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Chapter 60: The Birthday.

- Shin -

I soon followed Rias to our room, leaving Sakuya to take care of the guests.

The first meeting, a proper one and I find out that my soon to be father-in-law is an idiotic ass.

I reached our room and found her inside, tears in her eyes and yet holding back from breaking down. I walked up and took her in my arms, gently caressing her silky hair.

"Have you calmed down?"

She pulled back and looked at me in my eyes, anger flaring up in them once more. "He was trying to enslave you."

"Calm down a bit first. It is fine." I tried reassuring her.

"Calm? How can I calm down, Shin? He tried to ENSLAVE you! He tried using my connection to you to make you into a slave. That man… he tried to… how are you so calm?"

"He couldn't have done anything." I replied calmly. It was true. It wouldn't have done anything to me as I wouldn't have signed the document at any rate. Moreover Death would have killed anyone who tried to enslave me anyways.

"It still doesn't change the fact that he tried. One thing… I am finally happy with my life and he came here and tried to take even that away." Her tears were running down her face by now.

"And he will return empty-handed. It doesn't change anything, Rias. He made a fool of himself. I am alright. Nothing has changed."

"Why are you not angry?" she finally shouted.

"I am angry, Rias. I am furious right now. My power leaked slightly as wisps of black and red danced around me. I took a deep breath and calmed myself. "But one of us needs to keep our cool. You are not in the condition to do so." I took her to the bed and made her sit down beside me.

She let her tears fall for a while and I kept holding her. Finally done with it, she wiped her eyes.

"Are you calmer now?" I asked, making sure.

She nodded and I continued.

"Good. Wanna talk about it?"

"I… am sorry. I ruined our dinner tonight."

"You didn't do anything. It was him. Don't blame yourself for it. He did something stupid and you got angry. Happens all the time." I reassured her.

She's just eighteen. People at her age blow up all the time. That's nothing new.

"Tell me about what you want to do, Rias. I understand that you are angry, no, more than angry. If someone had tried to do the same to you, I might have blown their heads off before realising. Unfortunately or fortunately, that's not an option here. Stupid or not, family is family." So killing him is not an option. At least not openly. There are other options though. I didn't really consider the Potters my family. Harry's residual thoughts did have a slight effect on me but the thing is that almost none of them were positive regarding his family. Only for Luna and Sirius. It's one of the reasons why I feel so close to Luna, maybe.

But the Gremory family, no matter how messed up, was going to become my family. Blowing up was not going to do us anything good.

If everyone started blowing up shitty in-laws, a good part of the population would be reduced.

"I don't want them to use me to blackmail you anymore. I don't." she whispered.

"You will not hurt me and I won't allow anyone to do so either. What I am asking is about your decision of being the Heiress? Do you want to keep it or let it go?"

She looked up at me, staring directly into my eyes. "Do you want me to?"

I took a deep breath. "I want you to do whatever you want, Rias. The position and resources of the Gremory family might be attractive for many but I have almost a hundred times more than they have and will only make more in time. If you want to be the Heiress or even the Head of the Gremory House, I will support you. If you want to take my name, I will make sure that I make it big enough that you can have a thousand houses like the Gremory's, begging for a second of your time. What I want is for you to decide. You brought Lily back into my life again just so I can experience a family's love. I could have lived simply and it wouldn't have changed anything and yet you wanted me to get that chance. You are someone who loves her family, Rias. Let us leave your father aside, what about your mother, Millicas, Grayfia? I don't know about your other family members? I could have easily shouted and or simply brought your father to his knees but that would have made matters worse. It could have taken away your chance to change things if you wanted to at a later date, in case you ever regretted anything. I don't want you to lose that chance and regret later on. So, please think about this. No matter what decision you make, I will support you. Angry people don't make good decisions. So take a rest for tonight. As for the matter of your father and the council of idiots, leave them to me."

I destroyed the world government even without any personal enmity. Just for a quest. I brought down their entire system just out of convenience to complete the quest. This time, it is personal. If they were really behind Zeoticus' actions, they will face the same end. They either kneel or they stop existing.

"I…." she tried to speak up but I put a finger to her lips.

"Shh, take a nap for now. We will talk tomorrow morning."

I laid her on the bed and held her closer to me making a pillow out of my arms and soon enough she relaxed. Her breathing evened and she fell asleep.

I laid her properly on the pillow and left a shadow clone to accompany her.

- Scene Change -

I reached towards our roof after putting Rias to sleep.

There was someone already waiting for me there. I sensed that he hadn't left for his room.

"How is she now?" He asked, still looking at the sky.

"She is sleeping now. I left a Shadow Clone with her." I took a seat on another recliner beside him.

"It is a very convenient technique. I was going to ask you for it. Grayfia had suggested that it would really help me out with my paperwork." He brought out a set of glasses from a magic circle while I brought out the strongest of my wines. I needed to drink today. These conversations are taking a toll on my veins. I need to relax.

