The Powers Within: DigiPorting

by Creedogmon

edited by Godeerc VanDery

Category: Digimon

Genre: General, Fantasy

Rating: PG

Language: English

Summery: Based on the extraordinary series by Debbie (Dai-chan). This story tells about a group of teenagers that become DigiDestined, stranded in the DigiWorld without partner digimon.

A/N: Call me Creedog. I've dropped the suffix because I'm a recovering Digiholic. I mostly help out with Godeerc's fics, and I've recently been promoted to assistant partner. I don't know how that works out. Anyway, aside from doing the Godeerc the Mystic fics, I'm redoing the trilogy of this series. Okay, okay, I'll be redoing the first two parts. I'll be finishing the third part… eventually. I know. I said that years ago. But I've lately grown close to my Digimon stories again. Mainly because we're using the same characters in this fic for the New Friends series. Call me sentimental. Friends fans, unless you are a current or former digifan, I would not suggest reading the rest of this. Anyway, I wrote this forever and a half ago, and Godeerc has decided to kick my butt into gear by making me work on it. Okay, before I start with "DigiPorting," I must give you a time and place. This takes place in the United States, in a small town called Raytonville, Georgia, near Savannah, in the spring of 2001. These are the same characters as Godeerc's New Friends fics, but they are different ages, about sixteen years younger. Don't worry. It's complicated. Also, I may switch points of view. Most of it will be through the eyes of Christopher VanDrey, my alter ago, but I may switch points of views, though not without marking it with a triple-asterisk, which may not appear because of silly HTML encoding. Instead look for a triple-colon. Now, stop reading the Author's Note and read the story.

Prologue: DigiPorting

"Esperanza, come back here." I tell the rowdy two-year-old I am babysitting, or at least trying to, who is currently running up a storm in my backyard on a sunny Sunday afternoon. When I finally get a hold on her, she giggles, her sea-green eyes sparkling and her honey-colored hair swaying. Her name is actually Virginia, but I have given her the Spanish nickname meaning, "hope."

I hear a meow from the grass. Turning, I see it is my red-orange cat, Katmondu. "Hey, Katmondu," He tumbles over, showing his white paws and breast. He looks up to me with his green eyes and meows again. The noise sends Virginia, a born cat-lover, chasing him. Katmondu, ingeniously, runs away. I get up to chase her again, pushing my dark brown hair away from my dark golden eyes.

Katmondu makes a U-turn to evade Virginia, but stops to look into the air, and once again meows loudly, in a curious sort of way. I turn to see what interests him. I find out soon enough. Jetting from the horizon are three meteorites… or three somethings. I watch in awe, but realized that they're on a collision course with my backyard. My awe turns to fear as the glowing spheres near the ground.

My heart racing, I turn to protect my cat or my babysittee, but neither of the two is within reach. I jump, tripping, just as I see one ball of light hit right in front of my cat, causing a cloud of dust to obscure my view. Helpless, I close my eyes as I am brushed against my waist by whatever is falling from the sky. I hear another crash to my right. My instinct tells me Virginia was sitting where it crashed.

I lie in the dirt for a minute, startled, and finally look up, hoping the chaos is over. Katmondu is fine, pawing irritably on something at his neck. I turn to my side to see Virginia trying to get at something from inside the breast pocket of her dark salmon-colored overalls. I flip onto my back and inspect my side. There is something latched on to the waist of my belt. I grab it and recognize it immediately, a D-3 from the cartoon show Digimon, looking somewhat like the toy D-3 one of my friend plays with at school. Unlike the toy, it's make of a light metal, rather than plastic. It resembles somewhat a walkie-talkie. The grip padding is of an aquamarine color. I assume that I'm either dreaming or lost in some weird daydream.

As I wonder about this thing, my cat brushes against my leg. I see that on his neck is a much smaller D-3, the grip light blue, nearly white. Virginia run-waddles up to me, displaying what she has finally removed from her overall pocket, yet another small D-3, pale yellow. To my surprise, it begins to glow with a yellow glow, almost causing her to drop it. Sensing another light emitting from my hand, I turn to see the screen of my own D-3 also glowing with a turquoise light. Predicting correctly, the digivice on my cat's neck is also glowing with a similar ice blue light.

