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Chapter 58: It is finished.

- Shin –

I rushed out of the dimension as fast as I could after destroying the device.

In front of me was a completely different scene.

Loki? Fenrir?

What the fuck was happening here?

Somehow Rossweisse was controlling giants made up of elements to fend off what looked to be Dragon King Clones.

I was barely inside for a minute or two. It took around two minutes for the dimensions to coalesce back together.

All this and the battlefield had completely changed.

How did this guy suddenly get so many Dragon King clones?

Was he planning an assault even before this?

Fortunately others were fighting them properly.

Hermione had used her new Devil fruit power to somehow lock away a clone while Fleur was going head on against another one in her Phoenix form.

I shook my head and concentrated on the scene in front of me.

I looked at Cao Cao who had somehow used Ophis' snakes to boost himself. This never happened from what I remembered but then again Cao Cao wasn't cornered like this either.

He was about to attack Luna who was somehow standing in front of a recovering Vali.

This guy….he didn't take Dulio's help, did he?

I felt a slight headache at this battle maniac's antics.

The True Longinus cannot be touched directly and I didn't want to test Restia who was still undergoing her digestion process of the Dark Dark Fruit.

The Arondight was with Kiba so only one thing was left.

I flashed towards the mad True Longinus user while pulling out a sword from my inventory.


I slashed towards Cao Cao who was suddenly caught off guard and was blown away even after defending with his True Longinus, crashing into a mountain.

He burst through the rubble, Ophis' snake powering him.

"You will not win. I have the Will of God with me. I carry this spear to fight the war he started." His attacks grew faster but the difference between our levels was just too much to cover.

I pushed him back with another slash of Merodach.

Hell, I am not even infusing Magic into the sword, first because it might react badly to my Demonic Power. Second because I could accidentally vapourise Cao Cao and that wouldn't be good. I need to extract his Sacred Gear before vaporizing him.

Well then how should I end this?

Hmm, yeah. That should do it.

The bastard was showing off Light and Holy attacks against us, so let's use that.

"The Will of God Eh? Well since he started this war, as you say it….Let me use his own words, to end it as well and establish peace."

My Conqueror's Haki leaked out as a whirlpool formed in the sky right above me.

Race Change: Angel.

My Devil wings retracted and with a flourish, pure white wings emerged from my back. I felt a sense of calmness envelop me.

Being an angel was always nice.

It was like having a soft Gamers Mind of sorts but one that keeps me peaceful.

I can see that normal emotions cannot break through this barrier and only intense thoughts about sins can make someone fall. Thankfully, my Angel Race comes from the Game and thus I cannot fall.

I know right. It's such a freaking cheat that it's not even funny.

The next step, Awakening. Being able to use the Awakening of the Glint Glint Fruit which temporarily lets me increase the Rank of the skill to Mythical Rank.


I felt a ripple of energy burst out of me and pass over the area. Wherever it passed, the things without life all lit up and started turning into motes of light.

The power to change the environment and the surroundings completely.

I pointed my Merodach towards him and my lips curved up into a smile,

"Let there be Light."

The light in the surrounding danced to my command. My Observation was covering the entire battlefield. I could literally pinpoint every enemy in detail as I stood there, in the sky. The light motes instantly changed into beams of light and the whole battlefield was changed into a pincushion almost instantly. Around 2 thousand devils who were left were instantly vaporized. Merodach relished on my Angelic attributes of holy and light and its light started vapourising the mist of the Dimensional Lost as well, the creations of the Annihilation Maker as well as the Dragon King clones. The Anti-Monsters were destroyed instantly under the attack of the Flames that burn to the end of the world, literally erasing them from existence with a single attack.

Cao Cao's body was also attacked but instead of killing him, I guided the flames to burn Ophis' snake inside him, leaving him powerless on the ground.

Loki was left almost powerless against the attack while Fenrir and his children were in the same condition after the battle against Morgiana and the rest.

Rossweisse took the opportunity to throw in as many sealing runes and spells as she could on him.

The feeling of Awakening is… intoxicating. I could control every ray of light on the entire battlefield. Not a single attack even grazed a hair of the fighters on my side.

"It is finished." I let out a breath as I admired the work, my work in front of me.

I left the humans on the attacking side alive. These were the people of the Hero Faction and the magician organization Hexchant and I am sure, many of them had Sacred Gears, especially Walburga.

I saw that she had taken Ophis' snake as well and her Incinerate Anthem had a piece of a Dragon's soul, Yamata no Orochi bound to it. The resonance between the two dragon powers was making her attacks far stronger than normal which was the sole reason she could fight against the now overpowered Lavinia.

Those flames were strong but they were nothing in front of Merodach.

I flashed towards her, this time using the Glint Glint Fruit to travel.

The girl's eyes widened.

I saw in my Future's sight that she would use a semi suicidal attack to try to blast me with Holy Flames….the keyword here being….try.

I however didn't move.

I pointed the tip of Merodach towards her and she did exactly as I had predicted.

A blast of purple flames covered my view.

I however felt no wounds.

