The Powers Within: All Together, Plus More

by Creedogmon

edited by Godeerc VanDrey

Category: Digimon

Genre: Fantasy, General

Rating: PG

Language: English

Summery: The DigiDestined, now all-powerful, search for a way to get home.

A/N: Well, it's been great having you read the story. Remember, this is only Part 1, so come and check for the next part, which is tentatively called "The AntiCrests."

Chapter 12: All Together, Plus More

It's been a nearly a week since I've been gone. My parents have to be worrying. I wish I could tell them I'm stuck in the DigiWorld and that I'm trying to save it. I don't think they would believe me. Plus, we haven't technically been faced with anything seriously threatening the existence of the DigiWorld. We're just here, getting powers.

I walk beside Jessica, my Sister of Destiny. She holds the sleeping Virginia, who sleeps from sundown to sunup, her power apparently derived from sunlight. She recently got her power, the Purity of Sunlight, and her tag, the Crest of Innocence. Virginia's tag and crest are constantly glowing, showing her ongoing innocence. On a light yellow background, there is a circle with six triangles around it, looking like a sun. Inside the circle are four figures in the shape of butterfly wings.

We see the exit of a forest ahead. As we approach it, the foreground become clearer and clearer: burnt, destroyed, killed. The land outside the forest is in ruins. Blackened rocks and ashes of former trees are scattered about in the distance. We look westward and see a black glow coming from the cliff to our right. It is moving slowly, covering a large area of the cliff. And as it passes, rock blackens and weathers, trees are reduced to ashes, and the landscape becomes bleakly gray.

Daniel and Matt head the group out of the forest. Like their powers, they have become strong and forceful. They exchange glances.

Matt starts, "Well, I don't like the looks of it."

Daniel picks up a stone and grasps it firmly. The stone does not break, but remains firm. "Me neither. We gotta go see what it is, though."

"That's like walking into a trap." Matt warns.

"As opposed to putting our tails between our legs and running."

Matt grits his teeth, "We are not running away. We got nowhere to run to. We will look, but I suggest we avoid fighting." He leans against a tree, mindlessly feeling a hard vine wrapped around it.

"I didn't say we should fight."

"Neither did I. I said we should avoid it. If we have to, we have to." Daniel nods in agreement.

Then there is silence. Justine appears in deep thought.

Daniel notices, "Justine?"

Justine looks up, tacit. For a moment, she admires a lone star twinkling in the dusk sky. Anna touches her shoulder and gives Justine a look that pores into her. Justine looks into the distance, watching a small flame slowly consumes the last remnants of a tree, getting deeper into the roots. Anna watches as well. Justine turns toward Anna, who returns her glance. Justine finally adds, "We need a plan. If we rush in there, we leave ourselves without an escape. We've got powers, let's use them. Personally, I'm all rested up." Silence returns.

Phillip volunteers, "I'll listen around. See how bad the digimon think that blackness is. I'll even check it out."

Daniel nods, "All right." Phillip slips in the woods, without a sound. I see Katmondu's ears turn towards Phillip's direction. Not completely without a sound. My cat disappears cunningly and obediently, his actions like Phillip's, or vice versa. He rubs against my legs, leaving a thin layer of ice. As I walk by, it breaks off onto a thorn bush that brushes my pant leg.

Anna muses, "If we think we're strong enough, I say we go for it."

Jessica replies, confidently, "We're strong enough. As soon as Phillip gets back, I say we go. We've gotten this far."

Matt smiles at her confidence. I, however, notice her hand shaking under Virginia's body. Her breath is irregular. I feel tears coat her eyes, but they do not fall down her cheek. Virginia sleeps happily, a small smile on her face. She sleeps deeper as the sun sets, but her crest continues to illuminate Jessica's face and glistening eyes.

Phillip and Katmondu return. Phillip is at unease. "Fear, lots of fear. The fear is lessening, but that's because they're all running away."

A light sprinkle of rain starts to fall. The hair of our group begins to wet. The group which seemed rather spread out sudden appears closer. Our surroundings seem farther away. "All the DigiDestined so far came here to save the world. If we are DigiDestined indeed, that is our job. True heroes know when to retreat and when to fight."

A long silence, then, a meek "Fight." This is Jessica. Her illusion of confidence is visible, but barely.