As the glowing become brighter, I shield my eyes, but soon I am blinded by a consuming blur of opaque light. I am forced to close my eyes, and soon feel strangely weak and lightheaded. Then everything goes black.

: : :

"Hey, I'm first base!" screams Haley Queens, a nice but somewhat whiny ninth grader at Westwood Jr. High. "Come on, Haley, you can get it next inning." comforts her best friend, Jessica Williams, a quiet but very friendly girl. Jessica shakes her head and sighs in defeat, causing her shoulder-length bronze blonde hair to sway in front of her jade-green eyes.

Daniel Ponille, a tall, tan-haired boy, laughs at this entire episode. All this, he thinks, over a silly game of recreation softball in PE. Then his mind turns to something else: Chris VanDrey. Matt, a mutual friend of both Daniel and Chris, is good friends with the VanDreys. Matt informed him that he and a two-year-old he was babysitting both turned up missing the day before. No clues; he just kind of disappeared while playing in his backyard.

His thoughts are interrupted by the PE coach, Coach Adams. He motions people to the field. Josh Barrakson, a somewhat crazy individual, is up first to bat, jokingly mimics a profession baseball player with elaborate batting motions. His first swing sends the ball about a mile into the air, nearly straight up. The entire infield looks up, dumbfounded. Daniel, an athlete by trade, reaches to catch the ball, which he sees heading straight towards him. He closes his glove skillfully as the ball lands squarely into his grip, though rather heavily. He would have cheered, but either Josh severely screwed up the shape of the ball with his hit or Daniel had caught something else. It was also strange that he could have sworn he saw out of the corner of his eye Jessica catch the ball, as well.

Opening his glove, he looks at the object oddly. It was some walkie-talkie-looking thing: a white apparatus with buttons and a little screen with tan-colored gripping. He turns to see Jessica looking at what she caught with a similar bemused expression. That's when Haley yelps, rubs her arm, the baseball rolling innocently in front of her foot. "Jessica, what the heck did you catch? It sure wasn't the ball. I knew we should have played Prisonball."

"I don't know. I think it's a walkie-talkie. Aaack!"

She nearly drops the apparatus when it starts to glow. Daniel's glows as well. Jessica's objects glows in a strange pink-purple color, Daniel's in a brownish color. Suddenly, the strange devices flash brightly. Haley nearly faints when she fails to see her best friend. Others notice that Daniel is not present either. Haley then faints.

: : :

"Whoa. What was that?" comments Matt Jomahns, a tall boy with brown hair, classic brown. "What was that flash?" he says to himself. His though are awakened by the exploding sound of one of Mr. Terek's mini-rockets going off. The teacher then lectures about velocity, and projectiles, and such. Matt is not listening. His mind is on one of his best friends, Chris VanDrey. Yesterday afternoon, he and a toddler girl disappeared in his backyard, just vanished.

He sighs and looks up to the sky. Looking for the rocket, he squints and shades his eyes against the blaring sun. He jumps back. For a moment, he thought the rocket was heading straight toward him, but he calms down as the rocket lands safely on the ground on the baseball field across the lawn.

Mindlessly looking toward the sky again, he jumps back. He clamps his hands in front of himself reflexively. Whatever was he saw flying toward him had reached its destination. After cushioning the impact of the projectile with his chest, he opens his hands to peer at a strange mechanical device. A dark, forest green-colored gripping covers a white electronic toy-like object.

He nudges his friend beside him. "Hey, James," he whispers, "did you see this thing fall out of the sky?"

Taking it out of his hand, he replies, "Oh my gosh, you got one of those B-3's or whatever Phillip has. It a video game. Where'd you get it?"

"It fell from the sky,"

"Oh no, the sky is falling; the sky is falling," James jokes.

