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Chapter 38 : Fishing in the Blues.

- Shin –

I looked towards the horizon.

The island where the Syrup Village was located lay in front of us.

A simple push from my magic increased the speed of the ship.

I need to gather materials too.

Sea Stone from the Marine ships will help.

The ship slowed down slowly under my control when we reached the shores.

"Land ho!. Get up everyone. We are at Syrup Village." I shouted waking the three passengers.

I believe that Captain Kuro hiding here might have some maps and ideas about East Blue too. Leglimens will help.

I however was not interested in whatever happens here.

"Ahhh are we here already?" Luffy got up with a start and climbed on the mast to take a look.

It really is funny looking at the rubbery limbs.

We got down on an empty shore. I had already transfigured the decorations of the ship to make it look like a merchant ship. All signs of Buggy's infestation on the ship were missing.

As we reached the place early in the morning, the encounter between Luffy and Ussop didn't happen either and I think they are a few days too early here.

"So Luffy, we must part ways here. Let's meet again sometime later if our paths meet again."

The two of us shook hands and parted ways.

Nami stayed with me on the path to the nearest Marine Headquarters to take the bounty for the Buggy Pirates.

I did sneakily leave a shadow clone on the island.

Any maps from the ship of the Cat Pirates will be helpful.

Khaladore or Kuro himself can be searched by my clone.

In the past few days, I had given Luffy and Zoro a rough idea about how to train their Haki….even though I didn't know about it for sure.

Observation Haki's training should help along with my training potions if they don't mess up.

Nami hadn't spoken much since our last conversation about Arlong.

I did not force her.

The ship sailed and I worked on a few small things.

Inside a room under the deck, I had applied Unbreakable Charms and Soundproofing to prevent anyone from hearing us.

I tossed the marble on the ground and snapped my fingers already equipped with the Elder Glove and lo and behold, Buggy, The Clown was there in front of me.

"YOUUUUU….." before he could speak anything, I froze him with a simple Shadow Stitching. Honestly it was funny how a member of the Rogers pirates, even if a chore boy was this weak.

I had no intention of trading words with pieces of shit like him.

I have killed and I am not going to say or make excuses that I killed only criminals or anything. However, this bastard killed just because he could.

Had a bad tea, fired a Buggy Ball towards the town.

Just because this entire world was similar didn't excuse this at all.


I had already started an Upgrade Quest for Mind Magic as the last quest for Senjutsu was completed right before this world.

The practice that I get here is always welcome.

It took a total of six hours and hundreds of tries to pry some useful information out from the useless clown.

Turns out he had tagged along with his previous crew members when Roger was executed and had decided to stay in this place.

He had already seen the power levels of the top level people and was not delusional to think that he would be the Pirate King so he settled for being a bully in this small place.

His outbursts were all to satisfy his wounded ego.

I did see a few of his memories about the time he spent with the Roger Pirates but nothing of any value.

Quickly obliviating the incident, I turned him back into a marble and got out of the room.

Nami had gone to sleep and I decided to stop the ship with an excuse that I would change the course if she was not looking.

I left a shadow clone outside and got in for the first time in this new world.

I had some grinding and catching up to do.

The nerfs hit me hard.

The first dungeon grind was evident of this.

The Blank Levels were shaving off at a lower speed than I was used to.

The only thing that was comforting me was that my skills still had the same levels.

Still, despite the lower speeds, 40 levels were off the Blank Class on the first day.

The first 40 were always the fastest.

The Shadow Clone popped out and I exited the ID instantly.

Nami had awoken and the ship was ready to sail.

I came out of my room and put some food out for Nami. She was still quiet.

"I am a little tired and will be sleeping. If you need anything, just knock on my door." I told her before leaving.

If I can't level up while sailing, I can always concentrate on other things.

Inside my room, I brought out something that I haven't used well in all this time.

The Resurrection Stone.

This is a treasure which was almost unused by me because I didn't want others to annoy me for it.

If I want to learn Haki, why not learn from the best?

"Summon….Gol D. Roger." I whispered out and slowly felt the air in front of me shake as an illusion of a stocky man in a Red Admiral suit appeared in front of me.

The spirit looked around and then towards me.

"Wahahahaha this is something new. Did you summon me boyo?" asked the spirit.

I checked the spirit and Senjutsu doesn't help in sensing emotions of souls so I was all on my own.

This is where Haki can be useful.

"I did."

"Oho so tell me what for. But be careful, I don't grant wishes wahahaha."

I sweat dropped.

Then I saw his serious look and realized that he thought that I was going to ask him about One Piece.

Please. As if I care.

"I want to learn Haki and what better way to learn than from the best." I said straight forward.

He stared at me for a while and said, "Ehh….Not the location of One Piece?"

