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Chapter 55: The time goes on.

- Shin –

I sat on the roof of my newly made castle with Rias as we watched over the large stretch of land with well paved roads surrounded by Japanese style wooden houses and beautiful trees on both its sides.

Kuroka had gotten amazing with the Mokuton techniques after being able to use the Six Paths Sage Arts. She even learned my Shadow Clone Jutsu to practice her Sage Arts without falling back on her Haki training.

She had literally terraformed the uninhabitable islands which had been polluted by Kaido's factories with her earth style and Wood Style techniques.

The people of Wano even built a temple for the Cat Goddess in honour of her.

That's where things got a bit awkward.

Apparently the show we put on at Marineford and the news about the God Devil Fruits had caused people to believe in Gods somehow.

With Morgans revealing our names, the idiots even started forming cults.

The people in Wano were no different.

Especially for Kuroka who had provided them with land and houses and also the food they ate through the Wood Style jutsus, she was no different from a Land Goddess.

It has been two months since the departure of Roger.

I had been upset for a few days but the one to bring me out of it had surprisingly been Sairaorg.

That guy was a bro.

He was also a dammed genius.

He figured out Armament in two days.

Two fucking days.

Even with Training Potions which could make it twenty days' worth of experience, it was still the fastest anyone had done it except me.

He was literally just zooming through the training.

He even took the training to the next level by asking Whitebeard to put him through the worst he could.

The man had him blindfolded and spar with Joz and other brawlers of her crew.

It wasn't a massive surprise when he unlocked his Conqueror's after a month.

If there was one man whom I had absolute guarantee that would unlock Conqueror's, it was Sairaorg.

The others who did the same are Serafall, Jibril, Morgiana, Regulus, Merlin, Kuroka and Rias.

The most surprising one was Sona who had had an accidental burst. Then again thinking about it clearly, she was someone with the guts to stand against the entire underworld for her dreams. It would be weird if she didn't have the potential of a conqueror.

Safe to say Serafall had declared a Wano wide celebration at this.

Sairaorg's peerage was trained similarly but on a lower scale.

Apparently Ladora Bune was put through a wringer when he revealed his dragonification.

They wanted the poor guy to fight and beat Kaido to prove that the Dragon of Whitebeard was better than Kaido of the Beasts.

Poor Ladora had been sweating in near despair since he realized that Kaido had escaped again.

To be more precise, he was rescued by Big Mom.

They had no idea that I had stolen his Devil Fruit. But looking at the people training to prepare against him, I am tempted to use my artifact on Kaido so that he could fight at his full power.

It would be a nice test of power for everyone.

They had been training their asses off after all.

Rias has even reached her level cap because here we don't have schools or any need to hide. We could grind day and night every day without any worries.

She went full ham on the grind and I accompanied her whenever I could.

One Piece Human's Level cap was level 700. I had to stop there before grinding Affection with Shirahoshi.

I actually started leaving Asia and Ingvild there often and once in a while there were miraculous Affection Gains.

The times when I visited Shirahoshi, she would look at me with so much adoration that it was a bit weird.

It truly was like seeing another Asia in the making.

Ingvild on the other hand caused various kinds of feelings in the Sea Kings. Some were subservient. Some were downright terrified of her.

She on the other hand was interested in the sea itself. She went out on a swim and found out that she could breathe underwater. Since then she would spend hours underwater.

A good thing that happened from this is that her Water Magic was developing immensely. She could control the sea with a mere thought.

Considering the fact that her Sacred Gear was not even at a Balance Breaker, it was something truly terrifying.

It was after a month of visits that I finally capped the Affection of Shirahoshi when I brought her out to Wano to see the Sun.

- Flashback –

"R-really? We can see the sun?" Shirahoshi stuttered.

I nodded as her eyes shone with awe and delight. This girl was so easy to please.

"Shin-dono, are you sure, it will be alright?" Jinbei from the side asked.

"I am sure Jinbei. You can join us too. We are going to my base."

"No no. That won't be necessary. I trust you." He waved his hand.

"In that case, Asia, Shirahoshi, hold my hands."

They did and I popped them to Wano in my caste pool.

It had been prepared in advance for our arrival and was big enough for Shirahoshi.

The girl looked around the place in awe and finally at the sky.

It was like taking a child to an amusement park.

"I-it's so beautiful."

It was at that moment that a blue magic circle lit up and out came a pink tornado.

"The Magical Girl, Miracle Levia-tan is here. Who missed Magical Girl Leiva-tan?" shouted out the tornado as it appeared right above the pool.

Shirahoshi probably thought that it was a show of some kind and started clapping.

Serafall swooned at the appreciation and started performing magic for the audience.

"Shin-kun. Can I keep her, please? She is so cute. I just want to cuddle with her all day long?" Serafall clung to me as she shook me repeatedly.

"No Sera, you cannot take the King of this World's Seas, and the Princess of Fishman island just because she is cute. Believe me. I want to cuddle with her too." I replied and the girl in the topic blushed till her tail.

