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Chapter 2 : Who set my game to Nightmare mode?

The power of destruction? Sacred Gears?

…..what the actual fuck?.

Isn't this the world of soul salad making creepy dark lords and manipulative cock-sucking old men?.

How in hell did it become the Disneyland of tits, asses and overpowered beings which can blast my ass to space and beyond?

This world follows no logic, an idiot gets power ups via boobs and defeats gods and Satans, they send high schoolers to fight overpowered terrorists. What kind of mess did I get myself dragged into?

Calm down. I am a fucking gamer. If someone comes after me, I just need to grind the hell out of the IDs and beat their asses all the way to Sunday. Moreover this world might have many dangers, but it has the same amount of opportunities to get stronger. Cheat level artifacts and hax level powers are not uncommon. Fortune favors the bold. And I am BOLD and ITALICS too for that matter. Need to plan things out and find out where I am in the timeline. Harry Potter goes on in the 1990's and DxD in the 2000s but none of it can be trusted as this world is insanely fucked up from what I can see.

I did advise you to keep an open mind while playing the Game host. While not all the knowledge that you possess will be irrelevant, there are some changes in the world. That's for you to find and me to know.

….it might be my imagination, but I think the game just smirked at me.

Okay. Fuck this. I still have to take care of the matters at hand. Let's see where this goes on. My priority is still getting out of this dump called Magical Britain and getting strong enough to take care of myself. Do I care about what happened to my body's previous owner? No. Will I care if those matters get me into trouble? Damn right I will.

This world does have some really hot girls to bang though. From teenagers to milfs. Even the professors at Hogwarts are hot and not old hags. My Lustful trait is making it harder for me to leave this place without taking a bite out of the chicks. But this is not giving up, it's a strategic retreat. I'll be back for the booty junior me, so calm down.

The Goblin looks at me with a strange look. I must be showing my emotions quite a lot if it got that kind of reaction from him. Moving on.

"I would like to claim the Lordships of the houses of which I am eligible for." I said after regaining control of my expressions.

"I will get the Lordship rings of the house Peverell. The ring of House Black was lost when the previous Lord Black, Sirius Orion Black fell through the veil and ring of house Slytherin has been lost for centuries. We can make replacements for them but charges will be deducted from your account." Replies Ragnok in a professional tone of voice though I could sense a hint of mirth in his voice. Probably due to my attempt at controlling my emotions. Gotta learn Occlumency soon.

At my nod of agreement he sends off the goblin who led me here with some words in Gobbledegook. While waiting for him to return I ask a question that has been on my mind for a while now.

"Does Gringotts offer a magical ritual to change names?" I ask willing to try my luck. My name is troublesome as it can be used in many ways to drag me back here. The goblet was a prime example of this. I am not taking that fucking risk ever again. Better to change it into something that people here don't know of.

As if my words were some kind of a joke, the smile on Ragnok's face becomes almost …..feral. I don't know what his expression implies but anything on that ugly face looks terrifying. Even so he replies in kind. "Yes, as changing a name magically is a job associated with the identification of a person, it comes under the services of Gringotts."

"If so, then please arrange the ritual for me at the earliest possible time. I hope you can keep this confidential as a customer's privacy." I say with a tone of suspicion at the smile that he gives me.

"Gringotts prides itself for the valuables it protects. Whether it be treasures or secrets, it only leaves with the right person or gets buried with the dead bodies of thieves who try to get their hands on it. It is something that has not changed since our founding and hopefully will never change." The goblin's tone was almost regal as he spoke those words. His ugly muck might make it easy to forget it, but he is a King. That disposition and tone of authority is not something that can be faked. Something to keep in mind.

The other goblin returns with 3 boxes and hands them over to Ragnok. He opens the boxes and hands me the three rings. I wear them on my fingers and they shrink magically to fit my fingers and disappear when I will it so. With this I am Lord Harry James Peverell Slytherin Black. Wow, that's a long ass name. gotta get it changed soon.

"Please get the ritual ready if possible. I'd rather be done with all my immediate businesses right now."

I get a nod in response as he leads me to a ritual room where goblin shamans stand around a ritual circle. They point me at the middle of the circle to stand and wait while they instruct me of the oath to recite while they power the ritual.

The ritual circle glows a bright crimson hue mixed with a tinge of black.

Please select a name for yourself.

And now the game remembers me. Shin Kageyami.

Accept Y/N.


The light around me dies down as the shamans stop their chants. Status.

Shin Kageyami

Level -32

Class – Umbramancer – LVL 32/100 [74%]

Race – Human (Magical)

Rank- Mortal

Alignment- True Neutral

HP- 300 [60 per minute]

MP – 12500 [2734.375 per minute]

SP- 300 [60 per minute]

STR – 15

END – 30

DEX – 35

INT – 400

WIS – 350

CHA – 15

LUK – 20

My INT and WIS have both increased by 20 due to the effects from the Lordship rings. Finally I have a name I can get behind. Keep searching for Harry fuckers because he doesn't exist anymore.

Hidden Quest Completed

[What's in a Name]

Harry is a name known by many and mostly by those who wish to misuse it. You didn't choose this name, so why should you live with it. Get a name of your own liking.

Objective : Get a name of your own liking.

Reward : A name of your choice, 1x Gacha Token.

Failure : Keep being stuck with that name and get chased by your enemies.

With one of my major worries solved, I follow Ragnok back to his office. Time to make arrangements for the next part of my plans.

"I was wondering if Gringotts provides some services in the muggle side of the world. I would appreciate some help in getting an identity for travel in it." I say with a measured tone, not wanting to give away much of what I am planning to do…..and I seriously doubt that's working. My pitiful 15 CHA makes it hard for me to hide my intentions and Ragnok is too experienced to be fooled by someone like me…..atleast for now.

"Gringotts provides such services for an adequate price of course."

You know what….. I am starting to like these ugly creatures a little. Give them some gold and they would sell their own limbs to you. Definitely the kind of people I can work with.

"Very well, please arrange a passport for me and an identity to use in the muggle world along with some currency to use there. But first I would like to check my vaults if you would help me with that?"

"Sure, follow Bonecrusher, he is the Account Manager of the vaults of House Black. You can appoint other Account Managers for the other House Vaults or allow him to manage them as well." He reminds me about the other vaults. Apparently the Peverell and Slytherin houses haven't had their Account Manager selected by the Head of the House after the previous ones died.

"Thank you, can you also help me with the Peverell, Black and Slytherin Family trees. I would like to examine and make some changes in the status of some members as part of the Houses."I am going to remove any claim of anyone else on the three houses. No Potters, Malfoys or Riddles are going to get even a single penny or Knut in this case from my money.

"I will get it ready while you visit your vaults." Observe shows he is …..intrigued and…..expectant. The fuck does he expects?