Fire God Slayer Magic for the win.

I opened my mouth and sucked in the Holy Fire. It was far stronger than Suzaku's flames from her Vermillion Bird maybe because of Ophis' and Yamaya no Orochi's powers but was still easily devoured as it wasn't true Divine Flames.

My Mana Soared like never before. I already had insane Mana Reserves by now but this… it was the strongest I have ever been since getting my Gamers' System. The only instance that comes even close was when I was using the Mystic Eyes of Death Perception against Hades but that was literally Death lending me a backhand.

"You think these flames will hurt me? How cute." I looked at her pale face and used my Fire God Slayer Magic that had gained a golden glow at this moment. I flashed to her face and with a hand opened to her face gathered the flames. She was still shaken and completely unable to move but soon she gathered her wits and her eyes widened. I simply moved my hand to the side of her face and fired a jet of flame behind her. The heat from the attack singed her hair as well as put a hole through the mountain on her back. Saitama style.

I walked past her as I heard her slump on the ground, powerless.

Lavinia will keep a watch on her for the moment.

The Incinerate Anthem chooses its own wielder and can sometimes run away from them too. First take care of the True Longinus.

I don't know if it was my Angel form or something but I had a slight, very slight reluctance to kill humans when using this form.

Something to look into later.

I walked to Cao Cao and looked at the downed man. I brought out my Sacred Gear extractor and put it on his chest. This one wouldn't kill him. My skills had increased enough to make sure of that.

A few moments later I had a dazzling beam of light in my hand.

The True Longinus.

"You do not deserve to wield this. You say you want to be a hero and yet you don't know the meaning of the word itself. A hero is acknowledged by the people for their bravery to stand up against the face of evils and help others. Not because they took down a dragon or something. A simple beggar that helps save a child on the street from a car can be a hero. It has nothing to do with their ancestry or lineage. What you wanted was not to become a hero but satiate your selfish pride even at the cost of innocents. You say you are fighting for humans and yet more than half the people on your side are Sacred Gear users that have been forcibly brainwashed to fight for you. I can't sense anything even remotely heroic about this. You in your foolishness have destroyed all their lives." I put the bastard under a curse similar to Kokabiel where he will be forced to live in his dreams in a continuous loop but unlike Kokabiel who would always die in various ways, he will have to acknowledge his mistakes every time to finish that loop.

By the time he gets out of it, I am pretty sure he will be a hardcore pacifist.

I then looked at the now manifested spear in my hand.

Holy crap, this is strong.

I so want to keep it or at least scan it but I doubt it as I could see that it is a Mythical Ranked artifact and the Heaven's side would do anything to get their hands on this one.

Meh, I can at least get the Annihilation maker and Dimension Lost for myself.

Oh and Incinerate Anthem.

The entire battlefield had calmed down by this time. Not even the remaining enemies made any sounds.

I looked towards my allies and the other members of my peerage who had returned from their own missions. "What, do you want me to invite you all to arrest them?"

That broke them out of their trance as all of them rushed towards the enemies who had all lost their wills to fight by this time. No one resisted as they were bound using magic and taken prisoners by our side.

I walked towards the building where the leaders stood.

My clone had just popped and that bastard had left the explanations on my head, not wanting to deal with troublesome things.

I sighed.

This was exactly something I would have done in such a situation.

The True Longinus was latching onto me and I didn't resist either. It boosted my holy power's quality even more.

This would be a perfect weapon for my Angel form. It's just that I am a swordsman and Merodach and Restia are more than enough for me.

I looked at the dumbfounded Vali on the way.

"What are you?" he asked in amazement.

"Me? I am awesome." I smirked and he seemed to have realized his slip out and he turned to the side while grunting in annoyance.

I hugged Luna who returned it with a smile.

Up ahead the leaders of all the factions were looking at us.

I sighed again while going through all the explanations in my head.

This is going to take so much time.

- Azazel –

Azazel watched as Shin walked towards the building, the True Longinus in his hand and twelve wings that had gained a golden hue on his back.

This man had become an enigma that Azazel just couldn't figure out. When he thought he had revealed one facet of him, he would find out several more that would leave him just as dumbfounded and curious.

That attack a few moments earlier had shaken almost everyone present… well except Ophis maybe. That much power. It was beyond any Angel that Azazel had ever known. Although not up to his father, it wasn't that much further either.

And now he was walking towards them, with the greatest creation of his father trying to latch onto him desperately. He wouldn't say that he didn't have complicated feelings at this moment.

He was sure that his feelings were shared by almost everyone here. No one had missed Gabriel falling on her knees and looking at the scene with dazed eyes.

The fact that Michael hadn't even tried to lift her up was just more complicated.

The Satans except Serafall who looked like it was just an everyday thing were looking forward to the explanations as well.

This battle had changed almost all of their world views.

Divine Beasts and Senjutsu of the Super Devil level that would enable someone to fight and even surpass the leader of the Shinto Pantheon.

Elemental giants that were given life. Odin must have been imagining his youth and battles against back then.