"I will make something for you to use. Although the clones will basically be your copy so they will also try to skip work if you do so. The cheeky bastards can even pop themselves if they feel like it. And the information overloads can be painful." he poured us each a glass and laid the bottle aside.

"Ah, I didn't know that. It still feels like a very convenient technique nonetheless. Oh! Is this from Tannin's collection?"

"That it is." I agreed.

We put down our glasses at the same time and I poured more.

"I am sorry for tonight, Shin." the guy opened up as he took a sip.

"Don't be. I am fine."

"I know that you are angry, you have every right to be. I won't even deny that. What father did today was beyond stupid." taking a deep breath, he continued. "I had no idea he had planned something like that."

I took a sip from my glass and stared at the sky. "What would you have done, Sirzechs? I mean if someone had asked you to sign such a contract? Not a family member, someone else, completely unrelated."


I however continued, without giving him any chance to complete the sentence. "I would have normally would have found such an insult extremely offensive but I would have found it more amusing that they thought that they could bind me so easily, that I would just roll over and agree. I would have laughed at their foolishness and ignorance if anything. But I didn't. Just because he is Rias' father." I paused to take a sip of my wine and continued. "Observation Haki manifests in many forms. Some people see auras, Patrick could read minds of other people even without trying. He got so disillusioned with mankind that he became a loner. I think the only reason why he joined Serafall was because he couldn't read her mind due to her demonic power and mental defences. Anyways, returning back to the topic. Do you know what my speciality is?"

He turned to look at me and I continued.

"Empathy. I can sense the emotions of other people. What they feel. Their innermost emotions, no matter how they hide it behind any walls, I can sense it." I saw his eyes widen. "Don't worry, I don't use it on my loved ones but it is a massively useful tool in negotiations. Today… felt everything your father was thinking. I knew his intentions even before he brought out the contract although I didn't know that he had one or I would never have let the matters come to it. And I still would have rejected the matter casually, even treated it as a joke to not cause any unnecessary problems. Unlike what people believe, I am not a murderhobo who likes to kill people wherever I go. Hell, I even left Kokabiel alive and he pretty much started a Great War. If anything, I dislike troublesome things the most. I just want to live a peaceful life, work and have a happy family. So, you don't need to worry, I am not going to go on a rampage killing people on the slightest of insults. I promise you that as long as they don't cross my bottomline which is my loved ones, I won't go on a rampage…" I saw him take a very imperceptible breath and continued, "... but, in return, you will also have to promise me that, if they do cross that line… you will not interfere either."

He took a deep breath and replied in the most serious voice I had heard from the guy yet, "If such a time comes, I will side with you. This I promise."

+4 Reputation with Sirzechs Lucifer(99/100)

None of us said anything for a while and we drank the wine in our glasses before pouring more.

"Did she calm down?"

"She is asleep. She must have really a lot of problems with your father for her to snap like that. Especially since her training with Merlin. I was actually too stunned to reply back then."

"She… doesn't get along with father." He said in a complicated tone.

"On that matter, what's the deal with your Mother? She… her emotions seemed quite odd compared to what I expected of someone who hadn't spoken a single word. I have had a few conversations with her but she… didn't quite seem like herself today."

"Mother! Really she did? Empathy… I wish I had that skill. She normally only openly lets out her emotions when she is drunk. She… do you know about the Gremory Family, Shin?" He asked after trying to figure out the words to say.

"Only the things I know from Rias and that's not much in detail. She didn't like to talk about your father… I can see why now. But answering your questions, not much."

"My father is the son of the previous Lord Gremory who was from the Dantalion House and my grandmother, Chysis Gremory. My mother on the other hand was the daughter of the second mistress of the previous head of the Bael House, making her the half sister of the current head. Naturally her position was not quite high in the family. This was again worsened when she showed more talent than the current Head of the Bael who was the Heir back then. She was married to my father by a similar contract as Rias had earlier. This is not told much but several houses were dissatisfied with the rule of the Satan descendants and were plotting for several years, centuries even. As you know there are no bad people among the winners. A failed rebellion is called treachery while a successful one is called a revolution after all. Obviously our side won as you can see now but the plans were in motion long before we were even born. Ajuka and I just turned out to be a result of those plans. Experimental children. Rizevim is probably the only natural born Super Devil and now maybe you. Anyway, back to the topic. You must have noticed that no other houses have the Bael bloodline except us. Zekram values 'The Power of Destruction' a lot. He would never let children from his House marry outside. So much so that he even got you a High Class Devil status so that you do not end up in someone's peerage as a way to breed 'The Power of Destruction'. Then… why do you think my mother was married to a different clan? The only exception since the very beginning?"

"Politics…" I said, not having the faintest idea. The LNs I had read contained only so much information.