I follow Bonecrusher to visit the House Black House Vaults. They have 6 different vaults in Gringotts. Too annoying to manage but the main one should do for now. The carriage takes us to the inner parts of the underground maze. House Black is very influential as well as rich and thus they are located in the maximum security zone of Gringotts along with the vaults of House Peverell and House Slytherin.

The goblin opens the vaults for me and….wow.

That's the only word that comes to mind. Wow. Mountains upon mountains of stacked galleons and piles of jewels, different tomes and grimoires on magic that people here consider lost or more importantly dark.

I order the goblin to leave as I take care of my business in the vault. Can't let anyone find out about my inventory.

First I start off with the books and jewels, followed by artifacts and galleons. Leaving only sickles and knuts along with other mundane stuff in the main family vaults. I place them all in a trunk in the vault with a space expansion charm enchanted on it. As I plan for the other things, I need to do here.

The House Black vault's number is 711 and the House Lestrange vault's number is 713. It's a bit further inside but not enough to make it inaccessible for me. I quickly cast The Eyes of Darkness to locate the vaults around the House Black's vaults. That's the beauty of the skill. I don't have to actually see the shadows or darkness around me as long as it is in the range of my skill, I can use it.

After a minute or two of searching, I finally find what I am looking for. Helga Hufflepuff's chalice and Riddle's horcrux. Quickly using Shadow Walk to teleport there, I grab the chalice.

Mental Attack averted by Gamers Mind

Throwing it into my inventory before anything else can happen I Shadow Walk back to the House Black's vault and call Bonecrusher back.

We continue our ride to House Slytherin's vaults and I do the same with them.

Finally it's time for the Peverell House's Vaults. Honestly it's what I am looking forward to the most during my visit.

What would the Vaults of one of the oldest Houses in the wizarding world contain? Just imagining it makes me impatient. We arrive there in a short while and it does not disappoint. If the House Black's vaults were big, this is Gigantic. Tons of gold, not galleons but pure gold and enough books to make an entire city's libraries be ashamed of themselves.

Artifacts and jewels, both magical and non-magical are practically countless. I guess Ignotus Peverell used the Invisibility cloak for more than just hiding from Death because there is no fucking way he could have amassed this much through only legal means considering House Peverell has been considered extinct for a very long time.

Without wasting another moment I start storing everything in the trunk available. House Peverell has enchanted trunks that would make Newt Scamander's trunk look pale in comparison. Well, Good for me.

After finishing everything in the vault, I ask the goblin to return me back to Ragnok. I need to complete some left over work before leaving this place for good.

Ragnok had already gathered the family registers for me to check. Quickly I strike the names of the next heirs to all three houses and remove them from the families. I am not going to let them pull any shit over me behind my back by using any ministry laws.

Ragnok seems…pleased. His observe shows satisfaction and mild respect. I guess goblins are vicious beings and him seeing me do this to my all so called family must have raised their opinion of me even if it's only a bit.

The passport is already ready and I ask him to collect the payment from House Black's vaults. They still have enough to last a normal wizard several centuries of comfortable and stable life. With that I am finally finished with my work in Gringotts.

"Well met Head Accountant Ragnok, May your vaults overflow and your enemies cower at your feet."

The grin he offers in return is something that requires me the assistance of the Gamers Mind to stop my legs from fleeing at the first moment I can.

"May your gold flow like a river and your enemies flee before you. Well met indeed Lord Peverell."

Pulling up the hood of my T-Shirt, I head up to the Leaky Cauldron and using Fletcher's wand on the wall, out of the magical world and into London. Need to find out the schedules for international flights and make plans to follow for the coming days. But first things first, it's still midday and I need a shower. There are quite a few changes in the world and I need to find them out as soon as I can.

Taking a taxi to the airport, I find a store nearby for some necessities for the coming days. Every modern person needs a smartphone and that's what I get along with some clothes. London has some really amazing clothing stores. I don't understand how the muggleborn suffer those wizarding robes for the rest of their lives and not suffocate. A simple long-sleeved shirt and a pair of jeans is much better than that aristocratic shit that they wear all the time. 'Ancient' houses indeed. They still live in ancient times.

Not my problem anymore. I did find out the inconsistencies in the world though. The current year is 2004 not 1996. Apparently the game made it that to merge the two worlds better. I find myself a hotel nearby to rest up and make plans for the future. One thing that I know for sure is that I need to get stronger. From what I observed of the wizards, they are mostly around lvl. 20 - 30, strong ones maybe higher. I have no idea how much stronger they can get. So the best I can understand is that my level is average at best, but…my stats surpass them by a lot. The Genius perk gives me double stat gain, truly broken if I say so myself.

I have the INT and WIS of someone of lvl. 64 or higher which I estimate is far above average in the wizarding world but I would be a fool to think of myself as invincible. I have a mere 300 HP and if anything, I have been extremely lucky all this while to have survived. One single hit from a veteran mob could have ended me. This glass cannon build is something I can't, I don't approve of.

I get into the ID the first chance I get. If I don't like something, then I just have to change it.

Entering the ID, I start with the Fire God Slayer Magic, the MP consumption is insane if anything. I have to make an arrangement for replenishing MP when I fight.

A simple Fire God's Bellow took 3000 MP, that's like a quarter of my reserves but…the damage makes it worth it.

I cleared out half the street with a single attack and I may or may not have done the evil super villain laugh at the sheer destruction of this skill.

I can regenerate the MP in little more than a minute. Not good for long drawn out fights but absolutely something I can have a lot of fun with.

Pulling the Invisibility Cloak over me, I proceed to the next area. It has Wraiths as the mob here and I love the fact that they all have a weakness to fire.


Level 25

HP 1800

MP 2500

I sweep the area until I reach the graveyard at the end of the decrepit town. The wraiths can be annoying with their screeches, as they are a cross between a banshee and ghost. Food for thought. Maintaining a good distance and attacking from the shadows works like a charm every time though.

The Invisibility Cloak is probably the reason I am still alive right now. It is truly deserving the name of a Deathly Hallow and quite honestly the most dangerous one of them all. The Elder Wand is good and all but a stab to the back while invisible is much more dangerous.

After hunting the wraiths for a while, the mini boss appears. It's an …..uglier version of a wraith, it looks like a cross between a reaper and a dementor.

Tortured Soul

Level 40

Rank : Veteran

HP – 5000

MP – 10000

It starts with a screech…which is an aoe attack. Flaws of being a glass cannon makes itself known as I suffer a stun. I was not under the damage zone of the attack so I managed to avoid damage. Maintaining the distance seems wise. It too however has the same weakness like the rest of its kind. Fire magic makes a quick work of it.

It drops a robe, a minor HP potion and a heart crystal.