And finally the punch to the throat that was the ability to make Seraphs.

The guy in question however looked chill. As if none of this was caused by him.

He hugged the Asia girl whose looks couldn't be any more obvious.

"You were awesome there, Asia. Great work. I am proud of you."

He patted her head and the girl almost swooned. Azazel rolled his eyes.

He then looked towards the rest. "I believe you all have questions for me."

"That would be putting it lightly. But let everyone arrive first. We can discuss everything then." Odin took the command.

"Sure." He then went on to Michael and put the True Longinus in front of him. "This might be a little inconvenient for me as I am a swordsman and my swords are a bit possessive. I think this would suit you well or well anyone you can think of. I am also unsure how this would react to my Devil form."

"You, you are giving this to me?" Michael asked, stunned.

"What else would I be doing? Isn't this your Father's will? Well, go on. Use it with your Heaven's System and maybe it will fix the tons of holes in the system right now. Well, figure out a way to call me if you can't."

Michael bowed slightly, "I thank you for your kindness."

"Now, now, nothing of that sort. You are the current Lord of Heaven. Don't bow your head. Also, we are allies now. It would be criminal of me to keep this even after knowing the emotional significance it has to all members of Heaven."

Good move. Azazel had to agree to it. This move alone endeared him to Michael and most of the Heaven Faction and drastically reduced backlash if any from the Angel fiasco.

By then everyone had arrived.

It happened then. The Incinerate Anthem girl who had been captured and was unconscious got surrounded by Holy Flames. Everyone in the room straightened before Shin waved it off.

The fire jumped at him.

Azazel noticed that Ajuka had almost sealed the Flames before being stopped by Shin.

The guy just smiled as the flames jumped on his body surrounding him completely. To his surprise, Azazel noticed that none of the two peerage members were surprised by the fact that Shin was completely unhurt by the flames that could even burn Satans down to ashes.

"There there. Everything is fine now. No need to get so excited."

Everyone watched in amused awe as Shin treated the Flames of Incinerate Anthem as if a pet dog.

"Hmm, no I don't think I can take you myself." The flames rose as if a child in anger. "Now now. I never said you would have to live with that meanie. Hmm, how about you go to her." He pointed towards Griselda who looked taken aback. "Just don't hurt her and she will take good care of you. You will, right?" He asked the dumbfounded nun who just nodded mechanically. "See, problem solved." The flames did caress his cheeks for a few moments. "Aww, so sweet. Yes, sure I will come to visit you often."

And just like that in front of the amazed looks of the people present, the flames jumped into the nun's body.

A Longinus had been transferred with just words alone.

What bullshit.

Azazel wondered if all his years of studying about Sacred Gears and making a Sacred Gear Extractor was a waste because now….apparently Sacred Gears could be transferred by just asking them like good pets.

"I need a drink." He whispered and summoned a bottle for himself before gulping it down. He needed this to be able to cope up with all the bullshit that was going on.

- Shin –

Everything was cleared. It took barely an hour for everyone to fix our mansion.

Rias and Ingvild had somehow destroyed their opponents completely so the Devil end was almost dealt with.

The only ones left were a few Youkai and the Magicians and Sacred Gear users from Hexennacht and Hero Faction respectively.

They were all sent to prison by the people of all the allied factions that were waiting outside the so-called Peace Conference venue when we returned.

We were finally sitting in my living room. Sakuya and Grayfia served tea to everyone while Ophis sat on my lap without a care about what was going on.

On her lap lay the egg I had given her and in her hands, the Gameboy.

"So can we start with the questions? I don't want to be rude but this night has left us quite tired."

I was back in my Devil form and this time Rias was sitting beside me, subtly making her position clear.

"Very well then, I will take the first shot." Ajuka asked. "How can you turn into an Angel?"

"Hmm, this I believe will have to go to my patron. My patron has control over the dead of all the races so it is only natural that she can give me the ability to change into different forms. The Angel Race is the first form I naturally unlocked. Devil Form was in a way induced by the King's Monument in the Underworld. I can still return back to my human form." I explained. It was true too. Angel Race was unlocked naturally by the Game.

"So you can change into other races as well?" He asked curiously.

Change in race is a topic of his study. What's with Evil Pieces doing the same.

"I can. Other races are unlocked over time as I complete her jobs or when I master my powers more." I replied as I saw everyone, especially the Heaven's side paying more attention to it.

Even the church people were looking at me in a much different light. The Affection and Reputation gains I had gained from this battle were amazing.

Race Change: Nekoshou.

My body changed as two cat ears sprung up on my head. This should remove any remaining doubts from my statements.

"I gained this form too." Now this, gained the attention of Amaterasu and Yasaka.

"A Nekoshou." I nodded.

He nodded back and then this time it was Michael who asked the next question.

"Can you create Angels?" he asked, his voice… hopeful.

"Create? No. I can change others into Angels… kinda how it was done with Metatron. I still cannot create life… until you consider the natural way hahahaha." I cracked trying to lighten the atmosphere.

It worked as well as Serafall, Odin and Azazel all crackled a bit.