I smiled, "That is your treasure. I have no interest in it. My goal is to reunite with my family and get back home. If however, I have to…. I will leave a treasure and legacy of my own….a legacy far beyond the One Piece…."

The man looked stunned but I continued, "As for the One Piece," my smile turned into a smirk, "I already know a certain someone with a Straw Hat with a red ribbon," his eyes shined at those words, "starting his journey a while ago. I leave it to that person to find One Piece."

He roared into a laugh soon enough. "Well said. So you intend to surpass me and want me to teach you Haki, "I nodded, "And why should I teach you Haki?"

Fair question.

He doesn't owe me anything so why do the favour.

He is not someone I can scare like with the Naberius Devil because Gol D. Roger is simply made up of something different.

A King doesn't cower.

"Quite fair enough I suppose. I don't think I have anything materialistic I could give you as you are known as the man who has had it all, also souls could hardly care about materialistic stuff, so I offer you….knowledge."

He raised his eyebrows.

"Let's start with the current time. I suppose it is 22 years since you died. After your death, the Marines scoured the islands to search for your child." His face changed drastically and I saw a glimpse of the man who once stood at the top of the world of pirates, I however unphased by it continued, "When they couldn't find their intended target, they started killing any child born in that year." The man's face had turned completely white, his posture stuck in stone and all of his anger turned into dread. "Portgus D. Rouge, hid her pregnancy for….twenty months to hide and protect her child." A semblance of peace came somewhat over the man's face, "She died at childbirth, giving birth to Ace. Your words worked and the Marine Hero snuck the child out and raised him as his own grandchild. The child did find out about his parentage….and then about his mother. I suggest to prepare for precautions against fire before facing him. Ace….doesn't seem to think too highly of you. He took on the name Portgus D. Ace. There he met two other children. A noble in line for the kingdom and Garp's grandchild….Monkey D. Luffy….the current holder of the Straw Hat and became brothers, sharing some stolen sake and all."

The emotions dancing on the man's face were….unique until he smiled a little.

"As for how I know all this….I am someone who knows bits of the past and future." I had no idea if souls could use Haki so I avoided lying. "I see it in form of pictures(manga) or scenes like a movie(anime). I have some information for you that you would definitely want….That is my price."

"Prove it….that whatever you are saying is true." He asked, his face impassive.

Honestly if it hadn't been for the Mentor System, I wouldn't have worked so hard. It does give a slight increase in learning speed. Rayleigh wouldn't teach me because I am not connected to any one of them. Garp….again the same reason. This world is also like the last one. Fucking nepotism.

This then made me think in a different way. If the living people won't teach me without any strong reason….I can always ask….the Dead.

"You could understand the Ponyglyphs due to hearing 'The Voice of All Things'. You left a message on the golden Poneglyph in Skypiea and the simple fact that I know about the conversation between you and Garp when you were imprisoned before execution should have clued you in already."

His eyes then widened in a light of recognition and I smiled.

"What is….is Ace doing?" he asked a little quietly.

"Ace started his journey as a pirate three years ago. On his journey, he accidentally ate a certain Devil Fruit….the Mera Mera no Mi. He started a Pirate Crew called the Spade Pirates and was recognized as one of the top rookies. He then challenged Whitebeard. The Old man apparently knew who he was and beat him up and then welcomed him onto his crew where he was allowed to stay and try to attack Whitebeard for as long as he wanted. He stayed and then the crew grew on him a lot making him join the crew. Fire Fist Ace has a bounty of 550 million Berris right now and is the second division commander of the Whitebeard Pirates and probably the successor of the Old Man if I think about it."

He finally composed himself and looked towards me. "So what is this information that you want to trade to me?"

"In less than a year, Protgus D. Ace will be caught and then executed by the Marines." I didn't wait for the man's reaction and continued, "The Whitebeard Pirates will launch an attack but during that war Whitebeard will also die."

"How?" he asked instantly.

"Well, that's what I am trading. Do you agree to teach me Haki?" I asked.

He looked intensely at me for a moment and then nodded. "Agreed. I will teach you Haki…." I smiled and he continued, "However, you will have to assist me in saving my son's life from this execution."

I smiled as brightly as I could and bowed slightly, "I won't disappoint you teacher. I will save the life of your son from the execution. I already have plans for this too. On a side note….you should have seen Sengoku's face. He wanted to kill the two of them to end the Great Pirate Era and made it explode instead."

"What was Garp doing?" he asked after that.

"He was being forced into the ground by Sengoku so that he wouldn't kill the Admiral who had killed Ace."

He nodded seriously at that.

I left the man alone for some thoughts after that.

Mentor System activated.

Mentor Gained: Gol D. Roger.

Skills : Swordsmanship and Haki gain a 100% increase in learning speed under the Tutelage of this mentor.

You cannot have more than one Mentor at a time. You can however switch during your training but to make the next switch a period of one week has to be waited.