"B-but she is so adorable. See how she blushes. You always keep all the cute girls for yourself. It's not fair."

We had fun while I took Shirahoshi around Wano on a tour.

At the end of the day, she was returned back to the Fishman Island and I got a notification before returning.

+10 Affection with Shirahoshi(100/100) for keeping your promise.

Affection with Shirahoshi maxed and locked. Obedience with Shirahoshi reached to 100.

Perk Gained [Shirahoshi – 100]

[King of the Seas – Poseidon]

The ancient power of the Princesses of the Fishman Island that lets them control creatures of the seas.

The creatures are generally respectable and follow the user's orders but stronger creatures with stronger will can resist.

Quest Completed

[Break the Shackles]

To break the shackles, you have to push past the limits.

Complete the three quests to open each binding on you levels -

1. Gain a Bounty of 1 Billion Berries.(Completed)

2. Get 10 Devil Fruits.(Completed)

3. Gain an ancient weapon.(Completed)

Rewards: 1 binding removed for each part of the quest completed and The Racial Lock will be removed on the completion of the whole quest.

Current Progress – (3/3)

The Racial Lock have been removed.

I quickly changed my Race to Devil as I felt the power flow back into my body.

A level 700 Devil.

A Real Satan Class Devil.

Twelve wings popped out behind my back and I clenched my hands feeling the demonic power flowing through me. It was a wonderful feeling.


Shin Kageyami

Title: Miracle Maker(All crafts related skills require 20% less MP cost)

Level - 700

Class – Chronomancer – LVL 60/100 [40%]

Race – Devil(12 Winged Devil)

Rank- Mortal

Alignment- Chaotic Neutral

HP- 390 000 [65 000 per minute]

MP –1 400 000 [277 500 per minute]

SP- 390 000 [65 000 per minute]

STR – 2 600

END – 2 600

DEX – 2 240

INT – 3 500

WIS – 2 775

CHA – 1 680

LUK – 1 350

And that's when the creatures of the sea trembled.

I sensed the Sea Kings rushing towards Fishman Island.

Gigantic ones.

They could have made Oars look like a little insect.

They surrounded the seas around Fishman Island and stared at the two of us.

The people all around the island stilled and then there was panic.

I quickly snapped my fingers to make us unnoticeable by other Fishmen.

Ingvild sensed the emotions of the creatures perhaps and took her place beside me.

"Why are there two Kings?"

"Who are you, child of man?"

"What have you done to our King?"

"He is a King too."

"Yes, he does have the power."

"This is impossible though."

"Only Mermaid Princesses can have this power."

"But yet it exists."

"The Mistress of the Seas stands beside him."

"The King stands beside him too."

"He might be worthy of trust."

"He is a King. A second one but still a King."

Whispers flooded into my mind.

"I mean no harm to anyone. Your King is my friend and one day I wish to fulfill the promise made by another one of my friends of taking Fishman Island to see the sun. I just hope that you will grant me your strength if I need it. I just want to create a better world for all of us to live in." I bowed slightly towards the Sea Kings.

My CHA stat had come up rather nice after I had maxed out the Eromancer Class.

"You speak the truth."

"You can hear us."

"A new King who is a friend of our King."

"Friend of the one who brings Joy."

"The fated meeting will happen."

"This time under the watch of the new King."

"I hope we can see the world liberated again."

"We all hope so."

Shirahoshi trembled as she walked behind me.

The Sea Kings watched us closely for a few moments and then the crowd of the Sea Kings dispersed slowly after that.

I took Shirahoshi back into the palace and explained to the still terrified King Neptune that it was Shirahoshi's power as the Poseidon that called them here.

It was technically the truth.

After explaining the situation to them a bit, I left Ingvild to accompany Shirahoshi and left for Wano.

- Flashback Ends –

I did break through the Racial Lock but realized another problem.

I still had a level cap at 1 000.

It was the absolute height for the Devil Race. Super Devils included.

I had no idea how to cross that threshold.

The Game didn't open its mouth at that point.

I realized another point.

Others didn't necessarily have the same level cap as me despite being of the same Race.

Rias had a level cap of 800. The same was true for Serafall and others.

Akeno and the others had the same limit.

The exceptions to this rule were Kuroka, Jibril, Morgiana, Shion, Sakuya, Ingvild and Merlin and unsurprisingly my queen with the highest being Sakuya.

They had higher level caps but I had no idea how much.

That's when I remembered the level difference between normal Devils and Super Devils.

Super Devils are the ones who had broken through the normal limits of the Devil Race which according to the Game is the Level 800 cap.

Artifacts and Sacred Gears can allow them to temporarily overcome that level cap and enter Super Devil levels of power.

As for how to break the level cap permanently, I needed to find out for myself. I do have a few ideas myself.

Rias on the other hand was content for now.

I gave her the potions to increase her power, further increasing her power. Same for everyone who had reached level 800 as their cap.

The others decided to wait till they reached a level cap before using it.

