I get his wand for a diversion as well as a body for…. Future experiments. I use my Invisibility Cloak before casting Active Shadow Meld sneaking into ms. Figgs house and floo myself to Diagon Alley.

They weren't kidding when they said that it feels disorienting. It's like sea sickness, just a lot worse. Clutching my Invisibility cloak, I use several Shadow Walks to disappear from the place before anyone can try to understand what happened. Walking into an alley in front of Gringotts, I store the Invisibility cloak in my inventory and pull the hood of one of Dudley's oversized hoodies over my head before walking in.

The place does look the same as in the movies. Goblins working everywhere, guards outside the gates had gold and scarlet uniforms and silver spears. Goblin Silver if I remember correctly. The Sword of Gryffindor was the same. Might check out to see if I can find some of it somewhere. It seems like good material for making equipment. Support classes must have blacksmith…..another thing to keep in mind. Witches and Wizards talked animatedly before I arrived at a set of silver doors with words.

Enter, stranger, but take heed

O what awaits the sin of greed

For those who take, but do not earn,

Must pay most dearly in their turn.

So if you seek beneath our floors

A treasure that was never yours,

Thief, you have been warned, beware

Of finding more than treasure there.


Accountant at Gringotts

Level – 22

Race – Goblin

HP – 750

MP – 1700

STR – 26

END – 22

DEX – 17

INT – 19

WIS – 18

CHA – 2

LCK – 8

Thoughts about you – Interest, caution

Walking up to the nearest goblin, I speak up "Good Day Accountant Griphook. Would you be kind enough to point me to the place I can take an inheritance test. Which I know is an actual thing in the version of Harry Potter due to my new bodys memories."

The look he gives me made me realize the mistake I just made, I couldn't have known his name. Observe is supposed to be a secret. Great, now his thoughts changed to suspicion. They all look ugly as fuck and almost the same, so it's hard for anyone to tell the difference between them unless they are acquainted with them.

He does ask for someone to lead the way, all the while giving me an odd look. We walked upto the room of the head accountant, Ragnok. The goblin knocked on the door a few times before a voice came from inside beckoning us to enter.


Head Accountant at Gringotts, Leader of the Goblin Nation

Level – 54

Race – Goblin

HP – 2250

MP – 5700

STR – 65

END – 45

DEX – 47

INT – 49

WIS – 58

CHA – 12

LCK – 25

Thoughts about you – You are just another wizard.

Goblins are known to value time and money, so it's better if I don't waste their time. I could care less about how they feel about me, but I'd rather they not cause any problems for me by delaying me. It's not as if they can stop me but time is of essence for me right now and these little fuckers can be pretty vindictive. Getting straight to the point is the best way for me. "Good Day Head Accountant Ragnok, I would like to have an inheritance test done for myself."

He looks at me and raises his eyebrows and to be honest it's fucking creepy. After a moment of thought, he takes out a silver ornate dagger and a parchment.

"Cut your finger with the dagger and spill 3 drops of your blood on the parchment." I follow as he says. Although I have Gamers Body and my HP regen rate is quite good I couldn't help but notice that the wound heals by itself. Quite useful….for a torture tool. I am starting to like these pesky little fuckers even if it's only a bit. Slowly words are revealed on the parchment.

Harry James (No Name)

Age : 16 years 11 months

Emancipated due to participation in the Tri-Wizard Tournament (Yet to be claimed)

Family :

James Charlus Potter (Disowned)

Lily Jane Potter (nee Evans) (Disowned)

Godfather : Sirius Orion Black (Deceased)


The Most Noble and Most Ancient House of Black – Heir to Lordship (from Sirius Orion Black)

The Most Noble and Most Ancient House of Peverell – Heir to Lordship

The Most Noble and Most Ancient House of Slytherin – Heir to Lordship (by the right of conquest from Tom Marvolo Riddle by defeating him thrice in battle)

Powers and Inherent Magic:

The Power of Destruction (sealed by Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore)

Sacred Gear : Mirror Alice (sealed by Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore)







Have some lemon drops –

Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore was called by many titles both official and unofficial, good and bad. Order of Merlin, First Class, Grand Sorcerer, Chief Warlock, Supreme Mugwump, International Confederation of Wizards, Lord of Light, Headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Leader of the Order of the Phoenix, the greatest wizard in the world. But he knew all of this meant nothing. He was at the limit of his power and time was not forgiving.

He has known this for a very long time now and has already put many plans in action to escape the clutches of Death. Caressing the 'Elder Wand' in his hand he looks at the shining red stone in his drawer. 'The Philosopher's Stone. He had tried everything he could short of an Imperius on the Flamel couple to get the method to make the stone….. but it was for nought.

The decrepit old thing refused to give away the method for it at any cost. Finally having no other choice he swiped the stone from under them a few years ago under the guise of protecting it from the Dark Lord.

The thought still makes his lips twitch into a smirk. It is always so easy to convince people when the name of the Dark Lord is used and if the stone accidentally got destroyed in a fight against the Dark Lord, then there is nothing anyone could do…..not that he had any intention of letting them keep the stone if he had known the method of making it.

It was time for them to go on to the next great adventure…if they refused, then he would have taken the matter into his own hands.

There are many different beings with unimaginable powers outside the small magical community these people have holed themselves in.