Congratulations Host!

You have obtained your first Heart Crystal. The Affection/Reputation system is now unlocked.

Make a name for yourself, steal the hearts of others or make others fear the very name of you.

And the best part is that you get rewarded for doing all this. For every 50 and 100 mark in Affection or Reputation you get something from the target.

Gotta catch them all, Pok…. I mean ladies.

…..You were totally going to say pokemon right now.

Normal Heart Crystal

+10 Affection or Reputation with the target.

Robe of the vanquished souls

+20% damage to Death magic.

+20% resistance to Death magic.

Minor HP Potion

Heals 500 HP when consumed.

The entire ordeal gives me decent enough exp and pushes me to level 40.

Skill Upgraded

[Shadow Magic (Adept)](Passive)

Gain instinctual knowledge about shadow magic.

Shadow and Darkness Magic related spells are 40% stronger.

Skill Upgraded

[Shadow Stealth(Adept)]


Increases the chances of being unnoticed by +40%. The skill is canceled when the user moves out of a shadow or attacks a target.


Increases the chances of being unnoticed by an additional 80%. The skill is canceled when the user moves out of a shadow or attacks a target.

Cost 50 MP/min.

Skill Gained

[Magic Weapon Creation (Novice)] (Active)

Allows the user to create magic weapons using shadows and darkness.

MP cost varies.

Deal [INT x Level of Skill]/1000 MP Magical Damage.

Skill Gained

[Man of Shadows] (Passive)

Boosts the effectiveness of the Shadow Magic of the user as long as they are in shadows. The bigger the shadow, the stronger the boost. (Max 50%).

-20% damage to Shadow Magic when not connected to any shadows.

Skill Gained

[Create Shadow Servant (Novice)] (Active)

Creates a shadow servant in the shape of any shadow you use the spell on. The servant will have END/10 HP and INT/10 MP.

Costs : 2000 MP


Shin Kageyami

Level -40

Class – Umbramancer – LVL 40/100 [74%]

Race – Human (Magical)

Rank- Mortal

Alignment- True Neutral

HP- 300 [60 per minute]

MP – 13545 [2259.375 per minute]

SP- 300 [60 per minute]

STR – 15

END – 30

DEX – 35

INT – 480

WIS – 430

CHA – 15

LUK – 20

I can change my class now. Right game.

Yes, Host can change your class now.

However there will be a penalty for it. All skills that do not belong to the active classes will cost double.

Choose a Class

[Fighter] [Ranger] [Support] [Rouge]

Fighter. No question about it. I need my HP and SP as high as I can. I won't survive even stray hits if I continue like this. I was lucky that the aoe skill for that Tortured Soul was a stunning skill and not a damage skill. Or I would have been a goner by now. I have noticed that the drop rates seem to be quite shit even if I have decent quality drops due to my perk.

Select a Specialization

[Warrior] [Duelist][Martial Artist] [Berserker] [Soldier]

Duelist will focus on DEX, Berserkers can lose control of themselves and as much as the Rage modes in anime look cool, I FUCKING HATE losing control of myself.

Soldier is something I have no idea about, I don't really know what it might lead to so no risk.

That leaves two classes left, Warrior and Martial Artist. Both can be good but Warrior is something that will focus more on equipment and that is something I don't have the luxury to invest in. I do have many weapons and armours collected from Gringotts but against the enemies I might face soon such weapons will soon lose their effect. So that leaves Martial Artists. After all when you don't have anything else left in the world, you still have your own body. Moreover, if I am correct and not mistaken I might find something that I am looking for in this class.

Martial Artist.

Class Gained

Martial Artist LVL 1/100 [0%].

Gain 5 STR and 5 END per level.

Skill Gained

[Martial Arts Proficiency (Novice)] (Passive)

Gain basic knowledge of Martial Arts.

Martial Arts based techniques do +10% damage.

-10% SP consumption for Martial Arts Skills.

Skill Gained

[Light Armor Proficiency (Novice)] (Passive)

Gain Basic knowledge of wielding a light Armor.

-10% in Stat Reduction when using Light Armor.

Skill Gained

[Fist Strike](Active)

Deal [STR x 1] HP physical damage.

Costs : 100 SP.

Skill Gained

[Flurry] (Active)

Deal [STR x 0.75] HP damage per strike for 5 strikes.

Costs : 500 SP.

Finally, time to get some meat on the bones. Heading further, the mobs grew a bit stronger than before, but still have the same weakness and that meant that I could easily take them out with fire. I gained a few levels in the process though and that got me some much needed HP. The boss was a piece of work though, ugly but strong.

The Bereaver

Level – 80

Rank – Elite

HP – 30000

MP – 50000

….FUCK. I realized that I have been using this word more often after becoming a Gamer.

Level 80, Elite is level 320. Even with my double stats I am still less than level 100. It's not fucking fair especially when it can summon wraiths out of its ass.

I desperately need something to get an edge over it. Hiding is not an option as it will just fill the area up with wraiths and then I am screwed.

It fires off a black laser like attack randomly when all the wraiths are destroyed and continues back to summoning them.

The game suddenly changed to hard mode after they joy ride I had all this while. Fire God Slayer Magic does a lot of damage but it can just eat the Wraiths and heal. Yes, it can fucking heal itself with it's shit(summons).

That laser is cool though, wish I had something li…k….e that. Yes. I definitely have something like that.

Using observe on myself I check my skills, more specifically the sealed ones. The Ring of the Archmage has one charge left for the day. Removing the seal on my Sacred Gear, I place it on a random wraith.

Skill Unlocked

[Sacred Gear : Mirror Alice(Novice) ](Active)

Reflects all magical attacks back to the caster with two times the force.

Max Reflected Amount = [(INT + WIS) x 20]

Costs : 200 SP per use.

Cooldown Time : 1 minute.

Quickly taking out all the summoned Wraiths, I wait for the Bereaver to charge up the beam attack. When it does that, I remove the Invisibility Cloak and face it with Mirror Alice summoned. The attack hits the mirror and gets absorbed in it before being reflected by the mirror and hitting the Bereaver and throwing it to the end of the graveyard.

HOLY CRAP, that did… 28k damage.

Without wasting another second, I charge up most of my MP in a Fire God's Bellow and blast it right at the monster. Burning it to the ground with the final attack was satisfying to say the least.

It leaves quite a few drops, a white scarf, 2 Heart Crystals, 1 Gacha Token, and a card. Along with the 5 stat crystals collected during this hunt. Today was really productive. 3 CHA crystals, 1 DEX crystal and 1 STR crystal

CHA Stat Crystal

Use to gain +5 CHA

DEX Stat Crystal

Use to gain +5 DEX

STR Stat Crystal

Use to gain +5 STR

Scarf of the Bereaved

Bereaves the enemies killed by the wielder and has a chance to grant 1 random stat point from the target.