I would have trained Sona and her peerage to the same extent but surprisingly the one to stop me was Serafall herself.

She wanted Sona to face some challenges herself.

She needed to master her skills more. While it was true that Sona and Rias were rivals and Sona was very good at strategy, Rias had a considerable lead in power.

Moreover Rias has experienced more than Sona since then.

Serafall set a challenge for Sona to defeat an Admiral level opponent herself to be allowed to step foot into the IDs and didn't budge in the slightest. She was at an Ultimate Class level.

Seeing this, I also put a condition for Rias to defeat an Emperor and their crew which is Big Mom. It would be good practice for what might come when we return back to our world.

Loki, Fenrir, Khaos Brigade, Evil Dragons and Trihexa.

It is just one thing after another.

The Peak of Satan Class is at least a level that would allow them to hold their own for a while against the stronger foes.

Then came the matter of the new members in all the peerages.

Serafall was also someone who had surprised me by the choice of people and her ability to pursue them.

Another thing, Serafall's Conqueror's was awesome.

Then again she had been ruling the Underworld for centuries and had even fought a war. It would be surprising if she didn't have that kind of Conquerors.

The members she got were surprising.

Patrick Redfield.

One of the pirates of Roger's and Whitebeard's era who rivaled them despite being a solo pirate. His Observation Haki was so strong that he had been able to read the thoughts of all his opponents. This was however a double edged sword as he could also hear the thoughts of people close to him and this never allowed him to make true friendships. The betrayals he had experienced also made him despise those who relied on others like Rogers.

Thus he sailed the sea alone like Mihawk. The Red Earl or Red, the Aloof.

He was in Impel Down and I had captured him along with some others but he was one of the people who didn't have any devil fruits so he was left as it is – as a marble.

Serafall had read every file she could get of every pirate, their past, their personalities and had chosen him.

She had spent a few hours every day for around a month and a half before she got him to sign a contract similar to what I had to Merlin. In return she offered to turn him into a Devil, fulfilling his wish for a near immortal life and relieving his fear of old age. Serafall's character also went a long way to convince him to join her. She had found and returned his friend Pato back to him and promised him that he will just have to assist her in battles and some work a few times when she needed him. He had agreed quite easily.

The other person was surprising as well. Not that he left his previous job but that he joined Serafall.

Aokiji or rather as he was originally called, Kuzan.

Apparently, Serafall found him after he left the Marines. He had a massive argument with the World Government.

Sengoku had paid heavily for the massive fuck up.

The video that Diablo made viral of the Gorosei killing the World Nobles just to hide the name of IM had all but confirmed the suspicions of many countries.

It was the real start of the shitshow.

The World Government not executing Sengoku and Garp had only one reason, that the Marines would absolutely collapse if those two left.

That didn't stop them from making them two as mere mascots and take complete control of the Marines.

Fair to say that Sengoku's first choice of Aokiji to take his mantle didn't hold at all. Akainu was sent to Vegapunk to get the canon Kuma treatment because he chose so. Kizaru had kicked the bucket due to heart attack. (In a room in Wano, I closed my notebook with a smirk:P)

Kong returned back to work as the Fleet Admiral.

Momousagi and Tokikage were promoted to the position of Admirals.

Aokiji was demoted.

The World Government pulled the new Admiral, Green Bull out of their ass.

The World Conscription was filled with Dragon's spies.

The real clincher happened when the new Shichibukai were selected.

Edward Weevil was selected as a Shichibukai. He was someone at the level of an Admrial after all but this decision cost them too much.

Zephyr stood up and left and he was declared a traitor at that very moment with a bounty of 1.2 Billion and the Marines raged.

Several other people left their positions as well.

Morgans's news station was hidden by Dio Brando under a Fidelus so that it couldn't be destroyed accidentally.

Tesoro cut all ties with the World Government and joined Wano.

Simple enough to say that the Marines were cornered too badly.

Many people including Smoker, Hina, Tashigi all left.

Apparently Momousagi was staying because of Tsuru and Tokikage was staying because of her. Guess they needed one last push.

Garp had more or less denied all intentions of involving himself in the sham.

It was among all this that Kuzan was found by Serafall when he was actually attacked by CP0 members.

Serafall offered him help at the cost of joining her.

And when he did accept(severely beaten up first), she proceeded to freeze a hundred kilometers of area around the place.

The Grand Line experienced a long winter in that area.

He later found out that Serafall was related to me after she made him sign the same contract.

He then contacted Zephyr who had made contact with Dragon on my nudging and confirmed the news.

The Evil Piece had already taken care of his inability to use magic and now he could use his Ice abilities again, even better than he did when he had a Devil fruit.

What actually terrified me were the last two names on Serafall's list.

She never goes for normal ones.

The King of Beasts, Behemoth was her peerage member along with Medusa.

Sona, though, has a very unusual character. She just like her sister had done extensive research for her peerage members.

Perona was shaken when Sona had appeared to invite her into her peerage. Moriah had kicked the bucket.

