Episode 1: Beginning of the End

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/Loading Autobot Elite Guard Data Module.

/Scanning Designation... Welcome back, Rodimus Prime.

/Logging into Autobot Communications... Transmission from Cybertron to Moon Base 2, broadcasting on Autobot Galactic Sector...

/Access Granted... Relaying Message Transmission. Emergency Broadcast sequence commencing...

/Begin Communication.

The screen began showing static before going dark... Then an Autobot Symbol that was made to look extremely Retro appeared very briefly until music started to play in the background. Then Cybertron was seen in the background as a small Planet yet to be inhabited.

"At the beginning of our race, there is a world that our Sparks have come Online to. A world that we would soon call Cybertron."

Soon, the surface of the Metallic Planet began to have structures steadily being built over time. with it being shown the City of Iacon as ships were seeing flying in and out.

"Though we know not of where the AllSpark came from, we do know that Cybertron has become our home for many Eons. And with it, came great history over the years"

The screen then showing off ships arriving at several worlds, colonizing and inhabiting planets as far as they could go as Cybertronian Flags have been set up to mark their territory.

"Having grown Energon Farms with our own Bare Servos, we would eventually accomplish things even faster than previous Cybertronains could predict. And eventually, we would expand from that world and onto the next."

The screen then showed images of the Great War, Trypiticon Prison rising from the ground, and the Decepticons taking Iacon under Siege. Other than that, it showed Autobots and Decepticons fighting each other for many years.

"Though it is unfortunately not as perfect as one would imagine, we ourselves as a Faction has stood together and protected Cybertron through every hard-working Circuit that can Function. For this Planet has seen every Bot been given the chance to rise up as a hero of their own Designation."

After numerous viewings, the last screenshot shows an image of Iacon standing tall and proud as a figure wielding the Magnus Hammer was seen alongside the Autobot Insignia.

"And so it is with great pride that every generation of Cybertronian, no matter what Star System they reside in, show forever know the Cybertronain Beating Spark of our great Planet, Cybertron. Let it forever stand tall and proud, and never faERRORfaERRORfaERRORfaERRORfaERRORfaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA-"

Warning; system error. Historic Log 730234 has been corrupted. Purging corrupted record file.

There was more static coming from the screen after the history video became irreparably corrupted as sounds of pants came from the background. Then the static on the screen began to show visual as Rodimus Prime was seen sitting on a chair breathing through his Intake, clearly being shown to have been wounded one way or another as scratches and scorch marks appeared all over his Armor. Even the sides of his Spoiler is dented as Energon bled from his lower left Derma, he looked at the screen he was staring into and began pressing his hand on the desk.

"I don't know how long I have until an army of Knights come crawling to my position, so I'll make this short as I can," Rodimus informed as he wiped off the dry Energon from his mouth, taking in a depressed Intake as he leaned forward toward the camera.

"For those who don't know, I am Rodimus Prime of the Autobots. I have served alongside honorable Autobots such as Optimus Prime, Ultra Magnus, and even numerous others whom I'd like to call friends."

There's just a little bit of static coming through the screen as Rodimus continued to make his broadcast.

"Anyway..." He continued, lowering his brow. "I am sure that no one has ever received contact from Cybertron for the past several Solar Cycles... And the reason for that is due to the fact that, and I say this with complete displeasure, that Cybertron has fallen."

He heard an explosion going off behind him, hearing it shake the walls of the area he was occupying as he flinched slightly to that, turning his Helm around to search for any danger before turning back to the camera and sighing.

"If anyone ever sees this broadcast, please, I urge you... Don't come back to Cybertron... This Planet is no longer safe for any and all surviving Cybertronians present throughout the Universe, and based on what we're dealing with down here, it is not even remotely safe to travel or live in right now."

An alarm began to go off from a distance, causing Rodimus to turn his head around briefly before turning back to the camera.

"If anyone of you receives a message that tells you otherwise, then whatever you do, IGNORE it! It's a lie to lure you back here, trust me! DON'T come back to Cybertron It's not safe here anymore, DON'T COME BACK!"