"So you changed Asia Argento and the other girl, Luna Lovegood into Angels?"

"Seraphs. I changed them directly into Seraphs. They didn't have to grow their wings in pairs but were instead changed directly into twelve winged Angels."

"Why were we not hurt by their Holy Power? Asia Argento here was even able to heal Devils with her Holy Power which seemed to be impossible."

"That's because of the differences between the source of Holy and Demonic Powers in this world. The Big G… ouch..." I cried out as Rias pinched my thigh, glaring at me and I realized my slip up, "I mean the Biblical God and the four Satans who were the source of their respective energies for their followers were against each other. This caused the energies to be affected by their wills. While Asia and Luna had no such problem. It is just my own theory though. They have no ill will towards Devils and their powers are separate from Heaven's System and thus don't hurt Devil's if they don't want to. I believe their wills over the energy is slowly becoming less as the time goes on and thus we have things like the Holy Demonic swords now."

"Hmm, that's a valid theory. I had wondered how such a thing was even created." Azazel caressed his goatee.

"How did Luna Lovegood stop the attack from the True Longinus?" Michael asked.

Yeah, I had no idea that that motherfucker Cao Cao had used that when I was fighting him. I was more concentrated on the current situation to go through my Clone's memories or I would have used a more painful method to extract the True Longinus.

"As far as I know, there could only be two reasons for it. First, that the True Longinus would never attack Luna." I explained.

"Oh and why is that?" Azazel asked intrigued.

"Because she is my sister, as simple as that." That shut him up and I continued before he could argue. "As far as I know, the True Longinus would never attack a pure-hearted person like Luna. Its attacks must satisfy the criteria set by the Biblical God's standards of opponent. Such a choice would never approve someone like Luna as a target for the attack and thus it was a mere lightshow instead of a real attack."


A period of silence settled over the room and I could see the doubts in the eyes of many. It was Michael who finally broke the silence. "Father did set such a rule for the Truth Idea of the True Longinus. I am surprised that someone knows about this because it wasn't told to anyone except the Archangels though."


Think something fast….quickly.

"I found out about it when I was holding the True Longinus. It communicated with me." I lied smoothly out of my teeth.

"You can communicate with the Sacred Gears? I haven't heard of anyone else ever communicating with any of the Holy Relics ever." He asked surprised.

Voice of All Things. I was surprised that it worked even on Sacred Gears. It did on Incinerate Anthem but I didn't use it on the True Longinus.

"It's something I have recently discovered. A sentient object can communicate with others because they have young spirits in them. Something like the True Longinus or Incinerate Anthem has much stronger and developed spirits in them so obviously they can easily communicate with others."

"Spirits, domain of souls. I see." Ajuka muttered.

"On the matter of souls, tell me about Rossweisse's new power. How could she make elemental giants so easily?" Odin asked me.

"Hmm. It was the power of the Soul Soul Fruit belonging to the Yonko, Charlotte Linlin who Rias had defeated. I had extracted her Devil Fruit and had given it to Rossweisse because her family were masters of Spiritual Magic from what I had heard and she could use it to the best of its capacity. I am not disappointed." I smiled towards my pawn who blushed slightly at the praise.

"Hmm, yes. Gondul's family has always been good with spiritual magic. So, how does it work? She could create life so easily?"

"Not really. Creating life is a domain that not everyone can access. That's the reason why The Biblical God and Lucifer have left their names in history." I said silencing both the Devils and the Heavens side. "What Rossweisse did was take the soul and lifespans of her enemies. Devils have a supposed average of ten thousand years of life and five hundred and fifty devils even if only a few thousand years of their lifespans are taken away, can make a whooping one million years of life span. Each of those giants is made of two hundred thousand years of life. She just relocated it. The creations of the Soul Soul Fruit see their creator as their parent but have their own intelligence too. They can even be trained and develop a personality."

The room listened to the honestly ridiculously cheat power of the Soul Soul Fruit and looked at the now blushing Rossweisse who was suddenly the center of attention.

At the end of it all, everyone was silenced before Ajuka asked again. "You said you had two reasons why Miss. Lovegood could stop the attack of the Biblical God. Till now you have only explained one reason to use. What was the other reason?"

Ah, I thought I escaped that one there.

"Hmm, the second would be the artifact that I had given Luna."

I saw them sitting straighter listening to the second reason, as if to reveal all of my secrets.

I shook my head and revealed, "Avalon, the Sheath of Excalibur."

"I thought it was lost." Michael remarked.

"I don't think even Avalon could pull that feat. True Longinus can kill even Gods. Avalon cannot protect someone against Truth Idea." Azazel dawdled.

"Maybe not the Avalon of this world but the Avalon with Luna is from a different world, just like my Merodach. This Avalon is a conceptual equipment that is the Embodiment of Avalon The Everdistant Utopia. It completely shields its user in the domain of the fairies, Avalon, the unreachable utopia that King Arthur dreamt of and was said to have gone to after her death. It is the greatest protection in the world that goes beyond defending or reflecting, completely isolating its user in a world completely separate from the regular world. You would need an attack capable of crossing dimensional walls to get through it."