It didn't take much for her to convince her to follow Sona.

Law had been Sona's target as a Doctor but he had joined my peerage so Sona tried and convinced the most unexpected person to join the Peerage – Issho.

I had no idea how that happened but I only found out about it later on.

Even Rias was caught off-guard by this.

I later talked to Issho and found out that he had had long talks with Sona. She explained to him about our world and what she was working for. He genuinely liked her dream and her willingness to work for the people, the children of the race to provide them with education and a chance to achieve better in life.

He wished to support her. It also had something to do with the fact that I was now more or less convinced that I could change this world after seeing the changes in Wano during his stay here.

The third one was not a surprise.

I had kinda expected her to join Sona if given a chance.

Robin joined Sona's peerage. She hadn't been interested in fighting anyways. Sona could use her abilities much better with her strategies.

The main reason for Robin joining Sona was because she also wanted to teach children just like the scholars of Ohara had taught her.

It has been a wish of hers since her childhood. She took the offer when Sona offered her. Rias was actually very supportive despite having targeted Robin as a potential recruit.

Rias wanted a combat oriented peerage for her wish to become a Rating Game Champion and Robin wanted something else with her life.

They were friends but their end goals didn't match with each other so Robin joined Sona and there were no hard feelings as both were quite happy about it.

Rias even offered her the chance to use the product of the research that she was supporting.

And that's something that I was kept in the dark about. Not that I mind because she was preparing it as a surprise for me, a very innovative one at that.

The thing is Rias had met my Queen after the first time I had introduced them.

She had asked for his help to prepare this surprise for me and he had readily agreed on further hearing her plans.

She had him kidnap a few people and have them brought to her territory in Wano.

These people included Vegapunk, Caesar Clown, Vinsmoke Judge, etc.

She had taken me to the lab blindfolded with a request to keep my Observation turned off. I followed.

The scenes that I saw inside were astonishing to say the least.

For a moment I had to pinch myself to realise I wasn't dreaming.

The smug smile on Rias' face also told me that she was happy to have caught me off-guard and now wanted praise for her hard work, which I did by picking her up and kissing her for a full five minutes.

Inside the lab were test-tubes full of Sharingans and observation pods full of cloned bodies.

Rias had given the scientists her copy of the Sharingan and Hashirama cells and asked them to use their research of the Lineage Factor to find a way to clone them and also a way to imbue these powers into other people like Judge had done to his children.

Her idea was to imbue the ninjas of Wano with the lineage of the Uchiha and the Senju clans and make them real ninjas like the Naruto world.

She had already talked to Raizo and even shown the ninjas the Naruto anime and fair to say that they were all gung ho about the experiments.

The Village Hidden in the Cherry Blossoms in the country of Wano.

Meanwhile the Marines had to have been going wild on not finding Vegapunk after Akainu's treatment.

It was a fantastic idea.

She had even pulled Kuroka in to try and give them chakra using Ninshu if possible.

Kuroka had tried but was not completely successful.

Her next stage of plan was to have Vegapunk make Devil Fruits that can give the Sharingan and Sage Body to the one who eats it.

Yes, the world wouldn't know what hit it. It was the imagination of an Otaku with tools to realise them versus the sanity of the world. The result was already obvious.

She spent her time between managing her territory, this pet project of hers, practising her skills with her Power of Destruction, learning Haki and her new artifact since she reached her level cap.

I had also completed the artifacts for everyone, including myself.

Restia had still not awakened from eating Blackbeard's Fruit and I found out why too. When I had taken out the Pluton Devil fruit, it looked eerily similar to the Dark Dark Fruit.

I don't know if they just looked similar or were actually the same but that would explain why Restia was taking so much time to absorb the Devil Fruit spirit.

The Tontattas from Dressrossa were also working on the herb farms and they even get paid for it. I had enchanted a door for them to the island where Usopp had trained during the time skip with warnings about it.

People brought food from the island during set hours to not get devoured by the island itself.

The little gnome-like race was so happy that they thanked me over and over. It might also have been because of their particular sweet tooth.

Actually we also had a massive picnic there.

Rindo had been over the moon when we visited the place.

Well so had Serafall.

She was murmuring something about chocolate covered So-tan and had tried to take Sona for a swim in the chocolate rivers but was rejected as expected.

It was fun nonetheless.

Another thing that I did was stop the supply of Sea Stone out of Wano, completely stopping the World Government from getting their hands on them.

It had resulted in threats but the Marines didn't have enough leverage or power against me to make anything of those threats.

They would wait and the more they wait the better for me.

The World Government's National Treasure's information was already extracted from Doflamingo's mind and I have to say that it is something worthy of ruling the world. But the thing is that it cannot be used willy-nilly and neither can it cause any significant harm to me if at all.

It also made me understand why they destroyed the Leylines first before launching their attack.

Merlin had been fiddling with it all this time secretly without even their knowledge.

That only left with the immediate dangers.

The most immediate danger is of Big Mom.