Matt and Daniel join in with their "Fight." Five more calls to action.

"We fight, then." I finish, the rain disappearing.

We approach the cliff of growing darkness. Suddenly, a glow comes from Jessica. No, from Virginia. Her crest is glowing ever brightly at the cliff. Her light causes a gap in the blackness. As we come within feet of the bluff, the blackness retreats from the Angelic Crest. We look around for a path up the hill but there is none. Daniel closes his eyes and walks forward to the cliff, his arms outstretched.

I can see his face straining to do something as his palms touch the rock wall. His crest glows dimly. "Daniel, what are you trying to do?" Matt asks him.

"Trust me." Daniel replies. The rock cliff starts to make a crushing sound. We soon see why. A triangular piece of rock extends out, creating a crude ramp halfway up the cliff. Daniel also creates an incline going up the rest of the way. He exhales hard as he pulls away from the cliff, obviously tired. Matt grabs his arm and assists him up the ramp until his energy returns. He puts his hand on the cliff and roots sprout from the ramp and make handrails.

The sky darkens to almost night. At the end of the escalation, we side behind a large boulder to look at what the blackness is doing now. We tremble in fear at what is behind the boulder. A large ghost-like creature, completely black, with tattered black clothing, long black claws, red eyes, black horns, and pretty much black everything is something. Below, flowing slowly under him is blackness, which is spreading, killing plants in its wake.

"Hey, it looks like Devimon," Phillip comments.

"It does, but he's different. More evil, even for Devimon. I thought T.K. and Angemon got him. And I thought Virginia did, too. But what digivolved form of Devimon is this?"

The ghost turns to us. We don't move. He couldn't have seen us, but we could feel his eyes on us. Jessica's magenta crest glows lightly. I heard the voice of Matt on the other side of the field, yelling, "Go, you big black evil monster. You're going down!" We look around the rock and see all of ourselves standing in a group on the other side of the field. Of course, it was one of Jessica's illusions. "Way to go, J.J." I tell her.

We see his blackness curl around our fake images, seemingly crushing us. The Devimon wasn't convinced. "Nice try, Sister, but it won't work. For I am Devideitymon. Evil Eruption!"

The boulder hiding us explodes, our auras protecting us, but leaving us exposed.

"Enigma of Star!" a white comet with a blue-purple tail strikes Devideitymon, not phasing him. "Arr! Take this, Inquirer! Evil Slash!" Blackness emitted from his claws, nearly striking Justine, who dodges in time. "A little help up here!"

In mere seconds, we transform, attacking Devideitymon. Dozens of attacks hit him, but he did not seem affected by any of our attacks. He does wince at woken Virginia's attack of sunlight, but comes back at her with a black sphere. Virginia's aura takes the entire blast, but is unable to hold her in place. Attack after attack, we cease to cause a scratch. Even in our fury of attacks, he only laughs.

He sends a black cloud to strangle us, but we use what we have of our power to fend it off. We escape, but the attacks continue. We need help. I see Phillip and Katmondu trying pounce on him, but doing little damage. Anna has joined Justine in the air attacks. The black demon destroys every blast of mist, stone, and wood we throw at him. We were not hurt thanks to Mirage's illusions and our auras, but our energy is draining.

"Excaliber!" a deep, powerful voice echoed. We say Devideitymon move back after a white and multi-colored streak. As it slows, we saw the figure to be... MagnaAngemon.

"Celestial Arrow!" a female angel's voice calls as the Arrow of Light strikes him. To my left, I see two people. High school, maybe college students, one a blond boy, the other a brunette girl.

Though confused, we continued to attack with the aid of the angels. It still proved not to be enough. "Please," I pray. "Matador Dash!" a deep, scratchy voice. Through the woods, with great speed, comes a metallic blue streak. It strikes Devideitymon, who retaliated instantly, causing the blur to fly and land.

Now stilled, we see the creature is a brown bull, covered in gold-lined metallic blue armor, gold horns, and a red cape that I swear bears the Crest of Hope. "Bullmon! Are you okay?" I hear a familiar male voice. Running out of it was a blond haired boy my age: Eric McFly, a rather peculiar, fellow digimon fan from my school.