Cybertron... Present Day

A hallow gust of wind blew in the air as a disabled drone showing off an Autobot Insignia on-screen was blinking from static, with an emergency warning labeled on the top and bottom sides of the screen until the drone had finally used the last of its battery, leaving it to die as the once crowded streets of Iacon was reduced to a complete ghost town, devoid of nothing, but the damage left from some sort of confrontation or perhaps something much worse.

Going deeper, we see a message spray-painted on the walls of an abandoned Autobot Elite Guard Enlistment building that read, "CYBERTRON HAS FALLEN" as an Offline Autobot Trooper lied on the ground with a spike on his head. And standing next to him is a holo-projection of a Green Insignia, one not of Autobot nor Decepticon Origin. But overall, due to the artwork of the symbol and the way the eyes seem to stare out at one being should anyone ever stand on a corner to take one glimpse at it, some would say look real bizarre enough to just move right along.

Then out of the blue, we see Rodimus Prime busting right out of the Elite Guard establishment, running on the streets in a hurry as he ran through the hologram, causing it to dissipate while he immediately runs over to a booth and hides in it.

There he got out his Crossbow and started to aim at an empty space, anticipating an enemy so dangerous he feels the need to be prepared for just about anything. The Prime's Spark beating rapidly as he gritted his teeth, waiting.

"Come on..." He whispered. "Come on, I know you're coming for me, now show yourself... Come on..."

He shuddered slightly as he continued to aim his weapon, his hands having a tight grip on the handle while the sounds of his own breath hissed through his Mouthplates. His Denta still gritting together as he continued waiting for someone or something to show up.

Then after what felt like Eons, a loud THUD pounced on the top of the Booth, causing Rodimus to widen his Optics as he slowly, reluctantly began to raise his head up to come face to face with a metallic creature, one that seemed like some sort of Cybertronian Knight. However, it lacked several things; such as a personality, a Spark, and most importantly, it had a silent knack to growl at its enemy as it raised its blade upward, its' Purple Optics just glaring into the Autobot's Blue.


Quickly, Rodimus rolled out of the way as he avoided being sliced in half by a mindless drone, making his way out of the booth so he could begin shooting at the Knight that's after him. However, once the Arrows came close range to their target, it teleported itself right out of its' original spot and landed on the ground right in front of the Prime, intent on eliminating the Autobot as it swung its' Sword at the Crossbow, causing Rodimus to drop it.

Afterward, Rodimus rolled over again to avoid getting cut up by the Knight. Then as he got up, he immediately caught the swinging Blade, which was inches away from cutting his own face in half, in mid-air with his bare hands. The Blade that he's still struggling with the Knight as he got on his feet, gritting his teeth in utter defiance, putting himself in a staring contest with the creature until he lifted his Pedes and kicked the Knight by the chest, grabbing the Blade from its' grip and then Transforming into his Vehicle Mode, running over the creature without even wasting time to contemplate his actions.

Once that was done, the Autobot Transformed back into Robot Mode and swiftly stabbing the Knight by its' Chestplate, causing the creature to yell out in pain as Rodimus quickly stood back while it began to glow in a bright purple hue. Then with no warning, it exploded right in front of Prime as he covered from behind a crashed engine part, Dark Purple Energon splattering all over the area as Rodimus hid behind the damaged ship part to avoid having the substance hit him.

As soon as it was over, the Autobot peeked out of his hiding spot and started walking over to the dead Knight, grabbing his Crossbow while wiping off the Energon as much as he could before walking away. However, his rest would have to be short-lived as a siren boomed throughout the planet, causing him to look up at the sky to see a large fleet hovering over the now ruined city of Iacon. The central location of the Autobot Faction in flames as the Autobot flags were slowly burnt to a crisp, Rodimus' face continued to have a look of dismay just staring at the sight of his home ravaged by an invasion force unlike any other.

"Rodimus!" A voice called out from his Comlink. "Rodimus, are you there?"