About Big Mom, I had gotten some interesting information from someone along with a request. Who would have thought such a thing could happen?

Katakuri had asked for a negotiation. His services for sparing the lives of his siblings.

He had personally come to meet me and kneeled. Kuroka had confirmed that he was speaking the truth.

He gave me some information about the plans Big Mom was making and the people she had recruited, the alliances she had made.

Kaido was among them but that was something everyone already knew.

The surprising one was….Golden Lion Shiki.

I had searched for him for so long and didn't find him and now he comes around to find me himself.

I had laughed at the news, at the sheer absurdity of luck I had.

Maybe I should send him a Regeneration Potion so that he can put up some fight.

I had informed Whitebeard about this and he said that Shiki was a madman and knowing him, he wouldn't agree with my method. He offered Sairaorg to fight against Shiki and I agreed.

Rias, Sona and Sairaorg against the three Emperor levels would be a good choice.

Only three against the entire fleet.

I had obviously agreed to Katakuri's request on the condition that he will be responsible for the actions of his siblings.

As an offering, he gave me the location of the Poneglyphs Big Mom had.

Safe to say I was now five Poneglyphs richer making it a total of twelve when added to what I had found on Onigashima and the ones I already had.

This completed the last quest required for me to return back to the DxD world.

Quest Completed

[Happy Reunion]

Absence makes the Heart grow fonder….but too much absence can be painful.

Complete this quest to reunite with your loved ones.


1. Collect five Poneglyphs.(Complete)

2. Collect 12 Poneglyphs.(Complete)


1. Summoning restriction will be removed.

2. Travel to the previous world unlocked.

I sensed Merlin appearing behind us.

"Boss, I think I have found something that you might be interested in."

"Oh?" I turned to look at her.

"That Redline and the Tree of Eve….it's all a gigantic seal. A Magic circle if you will. The Tree of Eve is the point where the energy is injected into the Tree, its focus."

"A seal? I thought it was the National Treasure of the World Government?" I asked confused at the discrepancy with Doflamingo's information.

"It is. It serves as both of these?"

"Oh." Now this was interesting. "What does it seal?" I asked sitting straight in my seat to think carefully.

"This world." Merlin answered cryptically.

"The world?" Rias beside me asked, confused.

On the other hand my mind was running circles.

The Leylines were destroyed in the Grandline area so why is it that other seas had no magic users either.

It was as if the entire World's magic had been suppressed.

Moreover the Leylines would have slowly but surely repaired themselves over time.

And then it dawned on me like a meteor from the sky crashing at breakneck speeds.

That fucking bastard.

He had sealed away the entire world's magic.

This Redline not only divides the world along with the Calm Belt but also acts as a conduit for the entire Magic circle to flow.

It reminded me of the magic circle in the Fullmetal Alchemist that could have been used to reap the lives of an entire country of people.

This one was just much much worse.

"Are there any ways it can be used to destroy the world in case they lose and decide to be a sore loser?" I asked the first and most important question.

If that was the case, then I would make sure that the Redline is shattered completely at several places at the same time.

The hole we left in the Redline had been small enough for a shit to pass.

It hadn't completely destroyed the Redline.

That also points out to the fact that IM was probably not always able to keep a live report of the Redline's condition.

"But how would a ring be a Magic Circle?" Rias interrupted.

"That's the point here. While the seal itself has been complete for a long time, nine hundred years or more, the Magic Circle has been in the process of being made for the last seven hundred years. I had been intrigued by all the projects of the World Government since I found out about it and dug deep. Here." She brought out a file and threw it towards us. I opened it and saw the theories and the designs.

"That's…." I had my mouth slightly open at the structure. Even with as strong as I had become, I felt my throat dry looking at the figure and understanding the meaning of the figure drawn.

I laid the diagram on the table and Rias looked at it.

"What's this? It looks like an incomplete Magic Circle. What does it do?" she asked, looking at my stunned countenance with slight worry.


"It's the structure of Tequila Wolf, the bridge that the World Government has been constructing for the last 700 years. It is actually a network of bridges in a particular geometrical shape to make a magic circle. A gigantic sacrificial magic circle." Merlin explained while I was still processing the information.

"WHAT!" Rias almost jumped from her seat.

I took her arm and pulled her to myself.

Calm down.

I nuzzled into her beautiful crimson hair to truly calm down for a while and then pulled back to explain everything.

"They were basically planning to pull a Fullmetal Alchemist's country wide sacrifice to probably make something of similar sorts. It's just that they had planned to do so to nearly a quarter of the world and then maybe the other quarters too while the previous ones repopulated from the people from the other seas and the Grandline. Such insane amounts of power would push people beyond anything heard off, maybe rivalling the Trimurti or even maybe Ophis." I explained my thoughts and guesses.

This world has a rough population of two billion and that's only the humanoids. The Sea Kings could be well above a million easily and they are much much stronger than a normal human soul.

She froze as she understood the gravity of the situation.

"What do we do?" she asked after a few moments.

