"I'm pregnant," Rory said hesitantly.

Lorelai looked at her surprised and yet a bit excited, "Oh, honey… Is this good news? Or not? Either way I am here for you." It was not long since she herself had flirted with the idea of a second kid with Luke, the thought of being a grandmother hadn't even crossed her mind.

"But I got to ask…," she added, "It isn't Paul's, right?"

"Logan's," Rory sighed.

Lorelai took a deep breath. While she knew Rory and Logan had a very special relationship, she also knew it was very complicated. And secretly she had hoped she was over him, and she could have children, a family, with someone who would truly make her happy. With Logan things were not going to be that easy.

"I haven't told him yet. Not sure if I should even. I am not sure what good would it do. It would only complicate things. I know it would be the right thing to do but…," Rory added slightly shaking in her voice.

"It is your choice, I cannot make you do it nor will I do it," Lorelai said, "but he does have a right to know. When Luke found out about April, he was devastated to find out her existence was kept from him. He had wanted to be a part of her life, but all those years are gone, he is not going to get them back. At least Christopher had some choice. What Logan will do with the information, will be up to him. But you can't make the decision for him. At least promise to think about it, okay?"

Rory was quiet, trying to keep herself from crying.

"How far along are you?" she inquired.

"Nine weeks," Rory replied while wiping her cheek, "I just got it confirmed a few days ago."

"Hey honey, don't cry. You forget, you are not 16, your have things going for you…, you have me and Luke, your friends, this is not the end of the world. And you are going to be a great mom. I am happy for you."

"Thank you for being you. I knew I could count on you." Rory hugged Lorelai.

Rationally thinking Rory was sure Logan would be a gentleman about this matter, try to help, assist in any way he could. But money was not what she needed, she wasn't swimming in it, but she was also not that desperately. Plus she hated that people might think this pregnancy was a method for laundering the Huntzberger accounts. She also didn't want to draw him into this, he had his life set in London with Odette and all, the dynastic plan including marriage, cocktail parties and red carpet events and most likely children at some point. A life very different from what she had, and wanted. Accepting his money would make her dependent on him, as if she was to stay as the woman on the side, allowing him to visit and having a say on the baby's future or on the opposite, staying out of contact completely. While she longed for him deeply, she also knew she needed to get over him, to move on with her life. Her new life with her baby, that would remain as a bitter-sweet reminder of their connection. Yet, she agreed with Lorelai, he did deserve to know.

The letter addressed to Logan Huntzberger laying on the corner of his home office desk stood out from a bunch of invites. Logan recognized the hand writing instantly, opened the letter hastily and closed the door to read this uninterrupted. Why would Rory write, not call or text? He asked himself. His heart bleed at the thought of her.


I am sorry to write to you like this, but I just couldn't see or call you with this. Before I continue, just know that I do not expect anything from you and I don't want to disrupt the life you have, but you have the right to know…"

While reading the next few lines he could hear his heartbeat in his ears stronger and stronger. He held his face between his hands leaning on to his knees. Tears came down his cheeks. Sadness. Deep joy. Hate, but not towards Rory but his life - his public relationship with Odette, which was more like a partnership, his controlling family, his executive job and everything that came with it. He took a deep breath and and finished reading the last sentence..

"But I beg of you, don't get on that jet. I understand that you may want to. But I just can't handle it. And I can't handle you leaving again."

She was so right. Neither could he. Leaving Rory that last morning in New Hampshire was brutal.

That moment he heard Odette announcing from the hallway "I'm off, see you for dinner at Gauthier at 7.30."

"Yes, bye," Logan replied hastily. Not wanting to deal with her at that moment.

He picked up his phone, flipping through the address book he stopped at Rory's number hesitantly. What would he say...and was that that much different from jumping on a jet to see her. A phone call was too direct, he too needed some time to think.. He had no doubt that Rory wouldn't tell him unless she was sure it was his, but he also knew that if ever his family found out, there would be lawyers involved, DNA samples and contracts. He respected Rory too much to put her through that.