Chapter 1 - Game Start.

You know when people talk about the afterlife?

They always say that you're either going to Heaven or Hell, depending on the type of person you were when alive, right?

That Heaven is a place of eternal peace and that Hell was a place of eternal torment, right?

Well those people are wrong.

Why would I say that, oh it's nothing much, it's just that I remember dying, but I didn't go to either of those places, instead I'm stuck here in this grey void, unable to move, just floating here!


Oh don't get me wrong, I'm not mad that I died, I'm mad that I wasn't sent to either Heaven or Hell.

If I had been sent to Heaven, I'd just be chilling, and if I had been sent to hell, I could try to reenact the Doom games for real, not like those fuckwits that go and shoot up schools. Bunch of morons.

But no, I'm stuck in this boring ass place, for god knows how long, with nothing but my own thoughts to drive me CRAZY!

Are you quite done?

Sorry, oh where are my manners, I should introduce myself, I am… why can't I remember my name? what the fuck? WHAT THE HELL?! AND WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU?!

Congratulation! You have been selected to be the next user of the Gamer System!

… The What now?

The Gamer System!

… Like in that Korean comic and all those fanfictions?

It's called Manhwa! And yes!

Does it look like I give a fuck about what it's called? So who're you? You're not God are you? Because I have some choice words for you if you are!

I am The Game! The intelligence that will help you moving forward with your new life as a gamer!

I'm gonna call you Bob.


Too late Bob.

I can feel the unamused stare in the back of my head, which just makes me preen even more.

So, that gamer trope is actually real? That's neat, does that mean that all those fanfictions I've read about it are real too? Because if so, I'd love to meet my seniors!

No, you wouldn't.

Of course I would, Bob! Why wouldn't I want to meet people like the other Gamers out there?!

Beyond the fact that they are so beyond you, that if you met them right now you'd be vaporized by their aura of power?

… Okay, fair point.

So, do I get to create a character? I hope I can create a new character, I may not remember my own name, but I remember that I was not happy with what I looked like before.

Also, what happened to the world I used to live in, Bob? I remember it was going to shit, because of fucking China.

Your Earth is dead, the virus spread far too fast and a cure was never found, it mutated far too fast for that to happen.

So everyone is dead?


… I feel like I should be horrified about that, but I don't… Wait, does that mean I got what I think I got?!

Skill Gained!

[Gamer's Mind] (Passive)

Allows the user to calmly and logically think things through.

Allows peaceful state of mind.

Grants Immunity to psychological status effects.

Skill Gained!

[Gamer's Body] (Passive)

Grants a body that allows the user to live life like a game.

Skill Gained!

[Observe] (Active)

Provides information on target.

Oh hell yeah! This is gonna be so good!

Ready to begin Character Creation?


Careful with the cheek, wouldn't want to be turned into another Sakura, now would we?

… I'll be good.

Choose your Race!

[Human] [Elven] [Beast] [Orcish] [?] [Locked]

Okay, first why is that one locked? And second, what's with the question mark?

The option [?] refers to the randomizer, where you could get anything in the multiverse, from an omnipotent being, to a germ.

The [Locked] option has requirements that must be reached before it can be chosen.

Seems legit, but can I get a description of the three races available?

Most certainly!


The race that makes up over 70% of the entire multiverse's total population.

Grants +25% Bonus to Class EXP.

Grants +25% Bonus to Skill EXP.


Intelligent and tall, the members of the Elven Race are regarded as natural-born practitioners of Magic.

Grants the [First-Born] Perk, which grants -25% in spell cost.

Gains +2 INT, +2 WIS and +1 CHA every level.


The Orcish race is considered to be among the most brutish of races in the multiverse, mainly because of their massive sizes and tribal society.

Grants the [Berserker Rage] Perk, which grants +50% Damage Reduction and Damage Output and - 25% on all mental stats for 60 seconds.

Gains +3 STR and +2 END every level.


Born to be wild, the members of the Beast Race are often mistaken with overgrown animals and can be often found living in small pack.

Grants the [Nature's Child] Perk, which grants +50% Poison Resistance and Disease Immunity.