"What else? We need to destroy the Redline completely. A simultaneous attack on several parts of the Redline, completely obliterating it. For that first we need to move Fishman Island. I will go and talk to Neptune once more."

"The construction is not complete and would probably take another thousand or more years." Merlin stopped me from thinking further. "Moreover I have a plan."


"The Tree of Eve is strong but after all, it is a tree. Kuroka should be able to control it. Moreover I think I know how that tree works. It is a seal on the Leylines itself so it cannot use the magic of the Leylines. What it needs is an external source of magic."

"IM?" I asked. To maintain such an insane seal, I could see why he would need to devote his entire time and energy to it. Moreover the Ope Ope no Mi's immortal surgery would keep him from dying if his extra lifeforce was converted into magic. It does make sense.

"IM, yes but not the way you might be thinking. To maintain such a huge seal, they would need someone of your current power reserves and that's not something that they have. IM is not that strong. What they use is the souls of prisoners from Impel Down and slaves of Mariejois to provide magic and keep the seal going. IM obviously maintains a part of it but that's probably less than a quarter."





"So this whole pirate era…."

She nodded, "Might be one of the plans to provide souls for the seal."



She continued, "I have used a special type of poison in the roots of the Tree of Eve that will spread all over the tree in about a month and will disrupt its magic on my command. We can stop them from using Uranus whenever we want so you can take your time. Just be careful and move Fishman Island before that."

I nodded in return. "We have collected the Poneglyphs and our training is also almost complete." I turned towards Rias, "I will leave the fight with Big Mom with you. Just do the last part as we decided."

She nodded back in return, "Hmm, leave that to me. We have already decided what to do."


"We will raid the place ourselves. Sona was a bit reluctant but Sairaorg was all for the plan. In Fact Serafall-sama was also happy with the plan. It will also go along with our goal of removing piracy from the world. What better way to take down the so called Evil Pirate Emperors from the world in one fell swoop."

"Huh, that's a good plan." Surprisingly, "So when are you guys going to attack?"


"Oh. That's quite fast."

"We have been planning for the last week."

I nodded and we talked a bit about other important things. The whole plan of this magic circle was weighing heavily on my mind.

- Scene Change –

"So, are you excited about how they are going to fight?" Serafall asked as we looked at the scene below us on Whole Cake island.

"A lot. Are you worried?" I might have amped the difficulty level a bit by curing Shiki and returning Kaido's ability to use his Devil Fruit powers.

We were sitting on a high platform made of clouds above the Whole Cake Island as we waited for the fight to begin. Serafall had set some cameras.

"I am but I also approve. Sona hasn't felt real danger yet. I might coddle her but I wouldn't do anything to leave her unprepared for a life and death situation. Rias on the other hand has felt desperate more than a few times, even feeling the aura of Death that could unnerve someone like me. I have seen their spars and Sona is nowhere near that level. Neither in power or decisiveness yet. Hopefully this fight will give her that experience. Kaido is both the easiest and hardest opponent for her at the same time. His physique is something that's basically the bane of Sona's fighting style. On the other hand, her Water abilities and the abilities from her artifact, makes her a good counter against most of Kaido's moves. If she can avoid his range, she has more than enough chances to win. Last but not least, I asked So-tan to defeat an Admiral class, not an Emperor. That's her own decision. She is probably being competitive because of her friends."

Right now the attitude Serafall was taking was one without any masks at all. The real Serafall Sitri, who fought in the Civil War. Sona is cold and calculative but she is nowhere near Serafall's level.

"Oh, look at that. Sairaorg is going to fight Shiki. Too bad his attitude doesn't match what I am looking for in a peerage member or he would have been an awesome addition. Although Kuzan and Patrick are not bad. Kuzan has a lot of untapped potential left to use. I am still looking forward to how you would get Charlotte Linlin to join me."

Yeah, that's one of the last two choices she has for her peerage.

"To be honest, Linlin will die. She is not right in her head. She cannot join you. I will give you someone else who will have all her powers though."

She turned towards me with narrowed eyes.

"Have I told you how hot you look with those narrowed eyes?" I smirked.

She stuck out her tongue in mock tease.

"Sairaorg is honestly above Shiki in every aspect. He has even trained to use a Naginata like weapon like Whitebeard. While not proficient at Whitebeard's level, the gap is more than made up by the sheer power behind those moves."

"Not to mention, Shiki's main advantage of being in the sky is also rendered useless against Sairaorg. This Haki thing is really useful. I have only reached a bare proficiency in these Haki but they are very convenient."

"Agreed. OH!, that must have hurt."

I sensed the slight fluctuation of the demonic power beside me. Serafall was almost ready to freeze Kaido's soul as Sona was smacked aside.

"Nah, So-tan is very smart. She cushioned that blow with barriers and compressed water."


"I am surprised that Rias-chan hasn't taken action yet." She changed the topic which I gladly accepted rather than continuing on with Sona's fight.

"She is waiting for the signal. Katakuri has convinced some of his siblings to side with him. He will be locking others in a place where they won't be able to support Linlin from. To cause lower casualties among his siblings."