"Oh, definitely politics. The exact reason was to… a price. My mother was the price to keep someone out of the Civil Wars - my ancestor and the first Gremory, one of the original seventy two pillars, Runeas Gremory."

"Who?" I asked, taken aback.

An original Pillar Devil was alive except Zekram and the Gremory no less?

"She is still alive. She had survived the Great War but two of the original Pillar Devils always attracted the attention of the Satan Descendants as well as the other houses because of their seniority and status. A thorn in the eyes of the ones in power and a person to rally behind for others. This put the Gremory House under a lot of pressure from both the Satan Descendants and Zekram… and thus Runeas chose to put herself in a magical sleep. The reason that was given to the outside world was that she wanted to keep her mind young… but… for what? What would she want to keep her mind young for? It wasn't as if she knew what was coming tomorrow or in a thousand years so that reason was obviously a fake. It was to show that the Gremory didn't want any part in the power struggle. It succeeded and the pressure on the Gremory House was lessened immediately. Obviously in the Civil War, her coming out would have increased the support on our side but… the leader of the rebellion, Zekram… would he want to support that? Would he share the power with someone else? My Mother was the price to keep Runeas uninvolved in the Civil War. Because even if she woke up after the Civil War, she wouldn't be able to do anything as Zekram would have controlled everything by then. And obviously as a bargaining chip, the contract was made in a similar way. Mother doesn't have much freedom in her marriage. She might be stronger than father but the contract binds her to follow him. And as for my father… my Grandfather died quite early in the Civil War and my father was apparently the equivalent of Riser back then. He never got anyone to set him straight as grandmother was busy maintaining the House alone. He, on the other hand, got into the group with Lord Phenex and his posies."

He took a sip from his glass as I listened to him without making a single bit of sound.

"This was the main reason why Rias hated that marriage contract. Mother… she tends to speak things when she is drunk and Rias has seen it from her childhood and dreaded such a life. The Gremory family looks quite perfect from the outside but is… quite messed up on the inside. It's probably why she tries to find her family in her servants, a family she desires. That's why she is so overprotective of them that she almost coddles them. It was also why I was trying to find a way to help her out in any way I can. Father obviously got in the way. Gasper could have been taken in by my peerage members and they could have helped the boy. Akeno, Koneko and Kiba could have been taken to a psychiatrist. This was the responsibility of the elder of the house, not a twelve year old who didn't even know they had such problems. He had given her the time till she finished University to stay in the Human world and prepare but he was planning to back down and pull the marriage date to her eighteenth birthday, catching her off guard. But then you came in, and she got out of the marriage. She improved so much in such a short period of time. Now she is all grown up and strong enough to hold her own in this world." He paused for one more sip. His words were getting slurry by now.

"Grayfia was my emotional support for centuries and when Rias was born, she became the star of my eyes. My sister isn't perfect, Shin. But… she is my sister and I will protect her… I fought a bloody war against my kind, people whom I went to school with, my distant relatives and took their lives… I didn't want this damned Lucifer title, to essentially steal a family name like some common thief or the position of a Satan. I wanted to be a simple musician, play the piano, but… I still did it….just for the peace of my family. So if anyone… anyone has a problem with me helping my sister… well they can kiss my bloody satanic ass." His words were starting to get messed up by now and so were his emotions. The man was genuinely drunk. Even Observe shows the same result. Working in a tough position like his and then dealing with all this shit when he came for a peaceful dinner. I sighed. The man needed a break.

A few more minutes and then I carried him down. Grayfia was near the door of their room and took him in.

Sakuya had offered to take in Millicas for the night to give the two some time.

Leaving them, I left for my lab. There was still work to do.

I cast a few spells and activated the wards of the lab as I took my seat.

A communication circle opened. "Report."

"Kufufufufufu the mission has been going well, Master. They were nearly decimated by the previous attack and are now preparing to use the Sephiroth Graal to create an army of Evil Dragons to launch an indiscriminate attack all over the underworld to cause plan to reveal several things about the current government to cause those riots and take this opportunity to kidnap or assassinate several important people in the Underworld. Their plan is to change the Vampires into Evil Dragons. I managed to alter their spells with a bit of my own magic to charm any dragons that are created from this. In a month, I will be able to present an army of twenty thousand Evil Dragons to you, Master."

Even as serious I was with my current mood, the news took me off guard.

This guy always did things beyond his pay-grade.

"Very good. I expected no less from you. Send me the information and all the dirt they have on the current Government, get everything you can about them and what about the two main missions that I had entrusted you with?"

"It will be done, Master. As for the two missions. I made some progress with the first one but the second one is still on hold. Rizevim Livan Lucifer hasn't made any moves and I cannot track the location of the one you asked me about. My apologies for disappointing you, Master."

"No. I didn't expect it to be easy. Keep doing what you need to do there. I trust you. Just make sure that Valerie's Sacred Gear is not extracted and that she doesn't die."