+40 Reputation with Gol D. Roger(20/100) for becoming his student.

Reputation gain halved due to diminished presence.

Fair Enough.

It is still an insane rate.

A week's penalty is also acceptable.

It was after around 20 minutes that the man came out of the cabin. His face composed albeit serious.

"If I am teaching a student, I will not have one second to anyone. You will be the strongest expert in Haki in this Era. Who are the strongest Haki users right now?" he asked sternly.

"Hmm. For Armament Haki, it would be Garp and Kaido. For Observation Haki, I think it is Katakuri first commander and Son of Big Mom probably and for Conqueror's it is….Shanks."

"Oh….Shanks has become that strong huh."

"He did. He is currently called one of the Four Emperors of the Sea along with Whitebeard, Kaido and Big Mom."

"Heh….old names are coming back up again."

"Things have changed a lot teacher. There will be a lot of things that you will find hard."

In return, he….laughed, "Wahahahaha I am not called the man who has seen it all for a reason. Now I have also seen someone bringing my soul back from the dead. Don't worry I can handle it."

"In that case, I am happy for you." I smiled at this. "I expect that you will need a temporary body?"

"Hmm. A body? Yes, it will be convenient. I don't think that I can use Armament Haki as a soul." He tried to bring his arm up but nothing happened.

I did have something in mind too.

I transfigured a piece of metal into a Human body looking puppet. The next part was simple for me by using my artificer skills and power over souls to simply bind his soul to that body. This body will act almost like the Armoured Suit for Alphonse Alric though Roger didn't have to be stuck inside a white void for it.

The binding did take me a potion to temporarily increase my reserves and then the Fire God Slayer Magic. It completely left me drained on the floor.

As I was lying on the floor heaving for breath, the body moved and got up.

I had made the Model look like Roger.

"The body is quite comfortable although not as strong as my real one." The metallic Roger moved around checking his limbs.

"Glad you like it." I breathed out. "I had to overexert myself for this spell and it will last for around a month. I need to sleep now. Good Night Teacher." And then I passed out. The side effect of the potion had a kickback like a cannon.

- Scene Change –

I woke up to the sounds of birds chirping. Looking around, I found myself on a hammock in my room.

I had a minor headache but nothing that would keep me down. After lazing around for a moment, I got up and stretched my body.

Sleeping on a hammock is not comfortable at all.

My back and neck feels so stiff.

I charged my body with my Touki and felt the effects of the ki healing my body.

Senjutsu and Touki are so convenient.

Before starting anything, I decided to roll all the gachas I had left over from the previous world.

All seventy of them, and so I did.

The result was a little underwhelming.

Only twelve rolls were worth mentioning and the rest were ingredients.

Super Soldier Serum.

Mugetsu Ryu [Fairy Tail].

Race Card : Pallum.

Medium Heart Crystal

Summoning Gem : Rindo Kobayashi

Judgement Field.

APTX 4869

A Sharingan.

Anti-Magic Mask.

Sure Hit Glasses.

Haste Boots.

Flight Necklace.

I used observe on each one of them and the results were more or less nice.

That was until I reached the Sharingan. I wanted a Sharingan Skill….not a fucking eyeball. It was not even inside a glass jar.

Just fucking dropped in my hand. Eww.


Yes Host.

Are you sure that this is a Sharingan and not a Byakugan?

I am sure.

Then why the fuck is it white?

Observe it.

And Observe I did.


A Sharingan used by Obito Uchiha.

This Sharingan was used by Obtio Uchiha as a sacrifice when using Izanagi to escape Konan's paper bomb jutsu.

It is completely useless.



Fucking Obito and Izanagi.

I threw the Sharingan inside my inventory.

Who knows maybe I can use Shun Shun Rikka on it later.

Even if I can't use it, Rias can always keep it as a collectible.

Why buy a Sharingan T-Shirt when you can have a bloody Sharingan itself.

I have no desire to dig my eyes out.

The MEoDP are much better.

Pallum was the Eternal Shota and Loli race from Danmachi.

I wonder how much the Super Soldier Serum would work in this world.

It was supposed to raise the power of a person to Peak Human status.

A Peak Human of this world would be….Garp maybe.

It would normally raise all stats to 100. Beyond 100 are people who have broken through their limits. The Superhuman Martial Arts is for such people.

If someone is already at 100 or above, this will increase their stats by 50.

This does sound reasonable.

The APTX 4869 is the drug from Detective Conan and Rindo Kobayashi was from Shokugeki no Soma if I remember correctly.

Looks like I have the chef of my crew.

I am still used to Sakuya's cooking and I don't know how long the reserves in my inventory will last.

My food consumption has increased by a lot.

This One Piece world has a unique biology. The energy contained within the food is one of the main reasons for the growth of the strength of the people.