Gains +3 DEX and +2 LUK every level.

That's it?

What do you mean?

I mean, that's all the information you have on these races? Come on man, where's the important stuff? Where's their biological information?!

I fail to see how that would be important.

Of course it's important, we're talking about an entire race here!

This might seem ridiculous to you, but it's a pet peeve of mine with almost every game developer or writer out there, whenever someone invents a new race for their game or book, they always keep out the biology of that race, they almost never put in "How long do they live for?", "What's their rate of reproduction?", "What's their diet?", "How many are born from a pregnancy?", "How do their environment affects their growth?", "How would changing their environment affect their development?" you know the kind of questions that give the lore more depth!


I hear nothing for a good while, then i just feel like someone let out a sigh.

You know what? Let's just continue with the character creation, and then you can try and discover the answers to those "Oh so important" questions of your on your own.

I can get behind that, i choose human, because there is nothing more annoying than grinding for levels, those bonuses are gonna make my life a lot easier.

Choose your Class!

[Fighter] [Mage] [Rogue]

Hmmm...Rogue is out, mainly because i simply don't do stealth, i suck at it, so i might as well fight facing the enemy.

That out of the way, i've still got to decide between fighter and mage…

Hey Bob, if i choose, can i go back to see what the other has to offer?


Okay then, let's see fighter.

Choose your Specialization!

[Warrior] [Barbarian] [Paladin] [Monk] [Knight]

Ok, that seems pretty standard, what about the Mage class?

Choose your Specialization!

[Elementalist] [Illusionist] [Druid] [Necromancer] [Summoner]

Normally i'd already have picked Warrior for my class, but since this is actually real now, i have to think about the choice that gives me the highest chance of survival right now, then after i get stronger enough i can change it… Wait, i can change classes later on right?

Yes, but you'd need to max out your current class first.

Well, that makes it easier to decided, i'll choose Mage and Elementalist for now.

Choose an element!

[Fire] [Earth] [Air] [Water]

Fire, while awesome, is mainly an offensive element, oh sure it has it's defensive capabilities, but it has too much a chance of me killing myself, so that is out, and Earth has the same problem, only it's instead of offensive, it's mainly defensive with few offensive capabilities.

So that leaves Water and Air, and Air is normally all about movement, so i gotta go with Water.

Class Gained

[Hydromancer] - LVL 1/100 [EXP 0/100]

Gain +5 INT and +5 WIS every level.

Skill Gained

[Novice Water Manipulation]

The user can create, shape and manipulate water at will.

[Water Ball] - LVL 1/10

Creates a sphere of water that is launches at the enemy.

Costs 20 MP.

Deals 50 Damage.

[Water Pillar] - LVL 1/10

Creates a 6 ft (2 m) pillar of water.

Costs 70 MP.

Deals 120 Damage.

[Water Whip] - LVL 1/10

Costs 75 MP.

Reach 10 ft (3 m).

Deals 50 Damage.

[Water Wall] - LVL 1/10

Creates a wall of water that is 6 ft (2 m) tall and 3 in ( 10 cm) thick.

Costs 50 MP.

Ouch, getting all that knowledge literally shoved into your head is definitely not a pleasant experience, that was a whole lotta pain for just five spells, is it going to always be like this?

No, just this time, you can also gain other skills through different means.

The list of Classes available to you will be upgraded once certain conditions have been met.

Neat, so what now?

First, you should check your stats.


Title - N/A

Level - 1

Class - Hydromancer - LVL 1/100 [EXP 0/100]

Race - Human

Alignment - True Neutral

HP - 100 [20 / Minute]

MP - 100 [20 / Minute]

SP - 100 [20 / Minute]

STR - 10

END - 10

DEX - 10

INT - 10

WIS - 10

CHA - 10

LUK - 10

HP/SP - END x 10

HP/SP Regen - END x 2

MP - INT x 10

MP Regen - WIS x 2

What kind of name is "Korvan"?

The kind that fit with the world where you're going to.

And you still haven't told me where that is.

Oh don't worry, you'll know it when you see it.

Now, you can get a random bonus perk, at the cost of also getting a flaw, would like to try it?