"Thank you for your praise, Master. I will not disappoint you again."

With that I cut off the call and slumped down on my couch.

Diablo has been busy with something much more important. I don't know if the Council was behind this move as Zeoticus was too much of an idiot to be allowed to control this unless they had some means to control him themselves. Moreover, they wouldn't have made such a stupid contract in the first place. Zekram wouldn't have made such an obvious mistake unless he was trying to create a rift between me and the Gremorys. Even for bait, this was just too obvious. What the fuck were they even thinking?

Anyways, this doesn't change the fact that they planned against me and were still doing so. It is only natural that I would take some precautions against such moves.

Diablo's package came shortly after.

I checked the files and found information on several of the houses including Zekram that would put them in deep shit if revealed.

Now, how to use this information?

Giving it to Sirzechs was out of the question. They would at best negotiate and settle for some middle ground. That would just send them back to plotting. Maybe when they fuck up or something, I can do that at the right time but again it will be much better to just use this information myself to get their agreements.

For now, I need to think about tomorrow's party.

- Scene Change -

The next morning, I woke up to my now familiar curtain of crimson hair. I had returned to our room a bit later at night, taking care of some work. Preparing for some eventualities incase someone tried something stupid, which I am pretty sure they will.

Surprisingly, today my partner was awake before me.

"Good Morning." She greeted me, her voice much calmer.

"Good Morning." I turned to her side and put an arm around her. "Are you alright now?"



"I've been thinking for a while. You were right, an angry mind is not good for thinking."


"I will talk to others, and by others I mean mother, Grayfia and brother today. I am still very angry and I cannot find it in myself to forgive him for that but if possible I don't want to burn all the bridges."

"You are still mad about that, huh."

She stared at me, with a blank stare. "Okay, out with it. Why exactly are you not angry? I know you were angry last night but now you seem suspiciously calm."

"Rias, are we comparing asshole fathers because you know where to find mine buried in London and also know the reason why. Knowing the backstories now our stories seem too similar. Asshat father who cares too much about his image, a more or less bound mother. Actually, you still win because you at least have your other family members rooting for you and have no shitty siblings." I scoffed a bit but she still stared.

"Good," she said calmly but without changing any expressions. "Now the real reason."





"Can you read minds with your Observation now?"

"No, I can read your face. Now answer." she narrowed her eyes and I pulled her tighter into me.

"That's not fair. Why don't I get such a skill."

"It's called Women's Intuition."

"Too OP, please nerf."

She didn't reply, apparently catching my diversionary tactics too.

"I realised something later after we left the dinner."


"Your father would have blown up in a blast of blood and gore had I signed that agreement."

I felt her shake a bit but the very next moment, she collected herself.


"I mean, do you remember who I work for? She nodded and I continued. "Now, do you think someone like her would allow her champion to be enslaved so easily? To allow someone else to have control over the one person she has claimed as hers? Yeah, no. I haven't known her for years but that's bloody unlikely."

"I wouldn't appreciate it if you just jumped into such contracts for me to clean up after you."

I heard her voice again after a long period of time.

Rias felt it too but this time she had gotten used to it and surprisingly she looked with a very serious expression and nodded in the air.

"On the matter of contracts, I believe that you can soon collect the debt I owe?"

The debt.

Ah, the marriage with Rias. On second thought, I didn't even know what was going on with that. I never got to read the contract so I don't even know what it entailed.

"Well then find out. I just want the contact to be completed soon. Do it and I will gift you something good."

As you say, Boss Lady.

Moreover, with all this shit going on. I too agree that it is better to get Rias out of that house.

I guess I will have to arrange something soon too.

- Scene Change -

I stood in front of our castle in Wano.

I had a large crowd behind me. All the guests were brought to the reception. It was basically our peerage members and the leaders along with one extra of their choice.

The Cloud Cloud fruit used by Nami along with the architects of Wano created a wonderful scenery. The entire city had several buildings floating in the sky.

Instead of a tree, like in the Flower Capital, the castle was on clouds with the change stone path paved on the white clouds at low heights with streams of water on both sides.

Nami was taking a pretty decent sum of money for providing the people with the extra land in prime locations. She is a really sly little minx.

"It feels like a place straight out of a fairy tale. The castle is a piece of art. The design though?" Yasaka asked, looking at the castle at the end of the road.

"Is taken from the Himeji Castle. Rias and Kuroka showed the designs to the local craftsmen and they were fairly impressed and decided to make the castle like this."

The path was paved on the clouds with cherry blossom trees along the sides. On both sides of the path were the Wano Samurai and the Kuja Security force each.

The best part was probably the ninjas and the minks on the trees, and the mermaids in the streams, all welcoming the guests as we passed by the roads.

The fishmen made water arcs over the road using their Fish-man Karate.