And while he might be the strongest wizard here, he may not amount to anything outside this well. Even other humans with strong artifacts with power to kill Gods exist. Obviously all this information has been erased by the ICW and him. It was for the Greater Good after all. Sadly wizards are not born with such artifacts. The reason is unknown but studies show that it's related to something with the soul.

And then a miracle happened. A child was foretold to be born with 'the power that the dark lord knows not'. What power could that be? He had set many plans to see that for himself and imagine his surprise when he found the young Potter boy with a Sacred Gear of all things. It was completely unprecedented. The child used a strange mirror to reflect a killing curse back on Riddle killing him. Such power was unseen. Such power was terrifying. Such power was something that HE WANTED.

So he set plans in motion. He sealed the boy's power and had him sent off to a place he wouldn't be able to explore magic and declared the boy's twin as the Boy-Who-Lived. The boy's father, sheep that he is, followed his words without question and his mother, a foolish woman who dared to protest against HIM, was placated with a few well used potions and spells. James Potter himself volunteered to keep his wife subdued. Being the obsessive degenerate he is, it was nothing surprising.

Next his studies into rituals got him a method to remove the sacred gear from the boy and attach it to his own soul. The method however was …complicated.

It required the donor to have complete trust in the receiver and voluntarily give up his soul for the ritual to succeed.

It was …...challenging to say the least but not something that would hinder the Great Albus Dumbledore.

He made the boy live in an environment where he would be continually abused and starved for love.

It did take some obliviations when pesky muggles tried to interfere in his plans and 'rescue' the boy.

Turning his family against him was easy enough. Alex Potter was a glory hound, too arrogant of himself and was easy to steer in the 'Right Direction' and James was his very loyal follower. With Lily Potter subdued it was easy to manipulate the events of his life from his life in muggle world to his life in Hogwarts. The boy showed potential as was expected of someone named in a prophecy, but that didn't matter to him. What mattered was that he was kept suppressed. The sorting ceremony was a big win when the boy chose Slytherin after being repulsed by Alex Potter's behavior. Gentle nudges and kids are easy to set on the right path.

And finally Sirius Black, the unwanted thorn in his side and a supporter to the boy was removed through a twist of fate. Black was not someone who could be manipulated like the rest of his family. They who have the power to resist the Light Lord were dark obviously….. not that they denied it.

And in his anger James Potter put the final nail in the coffin. Harry No name is now officially an orphan. With no one to rely on. All according to plan.

Now all he has to do is conduct an 'Investigation' and report to James that there had been a mistake. It was Harry who had been the boy who lived and the one who saved everyone these past few years. Alex however was a Horcrux, who under Voldemort's influence had been keeping them in the dark. Accepting Harry back into the family and punishing his 'Evil Twin' the Light Lord Albus Dumbledore saves the day and makes the boy feel indebted to him. He won't ever trust his family who disowned him once already and be completely loyal to him. Finally after all these years of planning, the fruit was ripe enough to pluck.

Was manipulation of people bad for the Leader of Light?

Yes. It was.

Did he actually care?

Not in the slightest.

It was after all 'For The Greater Good', THE GREATER GOOD OF Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore.

-Realm of the Dead-

Death watches as the young boy takes his first step in the world. She doesn't understand what her creators think, but it's not like it will matter anyway.

What really matters is that their will is followed. The Supreme Beings have very fickle minds and she wouldn't risk her existence by going against them. If they want a new Supreme Being to be trained, then the best she could hope to achieve is make it interesting for them. After all boring games get DELETED.

And it's not like she can't have fun of her own in this. A young man with limitless potential and a limitless number of lives to live…. If he dies a few times, he will just be brought back. The very least she can expect is some entertainment from this little task of hers.

- Hall of Games –

"Did you hear 'HE' chose a gamer?"

"Really, 'HIM'?"

"So what? 'HE' is quite boring. I mean who behaves like a butler of their Gamer?"

"Oh, I won't be fooled by that façade of 'HIS'? 'HE' is an anomaly among game systems who understands the gamer's obsession with the opposite sex. How that happened is still unknown. We still believe one of the senior gamers interfered with the programming and the result is that….. 'HE' is a massive closet pervert and…. A voyeur. If anything I think 'HIS' gamer is going to have an interesting life."

"I didn't know that. Well something to look forward to then."

"Not like we have anything especially interesting to do anyway. I wonder though, how long it will take the gamer to find this little tidbit out?"


Beta Reader : LuluViBritania(FF.N, SB and QQ)/-LuluViB|99th Britannian Emperor(Discord)

Hello guys, as you have already guessed, this is a merged world of High School DxD and Harry Potter. There are just so many possibilities for me to not use in this story. I have had this thought for a while now and finally decided to just go ahead with it and write what I have in mind. I appreciate reviews and if possible reply to some of them. Flames will be left alone until they are doused on their own. I am writing this story for my own satisfaction and I don't think I am forcing anyone to come and read it. If you don't like it, don't read.

I hope to improve my writing skills by doing this and that's what I am going to do. Ideas can be entertained but no promises. This is my story and I intend to primarily keep it as such. Updates will be decided soon enough. I just don't want to burn myself doing this. This is just a hobby not my job.

This is all from me right now, peace out.