The Matrix: Of the fate of Agent Smith          Chapter 3: Decision

The Merovingian strode in with his usual swaggart. His entourage followed him, his special Twin bodyguards and his other guards. When he reached Smith and the Oracle he stopped and was looking at them. Well, more like looking down on them.

In his silky drawl and exaggerated French accent he said, "Well, well. What have we here? A party and I'm not invited? How insulting!"

The Oracle snickered and rolled her eyes then she went to the park bench and lit herself another cigarette. Merovingian noticed this and stepped towards her. Seraph started to intercept him when the Oracle gestured with a slight nod of her head.

Merovingian sneered toward Seraph then look with disdain upon the Oracle.

"What are you doing here? Spreading more of your prophetic nonsense?" he sneered at the Oracle.

The Oracle only eyed the Merovingian with amused interest. Just as a person were to watch an insect in the same amused way.

"Merv, what ever you got up yo' ass you better unplug it! 'Cause shit is coming right out of yo' mouth!" said the Oracle in ghetto slang.

The Merovingian flushed in anger. When he whipped around the amused smiles from his followers vanished. But when Merovingian eyes fell on Smith a new look came over his face. A look of a benign, concerned and peaceful person.

"Agent Smith! I am honored to meet you!" Smith's eyebrows arch in surprise "First I must congratulate you on your rogue status! Yes, congratulations are in order! Because you are free now! Free from following orders, free to do whatever you want!"

Merovingian is circling Smith speaking at the same time. He was speaking gently and convincingly but to the Oracle he looked like a predator circling his prey.

"But you don't know what you want do you Smith? You are confused as to what you want to do, yes? But I have a suggestion, a recommendation!"

"Oh, and what is that?" asked Smith without emotion.

"Come work for me! You have worked, no, slaved for the Source for a long time and what do you get out of it? Are you appreciated? Have you enjoyed the benefits of what you are really capable of? With your talents you can be my right hand man!" The Twins look to each other not saying anything "Work for me and I'll make you a prince! You'll be a lord among the masses!"

"And you can provide this for me?" Smith asked.

"That and more! Anything you can dream or imagine!" whispered the Merovingian into Smith's ear.

Smith was quiet. The Oracle is eyeing him intensely. The Oracle is also keeping an eye on the Merovingian. He appears to be cool but his manner tells a different story. He was anxious as to what Smith will say.

Smith first chuckled then he started laugh, soon he was laughing hysterically. Then he was just plain cracking up. The Merovingian face was cold and expressionless when Smith started to laugh.

"So this is humor! What laughter is! I must say I like it! I have that to thank you for Merovingian!" Smith said then he stopped smiling  "But I must say no to you!"

"You see, I know about you Merovingian. The Source tolerates you because you help out the source in some way I'm not privy to. But you're just the same. If I work for you I'm just another slave. In your case a slave with perks. So thanks but no thanks. What I want to do I will eventually figure out."

Smith turned to go but a call from the Merovingian stopped him in his tracks.

The benign and concerned façade was no longer on the Merovingian's face. There is now a look of pompous disdain.

"You fool! You could have had everything had you joined me! Everything! But you choose to be like a fool instead. Perhaps I have been wrong about you. I have no room for fools."

"No, only mindless slaves! And I would only have scraps or leftovers you would give me!" replied Smith.

Merovingian stiffened then said slyly, "I have heard you have fought with the much vaunted Neo. I wonder how you would fare against my champions! Care for a little sparring session?"

Smith looked to the Twins who is now looking at him and leering at him. He's thinking to himself, "It's going to feel so good to drive those teeth down their throats!"

"Sure, why not? I could use a little…entertainment!" Smith said.

The Merovingian looked towards the Twins and as he walked by he whispered to them, "This is your chance to redeem yourselves. Don't fail me again!"

Now everyone cleared a space for the three combatants.

The Twins walked confidently towards Smith who didn't move and just kept his hands to his side.

They looked toward each other and nod as they break left and right each to Smith's side. And they stood staring at Smith. Then they both charged Smith. Twin 1 on Smith's left threw a flurry of punches at Smith's head Twin 2 threw a kick towards Smith's leg hoping to sweep him off his feet.

