Chapter 2 'The Funeral'

Well, I decided to include a short chapter in between chapters 1 and 3. The previous one is over 4000 words long, making it my 2nd longest chapter, behind Little Blue Orphan part one, which is twice as long.

This takes places in between the events of chapter one. It takes place after Blu is killed, and before he rises from his grave. I mean, isn't that obvious?

I have never attended a funeral as far as I can remember, so I am not 100% sure how it would go. But I think I did a good job.

Well, without further ado, let's get on with it! Enjoy or suffer.


A hole was dug in the ground. It would be considered a shallow grave for humans, but it was sufficiently deep for a bird. It was little over a foot deep, and it was dug for a special bird: Blu.

Gathered around were many birds, including Blu's mate, Jewel. Blu's body was yet to be placed in.

Rafael stood nearby, as he was the mortician. Attending the funeral were Jewel, Nico, Pedro, Rafael, Eva, the 18 toucan chicks, Linda, Tulio, Fernando and others.

Jewel had learned to write a fair amount by Blu, and so she decided she'd tell Linda the news. They stood by. It was a day that man and bird stood side by side to mourn the death of someone, Blu.

The place was quiet, apart from the sniffling and soft crying. Even the toucan chicks were quiet and calm.

Rafael began the funeral with a speech,

''Today we gather around in a ceremonial parting of a certain blue macaw. As tragic at it is, death is something we must all face. No matter how good you are, we'll all face it. Today, we gather around to say farewell to Blu. A mate, a friend and a companion. Not all of us know him personally, but those who do know him to be a soft spoken, kind soul. Those who don't may know him as the bird who freed dozens of birds who he didn't even know, so that they can return home safe to their families and friends. He is a bird who was an expecting father and had a life ahead of him with his beloved. But the world had its evil ways. His life was tragically cut short.

As is customary, his mate and closest friends shall say their goodbyes.'', Rafael finished his speech. He turned to Jewel and nodded. She sadly walked over to Blu's body, who looked like he was asleep in a peaceful slumber. He was in a way, but he'd never wake up from his sleep. Jewel knelt down and kissed his cheek. She couldn't help but ball her eyes out into his lifeless, but still soft, feathery chest as she embraced him.

''Why… Why did you have to go?!'', she wailed. She soon gathered enough composure to part from him. Rafael turned to Linda, who walked over to Blu's body.

''Oh Blu… I'll miss you… Thank you for being such a good friend…'', she softly cried. She performed their signature handshake/fist bump. Only this time it was merely her doing it. She got up and walked back.

''I suppose its time to put him in his final resting place…'', Rafael sighed. He was holding back tears. He didn't know him as well as Jewel or Linda, but he was still a good friend. Blu's body was placed into the grave.

''If you'd like to pay your respects and give your final goodbyes, then please do so.'', Rafael said. Soon, the birds gathered around his grave.

Jewel looked in,

''Bye… my pet… I love you, always… I'll be a good mother for you… I promise…'', Jewel croaked, before sobbing uncontrollably as she let the others pay their respects.

Nico and Pedro looked in,

''Goodbye man…'', they simply said. They bowed respectfully, and then walked away sombrely as Nico cried. Pedro even shed a few tears.

Linda, Tulio and Fernando looked in the grave.

''Bye… Blu…'', Linda said in a strangled voice. Tulio held her tight as they walked away.

Rafael looked in and bowed respectfully,

''Bye amigo.'', Rafael said softly. Soon, the others all said their goodbyes, and Rafael said a prayer before they filled his grave in.

It was lined with stones, and a single stone was placed in the middle as a headstone that had no epitaph engraved on it. Flowers were placed and the funeral drew to a close as they paid their final respects and went away. Jewel remained there, sitting by his grave.

She didn't want to part from Blu, but she knew she had to. She sighed and decided to get some things off her chest.

''Blu, I know you're gone but I will always remember you. I promise you I'll visit you regularly, and I promise I'll take good care of our babies. I'll stay strong when I lay them, I'll stay strong when I incubate them, and I'll stay strong when they hatch. I promise I'll be the best mother I can.'', Jewel sat in silence for a moment, before sighing again.

''I love you so much Blu, and I'm so sorry I said those horrible things to you. I take them back. You were the best mate I could ever ask for, and I wish we could've spent more time together. But the moments I spent with you were the best moments in my life, and I think they'll stay that way. You've given me love, affection and children, and I can't thank you enough. I cherish every moment I spent with you, and I thank you for the children I'll take care of. For you, for them, for us. I love you, and I hope that Ara will take care of you in his kingdom. I'll one day join you, and so will our children. Until then, I guess this is goodbye. Take care, and remember that I love you… I love you so much…'', Jewel finished, and softly cried.

She stood up, and nodded, before flying off to their hollow. Jewel felt better now, but she still felt terrible. But before going inside, she looked towards the sky and into the clouds. She knew Blu was up there, and she smiled.

''Take good care of him Ara.'', she said, and then walked to her nest. Today was a big day for her, and she felt much better now. She laid down, tucked her beak into her wing and closed her eyes. The sandman took her into a peaceful sleep.

Well, that ends this chapter, I hope you enjoyed it!

If you're confused who Ara is, it's the god that the Spix's macaws worship. That includes Jewel. I think Sorrelwing had a god by the same name, but I am not 100% sure if that's true.

Anyways, I don't know when the next chapter will be out. Hopefully it will be out soon. I promise it will be longer than this.

Until next time, goodbye.