The Matrix Of the fate of Agent Smith

Neo was standing alone. Dressed in his long black mod styled-Chang Sahm.

His eyes were unreadable because of his sunglasses.

He was standing in what appeared to be a football stadium.

But that wasn't where he was before.

The Agents had caught him, Trinity and Morpheus. They were trying to infiltrate another nexus near the source. But the Agents were on the look out for them. The three of them were running for the 'link' back to their world. The Phone was in a warehouse just beyond the office door when the Agents caught up to them.

Neo stayed where he was.

"Neo! What are you doing come on!" cried Trinity, she was shooting her pistols, .50 caliber Desert Eagles toward the direction where the Agents were coming. There were three of them. They were firing at them also.

Morpheus had two MP5 Heckler and Koch submachine guns in both hands and was blasting towards the Agents.

"Come on Neo! Let's go!" He yelled above the staccato of gunfire.

The Agents were firing at them but Neo distrupted time for about 10 feet around himself, Trinity and Morpheus so when the bullets entered the field of time disruption it simply stopped.

"Both of you! Get out of here! I'll hold them off!" Neo yelled behind him. The Agents were closing fast.

Morpheus emptied his clips and dropped the machine guns. He then grabbed Trinity and yelled, "Come on! Let's go! There's nothing you can do!"

Trinity looked at Neo one last time then ran through the warehouse door.


Within a few minutes Trinity and Morpheus gets up from their Connection chairs and run to the monitors by Link their communication officer.

They are on board their new ship "The Prophecy", their last ship "The Nebuchenedzzar" was destroyed by a Sentinel bomb.

"Come on Neo get out of there!" muttered Trinity staring at the Matrix code on the monitors.

Morpheus is studying the monitors intensely.


The Agents seeing their guns were useless threw them to the side and ran straight for Neo.

The closest one threw a jumping sidekick towards Neo but Neo timed his jumping back kick well. The Agent's kick completely missed Neo but Neo's kick went at an oblique angle and caught the Agent in the rib.

Neo could feel the increased mass of the Agent. It was like kicking a mannequin filled with concrete. Agents are special hunter programs that look humanoid but is quite super 'human'. But although Agents appear super human they still have to operate within the law of the Matrix therefore they are still subject to physical and natural laws.

Although the Source can create the Agents to be more than what they already are. It is dangerous to give self-sufficient artificially intelligent programs more power than necessary. To do that there is a danger of the program going 'rogue'. That is why they are still subject to the 'law' of the Matrix.

But Neo has evolved beyond the Matrix. He can influence and manipulate the Matrix now.

The Agent went crashing into the brick wall, the force of his impact denting it.

The other two Agents attack Neo simultaneously. In a blur of motion the techniques are lightning fast. If the strikes were to land on a normal human their flesh would be pulped and their bones shatter like brittle glass.

But Neo is not a normal Matrix human.

He is The One.

To Neo they appear to move as if in slow motion. He counters each attack effortlessly.

These new Agents are already stronger and faster than the ones that Neo met when he first fought against them.

He dubs the new ones v3 or 'version 3'. They were upgrades.

Against physical strikes Agents are virtually invulnerable. But their one flaw, or built in failsafe is that they can be 'killed' with weapons, but only with shots to the head.

Neo is evading and counter striking against the Agents. He keeps knocking them back but they keep on attacking. Neo is merely buying Trinity and Morpheus time to escape.

The Agent that was knocked to the wall was silently watching the exchange between Neo and the other two Agents. Actually he is feeding data to the Source studying Neo's movements.

Then all of a sudden the Agent stiffens and starts to tremble, its visage morphs into another Agent. The earpiece it had on drops off.

Standing there now is the sinister Agent Smith, Neo's Matrix nemesis.

It moved it's head in a circle as if stretching the neck then walks calmly toward the 3 combatants. The other Agents feeling the familiar yet different Agent approach separated from Neo. The three Agents surround Neo.

When Neo first 'destroyed' Agent Smith there were still bits of Agents Smith code floating around in the Matrix. The Source merely collected it and analyzed it. Realizing pieces of Neo's code was embedded within Agent Smith's code it was able to synthesize a new program. A unique program.

Not only is Agent Smith granted more power than any other Agent it doesn't answer to the Source. It is a totally independent self-sufficient program with only one purpose in mind. To find and destroy Neo.

It is also uniquely connected to Neo. Whenever Neo enters the Matrix. Agent Smith is instantly alerted.

"Mr. Anderson!" Agent Smith said in his oily voice. "You are safe in 'your' world. Why must you keep intruding in ours? Are you not 'free'? Was that not your desire?"

"It is, but I'm here to free the other humans under your false dream!" said Neo.

"Mr. Anderson, why must you insist on this concept of freedom? If you knew your human history you must realize that no one is ever free! Look around you! Dream? Yes, it is our interpretation of your dreams. But humans need to be controlled! Under us there is no war! Crime is practically none! Dream? Many humans would gladly give up their freedom for this dream!"

"So you say! It's too bad you never gave them the choice! Don't you wish you had a choice? Don't you wish you could stop chasing me? Don't you wish you could remain in the Source?"

Agent Smith's cheek twitched. His lips grew thin. In his mind he does wish he could be back in the Source, to be lost in cold logic and numeric contemplation. Instead he was reduced to chasing rogue humans.

"Mr. Anderson. I can return to the Source. When you are dead!" Then he charges Neo.

Agent Smith upgraded as he is was still no match for Neo. His only choice and new weapon was he could clone himself. The other two Agents that were standing by stiffened and morphed into Agent Smith. They were exact duplicates of him.