I saw Azazel's mouth hanging open and even Odin and Amaterasu were looking at Luna as if she was a monster of some kind sitting among us while Luna herself was not in the slightest bit bothered by their looks.

"That's… ridiculous."

"It's not." I looked at Ophis on my lap and asked her, "Ophis, did I overstate Avalon's capabilities?"

The loli Dragon God who was fighting a gym battle right now with her newly evolved Gyrados looked at me and then at Luna and shook her head and went back to her game again.


"My Merodach also has a similar conceptual attack enchanted to it. 'The light that can burn away everything it touches', the same concept as the Caliburn of that world. It is the prototype of Gram and Caliburn so it far surpasses in its power." I explained about the bullshit weapons in the Fate World.

"And you gave something like that to someone else?" Azazel asked incredulously.

"Luna was the most vulnerable among us. I gave it to her to keep her safe." Actually now that I think about it. "Merlin, you got that new Sacred Gear today, didn't you?"

The person in question looked at me with slightly narrowed eyes. I however didn't say anything else and she passed me an orb.

"Don't worry, you can research it as much as you want. I was just thinking that Luna would be the perfect candidate for this. Also, I gave you a dozen Devil fruits already, I think I can work with this." I walked up to Luna and looked at her as she nodded and I pressed it into her chest. "Now you can make as many wrackspurts as you want and set them on those who disturb you." I pinched her cheeks.

Perfect Defense and Mind Boggling imagination coupled with the power to make those imaginations real. Yeah, the world won't know what hit it.

Sure enough, a small rabbit-like creature with long hair and a small horn on the top of its head appeared in her arms as she hugged it.

"Is that?"

"A crumple horned snorkack. It's cute isn't it? I wonder if Daddy will print an article on it again." She spoke with a bright smile.

+20 Affection with Luna Lovegood(95/100) for trusting her so much.

Now if someone asks me why I can give something so ridiculous to her without the worry of it being turned back onto me, the answer is very simple.

Just like in the case of Artoria, this Avalon is registered to me. I can summon it back anytime I want. So it can never be turned against me.

That said, I will eventually gain dimensional based attacks.

"Hey hey, if you are giving away Sacred Gears, I want one too. Don't you have a fresh collection?" Azazel cried.

I looked at the man with narrowed eyes. "Don't you already have Vali and the Slash Dog team along with your own Artificial Sacred Gears? The Devils side didn't have many till I came. In a way, the Heaven's side was the one that was the most shorthanded with only Dulio and Griselda in their prime. The other top exorcists are older now and thus I gave them the two Sacred Relics. It was my goodwill towards this alliance."

"That reminds me, you said something about the spirit of a Kyuubi no Kitsune from a different world. Could you tell us something more about it?" Yasaka stated.

"Hmm. The Devil Fruits contain spirits of Mythical beings as well. The Strongest among the Devil Fruits are called the God Fruits. One of my close friends possesses one such Devil Fruit. It can be anything, from a normal cat or a dog to a Divine Beast in Tsubaki and Yamato's case or a Mythical Beast like the Phoenix in Fleur's case." I pointed towards the half Veela who bowed slightly towards them. "There is a Devil Fruit with a spirit of a Kyuubi no Kitsune, a bit different from you that I got my hands on recently."

"You said something about selling the Devil Fruits or such artifacts, so could I possibly buy it? I know that it might not exactly be a Youkai but I do not wish for my kin to be sealed unnecessarily." She asked me, pleadingly.

"I think you are mistaken. None of the Spirits are sealed. In fact they can to a certain degree control the fruit itself and select their intended hosts. The ones with beast spirits are called the Zoan Type Devil Fruits and they are said to possess such a mysterious ability."

"I see. In that case, we of the Shinto Pantheon would like to buy Divine Beast Spirit Devil Fruits when you sell them. Although the souls have increased the power of our pantheon a lot, we want to try and fill up the void left by The Divine Beast Suzaku. After the souls power only the Divine Beasts and Deities are left and us Deities cannot casually interfere with the matters of men. Kuroka's addition to us was a sudden boost to our pantheon." Amaterasu spoke up.

Selling Devil Fruits.

Well, I will sell the Devil Fruit Artifacts that I make.

That said, they will be in auctions and the stronger ones will be for favours.

Giving away the two Longinus hurt me a lot due to my Sin of Greed but that was the most politically accurate move. It mostly dissipated the case of Asia, Luna and me using Angel Forms. Moreover, as good as the true Longinus might be, dealing with Big G's spirit all the time to use its full power is a no no. As for Incinerate Anthem, as I stated already, my Merodach is far stronger than that.

On the other hand, the Dimension Lost and the Annihilation Maker were mine. I am not giving away any of those two to anyone.

"I will keep that in mind." I nodded back at them.

It was at this moment that I heard a crack and then another.

I looked at the source of the cracks in Ophis' hands.

The fucking Pokémon Egg was hatching….now.