+20% chance to gain 1 random stat point from the target killed.

Class Card : Dismancer

Unlocks the Dismancer Class for the user when used.

What the fuck is a Dismancer?

Dismancers are the magicians who use curses and status effects to fight against others. Hexes, poisons and other special effects are the basics of a Dismancer.

It has a lot of potential…..when I am strong enough to hold my own. Against some specific enemies Dismancer can work where direct attacks won't work.

I roll the Gacha that I have left over from today's loot. A total of 3 Gacha Tickets gives me some interesting stuff.

Gale-Force Reading Glasses 64x.

Skill Orb : Shadow Clone Great Explosion Technique.

Grants the Skill : Shadow Clone Great Explosion Technique when used.

Companion Gem : Morgiana.

Summons Morgiana as a companion when used.

Shadow Clone Great Explosion is Itachi's jutsu and it is seriously useful.

But how will it even work. Doesn't it use chakra? I don't have chakra.

Mana is a versatile energy type, it can change to other energy types with different conversion rates. For example, Fire God Slayer Magic uses Etherios Particles but you can use it normally with mana because the conversion rate is the same. Chakra however is a mixture of Physical and Spiritual Energies so it takes double the amount of mana when changing to chakra.

Oh, that's quite well thought of. Anyways, let's check my gains. Status.

Shin Kageyami

Level -58

Class – Martial Artist – LVL 18/100 [74%]

Race – Human (Magical)

Rank- Mortal

Alignment- True Neutral

HP- 2100 [420 per minute]

MP – 13545 [2259.375 per minute]

SP- 2100 [420 per minute]

STR – 200

END – 210

DEX – 40

INT – 480

WIS – 430

CHA – 30

LUK – 20

Yup, my stats look a bit decent now. My body has changed too. The thin and bony frame has bulked up a little and has gained muscles. Not like a bodybuilder's but closer to a swimmer's build. Strong but not bulky.

Charm has had a drastic improvement. It's 3 times the initial amount.

Leaving the ID, I end up back in my hotel room. I check up on my gains today.

The new skills gained from lvl 18 Martial Artist.

Skill Gained

[Mach Punch](Active)

A high speed punch using the speed of the user to enhance the damage of the hit.

Deal [STR + DEX] physical damage to the target

Costs : 150 SP

Skill Gained


Counters the opponent dealing the damage back to the opponent.

Deal [Incoming Damage x 2] physical damage to the opponent.

Max Counterable Damage : [(STR + END) x 5]

Costs : 200 SP

Skill Gained

[Vital Strike](Active)

Strikes a vital point on the target's body.

Deal [INT + 500] physical damage.

Stuns the target for 3 seconds.

Costs : 500 SP.

Checking up I find that I have a completed quest. I take a deep breath in and claim the reward for the quest. It's better to complete the nerve-racking work before taking a nap.

Quest Completed

[A Dance with Death]

You want to meet with Death. Sure, Why not. But beings of her power don't just meet anyone. You have to work your way up to her and convince her to make a deal with you. People nowadays have forgotten the courage needed to face a being like Death. Can you prove yourself different from them? Show the world your courage.

Objective - Go to Gringotts and claim what is rightfully yours.

Rewards – New name and freedom from the status as a no name, Increased Affection with Death, ?.

Failure – Get stuck as a no name nobody and lose the chance to talk with Death, Decreased Affection with Death.

+5 Affection with Death [7/100] for playing along with her.

"Finally someone found time to play with me. Collecting souls for millions of years with little to no entertainment can be ….boring." a soft but cold and ghastly voice whispers into my ears. The tone of the voice may be light but the absolute power and authority behind it is anything but. This is Death. Someone who stats among the top of the world, someone who can erase me if she breathes hard in my direction. Moments like these remind me just how much of a long path I have to cover before I can call myself strong, before I can breathe easily without the fear of being crushed by the stray fart of a higher being. And boy does it stink.

"And why would I kill you little one. You the first who has been able to hear my voice in thousands of years, my source of entertainment. It wouldn't do to have you die on me."

Of course she can read minds. If she can listen when I think of her name, it's obvious that she can read my mind too.

"Little one, would you like to make a deal with me. A simple deal in which I get entertained and you get what you want."

"What's the catch?" I ask cautiously, still wrapping my head around this whole deal part. There is no way that someone like Death will just offer me something without any hidden motive. The Peverell brothers were the greatest examples of this.

"The catch is you have to do some chores for me, after all someone of my station can't go around doing everything considered small work by myself. I will give you chores, you complete them and in return get rewarded. Work hard and you might even get my blessing. It will help you out with your ambitions."

"Can I choose which missions I take and when to do so, I don't want you to send me after Ophis or someone like that just to get killed. Also, if I fail the mission what will it result in." If I am going to make a deal, I better sort everything as clearly as I can.

"Spoilsport aren't you. Well chores don't really have a time limit, I could do them all in an instant but I have some restrictions on me. Also, as I already told you, I can't have you dying on me. As for failing a mission, everything will be told to you before you get the mission and then it depends on you."

Do things even get this simple? I honestly can't see any real drawback to this. Maybe there is one, but I just can't see it right now. And having the backing of someone of this level of power will certainly make things a lot easier. "Very well, I agree with your deal."

"Now that's the spirit. Young men should be brave and a bit reckless. How would you enjoy your life if you keep thinking like old men, watching every step and thinking for days. Isn't there a saying 'nothing ventured, nothing gained'."

"There is. But there is also a saying 'haste makes waste'. I need to be alive to enjoy my life and I seriously doubt, your missions are going to be anything but simple."

"Wonderful, here is your first mission."

Quest Received

[Hallowed be thy name]

Death played a little game with the Peverell brothers and now 3 artifacts which go against the very laws of nature exist among the living. This cannot be tolerated. It's about time that someone took the matter into their hands and corrected this anomaly.

Objective : Collect the three Deathly Hallows

Elder Wand (0/1)

Invisibility Cloak (1/1)

Resurrection Stone (0/1)

Rewards : Increased Affection with Death, ?, ?, ?.

Failure : Decreased Affection with Death.

Only decreased Affection with Death?

Quest Received

[Death watches all]

Some people think themselves above Death. Petty trickery to escape is not something new and not something done for the first time, neither will it be the last either. Show Tom Marvolo Riddle that no matter what means he conjures, he will have to face his judgment at the hands of death.

Objective : Destroy all soul pieces of Tom Marvolo Riddle (0/7) and kill him.

Rewards : ?.

So no matter what, I am going to get dragged towards the mess in Britain. Fuck this shit. The rewards might be things that can seriously help me though. Destroying most of the Horcruxes is easy. The main problem might be Nagini as her location is unknown.