"He is a good brother."

"I could not agree more." I nodded too.

- Sona –

Sona dodged to the side as a massive blue coloured tail passed over from her side.

The place where it crashed was completely smashed.

Kaido of the beasts deserved his reputation.

Her normal water attacks did nothing against it. He just tanked everything without any problems. Thankfully, his fire attacks were useless against her.

She wondered why she even took the chance against Kaido.

Rias had a match against Big Mom because she had threatened to kill Shin. Her best friend had taken offense at the news even with how unlikely the situation was. Shin could probably disintegrate the woman with a stray attack. The actual reason was because Rias didn't get to fight any strong opponents since coming here.

Now that was a roller coaster of information.

She was in another world.

Like a whole new universe altogether.

With pirates and all.

And now she was fighting a human or ogre who could become a giant dragon rivaling the largest dragons back in her world excluding Great Red in size.

Then again knowing this still filled the gaps of her theories about how Rias and her peerage were getting stronger so quickly.

The Training Potions and the Training Rooms were good and all but the amount of growth they had was a bit too much.

Entire dimensions filled with monsters to fight against in a life and death battle. The winner becoming stronger.

It seemed straight out of some fantasy novels or an RPG Game but then again for normal people, she, a devil is also a myth.

She would probably carry this secret to her grave but getting to spend time with her sister and getting personally trained by her was a great experience.

Her sister also got a much needed vacation and even some new peerage members.

Among the Satans, Ajuka Beelzebub never bothered with making a peerage while her sister never found someone who would match her odd standards.

Here at least she got someone great.

The people in this world were extremely strong and would make for wonderful peerage members for any peerage, even a Satans.

Her own members were proof of that.

She was given the task of defeating an Admiral Ranked opponent but she went out and took on an Emperor Ranked one, why again?

Ah yes, her pride.

She saw her best friend and rival walk into battle against a similar opponent so how could she step back and watch everything silently?

It's just that she probably chose the wrong one.

She teleported to another place dodging the spiraling body of the dragon, her Observation flaring a bit as she flew up narrowly dodging the tail smashing her previous location and shattering the ground into pieces.

With intense training she had reached the level of an Ultimate Class Devil but she still found this battle taxing and herself on the backfoot.

Finally letting out a sigh, she took out the abominable pink monstrosity that Shin had made for her.

She pushed her Magic into the staff and sparkles flew everywhere.

"Fighting evil by moonlight"

"Winning love by daylight"

"Never running from a real fight"

"She is the one named Sailor Moon"

"She will never turn her back on a friend"

"She is always there to defend"

"She is the one on whom we depend"

"She is the one named Sailor…"

"Sailor Venus!"

"Sailor Mercury!"

"Sailor Mars!"

"Sailor Jupiter!"

"Secret powers oh-so new to her"

"She is the one named Sailor Moon"

"Fighting evil by moonlight"

"Winning love by daylight"

"With her Sailor Scouts to help fight"

"She is the one named Sailor Moon"

"She is the one named Sailor Moon"

"She is the one"

"Sailor Moon!"

She pushed her blush aside as even Kaido and everyone else had stopped completely as they watched her transform.

The pin drop silence in the previously chaotic battlefield didn't help either.

And then it began.

Kaido laughed.

His transformation was canceled and he held his stomach and laughed.

Sona felt that she could die from embarrassment right there but held. The embarrassment changed into frustration and then anger. She felt she heard something but her mind was overwhelmed by her anger. The sea around her surged with her emotions, and with a loud roar that a normal her would be appalled at, she raised her hand. The sea rose with her will. Eight giant dragons like heads just like Kaido made of water emerged from the sea, each of them different in colour. Behind her stood a massive Hydra with eight heads.

Now the battle truly began in earnest.

- Shin –

"Wow, she entered the Magical Girl mode. I didn't think it would push her so hard."

"Is that some kind of a Balance Breaker of your artifact?" Serafall asked with a camera in her hand. There were others recording the scene from different angles too.

"Something of that sort. I didn't have a proper soul or spirit to act like a core or the Spirit of the Artifact so I left it to form a sentience of its own. It will take some time and until then Sona will have to manually figure out the powers herself. Its powers will increase over time. I would have easily shoved the soul of a sea dragon into it but I don't have such a soul at hand which could bear the Original Leviathan's blood and the Eight Headed Hydra's Heart."

"It's good if she learns to rely on her own power for now. If she started using that as a crutch from the beginning, her progress would really suffer."

"Agreed. It looks like Rias' side is starting too."

- Rias –

Rias looked at the monstrosity in front of her that was supposedly a woman. The mere thought made her shudder in revulsion.

"Mamamamama the courage of you brats, coming to my territory to attack me on your own. I will enjoy taking your life and feed it to my homies."

Conqueror's burst out of the woman.

Rias didn't have that level of Conqueror's yet. Her's was stronger than normal people but still nothing compared to Shin, Lady Serafall or even Sairaorg.