Let's see which Pokémon she gets.

The egg started shining with a bright light and in its place finally lay a pink glob.

A Ditto.


That was certainly unique.

"Congratulations Ophis. You have a Ditto. It can transform into anything or anyone and use their powers to a certain extent. Raise it well and it can become quite strong." The potential for this little chewing gum is extremely great. I wonder if it can transform into Ophis.

"Anything?" she asked, looking at me.

"Well from the world it comes from, it can transform into beings as strong as you, although the power is not transferred, the abilities are. I guess it will depend on how you train it."

She nodded her head and hugged the ditto into her chest.

The little Pokémon had just been born and fell asleep again.

"Isn't that….like a Pokémon?" Serafall asked getting closer only for a dozen snakes erupting from Ophis' body and surrounding her threateningly, making her freeze in shock.


I quickly picked her up and brought her back. "She didn't mean to take it. She was just talking a look. Don't worry, no one currently present here will take away your Ditto from you."

She looked at me and nodded her head as her snakes retreated.

Serafall breathed a sigh of relief at this.

She then looked at me with a pout. "I want one too."


"I want a Pokémon Egg too."

Somehow Rias stood up beside me and hugged my arm between her breasts. This was something she did when she wanted something from me. "You asked me what familiar I wanted. I don't want any other familiar but I wouldn't mind a Pokémon."

On the side I saw Koneko eying me too. No words were needed but her intent was clear. Kuroka was the same.

I looked in my inventory. I had over a dozen Pokémon eggs from all the grinds everyone had. None of them were Legendries though. It just collected over time and I couldn't think of a way to raise them myself. It is time consuming and I had a lot of work to do.

Also my Ciel is by far the best.

"Well, sure." I brought out all the eggs and laid them on the table. These were identified eggs.

I passed a Skitty Egg to Koneko, an Eevee to Kuroka, maybe she can evolve it into an Umbreon, Serafall….well for someone who started all this mess, I gave her an Igglybuff.

Also if Kuroka got something then Akeno wouldn't stay back. She got a Shinx Egg.

Rias on the other hand got an Absol Egg.

An Absol with Super Luck….Yeah, that would be awesome.

Sona's fidgeting looks didn't escape me while she looked at Rias and I passed her one too….a Psyduck Egg.

I surprisingly also saw Grayfia looking at the Eggs with interest so I picked up two Eggs and went to her.

She seemed to have realised that I caught her sight and reverted quickly back to her original stoic self.

"Here. This one's for Millicas. It's a Growlithe, a Dog type Pokemon. They are extremely loyal to their masters and when trained properly, can become as strong as an Ultimate Class Devil. I think Millicas would enjoy playing with it."

A small smile appeared on her face and Sirzechs as well.

+10 Reputation with Sirzechs Lucifer(95/100) for giving Millicas a gift.

+10 Affection with Grayfia Lucifuge(90/100) for giving Millicas a gift.

And then I continued, "And this one is for you. It's….well a surprise."

She had her eyes widened and I smiled and looked at Sirzechs who gave her a pat on the back. "It's fine to accept it, Grayfia."

I gave her a Ralts.

The next two eggs went to Yasaka, a Vulpix for her daughter and an Alolan one for the mother and a Togepie for Gabriel who was looking at me with glittering eyes full of expectation. I….just didn't know how to ignore them. How could someone as old as her have Legendary Ranked Puppy Dog Eyes?

Finally done with the giveaways and all the other discussions, they left the place as I slumped down on my couch to rest. This was exhausting.

At least the gifts earned me some reputation points with the leaders and pushed the matters of today away.

I mean who doesn't like gifts. It makes everyone happy.

It was decided that while our Angel forms aren't a problem for them, it would be better to hide it for now until they can disclose it at a convenient time to avoid much of the political backlash.

It was basically them looking for a good enough piece of dirt on the old bastards and then holding it on them to let this pass by.

A good thing from this was that today Michael's and the Church people's reputation was raised a lot.

I found some time to talk to Dulio. I asked him about his Sacred Gear and wondered if Rosswiesse's giants can be sealed inside an artifact to make a makeshift Zenith Tempest. Although the power will be nowhere close to the real thing, it could still make a top class Sacred Gear.

Something to think about when I finally get some time.

He is a fun guy.

He likes going all over the world tasting food and bringing them back to the children in the orphanage to eat.

I offered to take him to the food island in One Piece and even the Whole Cake Islands.

Well, if Ophis leaves any of that though.

Ciel appeared on my lap. The emotional link between us told me that it was a little defensive for its position as my familiar.

"Don't worry, Ciel. I am not exchanging you for any of those Pokémon's….well until I get an Arceus or something." I got a pinch on my thighs for that last bit and I hugged the adorable ball of squishy goodness with a laugh.

- Interlude –

- Michael –

"Did you find out how he did it, brother?" Raphael asked the instant they arrived in the Sixth layer of Heaven.

He didn't blame him though. The news was just that urgent for them.