No wonder strong people eat so much.

I will have to summon her later on.

The new Companion Race Change Perk will finally be useful when I change her to a One Piece Human.

Anyways, after all my thoughts were arranged, I walked towards the deck of the Ship and a strange sight awaited me.

On second thought, I should have realized it.

I had passed out without telling Roger about Nami.

The poor girl looked white in the face staring into the distance while sitting on the deck. Her face turned towards Roger sometimes and then then back to the distance. It was the look of a person doubting their entire life.

Hearing me walk towards them, the two occupants turned towards me.

"Brat….we are going to land soon enough. I heard that you have Buggy in your possession." Roger asked his eyes back to the front and hands on the helm.

"Hmm, I do. He had caused too much unnecessary bloodshed. I mean as violent as I can be, even then I draw the line on blasting a town just because I was in a bad mood." I replied completely unphased.

He winced a little at that.

"Can I speak to him for a bit?" he asked.

"If you do, I will have to erase his memory of you. Right now, the two of us are not strong enough to fight the people who will come after us if the news about you is revealed. I need this anonymity for a bit longer till I can reunite with my family again."

"Your Family?"

"Hmm, I need to reunite with my family. That is my primary goal at this very moment."

"Well….you are the captain of this ship. You take the decision. I would like to talk to him however." He insisted and I nodded.

I brought out the bead that I had transfigured Buggy into and with a snap of my gloved fingers, the bead turned into the clown and was thrown in front of the Metal Roger….yeah. That's a good name.

The Fullmetal Pirate King.

HAHAHAHA Eat shit Vegapunk. I am the boss.

All this while it took a simple snap of my fingers to make the room quiet while the previous captain was beating the crap out of his previous chore boy.

Nami was looking at our interaction completely baffled.

I sat down on the recliner that I had transfigured beforehand and relaxed.

"Wait. why are you resting? Explain to me what is going on here? Why is there a walking doll of the pirate king on the ship!?"

Holy crap, that voice.

I rubbed my ears to gain some sensitivity back in it.

"I called back the soul of Roger to teach me Haki. No biggie." I said while soaking the sunlight.

I can get a healthy tan like this.

I must have some sunscreen in my inventory somewhere.

"It's the ghost of Gol D Roger!?" her pale face was even whiter all of a sudden.

"Technically it is a soul bound to a mechanical doll. A ghost is technically a spirit which has been stuck to the world after death with no physical body. They can pass through walls and are mostly annoying. My previous school had a lot of them. A spirit is a soul which has come back from the Other Side after death. So that is not a ghost but a spirit." I brought out two bottles of juice and threw one at Nami while I kept the other one for myself.

"Are you some kind of evil wizard who would sacrifice me for evil rituals…." She spoke very fast as her voice grew quieter with each passing word.

"Hmm….do you want me to?" I asked while opening the juice bottle and taking a sip from it.


"Hahahahaha don't worry Ms. Nami. I am not an evil wizard or anything. I just know a magic that I used to call the souls of the deceased. I was lucky that Roger hadn't reincarnated and I could get him to appear."

"You are not lying?" she asked a little skeptical of my explanation, not that I had any problems with it.

"I could call someone closer to you if you want." I offered.

She froze for a moment but then shook her head and denied.

While I got a moment of peace, I started planning my moves forward. I doubt that Roger would tell me anything about the Grandline. He is a stubborn guy that way.

Start your own adventure. He would say if what I got from his personality is correct.

The quest for the Devil Fruits. I remember CP9 having some fruits in Water 7.

Spandam can probably gather a few quite easily.

Grabbing one from the CP9 would be easy if I simply caught the coward.

It is not like I have to use any devil fruit I find.

If I can gather some money, I might be able to find something in the black markets too.

Sabaody Archipelago would be a decent place for that.

Joker has a large enough network to gather fruits.

The Ancient Weapon though….I hadn't looked properly into it.

But it meant that I needed to make the Ship if I stole the designs of Pluto.

I have no idea where I will find the materials or how long it would take.

I have no idea about Uranus….so there is only one choice.

Poseidon it is.

The ship slowed after an hour and I looked towards the approaching land.

"Ms. Nami, are you sure that this is the island?" I looked towards her.

She nodded.

"In that case, let us get ready. Are you sure that you can cash in the bounty here?" I asked while getting ready for the day.

I threw the stones out and transformed them back into the crew. Roger was done with Buggy and the clown looked severely depressed. One short obliviate later, he would now remember Roger and his soul operated mechanical doll as a dream.

Say what you will about Gol D. Roger but the man was strict to his own rules.

Freedom, sure. Mindless massacres are a no no.

He had even worked previously with Garp to fight pirates to defend the World Nobles once….no matter how utterly filthy those people were.

He never once asked me to free Buggy.