It was a grand welcome if I had ever seen one.

I saw the two children in the group looking around at everything in awe.

Another person who was looking at everything with keen interest was Ajuka. I am pretty sure the guy would have been picking up samples if it hadn't been for the occasion and the fact that we were going to spend a week in this place.

"This place really looks like Edo Period Japan. If I didn't know better and didn't feel my connection with the land, I would have thought to have returned to the Edo era." Lady Amaterasu said, looking around.

"Onii-sama, are those… ninjas in those trees?" Milicas was looking at the trees where some of the ninjas were peeking at the crowd.

"Yes. They belong to the Village Hidden in the Cherry Blossoms that Rias is creating. Shinobu." I called out to the side and sure enough a younger version of Shinobu appeared near me.


"I see that you have gained some practice with chakra. It seems that the training is developing well. By the way, this is Millicas, Rias' nephew and the young girl with us is Miss Kunou. Please make sure they have a tour of the Village after today's party." I informed the pink clad kunoichi.

"As you order, Shin-sama."

"In that case, I will leave it to you." I nodded and she disappeared.

We came to a large flight of stairs in front of us and while we took the longer path to show the area to the guests, no one wanted to climb them so along came our rides. Golden Coloured Clouds with comic faces on them. A collaboration between Rossweisse and Nami. Our own flying nimbus clouds.

"Are these?… ufufufufufu, I wish I could see that old monkey's face if he saw such a scene." Yasaka giggled.

The clouds took us to the castle gates flying over the flight of stairs, while also giving everyone the view of the now renewed Wano Country.

The executives of the territory are waiting for us at the gates of the castle. They were Hancock's sisters, Jimbei, Shirahoshi who had the power of the Swim Swim Fruit, Senor Pink's Fruit, now with the weakness removed and could swim anywhere she wanted. The man himself had surrendered later and had decided to serve his time after his wife was treated. He helped us know about a lot of Doflamingo's sources and decided to repent for the crimes he commited.

Leading them all was Princess Hiyori or rather Lady Hiyori Amatsuki.

"Welcome back to Wano everyone and many happy returns of the day Lady Rias. I am very pleased to meet you again." Hiyori stepped up to greet Rias.

"Lady Amatsuki. You shouldn't have come to the gates. You are the Daimio of…."

"And you all are the saviours of my country. I wouldn't be able to face my parents if I let my pride change my behaviour towards you all. Please think nothing of this. Welcome inside. Uncle and everyone else are already inside."

And we did just that.

The castle was prepared and I had taken some time to let Rindo and Sanji come over in advance to prepare the meal for the party. Luffy was quite happy to lend Sanji to me for this.

On second thought, the moron might have just been happy about the food himself.

The procession followed me to the insides of the castle and sure enough, everyone was already present.

The main halls of the castle had several balconies and all of them were full with the crew members of the allies of Wano and only the cadres were on the ground floor.

This birthday party was more than just that. It was the opportunity for the two worlds to connect. The major decision makers of the world were all present today.

"Wow, that Oni is so big." Kunou shouted while pointing out towards the open side of the balcony where Oars was sitting and looking inside the castle.

I nodded towards Merlin who changed him to a normal size to the surprise and great joy of everyone present, especially the Whitebeard Pirates.

"We can't have one of our allies sit outside for this now, can we?" I smiled while the now normal sized giant looked around in awe while being surrounded by his happy crew members.

"Gurararara, It's always the surprises with you, brat." The now much younger looking Whitebeard stepped forward after giving Oars a hug. "Congratulations on the special day to you, child." he patted Rias' head and then presented her with a small box passed onto him by Marko. "This is a small gift from the children and me."

She opened the box and I Observed the Devil Fruit inside it.

"The children found it on an island near this place. We know how much you like working with these things so thought that you might like this."

"Your thoughts count much more. Thank you for coming to this party, Whitebeard."

"Gurarararara as if I will miss a party. We have been pirates for all our lives and even with the new age, we might have changed our work but we never forget to party."

"I agree with Newgate's words. Pirates know only one thing as well as sailing and that's partying. Many happy returns of the day, Rias. Live a long and happy life."

Behind him followed Rayleigh, Shanks and the others. Surprisingly even Dragon and Zephyr were present.

They presented their gifts as the others were introduced to each other.

Surprisingly or quite unsurprisingly, Odin and Azazel got along pretty well with the pirates. Amaterasu was talking with Hiyori and Yasuie while Yasaka was led by Kuroka to meet the Minks. The children were just running around looking at everything they could.

I spotted Sirzechs' peerage members talking to some of the pirates. Okita Souji was talking to Mihawk and Rayleigh while Vali was trying his best to behave but his battle intent was obvious for everyone to see.

Ajuka was talking to the group of the scientists who did research for the country.

Then came the shows. The Japanese themed shows were all fine but then there was a performance by a diva. A girl with half red and half white hair.