The Resurrection Stone is tricky. I might have an idea about how to go about it. The main problem in the two quests is going to be the Elder Wand.

Quest Reward

Gained Mystery Box from Death.

The reward from the dance with Death quest?

I will open it tomorrow. Time to take a nap. Forgetting my worries for the day, I walk over to the bed. Yup, best thing I did the whole day.

- Next Day –

I am not a morning person. Nope, not at all. That's why it's good that it's already noon. Getting out of bed, I get ready for the day. After breakfast, I finally prepare myself for the reward from yesterday's quest.

Mystery Box from Death.

A Box that contains a reward for making Death happy.

Yay for too much information. The box contains two letters and a pamphlet with a summoning circle.

….this is not what I think it is, is it? Observe.

A Summoning Circle for a Devil.

One of the letters is addressed to me and the other is for the Devil who will be summoned. She repeated more than once that she doesn't want me to die. A little trust won't hurt. I push some mana into the summoning circle.

In a flash of bright yellow light, a summoning circle lights up in the room. After the light fades away, a middle aged man or Devil appears standing in front of me. Black hair, and purple eyes, his very presence itself oozes of authority. The power around him is obvious to even someone not aware of the supernatural. The presence of someone who has stood at the top for a long time. Observe.

Zekram Bael

The Great King, Devil

Level – 97

Rank – Elite

Race – Devil

HP – 35,210

SP – 35,210

MP – 69,710

STR -215

END – 288

DEX – 159

INT – 324

WIS – 371

CHA – 298

LCK – 282

Thoughts about you – Curiosity

Reputation – 0 (He doesn't know you)

OH MY GOD, shit God's dead in this world.

It's the real fucking leader of the current Devil government. Zekram Fucking Bael. What kind of reward is this Death? Is this what you meant by being reckless? The fuck is this venture.

He looks at me with a calm gaze, a bit amused….probably at the number of colours my face must be changing right now.

"Are you the one who summoned me boy? I must say that it certainly has been a while since someone has done this. I was unaware that I had any of my summoning contracts left in the world anymore. How did you come across one of those?"

Trying to control my voice I speak up, before he decides that he had enough and destroys me forever.

"Hello, Great King Bael. My name is Shin Kageyami. I was given this summoning pamphlet along with this letter. If you will please read this, you might find the answers to some of your questions." He looks at the letter in my hand before narrowing his eyes. I swear if it's a prank, the first thing I am going to do is jump into an ID and stay holed up there for a week before coming out and hiding in the Vatican if possible or maybe India. No one fucks with the Hindu Pantheon Gods from what I saw and read in DxD.

He takes the letter, before looking at the wax seal and his entire demeanor changes to utmost seriousness. He reads the letter and after a minute looks at me with an entirely different gaze.

"Tell me boy, do you possess 'The Power of Destruction'?"

"I think I do Sir, it was revealed in my magical inheritance test where it was revealed to have been sealed by someone at birth." I replied cursing Dumbledore with curses that would make his ears bleed.

A sudden pressure envelops the room and it becomes difficult to breathe. With the same calm face but eyes revealing uncontrolled fury, he speaks with a voice containing cold steel. "I was unaware that among wizard kind there are people who have enough courage to tamper with the Power of Destruction." With a wave of his hand, I feel something shattering inside me and a unique feeling overwhelms me. It feels like the presence of Death from last night however instead of the soft, cold and ghostly presence, it's uncontrolled, seeking to kill everything in its path, seeking to …Destroy.

When I finally open my eyes, I see Zekram looking at me with a ghost of a smile on his face.

Skill Unlocked

[The Power of Destruction]

MP cost varies.

Deal [ MP Cost + (INT x 2)] magical damage.

+20 Reputation with Zekram Bael(10/100) for having 'The Power of Destruction'.

Due to the trait [Diminished Presence], Reputation gain is reduced to +10.

….shit. The trait didn't seem that bad at the time. Last night the Affection gain was normal because the Diminished Presence Trait was nullified by the Ladykiller Perk. Maybe I will just use a Heart Crystal on him. Having someone like Zekram Bael thinking good of me can help me for a long way. Still 20 Reputation just for being able to use The Power of Destruction. Then again if I remember it correctly he was always very insistent on his descendants having the power of destruction saying that Sairaorg could become a Satan if he wanted but the head of the Bael Clan must have the PoD.

I can understand why Sirzechs is called the strongest Satan. This skill is fucking broken. If I level my Fire God Slayer to the max level only then it will come close to it and even then it might not surpass the PoD. With a short bow, I thank him. I could have removed the seal using my ring but no need to tell him that. If he gets annoyed and destroys Dumb-and-dork, it's just a bonus for me.

"It seems that the time to repay what I owed Death has come. Come with me boy, get your belongings. We will leave for the underworld now."

Leave for what now?

The hell is this guy saying? I need a ticket for India, not the underworld.

I am pretty sure British passports don't include the underworld in their list of registered countries. Yet, there is nothing I can do right now. +10 Reputation is not enough for me to push my luck with the hidden boss of the Devils.

I get everything I need in my inventory and equip different clothes using the game and walk over to him. He watches in amusement as I get ready and then grabbing my shoulders we teleport in a flash of light.

The teleportation is different from the floo or Shadow Walk. It feels like I am floating in space. And then thrown down on a place when my destination arrives. Landing is still comfortable. We appear in front of a castle that makes Hogwarts look like a sand castle that kids play with before crushing them under foot.

Zekram leads the way as scores of maids and butlers line up and greet him in neat lines around the path from the castle gates.

Holy crap, I thought DxD was exaggerating when it showed a similar scene. There must be at least 100 maids and 100 butlers.

We arrive at an office in the castle and take a seat and finally begin talking about what exactly was going on as he explains the current situation to me.

"The letter is from Death herself because the details mentioned in the letter are not something anyone else except the two of us know of. The magical imprint of Death on the letter just clears all the remaining doubt about it. Not that anyone would be foolish enough to try and impersonate her. The letter says that you are the one she has chosen to represent her will in the world and as per the contract between me and Death I have to repay my debt to her."

Did she send me as a loan shark to the Great King? Maybe I should have made it clear that Ophis was just an example, I was referring to anyone who can easily crush me into dust. Just what kind of mess did you throw me into Death? The only thing I am slightly sure about right now is the fact that he won't kill me because he would have already done that if he wanted to. No need to waste his carpets with my ashes. Does PoD even leave ashes?