"Dude, really,"

"Okay, what funny chemical did you burn in Miss Lee's class today?"

Matt rolls his eyes and sighs in defeat. I guess I wouldn't believe me either. Besides, I haven't had Mrs. Lee's class yet.

Awakened from his thoughts by a bright light, he shields his eyes, looking down toward the thing in his hand. The light coming from it becomes brighter and flashes violently. Matt feels a strong force pulling him back, then...

: : :

"I really think we need to reevaluate putting this picture in the yearbook, Justine," a condescending voice says.

"Come on, it's hilarious,"

"Want to go ask Mr. Brooks how funny it is?"

Justine Reyes rolls her head as well as her eyes, "All right, all right, but you get to tell Blake his picture isn't going into the yearbook."

"Fine with me; he practically worships me," the female answers haughtily.

Justine rebuts, "Yeah, big surprise. One, half the school 'worships' you. Two, Blake worships half the girls in this school."

Maya sneers, but turns back to the rest of the class. Justine stands by the window, looking outside toward the front parking lot. She squints her eyes to see something near the front door. "Maya, just a sec. I wanna check something out."

"Have fun," she responds sarcastically.

She pushes opens the glass door, leans over, and picks up the object: a white video game device or something with dark blue-purple edges. As she leans to pick it up, it seems to turn on, emitting a purplish light. Pushing her night brown hair away from her face, she erects herself, holding the object, turns and walks onto the tiled floor in the main hall, but stops on the large "W" school logo on the tiled floor when her object glows even brighter. She holds it away from herself, slightly frightened, when it flashes brightly. She screams, but she disappears before her scream is heard.

: : :

Phillip Maxx leans his head back against his chair and stares at the ceiling. Fluorescent light are definitely more interesting than expanding binomials. He looks around him, seeing that everyone else is either sleeping (jocks and goths, Phillip notices)or listening intensely to the teacher (geeks and failing students). He reaches in to his desk, grabs his Digimon D-3 video game, and starts to shake it a little. He pulls it out briefly to look at how many shakes he has left to get to the next boss. He is unable find out. There is something wrong with his toy. For one, his D-3 has suddenly changed color. It used to be gray and black, but now it is marble white and off-white. It also has no output on the screen.

He reaches back into his desk with his free hand, and pulls out the familiar Dark D-3, with a noticeable output of a pixel-drawn Wormmon. He touches the unresponsive screen of the white digivice, causing it to glow brightly. He quickly stuffs it into his desk. No one, including the teacher, is fooled by the covering of the sudden light.

"Phillip. What do you have in your desk?"

"Uh, uh, uh…"

"Just what I thought. Give me the toy."

Phillip doesn't respond, dumbfounded by the increasing light coming from inside his desk. His fear-stricken expression doesn't change even when Mrs. LeGrene walks down the aisle. "Phillip, now." A great flash blinds her, as well as the rest of the class. When the light subsides, the small, dusty brown-haired boy is gone.

: : :

He sits upon the horizon; his sword by his side, his mane was flowing softly by in the breeze. He sighs heavily, seeing the island in the distance, past the sea, glowing with black light. He grimaces at the sight of one section completely burned down. He closes his eyes abruptly and turns to look behind him. A flat stone plateau covered in vines and roots stands silently. Near eye level, there is a series of cryptic symbols imprinted deep into the stone.

"They will come," he reads, but when? He looks back onto the horizon. A glimmer of hope twinkles in his eyes for a brief second, believing he'd seen colored streaks on the horizon.

To Be Continued…

: : :

A/N: Whoo! What do you think so far? PS: All surnames were changed, so if you see your name, it is probably not you. If my Author Name, seems familiar, however, tell me and you just might be one of the lucky people a character in my story is based on! Especially if you know that I have a history of it!

(Sonriso) - For the length of this fic, I will make crude puns. You can see me because I consist of two circumflux accents and an underscore, but I'm here! Here is the first one (Aren't you lucky?) "Getting' digi wit' it!" No! Stop running away! There's twelve more parts left!