"Wow, she sings so well. Shin-kun, who is she? Can I get her in my peerage? She can help me make my Magical Girl Levia-tan show even better."

"Yeah, Uta is a great singer." Luffy said and I looked towards him in question. "She is my friend."

And that was enough for Luffy. He went back towards the snacks.

"She is also Shanks' daughter." A different voice added from the side.

Nami came to join us.

"Shanks' daughter? Shanks has a daughter? I looked towards the man who was looking at the girl with a wry smile on her face."

"She doesn't get along with him. Something happened between them. We don't really know. Shanks is trying to mend the relationship but she refuses to even talk to him."

… Why do so many girls around me have massive daddy issues?

"You are thinking something incredibly rude."

Oh, come on. Women's intuition is broken.

"You're imagining things." I smiled.

"Whatever you say."

"So Nami, I hear that you are making quite a fortune selling land to people. You know we are good friends and all…" I put an arm around her shoulder while she looked at me suspiciously.

"Yes, so what… . "

"I was wondering if you could make some herb gardens for me using different types of clouds. You know, to grow herbs of different climate types easily."

"Oh, a business deal? How much do I get?"

… Her eyes really did turn to Beri symbols.

I raised two fingers.

"Twenty million for each acre." She muttered to herself and then gave me a thumbs up.


Her grin got wider and so did mine.

She quickly left to find Nojiko to tell her the good news.

"You are tricking her again, aren't you." Rias smiled at our interaction.

"She enjoys possessing money more than using it. In fact if I actually need money, she will just give everything to me, although she would add a massive interest on it. She is a kind person and also a part of my crew."

"I am surprised you didn't reincarnate them as a part of your peerage."

"My peerage will be involved in fights and Nami, Nojiko and Rindo don't like such things. They might be trained but they will only do it for my sake and not because they enjoy it. I will change their races when I take them back to our world and let them do what they want. So, how are you liking the party?"

"It's wonderful. Getting a Birthday Party in an anime world… Do you even need to ask me how I feel?"


I didn't ask her about yesterday. No need to ruin a perfectly good day.

The Birthday Cake that came after that was grand.

Thankfully the idiot hadn't made any stupid moves since the morning.

And for his sake, I wish it stayed the same.

- Scene Change -

We sat on the floating cloud balconies.

"So what do you think of this place?"

"I like it more than I like mine." My crimson haired future brother-in-law replied why laying down on his cloud.

"Isn't that because you don't have to work here?"

"Maybe but even without it, this place is like a wonderland. I don't think we have any theme parks like this in the Underworld."

"Nami is a very sharp mind when it comes to money and the Cloud Cloud fruit is just too suitable for her."

"Is she the orange haired girl?"

"Yes. She is an official part of my crew. A crew in this world is more or less what a peerage is back in the world."

She is a very good peerage member then.

Rias was currently talking to her mother and Grayfia about her decision and I decided to do the same for myself.

"Can I ask you for something, Sirzechs?"

"Yes, sure… . "

"Well… ."

I said the things I had in mind. He, while a bit surprised, listened to it.

"If you both are fine with it, I don't see any problems with it."

"Thank you." I raised my glass to him and chugged down my wine.

Part one of the plan is complete.

Let's hope for Rias' success on her end too.

As we were discussing things, someone else came up the cloud.

"You know, all these clouds remind me too much of Heaven. Now only if that place had wine like this too." Azazel came up and occupied a seat next to us and poured himself a glass. "Oh and the dancers too. The girls here were quite exquisite." He chugged down the glass directly.

"Glad you like it here."

"The research facility is good. While mainly focusing on DNA and Bloodlines, the talents of scientists in the facility is without a doubt. I dare say they are above most of the scientists in the Grigori, especially that man Vegapunk. I can see why both Ajuka and Sirzechs' little sister were fighting to recruit him. I have seen only a handful of talents like him in my entire lifetime and I have lived for a long while, I can tell you that."

"So you are not interested in their research?" I asked.

"The Devil Fruits. Sure. That Sharingan thing? Your fiance will kill me if I tried to poach that. But the main focus of my interest is the Sacred Gears. I have no interest in bloodline abilities and race are more Ajuka's cup of tea. I think he was discussing being able to pass the Bloodline abilities through Evil Pieces. It was something they would keep in this world only because imagine the amount of shit that can cause."

"Ajuka was?" Sirzechs looked up.

"Something about reviving the dead clans through the use of their DNA. It would help relieve the stress that you Satans have on your shoulders. Although it might not be working for a long time."

"People back in the Underworld would start another Civil War and launch a coup if this is found out." He sighed. "Lilith was the only one who could create Devils with the help of the 'Book of Lucifer'. Reincarnating devils is one thing but this would put things beyond the line. While having extra pillars will thin out the powers of the Great King Faction, the risks are far higher."