"Many don't know that when the 72 pillar Devils were born of Lilith and the Book of Lucifer, they did not have their clan traits. How could they when their creator himself didn't? So they did what Devils are known for. Made contracts. They made contracts with beings of a higher power, Bune made a contract with a Dragon of great power, Phenex made a contract with a phoenix, Vapula with a Lion Spirit and so on. I as the eldest among them made a contract with the strongest of them all, Death. Thus gaining the power to kill and destroy everything in my path. The Power of Destruction. However my offering was not enough for Death during our contract so I owed her a favour. Now she calls for the favour to be fulfilled. In return for me to be free of her debt, I have to offer the hand of a girl who is closest to your age and possessing The Power of Destruction to you in marriage."





I am never going to trust Death's advice of being reckless ever again. Marriage contracts. Do Devils have fetishes regarding Marriage contracts. In canon it was Zeoticus making the contract for Rias and now Zekram. The girl closest to my age with the PoD rings bells of various sizes in my head. Sirzechs is going to kill me, Riser is going to come after me like the crazy chicken he is and Zeoticus is going to be utterly pissed if it's really her. There is an off chance that it might be someone else from the Bael Clan but today Lady Luck's Love Child perk is probably on vacation.

I could have been touring London and having fun with the literally billions of money that I had in my inventory. But NO, I had to summon the fucking Great King and am now discussing a Marriage contract which can get one of the top 10 strongest beings in the world after my ass. As I contemplate the strangeness that is my life, Zekram continues to babble on about something.

"Currently the girl closest to your age possessing the Power of Destruction is engaged to someone else. However the contract with Death is not something that can be left unfulfilled because of this. You will have to become a Devil to proceed with the marriage. I will get the procedures arranged. No possessors of the Power of Destruction can be allowed to become a Low or Middle Class Devil. I will not allow anyone to sully the name of the Bael Clan. I advise that you prepare yourself for a High Class Devil examination and then we will talk further about this." He then proceeds to order a maid to show me a room and leaves before I can ask anything.

Yup, I am officially screwed. There are some plus points but right now my mind is being overloaded by the amount of fuckups that I am about to get involved in. The Lustful Trait is not helping either. Rias might be spoiled and dumb in general but she is most definitely hot.

And that is not making it easier for me to get my mind off this arrangement. Even the thoughts of all the problems she gets thrown into at regular intervals does little to clear my head of the wild thoughts. Fuck, lustful is turning out to be more trouble than it seemed at first. The maid has a nice ass, Grayfia must have a nice ass too.

Snap out of it me, rather than thinking about Grayfia's ass think about saving your own ass first. I have to take part in a High Class Devil Examination because Zekram thinks PoD is hot shit, to be honest it is. But I am not in too much heat right now. I have to fight a High Class Devil in the testing center soon and I have no idea where I stand regarding that. Good thing is that I won't be anyone's slave from the start, the bad thing is that Angels, The Church and Fallen Angels will be after my life just because I exist.

I need a plan, I tried being reckless and it got me into a lot more shit than the whole day of planning yesterday helped me escape from. I like to be prepared for things when I encounter them. Enquiring the maid about the High Class Devil Examinations gives me a basic idea about the layout of the test.

The examination is basically two parts : First, the written part and Second, the practical part where there is a one on one fight. Middle Class Devil Promotion exams had one extra written where one has to write about their goals and ambitions but that part is not included in the High Class Devil Examination.

I died, met Death, met a Devil, went to hell and even after all this I have to write a fucking test. Wasn't I done with that shit already when I passed my university?

Not to mention History and Politics. I need the books on Devil History and Politics. When I ask the maid, she leads me to the library, which is huge. I thought that the Peverells had a huge collection of books but this place makes National Libraries look pale in comparison.

Shit, Zekram that fucker could have at least told me when I have to attend the test. Good thing that I have these glasses. If I remember correctly, they are from Fairy Tail. Levy and Lucy used them.

64x means 64 times the reading speed. Good for me. Let's see where that 480 INT carries me today.

Two hours of continuous reading gives me a solid understanding of the society of Devils in the underworld. It's like the wizarding world, but much shittier. And there is a good reason for this. Apparently after God started creating the Sacred Gears and the church supporting Heaven already, the forces of God were increasing. Lucifer in his pride decided that he would do something similar and so he did an experiment to change the nature of Human souls to adapt to Devil's magic. Needless to say the experiment was a failure but at the same time not completely. Quite a large number of Human souls were altered and they gained the ability to use magic. However they couldn't control it as well as a Devil. Their ability to control magic was lower than a lower class Devil in general. So Lucifer gave up and decided that it was better to create Low Class Devils than failed experiments.

Obviously due to the Devil's involvement with the souls, they were persecuted and hunted by the Church. Thus came the inquisitions and the Witch Hunts. For all the Light Lord drivel Dumb-and-Dork spews, he is a creation of the Devils. I wonder what will happen if they find out about this. Maybe the higher ups know of this already and hid it.

Anyways, moving on to other matters. Because their souls were altered by Lucifer the Heaven's system did not grant them Sacred Gears until God passed away in the Great War and the system went to shit (because Michael bunked his programming classes). Now there are half-Devils and half-vampires with sacred gears popping up left, right and center.

I spend the rest of the day studying the different formalities and etiquettes of a Devil. Because stuck up pricks like them need even the slightest excuse to dismiss anyone they want to. While at it I also did what I could to save my ass by using a Heart Crystal on raising Zekram's reputation with me by +10 more.

The day is getting weirder and weirder. My first Heart Crystal and I use it on a guy. Oh My God. Don't think about it me.

At night, I was called for dinner. Zekram was present there along with a young boy around my age but towering over me by a good 5 inches. Solid muscles showing the great strength they held inside them. Observe.

Sairaorg Bael

The Strongest Youth Devil, High Class Devil

Level – 58

Rank – Elite

Race – Devil

HP – 55,780

SP – 55,780

MP – 1,000

STR -315

END – 328

DEX – 329

INT –25

WIS – 25

CHA – 128

LCK – 112

Thoughts about you – Intrigue

Reputation – +5 (He likes that you are physically fit)

Is he gay? I don't have anything against gay people but I like the ladies. What do you mean you like that I am physically fit.

"Hello, nice to meet you. My name is Sairaorg Bael." He says offering a hand for me to shake.

"Shin Kageyami, nice to meet you too."I return his handshake with a firm grip. Not too overbearing nor too servile.

"You look like a Martial Arts practitioner. Do you follow a certain style of Martial Arts." He asks with genuine curiosity without any hint of derision or superiority typical of the Devils. It's not surprising if you know about his life up until now.

"I have started Martial Arts recently to complement my fighting style. My inherent magic was sealed until yesterday and the other magic that I learned to overcome that was low on defense. So I took up Martial Arts to build up my stamina and endurance for prolonged fights. I am just a beginner though." I reply back as politely as I can. Sairaorg is an honest and straight forward person who won't hesitate to support someone because of social stigma or any other political reason. He has been through to much to care about it. A great potential ally.