I later found out that he thought that I was working as a Bounty Hunter….which I kinda was….and didn't want to put a hurdle in my work.

I had captured Buggy fair and square and Buggy was in the wrong, so he didn't stop me.

Although, the fact that I was not his student also counted to it.

A binding spell later, the entire crew was tied by a rope along with a stunned Buggy who was completely unconscious.

A decent crowd had gathered in front of the ship as I dragged the pirates out with the captain Buggy heading the group.

Soon enough some chumps of the Marines came running with a Captain rank official.

It didn't need any skill to see the greed in his eyes when he saw Buggy and then his conspiring look.

I hit him with a confundus sneakily to avoid any trouble.

This is the classic formula for getting into trouble and I wanted to avoid it at all costs.

After going into the office with the Captain Bigtooth….yeah, that's his name, I 'convinced' him to call Smoker and ask him to take these pirates away reporting that I had captured them thus eliminating any chances of him trying to take the credit.

Taking the bounty took a little longer than I had anticipated and I had to stock up on the rations after that.

The looks that the people were giving me were a variation between looks of awe to envy and then greed at the bounty I had acquired a moment before.

A simple notice-me-not charm kept those kinds of people away to not cause any trouble.

I wouldn't be surprised if some Marines themselves sent people after me to cause troubles and then arrest me to take the money away.

The trip went along quite well.

I can get water and clothes easily.

The main problem was food.

I walked towards the forest to find a place for my next work.

Finding a decent place, I sensed a presence behind me and a weird coloured tiger stalking me.

Shadow Spike.

Ah, I remember the starting spells that I used from my Umbramancy Class.

A spike rose from under it and stabbed directly through its neck and out of its head.

Now onto my next task.

I brought out the Summoning Gem from my inventory.

The summoning gem has become very normal to me however the sight of the glass dust forming a Human is still fascinating to say the least.

The red haired girl stood in front of me looking around in amazement.

"Holy Shit. That thing actually worked. Who knew that the ancient Aztec were the real deal." She went on speaking while looking around.

I decided to make my presence known and called out to her. "So you were sent here by some Aztec artifacts?" I asked, thinking of what tomfoolery Game had in plan for me this time.

"Oh. Sup, can you tell me where I am? I am Kobayashi Rindo, a chef."

A chef. So she passed out of Totsuki already.

"I am Shin. Nice to meet you. I am afraid that you are no longer on earth. I tried to summon help here and you were on the other side. What exactly were you doing in an Aztec ruin of all things?" I asked her intrigued.

"This is a different planet!?"

"Hmm. It is."

"Holy shit!." She blanked out for a bit and I chuckled a little.

"I thought you would be a little bit hesitant to believe me but then again", I looked towards the weird tiger, "That might have clued you in. Anyways, what were you doing inside an Aztec ruin?"

"I….was trying to find out about any ancient recipe they might have. The stone plate said "if you want to seek adventure beyond comparison and eat food never eaten before, place your hands on the plate and wish for it."

Making backstories now Game?.

Good Job.


A top class game always needs details.

True, I suppose.

"So, who are you?" she asked me while running towards to check the weird tiger.

"I am the one who summoned you. I needed a chef for my crew. Sailing without a chef is pretty dangerous and….foul-tasting."

"So this is another world and you are a what….sailor?" she asked intrigued.

I am pretty sure that the Game has done something with her head to make her acceptable to this situation? Something like a Gamer's Mind at a low level.

"I am a….well a Pirate Hunter, I suppose."

Her eyes lit up brightly at this.

"Like real pirates with eye-patches and peg legs?"

I sweat-dropped at that imagination but answered nonetheless. "Peg legs, sure. I even know of a chef who was a real badass pirate and has a peg leg. Eye-patches? I don't remember anyone like that. This world is very different from the Earth that you know. There are many different types of plants and animals. Giant marine life big enough to drown entire islands easily. There are islands in the clouds ten kilometers above the earth with an entirely different flora and fauna so an entire variety of ingredients to find and cook. I intend to travel to all those places. Would you like to join me?" I asked.

"Can I go back home?" she asked before answering.

"Right now? No. I can return you to your home sometime in the future when I get to travel to that world. I myself am from a world with a different Earth."

"So you can travel worlds?"

"Travel, yes. Freely? No. I can travel but can't decide which world to go to."

"So I am stuck here?" she asked eerily calmly.

"Kinda yes, but with that said you are surprisingly calm about this?" I asked slightly intrigued.

She shrugged, "I wanted an adventure and to cook dishes that no one had cooked before, so in a way I got what I had wished for. I am not going to cry and whine about it. I suppose that I am a little sad about not being able to meet my friends back home anytime soon. So that's that."

"You are not blaming me?" I asked.

"Why? You didn't make me touch that stone tablet in the Aztec Ruins. I did it myself. You didn't make me wish for anything. I did that myself. Then why should I blame you for it at all?"