They started to attack Neo furiously. Neo expertly dodging and blocking their attacks. But Agent Smith gave a mental order to the Source. More. Before you know it more Agent Smiths were pouring out of doorways speeding towards Neo.

There were already like 25 Agent Smiths attacking Neo. The parking lot in front of the warehouse was getting quite crowded. And still more Agent Smiths kept pouring in.

The skill of Neo's martial skill reached a level of sublime perfection. When they last met only the mere numbers of Agent Smith was proof against Neo. Now it seems even that wouldn't suffice.

There was something like over 250 Agent Smiths now. It was like a sea of black locusts seeking to inundate Neo. Neo moving so fast that his movements were merely blurs to the naked eye.

When there were 300 agents Neo played his trump.

He crossed both his arms in front of him then he concentrated. It was like slow motion. In his pause the Agents came seething towards him, 300 Agent Smiths with fury twisted on their faces.

Then he throws out his hands to his sides like he's throwing something out and gives a great cry.

A huge circle of energy expands outward. When it encountered an Agent they merely froze in place. When the circle of energy encompassed all 300 Agent Smiths the world outside the circle went dim then faded.

Then it grew grey and a new scene seem to fade in. What seem to be stadium seats seem to be forming in midair. When it finished they were in a stadium.

Aboard The Prophecy the monitors flare in a surge as sensors and alarms go off. Link, Morpheus, and Trinity is staring at awe and wondering what is happening.

Morpheus merely mutters, "My god, what has Neo become?"

Neo simply levitates out of the little circle he was in to outside the energy sphere he created.

Then he releases the energy sphere. The sea of bodies came crashing into the center.

One of the Agent Smiths noticed Neo and charged him. Neo played his second trump.

The Agent threw several punches towards Neo but Neo turned intangible. He became like a ghost. The punches went past Neo and hit the Agent Smith behind him trying to grab Neo and sent him flying.

All the Agent Smiths are throwing punches, kicks and trying to grab Neo. Neo is standing there amused. Eventually the Agent Smiths realize their futility and stopped attacking.

One of the Agent Smiths stood in front of Neo not saying anything. It was really trying to contact the Source and relay this new information to it. But it could not contact or connect to the Source.

"Can't get in touch? That's because you're in my world now." Neo gestures with both arms. "This stadium is my creation within your Matrix. Unused allocated memory that I used and manipulated for myself. Surprised? Where's your superiority now Mr. Smith?"

Can machines hate? Emotions are thought to be biochemical reactions coupled with cognizant realization of certain facts and situations. Machines can certainly think but can they react with anything like emotion? The look on Agent Smith's face seem to support that theory.

Out of desperation Agent Smith tried his other new weapon, Assimilation. His fingers pierce the abdomen of Neo and is using his code like a virus to corrupt and assimilate Neo.

Unlike the last time nothing was spreading from the strike. Nothing happens.

Neo simply reaches up and touches his index finger to Agent Smith's forehead.

Agent Smith stiffens as something seems to spread from where Neo touched his forehead.

He gasps and tries to rip off whatever that's spreading from his forehead. He screams and tries to charge Neo but then stiffens as what seems like liquid mercury finally encompasses him entirely. The mercury now bucks and pulses as it morphs into a new image.

Another Neo stands there.

In a roar all of the Agent Smiths attack the 2 Neos ferociously. But the Neos with each strike is causing a chain reaction. Soon there were 3 Neos, 4, 5 and the number was geometrically increasing.

Finally there was only one Agent Smith left surrounded by 300 Neos.

Agent Smith took off it's sunglasses and looked at Neo with unbridled hatred.

"Hatred? That goes against the logic of perfection. Perfection is above petty emotions. Is that not a Source axiom?" asked Neo.

Neo snapped his finger and 299 of the Neos simply vanished. He didn't really have to snap his fingers but he just felt like doing it.

"Do it! De-rez me now! This is the moment you been waiting for!" rasped Smith.

"De-resolutionize you? Why would I do that? Mr. Smith, but I will give you something that the Source won't." said Neo.

He reaches for the forehead of Agent Smith. Agent Smith stood there and glared at Neo.

Neo touches Agent Smith's forehead. Agent Smith stiffens.

The stadium fades away then morphs into a city skyline. Neo and Agent Smith stand underneath a highway.

Mr. Smith looks at his hands and himself and starts to touch his own face.

"Don't worry you are the same. I didn't do anything to you. Well, not much."

"What did you do to me?" asked Mr. Smith looking at Neo suspiciously.

"Mr. Smith, you are unique. The Source doesn't realize how unique but you are. Now your fate is up to you. You have a choice now. The Source has no power over you."

Agent Smith stared wide-eyed at Neo and looked at his hands and closed his eyes. The connection to the Source is there. He feels the compulsion of the Source and it is urging him to open his mind more and telling him to attack Neo.

But Agent Smith chose not to listen.

"I will tell you that we humans need machines and programs, and you machines and programs need us. We will, we must learn to live together and forge a new future for the benefit of both our species. Think about it Mr. Smith."

Neo turns and bends his knees slightly to kick off. "Neo." Called out Agent Smith.

Neo turns.

"My name is Hugo." Agent Hugo Smith, rogue program smiles.

Neo smiles and nods. Then he just shoots right up into the air.

In mid air while in flight Neo simply vanishes in a burst of light.

He has returned to "The Prophecy".

Neo doesn't need links to go between worlds anymore.