"And that's why this world is best for such research."

"Still if the word gets out…."

"What if we get the source to collaborate?" I asked.

Both the men looked at me suddenly and I took a sip of my wine before continuing.

"Lilith is still alive." and dropped the bomb.

Glasses dropped as Azazel coughed. "WHAT!"

"Lilith never died. She was kept in a suspended animation of sorts by Rizevim after Lucifer died." I replied. It's better to prepare for such huge bombs.

"Where is she?" Sirzechs asked hurriedly.

"Don't know. I have sent a spy inside the Khaos Brigade to find out about her location. I might get some information soon."

"I will need to talk to others again. This was supposed to be my vacation Shin. Don't drop such news on me so suddenly." He sighed and slumped back into his Cloud Chair.

"If you can get her support, she can single handedly sway the entire Devil Population to your side. Zekram or anyone won't even be an issue. I would like to think I did you a favour instead of increasing your workload."

"But would Lilith be so easy to convince?" Azazel chimed.

"She was kept in a sleep by her own child for thousands of years while no other children of hers came to her rescue and only fought for their selfish reasons. Become that rescuer or rather have Runeas Gremory take the lead personally. You can even spin the story as her trying to find Lilith all these years while people thought she was sleeping. An instant uno reversal on the situation if I have ever seen any. No one would be able to say anything about her staying out of the Civil War. Put the blame on Zekram for never investigating and even trying to find Lilith's corpse. Some rumours in the underworld stating that he might have been behind the scenes as he definitely profited the most from it and the Great King Faction's reputation will be in tatters. Use that moment to bring some of the buried skeletons out into the open. If you can't do it yourself, I will find some for you. If someone rebels then, just clean them up. Lilith can always create the Pillars back."

The two men had their mouths open and jaws on the ground on hearing my words.


"Who's the Satan here, him or you? That's ruthless. Efficient as fuck but still ruthless." Azazel said pointing towards me.

"I know things, Azazel. Things that can cause wars and bring down factions. I just don't care about those things as long as those people don't affect me."

"You are still angry about last night's incident?" Sirzechs asked.

"No. I am just preparing for eventualities. I have more than a dozen ways to bring them to their knees and violence is the last one I have in mind. Don't worry about it. I will not be making the first move. I promised you this already."

"I sense this is something I shouldn't interfere in so I will simply drink." Azazel coolly ignored the conversation. Something I was quite glad to the man about.

- Scene Change -

"So, your mother and Grayfia were actually happy with your decision?"

"Not happy exactly but they were supportive and understood. It would avoid a lot of trouble if I married and took your name rather than brought you under his control. I agree with them too."

It was late at night and we were sitting on the top of the golden belfry in Skypiea, looking at the beautiful scene in front of us.

"Oh, by the way. Here's the copy of the contract. Mother read the original contract and wrote a copy of it."

I took a look at the piece of paper. So this is what the thing was. Quite simple and yet it leaves enough room to manoeuvre around.

Suddenly I sensed Rias hesitating a little and looked up, raising an eyebrow.

"Are you okay with it?" she asked me and I nodded. "I know I am pushing forward and things have suddenly come to this so if you…." she started speaking but I stopped her in between.

"Will you marry me, Rias?"


I brought out the ring from my inventory. This is what I was talking to Sirzechs about.

"Will you marry me?" I got down on my knees and proposed again.

Her mouth opened for a while and then she moved and nodded, presenting her hand to me, not trusting herself to vocalise any words without choking. I put the ring on her ring finger.

"Did we just get engaged?" she asked as we sat down once more.

"We did." I softly answered, touching the rings on our fingers.





"It was a bit normal, wasn't it? Not that I mind it but still." she pouted a little at me.

I deadpanned.

"Rias….we are in an anime world of marines and pirates, where you are creating a ninja village of Senju and Uchihas, sitting on an island of clouds at one of the highest points on the planet looking down on our country that has Minks, Samurai, Amazons and freaking Mermaids. I believe this is pretty fancy even by my standards."

She giggled at my reply and I joined in chuckling(I don't giggle).

"I guess it is. It will make for a perfect story to tell our kids."


And just like that….I am engaged now.

- Scene Change -

I was awoken by loud knocks on my door.

Proposing and the late night fun led to us sleeping a bit late and I didn't like to wake up in the morning as it is, so it was evident that I was a bit annoyed.

"Who is it?" Rias spoke, rubbing her yes.

"Master. There is trouble. Nami-sama is fighting with Lady Rias' father."

And that drove the sleepiness I had to the side.

I looked towards the equally surprised Rias and quickly got up before she stepped out herself.

Dressing quickly with magic, I walked out of the room, Sakuya leading me to the scene.

As I reached towards the outside, I could hear the shouts of the arguments.

"Shin-sama, please. This is…." Hiyori was looking disturbed.