"Hmm. True. Still most people are distraught over being stranded on a different world and tend to blame the first people they can." I replied already taking a liking to this girl.

"I am not like most people. So, you said that you are making a crew? How many members do you have? Also what exactly are you?"

I smiled brightly, "I am Shin Kageyami, a travelling Magician. I am trying to find a way to reunite with my family. My crew consists of….well you and me for now. I do have a teacher but he is not in my crew and a temporary navigator, who is guiding me for money. I just started a crew, don't worry it will grow over time."

"A Magician? Then again I suppose I did witness you summoning me. So what else can you do? Make birds appear and disappear."

"Let me demonstrate. I would advise you to keep our status as an otherworlder, a secret though. The government here is too corrupt and would dissect us in a matter of minutes if found out. There are also super powers in this world, that said I am probably the only magician….a real magician at the very least so the same for hiding my profession. As for super powers, I will explain it to you soon enough. Let's get today's prey back to the ship." I snapped a finger towards the body of the weird tiger as it shrunk to the size of a palm, Rindo making oohs and ahhs behind me.

+10 Affection with Rindo Kobayashi(10/100) for being able to use magic.

We walked straight through the forest towards the coast where my ship was docked.

And that's where I saw….that!.

"Uwaah….what kind of animal is that? It's so ugly." Shouted Rindo from behind me.

I had already used my skill Observe by then and it gave me the name of the….surprisingly woman in front of me.

I thought that the anime had made her ugly.


Title : Iron Mace

Level : 27

Rank : Regular.

By Game, is she ugly.

I however caught a sight of something else despite her now reddened face and crunching knuckles in front of me.

"You dareeee!."

The ….ughh Human looking thing charged towards me and I was still caught up looking at the thing that she held in her hand.

A red fruit with swirls.

"Ahhhhhhhhhh is the monster going to eat us!?" Rindo screamed behind me while I was wondering if I could be this lucky.

A simple shadow stitch later, she was frozen in the pose she was in at that moment in time.

I walked and snatched the fruit in her grip.

If I recall it, she had a bounty on her head as well.

A stunner later, I was off to exchange my second bounty.

Twenty million Berri for today.

A devil fruit for research.

Not bad.

+10 Affection with Rindo Kobayashi(20/100) for saving her from the monster.

The trip back was surprisingly fun because Rindo was having fun with all the new things she saw. She even asked me to buy all kinds of stuff in the food market.

I exchanged Alvida for five million Berri and this time left without any interruptions.

Upon reaching the ship, I saw Nami now talking to Roger albeit a little reluctantly.

"We are done with the bounty exchange. Apparently the crew had a total bounty of twenty million Berri. So here is your half, Miss Nami." I offered up half of the money to her.

Now that I have seen the currency, I could easily transfigure any amount of money I wanted. No need to be stingy.

+10 Affection with Nami(15/100) for keeping your end of the bargain.

"I also got us a new crew member. Meet our new chef, Rindo Kobayashi."

I introduced the new member to the other two.

"Oh, I see that you have already brought in a crew member brat. A chef is a good choice but you need to find a navigator and doctor soon too. Sailing without those can be problematic." The Roger puppet gave his two bits of advice.

"The navigator….we have Miss. Nami for now. I will try to find someone soon. As for the Doctor, I am a fair hand for anything less complex. I do have a candidate in mind though."

Honestly, navigation is a pain in the back to learn. I know that I can have Nami teach me the basics to get the skill and then grind the skill to a ridiculously high level. I might even do it for now but that said….Navigation is just not for me.

I looked towards the girl who was counting the Berri with a greedy look in her eyes and agreed.

Yeah….Navigation is not for me.

I checked the new addition, well technically the only addition to my crew and saw her looking at Roger in awe.

She tugged my sleeves with starry eyes, "Is he an android from Dragon Ball?"

Her world had Dragonball Z animes?

"Hmm, not really. He is someone whose soul is bound to that puppet." I replied.

"Ooooh so Alphonse Elric."

I realized that her world also had Fullmetal Alchemist and that she was an Otaku.

"Precisely. So do you want to check the kitchen?" I said walking towards the place. "That will be your territory after all."

"Obviously. And I don't allow intruders in my territory." She insisted.

"Well, I am fine with that. I doubt you can convince Sakuya or Shion though." I prayed for a bloodbath to be avoided if such a thing happens.

"Sakuya, Shion? Your girlfriend or girlfriends?" she said with a cat-like conspiratorial grin on her face.

"Sakuya is my lover, yes but she serves as my maid. Shion is my bodyguard cum cook although….her cooking is….umm unique." I voiced out the politest word I could for that.

"She sucks at cooking? Also a maid as a lover. A romantic love story or what would you like Goshujin-sama stuff? Ehh….is my new captain into kinky stuff?"