Shin had told her that if her Haki reached the Legendary Rank, whatever that meant, she could use it along with her Power of Destruction.

Shin and Lady Serafall could already infuse their magic in their attacks.

Apparently that was the level after the breaking the sky level.

She pushed those thoughts out of her mind and looked around her.

Several people had surrounded her.

Katakuri had probably kept his end of the bargain and stopped most of his siblings from participating.

Now they just had to do their part.

Big Mom….no, she wouldn't use that ridiculous name. Charlotte Linlin's Conqueror's blasted out from her.

Her demonic power flared around her forming a crimson aura. Red and Black lighting crackled around her. This was the normal Conqueror's.

While not up to her levels, it could still hold its own in the confrontation. Her Power of Destruction formed an aura around her and the pressure of Linlin's Haki was abated greatly and easily pushed it back.

Her Demonic Power surged even higher. She was at the Peak of a normal Devil as Shin had called it. Those who broke through this limit naturally became Super Devils like her brother, Ajuka Beelzebub and now Shin.

She had no idea how to break through this level but Shin told her to concentrate on her Power of Destruction to get her better control. He would take care of the rest when she is ready.

She had restrained her power at the level of an Ultimate Class Devil to have a fair competition with Sona who was fighting Kaido just because she didn't want to be left behind.

It was a good time to truly test her new ability. The Artifact based on a Devil fruit.

She saw the lackeys of Linlin rushing towards her.

Small orbs of the Power of Destruction started forming around her and started filling the entire ground quickly.

The people who ran into them were simply disintegrated completely.

Ruin The Extinct. It was her brother's skill which she had tried to imitate after hearing about it from Lady Serafall. Although from what she said, her brother could make them even smaller and send them inside the bodies of his enemies through their mouths. It would take her a lot of time in training to reach that level.

But she was sure she could do it.

According to Lady Serafall, Sirzechs was at the Peak of the Satan Class in his normal form. He had to change into his True Form to truly use his full power.

That meant this attack was something that could be attained with her strength.

She did add her own twist to the attack though.

"More More: Times Twenty."

The orbs shot outwards from her like high speed bullets, disintegrating everyone in their path.

Linlin seemed to have understood the futility of sending her subordinates and personally jumped towards her.

Rias took to the skies as she controlled the orbs of the Power of Destruction to form a tornado to block the fire and lightning by the two animated clouds that followed her.

She pointed her finger at Linlin like Hancock used in her moves and a small orb of the Power of Destruction appeared on her finger tip. She pushed more of her Demonic Power into it as it began to shake with power. When she felt she couldn't compress any more, she let it go.

"More More: Times Fifty."

Lillin apparently had a better Observation than she had expected. In a moment, she held her sword in hand and it was coated with both Armament and Conqueror's as she slashed it towards the attack.

Rias' attack wasn't affected at all as it tore through the slash with sheer power and needed another three slashes from Linlin to stop.

Rias took this opportunity to shower the….whatever she was in the Power of Destruction from the orbs earlier.

The clouds couldn't cover her properly as attacks landed on her body one after the other. She let out a mad howl and Rias observed her eyes turning red.

Ah, the berserk form.

She needed to step her game up.

She created another volley of attacks but this time she used her Armament with them and shot them all at an increased speed with the More More Fruit's power.

This power was simply made for her.

She was not much of a control type and Shin had discussed this with her. She had chosen to walk the power route before this and she would stick to it.

She raced towards the sky as Linlin charged, her attack increasing and swatting half of the attacks away at once and tanking the other half while still charging towards her.

She didn't back down either. The Power of Destruction formed a skeleton around her as an enormous warrior rose in size rivalling Kaido's dragon form.

She punched forward, pushing whatever amount of Haki she had in it, taking Linlin's strike head on. Red and Black lightning crackled around them.

"More More: Times Seventy Five."

The sword Linlin was holding gave a piercing shriek before a chunk of it was blasted aside.

The punch striking the woman directly on the face and blowing her away with the sheer power behind it. She blasted through half the whole cake island before coming to a halt.

Rias however didn't give her a chance to recover. She teleported directly above her and then punched again and again.

A rapid barrage of punches shook the ground as the gigantic warrior of energy kept smashing the woman with its fists without rest.

Linlin tried to shout, the clouds tried to interfere but the attacks were useless against the Power of Destruction.

After a whole minute of attacks, she flew back, leaving a half dead mess of Charlotte Linlin, Big Mom, One of the Four Emperors lying in the pool of her own blood.

She sensed Shin and Law appearing beside her.

"Do it." Shin commanded.

Law spread the room around and with a snap of his fingers, Linlin's heart was cut out of her body.

Shin stored the body somewhere.

"You were absolutely ravishing during the fight." Shin turned her and took her into his embrace.

"Get a room you two."

"Or you could kindly leave and not disturb our moment together."

She giggled at the comments but not for long as Shin closed her lips with his own.

A nice reward for the fight, Rias supposed.


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