"Those girls were Angels, Seraphs as Shin accepted. He has the ability to change others into Seraphs. As for why their Holy Aura didn't hurt others, according to Shin, the Holy Magic that we have came from our father who was against the Demonic races and the same was the case for the Demonic power of the Devil race. Those energies took on the will of their origin. Shin on the other hand doesn't want to hurt anyone so his creations' holy energy doesn't hurt anyone until he wishes either. Azazel further added that it might also be a reason that after Father and the Satans' passing away, their will over the Holy and Demonic powers are fading and thus things like the Holy Demonic Swords are beginning to form. It is something we don't know about yet and even Shin was unsure about it."

"Other Gods also detest the devils and thus we cannot prove that this theory is wrong either. How did he change others into Seraphs and why did he do that? Did he tell you this?"

Michael shook his head. "No. He didn't address this. According to him, Asia and Luna couldn't be anything other than an Angel so when he found a method to do that, he changed them, just like Father had done to Metatron. He however refused to be able to create life yet."

"Yet? So he claims to be able to do so in the future?"

"I have no idea, brother. I couldn't force such a subject in front of everyone. For all we know, he might not even have any idea about what happened there."

"WHAT DO YOU MEAN NO IDEA? His name appeared in the Book of Names. Even though it disappeared again, his name was there. Raphael saw it himself. Moreover… it was at the top, even above your own name and…"

Raphael sighed and Michael understood Uriel's reaction too. He however couldn't find it in himself to scold him either. The situation was just that surprising.

"His energy was the same as Father's. Yes we know it, brother, which is why Michael was careful in questioning him. We have no idea what is happening and from what we have seen he doesn't either." Raphael placated Uriel and then turned towards him. "Did he tell you how he changed into an Angel?"

Michael shook his head. "According to Shin, he could change into any Race that his Patron gives him access to because she does have control over all races… Which is not something I can argue with. He even proved it by changing into a Nekoshou, a rare type of Youkai to prove his point."

Both Michael and Uriel became quiet.

"Do the others know that Shin's name appeared in the Book of Names?" Raphael asked him and Michael again shook his head.

He had told everyone that there are no new names in the Book of Names, which was not a lie. He could hear Lucifer himself laughing in his ears when he had done so but… the results of anyone finding out about what had occurred here was far beyond his guilt from hiding the said truth.

"What about the girl, Luna Lovegood surviving a strike from the Truth Idea?" Raphael asked after a moment of silence.

This time however Gabriel chose to answer. "Shin-sama said that she wouldn't be hurt because the True Longinus contained Father's will and he will never hurt his sister. He seemed to know about the criteria of judgement of the True Longinus and claimed that he learned it from the True Longinus itself."

Michael and his brothers didn't fail to see the way Gabriel was addressing Shin. It had been the same since he had reverted her into an Angel again, a kindness second only to life for an Angel so none of them blamed her for this either. They could understand her position.

"What do you mean learn it from the True Longinus?" Uriel asked, confused so Michael explained it further.

"Shin claims to have the ability to talk to artifacts. He did the same with the Incinerate Anthem when he asked it to serve Griselda. According to him, every magical item slowly develops a spirit, something like the Ayakashi from Japan that are born from Human emotions. There are similar examples in other mythologies as well and something like a Longinus almost always has a spirit. He can communicate with them. He stated that he found out about the abilities of the True Longinus from the True Longinus itself."

"So… he can talk to Father's will?" Uriel asked, eyes widened.

"I didn't ask him that in front of the others, brother. Father is still a complicated topic for the Devils and even the Fallen Angels so I avoided such questions. Maybe we can get an audience with him in private somewhere. He did say that we can use the True Longinus in the System to cover up the holes and he would help us if possible. I plan to seek him to consult about it at a later date and then ask him these questions." Michael stated making both Uriel and Raphael nod at it.

He continued. "Shin also stated that Luna Lovegood also had something else that could stop the attack of the True Longinus." He continued before his brothers could protest. "He stated it to be Avalon, the Sheath of Excalibur… from a different world. This Sheath is a conceptual existence that shifts the user into Avalon, the Land of the Fairies to shield them from any attack and thus only an attack that can breach dimensions, can harm the user. He gave it to his sister figure to protect her from any danger to her life."

"That's ridiculous."

"Ophis backed his words as well. He was not lying. Moreover his Merodach was from the same world and is imbued with a similar conceptual attack, 'The Light that burns till the end of the world'. Apparently that world has many such weapons and this Avalon is probably the strongest Defensive artifact that he knows of in our world." Michael explained everything to them in detail from there.

It was finally when all of this ended that Raphael asked. "What is that egg in Gabriel's arm?"

"Ah….this is a gift from Shin-sama. Apparently it has a tiny magical creature called a Pokémon. He said this one will suit me very well and gave it to me." Gabriel smiled.

Seeing the confused look in their faces, Michael explained further, "It is a familiar of sorts. According to Shin, these things can become as strong as an Ultimate Class if trained properly. He gave similar gifts to others too."

They nodded and then discussed the future actions to take due to the attack and ways to cope with it.