"Hahahaha!….no it's not like that. Sakuya has always served as my maid. The lover stuff happened later on. I may not look like it but I am kind of a noble from Europe. Maids are not really an oddity I suppose." Though that place had house elves to serve though.

We talked about stuff while she checked out the Ship's kitchen.

"So Lord Shin huh. Well the kitchen is fine for now. I will see what I can do with this." She said while checking the place out.

It was not the best….well what would you expect with Buggy's place. I snapped my fingers to transfigure the walls and change the wallpapers as Rindo whistled.

The room looked cleaner now at least.

"Somehow make do with this. I will commission for a new ship when we reach Water Seven. I will make sure that we have a better kitchen then."

I unloaded the stuff we had brought and brought back the two ton weird tiger back to its full size. I looked at the tiger and wondered if we will have a tiger for dinner today.

"Ask me if you need something." She nodded, already busy in adjusting to her new role and arranging all the ingredients and instruments in the kitchen herself.

I walked up to the deck and the ship started sailing towards the Orange Islands.

It was time to get Arlong's bounty and my maps….and maybe a navigator.

"Next stop Orange Islands. Miss Nami, please point out the way please." I asked Nami and she was quite enthusiastic to help out as well.

I sat down while bringing out the Devil Fruit in front of me.

This attracted Nami and Roger's attention.

"Oh, a Devil Fruit. You had a lucky encounter it seems."

"I was just lucky. I met a pirate captain who charged at us in the middle of the jungle."

"These things are well and good but you shouldn't rely on these. In the seas, the ability to swim is much better. As for strength, it can be attained through hard work. Now, look alive, we are starting your training."

I nodded back to which he started the explanation.

"First we will learn Observation Haki. To hit something, you have to know where it is first. Observation Haki is the most important one in my opinion. After all you can hurt Devil Fruit users with Sea Prism stone too but not knowing where and when an enemy is planning to hit you, not being able to keep track of is a sure shot way to get killed. Observation Haki can be naturally awakened in people with a high talent for it. It is generally seen that good navigators and snipers have a very great talent with Observation Haki. This can also be trained however. At the peak of the Observation Haki, one can even sense emotions and look into the future for a few seconds."

Say what you will about Roger but the explanation he gave after the short introduction was a lot more than I had imagined.

The simple explanation that Rayleigh had given in the manga and anime had been good and all but Roger's explanation had explained about what and why too. It does help one like me to analyse and learn it faster.

Then again thinking about it, Rayleigh might have done that because explaining theory to Luffy would have been a waste of time.

"Now to learn this, you will be wearing this." He brought out a blindfold and a pair of earmuffs. "Normally we start this with a simple blindfold but that would require a longer time that we don't have so…." And here his smile turned feral and it seriously gave me a chill in my spine, "I am going to beat the Observation Haki into you."

I looked from the corner of my eyes and saw Nami smirking at this.

- Scene Change –

I am alive.

I checked my body once again to see if I was missing any parts despite knowing that such a thing was impossible.

My body had phantom pains throughout. I knew that it was just in my imagination but still.


I had to stop using Senjutsu to sense for there to be any progress and what came about was a complete beatdown.

I think that Roger might have been taking out his frustrations on me.

I mean shouldn't you start slowly with….let's say a wooden stick?

The first thing that hit me was an iron rod and I was sent flying into the side of the ship.

I had to pause the training then and there and had to cast space extension charms in a room and then unbreakable charms making a makeshift training room.

Roger meanwhile saw that the bruise that I had had healed in a moment and had taken the training to a whole new degree.

I was beaten one-sidedly and had to stop and tell him about my….unique physique so that he didn't kill me by mistake.

Gamers Body made me be able to perform at my peak until I was dead.

If Roger was tracking me through Observation Haki, I didn't know if he would notice the difference and actually kill me by mistake.

I explained to him a bare minimum of the unique physique to prevent that.

He took it into a stride and adjusted with my training program.

I was then given time to recover every hour where I drank potions and then took the beating again.

It seems that the Game was also having fun looking at me like that so it didn't notify me about achieving the skill until the end of the training.

Skill Gained

[Observation Haki(Beginner)]


Enhances all senses of observation by 10%.


Enhances all senses of observation by 40%.

Costs : 100 MP/sec.

The cost was pretty decent as well. I could keep it active continuously if I used only Observation Haki.

"Oye brat, add some weights to your body. This body of mine cannot contain my full power and will not be able to keep up with you when you learn Armament Haki."

"I will make a better body for you. Don't worry about it. I just need enough materials."

My main motive is to establish a good relationship with him first by farming some Reputation points first.

"Well, what are you waiting for, get up. We need to train you in Swordsmanship. I don't want Rayleigh to call me out on having a weak apprentice. Haul your ass up. We are practicing swordsmanship till dinner."