A perk for a flaw? Seems fair so why not, do it Bob!

Flaw Gained

[Broken Moral Compass]

You have morals, but they only work for you.

You have a hard time feeling guilty for actions taken in the name of your objectives.

Perk Gained


You're one tough son of a bitch, you get double HP and SP.

HP/SP = (END x 10) x 2

Well that is definitely a flaw, but not one i didn't always have, and the perk is amazing, more hp is never a bad thing, so i see no reason to stop with doing it just once.

Flaw Gained

[Sin of Wrath]

You have a short temper and loses total control when angry.

Perk Gained

[Quick Learner]

You learn things faster than most people.

Skill EXP gain is doubled.

Again,this is true, always had a short fuse, that perk sure will be useful, it is also the only thing that is actually different from before. Do it again!

Flaw Gained

[Sin of Lust]

You're a pervert, plain and simple.

Perk Gained

[Always Hydrated]

It take a long time for you to feel thirsty.

Water spells do 5% damage.

Yeah, i think that's enough. So now i go to a new world?

Yes, just one more thing before you go.

Skill Gained

[ID Create] (Active)

Allows you to enter an Instant Dungeon.

Cannot enter while in combat.

Dungeons Available

[Kobold Caves]

Skill Gained

[ID Escape]

Allows you to leave an Instant Dungeon.

Cannot leave while in combat.

That's all for now, good luck with your new life!

Your starter world has already been chosen. Starting in…




I slowly open my eyes, my vision is blurry for a few seconds, like when you wake up from a long nap, but it starts to clear up and i decide to assess my surroundings, to try and see if recognized where i am, like Bob said i would, but i'd like to verify that for myself.

Like Hawk-Girl said in the Justice League Unlimited cartoon "Believe half of what you see and none of what you hear.".

Looking around doesn't help me much, all i see are the fibers, like the kind used in burlap sacks, i do notice that i'm lying on my side on a rough surface, but not rock rough, more like wood rough, and i can hear a creaking sound, like an old wheel, i can also hear the sound of hoofs nearby.

I'd like to think i was being discreet, but i know very well that i'm not, and i'm proven right when someone talks to me.

"Hey, you, you're finally awake." Said a very familiar male voice in front of me.


… Motherfucker, i'm in Skyrim! I'd recognize that line anywhere, my over 5k hours in that game should be proof enough of that, this is going to be so awesome! And, since this is real now, i can do a lot of the things i always wanted to do in the game!

Oh i can't wait, i'm so excited for this right now… wait… if i remember correctly, and i know i do, then there isn't Water Magic in Skyrim… well except for that one mod, but let's not talk about that thing. Which means that the College of Winterhold may very well send someone after me, just so they can study my magic, and i don't like the idea of that happening, not one bit.

"Hey are you listening to me? Did you hear anything i said?" Said who i'm pretty sure is Ralof.

"Yes." I responded rather cheekily, if i do say so myself.

'Ralof' stays silent for a moment, as if trying to comprehend my superior humor.

"Right, you were trying to cross the border weren't you? Trying to get into Skyrim?" He said.

Well that is different, but since this is real life, i guess somethings were bound to be different, i just hope that all my meta-knowledge isn't useless, because that would suck a lot.

"Yeah, i heard it was lovely around this time of the year." I lie through my teeth.

I guess my answer satisfied him well enough, because he then continue with the usual dialogue from the start of the game, talking with Lokir, berating Lokir about respecting Ulfric, trying to comfort Lokir… Honestly, i don't know why Bethesda bothered with all this when they killed the guy off not even five minutes into the game.

Anyway, i guess i zoned out, because by the time i came back from my musings, i can hear the bitchy voice of Legate Rikke barking at me to move my ass off of the carriage.

"Bitch, i can't see shit with this fucking bag over my head! How do you expect me to get down from up here?!" I bark back.

I don't know if it is clear enough, but this bitch is among my least favourite characters in the whole game, along with Ulfric and Elenween and a few others.

Suddenly i feel myself being grabbed by the arms and throw out of the carriage, i land on my face.

"What was that for?!" I demand from the person responsible for my current situation, only to feel a kick to my ribs.

