"So your quirk lets you create any type of fungus?" Izuku asks, terrifying the Class 1-B student with his enthusiasm.

"Yes." Kinoko responds, dreading her turn to be analyzed by 1-A's quirk enthusiast.

"Even mushrooms that are extinct or fantasy?" Izuku asks, not noticing his victim... Subject... volunteer's fear.

"Yes." Kinoko responds, growing some mushrooms that became extinct around the rise of quirks.

"Well then, I have a plan for you." Izuku says, leading his volunteer off.

"Should we be worried?" Tsu asks.

"Izuku will be fine." Ochako responds.

"That's not who I'm worried about." Tsu says.

"Izuku will be fine." Ochako says again.

'Should I warn Class 1-B?' Momo thinks.

A few weeks later class 1-B and 1-A were heading to a disused training area.

"So Izuku and Komori challenged all of us and our teachers?" Iida asks.

"He did, I wonder if it has anything to do with the quirk evaluation Izuku was working on." Momo says.

'I have a bad feeling about this.' Aizawa thinks overhearing Momo's comment.

"So two of your classmates have devised a strategy to beat all of us apparently." Vlad King, Class 1-B's homeroom teacher announces as the classes gather at the entrance to training area zeta. "I want all of you to be cautious until we know their plan, and respectful if it doesn't work."

"We will have 1v1 spars if we have extra time." Aizawa adds.

"Is everybody ready?" Izuku yells coming out of the forest training area.

"Nothing's stopping me from beating you bloody Deku!" Bakugo replies, "And none of you extras are getting in my way!"

"I'll take that as a yes?" Izuku shouts, receiving a nod from Aizawa. "We'll start in a few minutes, you'll know the signal."

"Let's form groups and prepare to split up in the forest." Momo says, prompting most students, except Bakugo to get into groups of four or five and plan routes into the forest.

"We'll stay behind until the action begins." Vlad says, wanting the students to gain the most experience.

"So, what do you think the signal will be?" Ochako asks.

"Probably a flare or horn." Iida responds, checking the sky.

"Izuku said we would know so I wouldn't worry about it." Tsu says.

"I hope it's not too subtle" Momo says, "We don't want to miss..."

Momo, and all other students' conversations were halted by what had to be the signal.

"WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!" Bellowed an unknown number of voices from the forest.

Not much earlier.

"So we git ta fight some uv yer class-mates! But we kin't kill 'em?" A Nob asks.

"That's right." Kinoko says. "Follow Izuku's lead."

"Alright, 'e's da greenest 'umie around, even gave da boss a good clobber'n'. We'll follow 'im." The Nob replies.

"'Ere dat boyz! We've got ourselves a mighty fine scrap to get to. Don't be kill'n' any uv dem eitha! Show 'em who's da greenest!" The Nob bellows.

"WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!" they all shout.

"Oy creata? Ya com'n'" the Nob asks.

"I'll come with the squigs if we need them." Kinoko says before taking a deep breath, "Waaaagh!"

"WAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!" The Orks bellow once more, charging through the forest after Izuku, though they couldn't catch him, with those red shoes of his.

Of all the things Aizawa envisioned coming out of that forest, this was definitely not one of them, only minutes after the signal to start, most of the groups ran out of the forest, except Bakugo who came flying out mid brawl with the strangest creature Aizawa had seen since the Nomu's.

"Hey Greeny!" Yelled the Ork Nob sitting on top of a raging Bakugo, "This ones all 'splody an' all, kin I keep 'im? I wanna paint 'im yellow an' see how big da 'splosions git!"

"Sorry, you can't keep any student's." Izuku replies, "Feel free to teach him about the proper color for his gauntlets though."

"You looking down on me Deku!" Bakugo yells, "These oafs couldn't teach me anything!"

"Oy 'splody boy, 'e is look'n' down on ya, yer on da ground." The ork says, before going on a spiel about the color yellow with increasing volume to counter Bakugo's return shouting.

Aizawa wanted to take a nap, no matter how hard he hit these things they just got back up with a smile of sorts on their faces and continued the brawl. The rest of the human fighters, except Izuku of course, weren't doing any better, most of them were down in some shape or another. The exceptions were Ochako, who's ability to make them float was so interesting the Orks had started to brawl each other in zero gravity, to her amusement and Momo, who had created a camo suit before entering the forest and now was unnoticed by the Orks as she fired into them with a cannon.

When Aizawa finally fell to the Orks Izuku decided to end the fight, sending the Orks back to camp and calling Kinoko to the battlefield. The Orks, though a bit disappointed with the duration of the fight declared it a 'mighty fine scrap' and complemented several students including Kirishima for being the 'ardest. Some tried to get Iida to paint his costume red, so he could go fasta, and one specific Ork tried to take Bakugo with him.

"Komori, we need to talk." Vlad King says when she returns.

'More than just a talk, what was that!' Most of the students thought.

"You can't make me get rid of them, they're the strongest, the hardest and the greenest!" She says.

'This is going to take way too much of my nap time.' Aizawa thought.

AN: I was just looking though all known quirks, when this gem came up, Spreads various types of fungus from her body. And like any proper enthusiast this was the first fungus I thought of.

I will note I'm not that familiar with Warhammer 40k so I may not have gotten the Ork's speech correct. As to what Kiniko Komori is to her Orks? Here her quirk makes them obey her, but she's not the Boss as she's too weak, so I have her as an enabler of Gork and Morks will in a way. And Izuku? Well, he's green and very strong so they respect him somewhat, if only so they can get stronger fighting him.