- Sirzechs –

Sirzechs sighed in relief as he slumped down on his couch after a bath.

Grayfia had arranged his dinner in their room and was now placing the Pokemon Egg that they received from Shin on the table.

Millicas had been over the moon when he found out what it was that he was getting as a gift.

For a bit, Sirzechs felt quite guilty for not giving his child as much time as he wanted to.

Millicas was burdened with his name and had to work harder than other Noble children to maintain a certain social standing. Grayfia wouldn't let any one of them slack off. Thankfully his son was a very obedient child and didn't complain… which only made his guilt worse.

So, this was a very fun occasion to see his son jump in joy when he received his gift. He was a bit envious that he wasn't the one who thought of this… then again where would he get something like this?

His brother-in-law had various means that he didn't so it was a waste of time getting envious.

"What are you thinking about?" Grayfia asked, sitting beside him and he put an arm around her, hugging her closer to himself.

"I was thinking that I have a very troublesome Brother-in-law." He pouted.

"Not that he isn't worth it?" she retorted.

"I never said that. Despite the heart attack-inducing shocks, thank Satans that Devils can't die from those, he pulls on us every now and then, he is very much worth all of this trouble."

"Are you worried about what those old ones will say when they find out about Shin-kun's new powers?" she asked, rubbing her cheeks on his chest.

"I *sigh* haven't even finalised a way for Shin's business to be established properly without them trying to dig their claws in it. Shin is very friendly and laid back but he is not a pushover. If they push him, which looking at the current scene, they absolutely will, Shin will simply destroy them. I still remember the words he used against Hades, 'Reasons and proof are for people like them, people who care. I don't need reasons or proof. If I find that you hurt my family, I will end you.' This memory makes me both happy and scared at the same time. Especially with his current strength."

"Hmm, I think he is almost as strong as you."

"Not almost Grayfia. Shin is as strong as me and that's just his own power. His Sacred Gears and other artifacts are not included in this. That Merodach sword of his… It gave me chills just looking at it. If those people push him… It will be a catastrophe for the underworld."

"I don't think you need to worry about Shin-kun erupting out on them. The ones you should be worried about are Rias and the other girls. I don't think Shin-kun will even need to lift a finger to do anything." Grayfia joked and Sirzechs felt a smile tug on his lips.

"I was completely stunned at Rias' growth. She apparently has a new power, one of the Devil Fruits as well. It was quite similar to the Boosted Gear's power but this can even affect matter itself from what I have heard from Serafall. And all her peerage members are similarly powerful. Rias has already attained a level of power where she can become the Rating Game Champion without any challenge and she probably hasn't even realised it yet. The one I fear the most about is Kuroka. Her strength was quite beyond a normal Satan Class and from what Serafall said, she will only get stronger. I just wish that others don't make any noise when they see her."

"You will just have to put your foot down strongly at this and reveal the actions of the Naberius House. Their actions are legally traitorous and thus Kuroka was in a way protesting against rebellion and not in the wrong. You can make it an example if you want and with the political refuge that she has with the Shinto, adding to that her somehow becoming a Pure Nekoshou, maybe due to Shin using something again, she is out of their reach. I don't think they could push much, as long as all the Satans stand firm."

Sirzechs thought about it and it did seem reasonable.

"Thankfully Heaven's side isn't arguing either. I thought they would be the most resistant side in this whole fiasco." Grayfia continued.

"They are probably thinking about getting Shin's method to make Seraphs though, him giving the True Longinus to them along with the Incinerate Anthem helped as well. I doubt someone like Michael would ever be able to raise a finger against Shin after such an action. That was pretty clever. Ajuka was happy to research these Devil Fruits. I like this name."

"Yes, they are good things. I read the Devil Fruit Catalog that Serafall gave us and some of these powers are better than many of the Clan Traits. According to Serafall, these Devil Fruits bestow these powers as a single generation bloodline to their users. If these powers could be made hereditary…."

"It would lead to those old one protesting to ban them or only keep them for the Pillar Houses or more specifically themselves… something that no one will agree to. I will have to talk to Shin to keep them non Hereditary to avoid all that trouble. Hopefully this alliance will give us some more power to push back more against those devils from the Great King faction and make some new laws." Sirzechs sighed once more.

"It will happen in time."

"I need a vacation. I think I will ask Shin for a visit to that world when I get a chance. A full family vacation while not missing work either." He asked, worried that Grayfia would pinch his cheeks again for wanting to cut work.

However he was in for a surprise this time.

"That… does sound quite good."

He looked at her in surprise and she just rolled her eyes. "I don't want you to cut your work but as the time in this world will be stopped, you won't miss anything and we can get some time to spend with Millicas too. On second thought, you should ask Shin to learn that Clone Technique from him. That seemed very useful and could cut your work time considerably."

Sirzechs thought back to the Clone Technique and yeah… dammit, he should have asked for it today.

Shin gave everyone a gift, surely he wouldn't mind him asking for one.

After all, he did owe Sirzechs at least this for taking away his cute adorable Ria-tan.


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