-5 HP

Oh come on, really? I didn't even get past the intro cutscene before losing hp!

Skill Gained

[Physical Resistance] (Passive) - Lvl 1/100

Physical Damage is reduced by 1%

Huh... well would you look at that.

"Maybe now you'll show some respect, prisoner." The amount of venom that she put into the word 'prisoner' would've been enough to kill me three times over.

Well at least she doesn't have poison spit.

By the time i get up, Hadvar had already started with his list, so i try to follow the sound of his voice to get to the line up of poor sods.

When i get there the burlap sack over my head is removed and i finally get my first real look at helgen in all its glory, before Alduin comes around and they get their shit pushed in.

And i gotta say it's… as disappointing as you'd expect it to, oh sure it's way bigger than the version we see in game but that is to be expect, there is also way more people in here, civilians i mean the amount of soldiers barely increased, so it's no wonder that Alduin had a really easy time wrecking this place, well that and the fact that he's dragon.

Speaking of which, how are the dragons in here anyway? In Skyrim they're not much bigger than a carriage, but in TESO they where way bigger, like 'proper dragon sizes' bigger.

If they're like in Skyrim, then while challenging the first few time, they won't be a challenge at all, but if they're like in TESO, then i have a problem.

"Next, the nord in the rags!" i hear Rikke shouting, did i seriously just zone out a guy getting his head cut off? What is wrong with me? Gotta stop doing that.

I stay rooted to my place in the group of prisoners, i'm not about to walk up to get my head chopped off for something i have no business with.

Well at least i try, but i'm shoved towards the chopping block anyway by a imperial soldier behind me that i didn't notice.

"Couldn't you have at least cleaned the blood off? Come on man it wouldn't have taken that long." Is my snarky question to the headsman as my head is lowered on the block, but i'm ignored.

'Please show up, please show up, please show up!' i keep repeating the same phrase over and over again in my head, hoping Alduin arrives in time and fortunately i hear him roaring in the distance.

Relief floods my being when i hear him landing on the tower… before i realize he doesn't give a crap about me and that if i don't want to be charcoal i should run.

Using my head and the chopping block as leverage i manage to get up, though now my forehead is sore, and i bolt away towards the tower.

I quickly look around as i run for my life and notice the headsman smashing against the tower with a crunching sound of bones being turned into powder, not a pleasant sound, though i use the opportunity to cut myself free one the blade of his axe since i am not running around with my hands bound like an idiot.

After i'm free i run into the tower and notice that while i was cutting my bindings off, Ralof, Ulfric and the other nameless stormcloaks had already gotten inside the tower and that Ralof was waving me inside.

Well, i see no reason not to comply.

"Jarl Ulfric, what is that thing?! Could the legends be true?!" Ralof asks terrified.

"Legends don't burn down villages." Is Ulfric's usual condescending reply, before Alduin can be heard roaring outside "We need to move, NOW!" He shouts.

"No, really? Whatever gave you that idea?!" I sarcastically said, this guy is full of shit.

Me and Ralof run up the tower just in time to see the usual idiot that gets crushed get crushed, and i still find that funny, seriously the guys is all like "Oh look we can get out of this tower by going up top!" boom, gets crushed.

Seriously, where would he go from there? What, he'd jump on the house beside the tower? From the top of the tower? He'd die as soon as he landed, and even if he didn't die from the height, he'd die anyway because his legs would've been broken and he'd be unable to run away, which is a lot harder to do without legs, since you know, you need legs to 'run' away.

Now that i look at him, Alduin is way bigger than in game, so that means i'll be dealing with TESO sized dragons, fun.

I'll have to grind a lot just to not become something's dinner.

After jumping into the house beside the tower from it's broken roof i dash outside to see Hadvar and an old man pulling a little boy away from his father, if i'm not mistaken, before the guy is turned into barbecue.

"Still alive prisoner?" Hadvar says, he seems surprised that i survived up to now "Stay close to me if you wanna stay that way!" He turns to say something to the old man, but i don't hear it as i completely disregard his orders and sprint away as fast as i can "Hey, wait!" He shouts after me.