"It seems that you are doing well with yourself. What kind of magic do you use? Would you like to spar with me or my peerage sometimes? It is always great to meet a fellow Martial Artist especially among Devils."

"I would love to take any advice that you may have for me. Most of the things that I know are self-taught. That includes my magic as well. I use Shadow magic and fire magic mostly but I am going to start training on my innate power soon." While the game does teach me the basics of a skill and class, real life experience cannot be learned without fighting. I know that I am going to have my ass kicked by him or his peerage but it's still worth it if I can get some practical experience of fighting against a High Class Devil. The strongest among them all to boot. I did notice his raised eyebrows and astonished looks at the mention of innate power, no matter how much he tried to hide it.

+ 5 Reputation with Sairaorg Bael (7.5/100) for accepting the sparring match.

"Very well, we can spar tomorrow morning and see your skill level. I look forward to it." He replies in a genuine tone.

I noticed that Zekram did not speak a single word during our discussion. He doesn't really care about what happens in the fight but he did show a ghost of a smile in approval when I mentioned that I wish to learn of the PoD. Seriously, this guy has a fetish regarding the PoD.

Finally before finishing the dinner Zekram speaks for the first time tonight.

"I have arranged for the ceremony to change you to a Devil. It will be different from normal as you won't be reincarnated using the Evil Pieces. Be ready by tomorrow evening, we will be going to Agreas for the ceremony."

Quest Added

[Prove Your Worth]

Sairaorg Bael wants to spar with you to see your skills. Show him that you are not someone to be messed with no matter the race.

Objective: Make a lasting impression on Sairaorg Bael and his peerage.

Win at least 1 match in the spar.

Rewards : Increased Affection/Reputation with Sairaorg Bael and his peerage, ?.

Chain Quests Unlocked : A Friend in Need.

Failure : Decreased Affection/Reputation with Sairaorg Bael's peerage, Decreased reputation with Zekram Bael.

It's time to grind. Going back to my room, I close the door before equipping my battle set and enter into an ID. This is going to be a long night.

After a night of grinding which hauntingly reminded me of the last nights before project deadlines during my uni days, I reached level 40 in Martial Artist and gained a couple of skills which might help me in today's spar as well as in the future.

Skill Upgraded

[Martial Arts Proficiency (Adept)] (Passive)

Gain veteran level knowledge of Martial Arts.

Martial Arts based techniques do +40% damage.

-40% SP consumption for Martial Arts Skills.

Skill Upgraded

[Light Armor Proficiency (Adept)] (Passive)

Gain Basic knowledge of wielding light Armor.

-40% in Stat Reduction when using Light Armor.

Skill Gained

[Ki/Touki Sense (Apprentice)](Passive)

Sense the life force of those around you.

Ranges increases with the user's level.

[Ki/Touki Manipulation (Apprentice)](Passive)

Passively increases STR, END and DEX by 15% during fights.


Increases STR, END and DEX by 30% when activated.

Costs : 1000 SP per minute.

Skill Gained

[Force Palm](Active)

Attack with a Ki/Touki infused palm strike to do internal damage to the target using shockwaves of Ki/Touki.

Deal [STR x5] physical damage.

Costs : 500 SP.

Skill Gained

[Ki/Touki Blast](Active)

Attack with a blast of concentrated Ki/Touki to cause physical damage to the target.

Deals : [STR x 2]

Costs : 250 SP.

That left only my DEX stat among the combat stats which was below average. I chose another class, Thief for that.

Class Unlocked

Thief Lvl – 1/100[0%]

Gain +5 DEX and +5 LCK per level.

Getting a new class to a higher level is easy at least until level 20.

It did give quite a good boost to my DEX and LCK though.

Skill Gained

[Dagger Proficiency (Apprentice)](Passive)

Gained the knowledge to use Daggers with some skill.

+20% damage with a dagger type weapons.

Skill Gained


Attempts to steal an item of choice from the target.

Success chance is [Thief Class Level + DEX/2 – Target's DEX/2]

Skill Gained


Attempt to go unnoticed, detection rate based on Thief Class Level, Movement Speed, Armour Type and DEX.


Attempt to open a locked door.

Success chance is [Thief Class Level + DEX/2 – Lock Difficulty Level x 10]

Skill Gained

[Double Strike](Active)

Strike the target twice.

Deal [DEX x 1.5 + Weapon Damage] physical damage per strike.

Costs : 200 SP.

Skill Gained


Sneak behind the target and stab its back.

Deal [DEX x 2.5 + Weapon Damage] physical damage to the target.

Costs : 300 SP.

Finally, by daybreak my stats look something like this.

Shin Kageyami

Level -100

Class – Thief – LVL 20/100 [56%]

Race – Human (Magical)

Rank- Mortal

Alignment- True Neutral

HP- 5304.25 [1082.5 per minute]

MP – 18787.5 [3375 per minute]

SP- 5304.25 [1082.5 per minute]

STR – 428

END – 433

DEX – 249

INT – 501

WIS – 432

CHA – 37

LUK – 225

A drastic improvement over yesterday. And I finally reached level 100, getting some decent loot in the process. I also completed the Shadow Bind Skill Upgrade quest and got a new quest for Magic Weapon Creation Skill and got it to Apprentice.

Not to mention the perk gained for the 250 and 500 mark on stats.

Perk Gained

[Mana Generator]

+50% MP reserve per INT stat.

Perk Gained

[Scholar's Wisdom]

Increases MP regen by 25%.

Perk Gained

[Copper Body]

Increases HP and SP by +25% per END stat.

Increases HP and SP regen by +25%.

Perk Gained

[Strong Fist]

Barehanded attacks deal two times damage.

It's good that I don't need sleep in this body or I would have been rolling in my bed by now. As much as I can pull all-nighters off, the kickback the next day is not pleasant at all.

Pushing stray thoughts to the back of my mind, I get ready for the busy day ahead. Things have been getting a bit weird lately. Pulling out a pepper up potion and chugging it down in one big gulp, I head outside for the main hall. Let's see what we have in store for today.

- Sairaorg –

Sitting in the Main Hall of Lord Zekram's castle, I have been thinking about the events of yesterday. It had been a normal visit to the first Bael's castle to inform him about the situations in the Bael Territory. Usually this task falls to the Head of the House but my fa… no 'that man' is not the best example for many things.

At the table with Zekram we were joined by another boy. He looked about my age but the biggest surprise was his race. The Great King would never allow a human to sit at the table with himself let alone call him on his own. This piqued my curiosity to a high point. What is so special about this boy?

He looks average. Devils in general are good looking compared to humans. It's in our physiology due to our inherent sins to attract as much attention as we can. Not that good looks would win you any points with the likes of the Bael progenitor. His body is something I can approve of.