"What is happening here?" I asked for some context.

"This….Nami-sama was changed into a Devil by Rias-sama's father. He now demands that she serves him as a member of his peerage."


I walked to the people involved and the shouts became more evident.

"I am not anyone's servant. Take back what you did, you creep." Nami's voice was heard shouting.

"Now you are being stubborn. You belong to the country of my daughter. You are all the subjects of this country. I am giving you a chance to serve my house directly. You are now a peerage member and legally belong to me."

That same condescending voice sounded in my ears and this time I felt a vein throb.

"What is going on here?" I asked, entering the scene.

They looked towards me and Nami quickly came to my side,

"That crazy bastard is saying that I am suddenly his servant now."

"What happened here Nami?"

"He came to me this morning and praised me for my work in the country. He said he wanted to reward me for my efforts. I thought he was going to give me something of a treasure or something but the next thing I knew he brought out a red chess piece and pushed it into my chest and now he is claiming that I am his servant."

"That's how it is. You are a part of my peerage and that means that you are my servant. You will learn everything in the Underworld." he said, looking towards her.

I turned towards the man finding my temper getting out of my control. "I believe that it was informed that no person in this world can be taken into peerages without the agreements of the Satans and myself, especially myself."

"You said not to take your allies. This girl was a member of this country, a subordinate. My daughter is the queen of this country. I believe I am allowed at least this much." He argued, and might I say I detected an infuriating sense of smugness in his tone.

"Yes. She is. She is my subordinate, my crew member. I will let this incident pass by, just trade her back to Rias and we will drop this matter."

"You must be joking. This is not a child's game of 'I saw it first so it's mine'. I followed all the rules of the agreement. Moreover, you haven't even taken her into your peerage. A girl with her powers and talents. Now that she is in my peerage, you want me to trade her back?"

Second strike.

I massaged my forehead as my Observation sensed other people arriving. Rias would probably have another outburst and today was supposed to be her day to celebrate our engagement.

"Fuck this. I am far too busy to deal with this shit." I whispered.

Nami looked at me wide-eyed.

I snapped a finger and Zeoticus disappeared, thrown out of this world and back to the DxD world.

I turned towards Nami. "Congratulations. You just got a ten thousand years of life span, prolonged youth, magic, wings and enhanced strength all without having any master to lord over you. Enjoy your new powers, Nami."

"W-what did you do?" she asked me, apparently stunned at the result.

"He was being noisy and I just woke up. You know how cranky I am in the mornings. Anyways, he was here for Rias' birthday party and that already happened so he was not needed here anymore. I sent him back to his world." I said while turning and walking towards my own room again.

"Shin you…."

"Oh, Nami. You are a member of my crew. That's the same status as my let anyone tell you otherwise. You are no one's slave."

+ 19 Affection with Nami(99/100)

+10 Affection with Nojiko(95/100)

I had slight hesitations about the marriage because Death told me to hurry up. But not anymore. Getting Rias out of that asshole's control is something that cannot be delayed.

"What happened, Shin?" The rest came up hurriedly too.

"Nothing….nothing happened."

- Interlude -

- Death -

Death watched as the two put rings onto each other's fingers and smiled.

Her plan was going as she wanted it to.

Thousands of years ago, when the fool Zekram was summoning her to negotiate for her power, she wanted to erase him downright for his audacity at first but then she stopped.

She thought of something and that made her stop.

It was a taunt of her sister, done in jest and yet poking at her curiosity.

"What do you even know about living?"

So on that day, she decided to put together a plan to 'know what it meant to live.'

But it was easier said than done.

Her power stood on the opposite spectrum of life.

She was Death, the end of life.

How could someone like her live?

Anyone except her Champion would die if she tried to possess them, not being able to bear her power. And possession doesn't mean living. It just means occupying.

She needed to be born to truly live.

She gave her power to Zekram with the condition that he will have to wed a member of the opposite sex of her bloodline with the Power of Destruction to the person she sends to him to collect this debt. Her plan was simple.

Her Champion would collect the debt for her. They would be the most acclimated to her power and someone who has had her power pass through her veins for several generations like the descendant of Bael, would be more attuned to her power too. A child born from them will be able to hold at least a sliver of her power and that's enough.

That would be enough for her to be born and for her to live.

A simple plan spanning over ten thousand years might seem like too much for normal people but it was just a moment for her. This Champion of hers was marked by Higher Beings which made it so that he can become stronger and possess more affinity with her power. Not to mention, he can make her future mother stronger too and thus enable her future self to be more complete.

She had been watching everything with patience and while she did see some annoyances and some fools making plans in the background, thinking like many others that they could trick her. Fool her and take control of her champion. She merely laughed at their audacity. She knew the temper of her Champion.

He was a lion. If he takes a step back, it's not out of fear but to spring upon his foes and take them down. She just has to wait for these idiots to push him further.


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