Eventually he catches up to me when i'm running past a stone overhang where several archer are still trying to bring Alduin down, can't they see it's not doing anything? They'd need something bigger than a few pointy sticks.

As we get to the courtyard in front of the keep, we see Ralof coming from the other side.

"Ralof! You damned traitor! Outta my way!" Hadvar shouts angrily, i wonder if they were friends before the civil war?

"You're not stopping us this time Hadvar, we're leaving!" Ralof responds.

"Fine, i hope that dragon takes you all to Sovngarde!" Hadvar shouts.

"Can we not do this right now?! There is a fucking dragon making a roast out of the city! So now is not the time to be at each others throats, you two can kill each other when we're out of here!" I scream at the two.

I always found the choice between Hadvar and Ralof to among the stupidest ones in the game, because it doesn't even really matter, the choice only matter if you plan on joining either side of the war, besides why would anyone care about whose side you're on when everyone is being turned into roast beef?

It takes a bit more convincing, which just irritates me, but i get the two of them to enter the keep together, where we find five corpses, two imperials and three stormcloaks, the two of them start glaring at each other the whole time we're in there, after opening the door with the key i took from the captain's corpse, we get to the storage room where you usually fight either a pair of stormcloaks or a pair of imperials, who are looking for supplies, but we just find four more bodies.

After i grab everything useful in the room, we proceed towards the Torture Room.

"Gods, i wish we didn't have this." Hadvar quietly mutters to himself.

"Yeah, well you guys do, so let's stop those idiots from killing each other for no reason." I say.

When we get there the four people that are in there are still alive, for once, so i use this opportunity to observe them.


Title - Warden of Helgen

Level - 1

Alignment - Lawful Evil

HP - 100

STR - 10

END - 10

DEX - 10

INT - 10

WIS - 10

CHA - 10

LUK - 10

Thoughts about you - He doesn't know you're there.

EXP Value - 10 EXP

Torturer's Assistant

Level - 1

Alignment - Lawful Neutral

HP - 100

STR - 10

END - 10

DEX - 10

INT - 10

WIS - 10

CHA - 10

LUK - 10

Thoughts about you - He doesn't know you're there.

EXP Value - 13 EXP

Stormcloak Soldier

Title - Rebel Soldier

Level - 1

Alignment - Chaotic Neutral

HP - 100

HP - 100

STR - 10

END - 10

DEX - 10

INT - 10

WIS - 10

CHA - 10

LUK - 10

Thoughts about you - He doesn't know you're there.

EXP Value - 15 EXP

Stormcloak Soldier

Title - Rebel Soldier

Level - 1

Alignment - Chaotic Neutral

HP - 100

STR - 10

END - 10

DEX - 10

INT - 10

WIS - 10

CHA - 10

LUK - 10

Thoughts about you - She doesn't know you're there.

EXP Value - 14 EXP

Why are they all so weak? And are those really their names?

They are trash mobs, they don't need names.

They are weak, simply because you are within the Tutorial.

You'd know if you paid attention to the quest notices when they appear!

What quest notice? i don't see any- Oh there it is!

Quest Added

[Unbound] (Tutorial Quest)

Objective - Survive Helgen

Rewards - 100 EXP, Starter Equipment, ?, ?.

Huh, the objectives are different from the original quest given in the game, as is the rewards, since in game the rewards were whatever you could carry and the few Skill exp you'd gain.

This is definitely an improvement to the original source material, great work Bob!

I try.

Anyway, so i just have to get out of here and i level up once, but considering there will be a bunch of giant spiders and a bear at the end of this, i could very well level up two or three more times, depending on how much exp the spiders and the bear give.

After a while, Ralof and Hadvar manage to convince the Stormcloaks and the Torturer's Assistant to come with us, while the the Torturer, the stubborn old fool that he is, decides that we're full of shit and stay behind.

I just shrug at him and go on my way.

Not even gonna try to convince him to come with you?

What would i even say? I don't know the guy and i certainly don't care if he lives or dies after this. Why, you wanted me to save him or some shit?

No, not really, just trying to get a read on you, out of curiosity.

Meh, whatever.