A clear sign of a martial arts prationeer. A true rarity among Devils as all they do is rely on magic without paying any attention to their bodies. Clearly this boy knew better. The shake of hands gave me an idea about his level practice and while it's still early, he is without a doubt going on the right path.

The biggest surprise however was when he claimed to be a magician. For a magician to have a decent physical build is rare nowadays especially within Devils as they detest anything that requires effort, expecting everything to be handed over to them on a silver platter. As the talks continued I asked him for a spar and he accepted it. I could sense that he knew my true level of strength by the look in his eyes but he still accepted it to learn. Self-taught martial arts can only take you so far and to acknowledge that and train to overcome it is something I can appreciate.

The wait did not last long as Shin soon entered the hall. I almost let go of the cup in my hand when I glanced at him. Is this really the guy I met yesterday? There is no possible way he could have changed that much in a single night. If not for the life force being the same nature as before I would have roared imposter before punching him into a crater. What? Why? How?

Yesterday his physique was that of a new albeit decent martial artist but right now I can sense his life force brimming around him. It is almost double of what it was yesterday, no more than double. Just what magic did he use? If his life force had not been as pure as it is, I would have doubted that he used some external means to temporarily boost his power for our spar.

"Did I make you wait long? We did not decide the time before leaving so I was not sure….. Sorry about that." He says sheepishly scratching his cheek.

Scratching your cheek my head. With great effort I control my expressions and reply to him. "No, you are just on time. I have called my peerage. They are in the training ground behind the castle. Follow me, we will meet them on the training grounds."

Shin Kageyami is a mystery and a mystery I would love to solve.

- The Great King Plans –

As he watches the young Devils walk towards the castle through a magic circle, he thinks about what he witnessed just now. The boy somehow gained a major increase in strength overnight and fought two up and coming members of the younger generation without any difficulty. The tactics he showed were not something that was ground-breaking per say, he had seen enough in his long years of life. But still it showed that unlike most of the younger Devils he can plan well enough and use others to his advantage. One of the main reasons for the Rating Games was to make sure that the young ones knew how to strategize and plan as well as lead people when there is a war. Peace is quite fragile and any random incident can light the fuse of the next Great War. When that happens, they will have to lead the armies to the frontlines.

Rating Games play an important role to keep their senses sharpened and keep them prepared for such an eventuality. He looks at his desk and then at the letter in his drawer. To be honest, he had been quite annoyed when he had read the letter at first. Paying Death for a deal made millions of years ago? You can't blame a Devil for being greedy. It's in their nature but still it is not something that you can just back out of. A Devil always completes his deals and a Deal with Death has to be completed no matter what. The consequences of not doing so were clearly mentioned in the letter and that is something he can't have.

He thinks back to the girl in question that has to be selected for marriage. Venelana's daughter is free-minded and prideful. The arrogant Phenex boy would never match with her. The engagement contract itself was a disaster in waiting. The head of the Phenex house has been running around in the council meetings throwing his weight around and Zeoticus being the stubborn fool that he is, is just pushing the matters in a worse direction. Sirzechs playing his games behind the scenes is not helping anyone either. The Crimson Satan has changed a lot since his coronation and not for the good. But if these fools think that they can surpass The Great King, then they are heavily mistaken.

The girl will have to marry Shin. It is no longer a matter of choice. He will handle the Phenex's and maybe he can even use the situation to his advantage, he might have just the plan in his mind.

The boy however is interesting. He holds pride in himself, no matter how much he tries to hide it. Zekram has been living for long enough to see the signs of pride in someone very easily. He is smart enough to see the difference in strength and change the situation to his advantage where he can keep his pride as well get the maximum advantage out of the situation. His fight with Sairaorg's peerage showed that much. He knew he was not a match for Sairaorg so he changed the situation so that he gains his respect but also keeps his pride intact. Any other young generation Devil might have been challenging Sairaorg for a fight back then. And no doubt be defeated just as badly.

It is just a pity that he did not inherit the PoD. He would make the perfect Head of House Bael. The current Heir prefers plants more than power, and the Head of the House is a jealous fool who would blame others for being powerful instead of trying to get strong himself. If anything, Venelana's family has been doing better.

They are both his descendants after all. Maybe having Shin included in their family will even help him out. It has been far too long since the Great King made any tremors in the Underworld.

He won't do it himself, but he can always use a proxy. Making Shin a High Class Devil is the first step for that. After all it is not a coincidence that no possessor of The Power of Destruction has ever been under anyone else in any peerage. He will not have his power insulted in any way. The Phenex's will learn that no matter how many schemes they concoct, it is the Bael's who will rule the Underworld.


Beta Reader : LuluViBritania(FF.N, SB and QQ)/-LuluViB|99th Britannian Emperor(Discord)

So our MC finally has his real name. As I said earlier, Harry is not my choice of name. Sorry all Harrys and Harry fans but it is a personal choice. It was also done to prevent any scams like the Goblet being used against him. If they use the wrong name, the Goblet would do fuck all about anything. He will still be called Lord Black or Peverell or Slytherin but that won't be his real name for any rights and purposes. This will have its advantages later as we will see.

Some people were asking why he wasn't using spells from HP when in the IDs. The thing is, he only got the memories of the body. Using spells requires wand movements, pronunciations, correct intent and whatever shit it requires. Trying to use them in the heat of battle without actual practice could have been dangerous and after the initial levels, they were just not that effective anymore.

We are finally out of Wizarding Britain and…right into hell.

He is not cut off from the Wizarding world though, he still has his quests which will drag him back there very soon. However I would like to lay some ground work in the underworld first. Some people might think that he is becoming too overpowered too fast, but don't worry I have plans to keep it in check. And Gamers are bound to be a bit overpowered. That's the basic rule of having fun.

I mean I certainly love playing GTA with cheats more than Dark Souls. I am not a masochist, thank you very much. A salute to everyone who does that. You guys are awesome.

Shin won't have many real opponents in the wizarding world. That place is just for him to scheme and play around while getting girls. Yup, that's the main reason. Sue me.

We will soon see exactly what his lustful trait is and how troublesome it can be soon enough. I will be making characters slightly oc….okay screw it completely my style for my convenience.

For those who think that he is growing too strong too soon, I would advise you to wait for a few chapters. You will soon find out the power levels I want him at.

The contents of the letter is going to be a mystery for a long time.

Read again to find out what happens in the future. I am still getting used to this writing and thinking names of the skills is a pain in the neck.

I had to search google up and down to get the ideas about anything that could help me. Keep up with my foolishness for a while longer till I get used to writing. There will be world jumps but not until I finish off the wizarding world first.

Till then, Peace out.