"Come on Bullmon, you can take this guy!" he reassures his digimon, and slowly, and painstakingly, the bull charges again. His golden horns caused a golden flash against Devideitymon, who falls to the ground, but quickly recovers. "Attack!!!" yells Matt. And we do. The combined attacks the myriad takes its toll. The demon takes every attack hard.

He seems to be dedigitalizing, but slowly. He bellowed, "Just wait, DigiDestineds, I will return to get you all!" And he was gone. The nine of us returned to our normal forms. MagnaAngemon dedigivolves to Patamon, Angewomon dedigivolves to Gatomon, and the Bullmon dedigivolves into a Wormmon, a yellow glow returning to Eric's breast pocket.

He was ecstatic at seeing me, "Chris, you're a DigiDestined, too? Awesome! Is that your digimon?" he said referring to Katmondu in my arms.

"No, Eric, this is my cat, who is, believe it or not, a DigiDestined too. None of us have digimon. We got powers from our crests."

The young man, with neck-length blonde hair, speaks to us, "You're DigiDestined with no digimon? Strange. Don't you think so, Hika-chan?" he said to the girl.

"Yeah, Take-chan,"

The voices are familiar. Hika-chan Take-chan?

I spoke, "T.K.? Kari?"

They turned bewildered at me. The blond man stutters, "How... how did you know our... names?"

"T.K. Takaishi and Kari Kamiya?" I start, "Well, I've seen you on TV. On a cartoon show called Digimon: Digital Monsters. I think some force has tried to take you out of existent, well, factual existence."

"A TV show? Strange." the twenty-something T.K. answers.

"Yeah, it's the greatest show. Patamon armor digivolve to... Pegususmon! Flying Hope! That was awesome!" Eric laughs.

Patamon, nested on T.K.'s head, as usual, smiles happily, "He he, I'm famous, T.K.!"

: : :

The ten of us talk long into the night. (Katmondu's only input is licking or an occasional "Meow" and Virginia sleeps.) T.K. and Kari returned to the DigiWorld because Kari sensed the Darkness in it. Eric had apparently been exposed to a real digimon sometime, and got a Leafmon once he found his gray-green digivice. Neither T.K. or Kari seems to know anything about the Power of Crests, but I couldn't help but sense a lost memory in their eyes.

It is an announcement that lifts the spirits of the group. T.K. and Kari have access to a digiport, which will get us home. Late into the night, we make up a plan to tell our parents what had happened. We finally decide on not knowing anything. So, we'll suddenly find ourselves at home. But what about our eyes and hair? We might have to deny knowledge of that, too.

The consensus of the group is that we rather enjoyed the visit to the DigiWorld, despite the evil digimon and rugged wilderness. I don't believe that our visit was long enough to really make a difference. The Eight fought a multitude more battles than we did. We are still rather unclear about the source of our powers or our destiny in the Digital World. I don't voice my concerns, though. Talk about the reality/fantasy conflict surrounding the DigiWorld is also absent.

We left a letter at the campsite to other DigiDestineds that would come in the future:

"Dear DigiDestined,

We hope you do not fear you being here. It is your destiny. Do not fear the creatures here. Many are friendly. The ones that are not, you will be protected from. Be a team. Grow closer to the people in your group. They are your eternal allies. Good luck. Make the world proud. May you have a pleasant, but challenging adventure!

Your Fellow DigiDestined Allies,

Matthew Jacobs, the Magistrate of Tenacity

Daniel Ponille, the Champion of Ardor

Christopher VanDrey, the Caretaker of Paternity

Jessica J. Williams, the Sister of Care

Justine "Nova" Reyes, the Inquirer of Wonder

Annacaye "Ember" Lee, the Sanguine of Cheer

Phillip Maxx, the Patron of Servitude

Virginia Frend, the Angel of Innocence

Katmondu VanDrey, the Defender of Vigor

Eric "The Digimon Fanatic" McFly, the Unnamed of Insanity

Takeru "T.K" Takaishi, the Savior of Hope

Hikari "Kari" Kamiya, the Saint of Light

PS: You are powerful. Never forget that."

More or less the end. –Creedogmon

: : :

A/N: Well, that's all folks. For now. Too many questions have been left unanswered. I will answer many in the future. I will also pose more. There is a lot more going on, and you'd better get ready.

(Sonriso) - Hey, I work hard, Creedog. Why don't I have a digimon or a crest or a power or something? I could be the Herald of Sarcasm.