After a while we get to the room where the wooden bridge is and this time we find some bodies lying around and there are a few people still fighting, an Imperial Captain and two soldiers, who are ganging up on a Stormcloak Officer, the usual archers are all dead, they died burning, judging by the smell of burnt meat, leather and oil.

The Imperial Captain kills the Stormcloak Officer, when the soldiers notice us and alert their captain. When the captain sees us, stormcloaks, imperial soldiers and a prisoner, he charges us.

"Rebels and traitors! You will not leave this place alive!" The captain shouts.

He swings and kill the male stormcloak soldier by slashing his throat open, but when he goes to try and swing at me, i cast Water Wall, pulling the water necessary from the little stream that cuts across the room, and block his attack.

While he's reeling from the shock that travels up his arm, i throw a Water Ball at him and hit him in the head.

Critical Hit!

Imperial Captain

HP - 45/150


Wait what? How did i do so much damage? Bob, explain please!

Critical damage doubles the damage dealt, either by you or the enemy,

plus with your [Always Hydrated] perk, all you water spells do 5% more damage.

Which would be… 52,5 damage times two because of the critical hit… damn i just did 105 damage to this guy's head, no wonder he's dazed, i might as well have given him a concussion! But now my mp is almost all gone and i can't cast any other spell for at least a minute, and i doubt he'd give me that time, sooo…

As my thought trails off, i run up to the dazed captain and punch him in the face with all my strength.

Imperial Captain

LVL - 1

HP - 40/150

That did not go how i expected.

I'm forced to dodge the captain's retaliatory swing when he focuses on me again, he seems really pissed… and drenched, can't forget that. He swings again, and this time i'm not as fast, because he scores a hit across my arm, even if it was a graze.

- 4 HP

Not wanting to get hit again, i throw another punch and hit him in the chest, making him take a step back, and then i cast another Water Ball and finish him off.

[Skill Level Up!]

[Water Ball] - LVL 2/10

Creates a sphere of water that is launches at the enemy.

Costs 19 MP.

Deals 51 Damage.


I look around and notice that the Torturer's Assistant and the other two soldiers that were with the captain were all dead, so it's just me, Ralof, Hadvar and the female Stormcloak Soldier still alive.

"You three should go on, i'll stay behind in case Jarl Ulfric comes through here." She states, but i know she's just tired, i can see it from her heavy breathing.

"Of course, good luck to you sister." Said Ralof.

After that little exchange, we make our way through the bridge and just as we go through it Alduin drops a piece of the keep on top of it, breaking the damn thing. Ralof runs over to the remains of the bridge, worrying for the other Stormcloak and how they'd have to find another way, while me and Hadvar start going down towards the cave exit.

Soon we find ourselves at the mouth of the room the spiders are in, by this time my mp has been restored and Ralof has caught up with us.

"Oh what next, giant snakes?!" Hadvar shouts, cleary unnerved when he looks around the room and see the seven giant spiders that are in the room, five on the ground and two bigger ones on the ceiling, who begin coming down when they heard Hadvar.

"Thanks numbskull, you gave us away!" I round on him with an exclamation.

As i turn to cast a Water Ball at on of the spiders, Ralof pulls out his bow and starts shooting, killing one of the smaller spider, he kills two more by the time Hadvar charges and kills one of the bigger ones.

Not wanting to let them rob me of my exp, i throw my Water Ball at one of the smaller spiders, killing it in one shot, quite the weak little critters, aren't they? Well this is the tutorial, so i guess that makes sense, i kill the other two spiders, not only leveling up my Water Ball Spell again, but i also level up!


Title - N/A

Level - 2

Class - Hydromancer - LVL 2/100 [EXP 5/200]

Race - Human

Alignment - True Neutral

HP - 200 [20 / Minute]

MP - 150 [30 / Minute]

SP - 200 [20 / Minute]

STR - 10

END - 10

DEX - 10

INT - 15

WIS - 15

CHA - 10

LUK - 10

HP/SP - (END x 10) x 2

HP/SP Regen - END x 2

MP - INT x 10

MP Regen - WIS x 2

Points - 5

I start walking up to one of the spider, all the while wondering how they get so big, when i hear a chittering sound from up above.