"Let me eat my lunch first!. I haven't had a thing since morning!." I shouted.

I would rather fight Ultimate Champion Ranked Bosses in the ID alone rather than this.

It did make me wonder if this was the right decision.

"Oh stop being a whiny brat." The said puppet itself was eating lunch and drinking booze all the while.

"Can you even taste that in your body?" I mean I did make it remarkably similar to a human body but even I had no idea if the senses worked as well.

"Not really. But you don't expect me to look at this food and just sit on the side do you? Aye….what heartless student I have."


"This food is really very amazing. Rindo, you can probably work for a big restaurant like the Baratie. Umm really good." Nami mumbled as she downed the food in front of us.

"Is that a famous restaurant?" Rindo asked interested.

I started my lunch before the others finished everything off.

Ummm. The foodgasms were no joke.

Yeah, it was the right decision to bring a chef as the first member of my crew.

Thank You Lady Luck.

I concentrated on eating my food without caring about what others were talking about. My dosage had increased a lot and I did notice that there was a very slight growth in my stats.

It seems that I can now gain stats by training too.

After the Player makes the first jump, this feature unlocks.

It was actually done as a precaution against random penalties.

Some of them included losing the Instant Dungeons or Exp. Gain completely until the Player trained a certain amount of stats through other means.

The first world is until the jump is more of a trail.

The real game starts after the First Jump.

That makes me almost think that I might have gotten lucky with the spin.

Nah, there were easier ones.

Doing thirty good deeds in a month and so much and so forth.


Thanks Game. Thanks a lot for the information.

The lunch was a time of joy after which I took some time aside to secure the ship and make it more comfortable.

The rooms were all charmed with Unbreakable Charms and with the space expansion charms.

The beds were all charmed that they didn't shake due to waves.

I was later scolded by Nami for this because the crew would know if they were suddenly in bad weather or danger if the ship shook.

Charming the bed against those would take away that warning.

I had to agree that it sounded like a good reason, albeit not a very solid one.

The Point-Me charms actually only pointed to the North-South direction(AN: I searched the wiki).

The summoning charm has a range and does not work for humans or large animals. That said I have noticed that Devil Fruits have a unique magic based aura that prevents it from being summoned either.

I knew that the Game wouldn't make my work so easy.

"Shin." I heard Rindo's shout from beside me bringing me back from my thoughts.


"Let's go to this Baratie restaurant. I wanna check out the chefs there." She jumped excitedly.

Baratie….I guess that's where Hawkeye will be coming.

I can get an idea about how strong I need to be to be safe in this world.

"Sure. If it falls in our path towards Orange Islands we can visit it first, if not, then we can visit after our work is done on the Orange Island." I looked towards Nami and she nodded.

"It's on the route towards the Orange Islands." She answered.

"Then we can stop there en-route. By the way Rindo, you have to start training too. Just the basics for now."

"Aye aye captain."

I shook my head. This girl is really very energetic.

Before I could say anything else, I was dragged by my Teacher Puppet for another round of beating.

I set my Observation Haki on Upgrade and got ready for another round of beating.

This is going to be a long sail.

At least I am getting stronger even when I am not inside the IDs.

- Interlude –

In a certain room, a man sat holding a burning cigar between his teeth.

"Both Buggy and Alvida both caught in one day….and by the same man?"

Could it be a coincidence?

The report say that the said person arrived without a single wound on his body.

Buggy woke up but was unable to say anything.

The man could stop anyone in their tracks with a simple word.

Maybe a Devil Fruit user?

He hadn't heard about any such devil fruits.

Devil Fruits were rare in East Blue as it is. Having someone with an unknown devil fruit was even more of a surprise.

Normally seeing that the man had decided to cash in the Pirates for money and was working as a Bounty Hunter was a good thing but…. it is surprisingly easy for people like that to turn to piracy when the power goes to their heads.

He looked at another file. Pirate Hunter Zoro had wrecked the marine base and injured Axe Hand Morgan with the help of another unknown pirate.

Although he never liked Morgan and the reports that came along with this made it very clear that, in clear detail that the said captain was in the wrong along with all of his crimes, it was still a fact that the Pirate Hunter Zoro, the strongest Pirate Hunter had turned to piracy.

It was not a standard to judge anyone and he knew it especially seeing that it was a navy official who had pushed him towards it, the fact still remained unchanged.

He will have to find this man to see for himself what he would amount to.

If possible even recommend him into the Navy for training.

According to the reports, such a devil fruit would be very essential for subduing pirates much like Hina's Cage Cage Fruit.

With that thought in mind, he spoke into the transponder snail, "Find everything you can about this man and whoever is travelling with him. I want the reports back before tomorrow."

He hung the snail and let out a puff of smoke into the air.


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