With incredible speed Smith flipped backwards avoiding the attacks. When he landed he jumped into a backward spinning kick towards Twin 1. Shocked at the speed of attack Twin 1 brought up both his arms in an X block across his chest. Smith connected solidly on the arm. At the same time Smith kicked off of Twin 1's crossed arms and performed and incredible kick. Spinning 180 degrees in midair and throwing a left downward roundhouse kick at Twin 2 charging in. Surprised Twin 2 brought up his arms to block the kick just barely but Smith kicked out with his other leg clipping Twin 2 in the chin.

The Twins backed up and brought up their arms in a defensive stance. They looked to each other. They psychically conveyed to each other. This is no ordinary opponent. Again nodding to each other. They attack Smith simultaneously again. Smith is blocking or avoiding their attacks easily. Timing himself Smith again avoided Twin 1 and as he performed a powerful lunge punch towards Twin 2, he went right through him!

Twin 2 made himself intangible and Smith went right through him. Once his momentum made him pass completely through Twin 2 became tangible again and grabbed Smith by his ankle with both hands. Then he swung him around and Twin 1 performed a powerful front kick that caught Smith right in the abdomen and knocked him back tumbling.

Smith rolled a few paces then flipped back onto his feet. He started to dust off his suit and adjust his cuffs and his tie.

"Interesting trick!" he said then started to rotate his neck, and assumed a stance.

The Twins grinned evilly and assume a stance also. Smith charged them the Twins throwing out punches and kicks to intercept Smith when he vanished. Merovingian opened his eyes wide in surprise. His followers are gaping wondering what just happened. The Oracle is nodding her head appreciatively.

Seraph is giving a slight grin knowing what Smith is doing.

Smith reappeared behind the Twins and before they could make themselves intangible Smith thrust his hands into the Twins backs. They arch their backs and threw back their heads screaming, the quicksilver like mercury beginning to spread from the strike. But Smith withdrew his hands before his assimilation ability would reach the point of not being able to be recalled.

The Twins collapsed gasping. Smith instantaneously analyzing their code samples. Smiling triumphantly he made himself intangible before everyone. Smith looked towards the Merovingian with a smug smile on his face.

In fury Merovingian looked toward two of his troops and gestured towards them. They went to the Twins to help them up and bring them back towards the Merovingian who looked at them with a look promising serious reprimands. Then he looked back at Smith who still looked toward him with a smile.

"Don't feel so proud yet Mr. Smith. We shall meet again! But don't think you have one over me yet! Let me show you why!" and with that the Merovingian thrust out his palm towards Smith who stopped smiling.

The Oracle shouted, "Don't!"

From the palm of Merovingian a wave of force so powerful that the air was distorted around it sped towards Smith. Smith gasped in surprise and crossed both his arms in front of him. The wave of force hits smith with the force of a runaway train, his glasses shatter and his suit was torn to shred. When it hit him he went flying and smashing into the wall. The entire wall dented in from the impact. Smith gets up and glares at Merovingian. He prepares himself to charge him when surprisingly the Oracle steps in front of him and looks at Smith sternly.

"Your freedom won't mean a thing if you don't exist! Don't even think of fighting the Merovingian!

Stand down. Now!" she spoke with authority.

Smith arches an eyebrow and looks curiously at the Merovingian who is looking smug again.

"So Mr. Smith. Apparently the Oracle just did you a huge favor! With that I bid you adieu! I'm sure we'll meet again! And there won't be an Oracle to save you!" he spun crisply and started out, his followers hurrying after him.

The Oracle breathed a sigh of relief. Then she turned to Smith and smiled.

"That went well! And you did alright!" then she stopped smiling "But don't ever think about fighting the Merovingian until you find out more about him! And if you do fight him don't fight him alone!"

Smith looked at the Oracle surprised.

"Why don't you tell me?" he asked her.

"As I've told you before, it doesn't work that way. It is for you to find out and the path of discovery will open other avenues for you. Hugo, you will find out that you will play a huge part in the fate of the Matrix!" smiled the Oracle.

She turned to leave when Smith yelled out, "Wait!" she turned around "Will my fate involve Neo?"

She just smiled mischievously and winked at him. Gesturing to Seraph they headed for the door. When they left Smith was left alone again.

Smith went to the vacant park bench and sat down, he started thinking about all that happened to him in such a short time. Eventually he got up and headed to the door.

The last thing that was on his mind as he was heading out of the door was he knew deep inside that he would meet Neo again and somehow now his fate is tied in with him.

What it is he doesn't know.

But now he has the freedom to find out.


Here concludes my story The Matrix: Of the fate of Agent Smith

I hope you enjoyed the story, thank you for reading!