When i look up all i see is the underside of a Giant Spider, as bigger than the big ones from before, falling on top of me

-49 HP

[Skill Level Up!]

[Physical Resistance] (Passive) - Lvl 2/100

Physical Damage is reduced by 2%

Ouch, ugh i can't belive i fell for that! That is on of the oldest trick in boss battles!

Anyway, i observe it to see how difficult it'll be to kill it.

Giant Frostbite Spider

LVL - 3

HP - 300

EXP Value - 100 EXP

Hello, i like the amount of exp i'll get for killing this bitch,.

I immediately cast Water Pillar from underneath this thing, avoiding myself of course, and push it up and off of me.

I get up just in time to avoid getting crushed again and cast Water Whip at it, hitting it in one of it's mandibles, cutting it off, but now i can't cast anything with just 5 mp, while this thing still has half of it hp left, and i'm right next to it, so i punch it in the eye.

Critical Hit!

Giant Frostbite Spider

HP - 112/300

Huh, would you look at that.

Since i scored a critical hit by punching it in the eye, i try to do it again to the other ones, but it jumps back and tries to lunge at me, but Ralof and Hadvar shoot out one of it's eyes each with an arrow, so i use the opportunity to get away from the creature.

Looking around for something to hit this thing with, i spot the torn leg of one of the other spiders nearby, so grabbing it i observe it to see if it would be useful.

Spider leg

The torn leg of a Frostbite Spider.

Deals STR + 10 Damage

Yeah, this counts as useful, barely though, but it's better than nothing.

Rushing back to the creature, who is distracted with the arrows in three of it's eyes, so i add to it's pain by stabbing it in the eye.

What? It's a weak point, gotta go for those whenever possible.

Critical Hit!

Giant Frostbite Spider

HP - 24/300

Good, it's almost dead, and it's been on minute, i know because i can cast Water Ball again, so i throw one at it, it dies with a whimper and i'm back to no mp.

"Never liked those things" Says Ralof, trying to make small talk it seems "Too many eyes."

"I hear you, hate the critters" i agree with him.

Going around the room i start gathering the usual items that Frostbite Spiders give in the game, observing them while i'm at it.

Frostbite Venom x 5

Poison taken from a Frostbite Spider

Deals -5 HP/SP for 4 seconds

Spider Egg x 12

The egg of a Frostbite Spider, normally used as an alchemical ingredient.

Not a bad haul, and it'd be a good idea to keep the eggs, because if i remember correctly, i can use the hatchlings as grenades, as show by the Dragonborn DLC.

Once i'm done we head onwards, and we come across the bear, and i gotta admit, i'm not all that eager to fight this thing, if only because i'm still low on mp, so i take Hadvar's suggestion to sneak by it.

Once past we go through the exit and i take my first real step into the land of Skyrim.

"Quick, get to cover!" Hadvar whisper-shouted at me and Ralof, we comply when we hear the sounds of flapping wings on the wind, i look up to Alduin flying away over the mountains, and what i know to be Bleak Falls Barrow.

"Seems like it's gone for good this time" Pointed out Ralof after Alduin was gone.

"Yes, though i'd rather not stick around to see if it comes back or not" Hadvar said, and i notice Ralof nodding in agreement.

"So what do you guys suggest we now?" I ask as if i don't know what they say next, to keep up appearances.

"We should head over to Riverwood, my sister Gerdur owns the mill in there, and i'm sure she'd help us, well you and me, stranger." Said Ralof before glancing at Hadvar "Don't know if she'd be up to helping you though."

"Not a problem, my uncle Alvor, he's the blacksmith in there and he could set us up for the a few days" Concedes Hadvar.

"Well, what are we waiting for? You guys have family to meet up with, and i want to try some of the Skyrim Cuisine i heard so much about." I say.

And with that we start on our way to Riverwood.

Quest Complete!

[Unbound] (Tutorial Quest)

Objective - Survive Helgen

Rewards - 100 EXP, Starter Equipment, Spell Book - Sparks, 100 Gold.

Not bad for a start, if do say so myself.