He sighed as he raised his wrist, activating a live hologram that displayed Red Alert on screen. "I'm still here, Red."

"What happened? Did you manage to get the message out?"

Rodimus took a few steps away from the dead creature. "Uh, yeah, I did. But I had a little bit of an issue coming out, so I should be okay."

"Oh, Primus..."

"Hey, listen, it's okay, I'm okay-!"

"Rodimus, BEHIND YOU!"

With too little too late, Rodimus turned around face to face with a large Green Primitive and Purple Primitive that seemed to have gone through some bizarre experiment as it knocked the Autobot onto the ground, Prime barely had a chance to catch it from eating him alive as he caught its mouth from biting him.

"Prime?!" Red Alert called out from his Comms while Rodimus grunted.

"Sorry Red, but I'm gonna have to call you back!" He said shortly before lifting his feet upward, throwing the beast off of him as he got up once again, the creature knocked back any garbage that fell on him before starting to run after the Red and Orange Autobot.

Seeing it do so, Prime did the reverse and ran away from the beast as it chased after him through several meters across the abandoned plaza, the pursuit only lasting about 10 seconds until Rodimus headed toward a pillar and made an acrobatic backward flip while the creature just crashed through the pillar, making itself fall to the ground as it unintentionally gave the Autobot Archer the advantage he needed.

Getting out his Crossbow, he shot two arrows at the monster's Pedes, keeping it from getting up as the creature yelled, Rodimus grunted lowly as he moved to collect explosive rounds and add them to his weapon.

"When can a Bot around here..." Rodimus talked to himself as he shot another arrow at the creature, shooting it by the upper jaw... "Can be allowed..." He then used the explosive round to shoot right inside of the beast's throat, causing it to swallow. "To have..." He turned around and walked away from the beast, getting out a detonator. "A Slagging BREAK?!"

He pressed the button, causing the arrow to explode from inside the monster as a cloud of smoke puffed out of the creature's breath before officially dying out, going Offline while Rodimus sighed, reactivating his Comms once more. "I'm sorry, what were we saying again?"

"Get out of there!" The Femme warned. "They know where you are, you have to keep moving!"

He nodded, giving out a small thumbs up. "Gotcha... Making my exit now."

He turned around and Transformed himself into his Alt Mode, driving away from the scene as he moved past corner after corner littered by the destruction caused by the fallout from a tragedy so devastating that it'll be marked in history.

"How many survivors do we have now?" Rodimus asked from his Vehicle Mode.

"I'm, afraid you'll have to see for yourself." Red Alert said. "The last few Autobots from Iacon just got into camp."

"Anyone we know that came?"

The Red-Faced Medic sighed, closing her Optics. "No, I'm afraid not."

"Have we tracked down everyone's positions? Do we know what their status as of right now?"

"Rodimus..." Red Alert gave herself a Face-Palm. "We lost all of Cybertron in one fell swoop! Ever since this started, communications have been blacked out all across the entire planet, I can't even get in contact even beyond that. And considering how many have either been enslaved or..."

"Keep trying." Rodimus encouraged as he drove the deserted freeway. "We can't be the only ones still fighting out there. Cybertron's still our Planet one way or the other. We just have to keep believing that things may go back to the way they were..."

"That's what I'm worried about... What if we can't?"

Rodimus just let that thought hang silent as he kept driving through the empty freeway, seeing Iacon, the beating heart of all Cybertronians, reduced into ruins as Cybertron has never fallen any lower...

Cybertron... 6 months ago...

Cybertron has never risen any higher than it did before in its prime as life boomed throughout the populace, the structures rebuilt after the Fallen's previous attacks on the Planet only 3 months previously.

Since his demise, Optimus Prime has been leading the charge in making the reparations that were caused by the devastation that lead to the deaths of hundreds, including Alpha Trion... And his Brother, Sentinel Prime.

As he stood on the top of Fortress Maximus, Ratchet walked next to him along with Perceptor as they oversaw the reconstruction of many of the structures that were laid to waste during the Fallen's destructive antics.

"How are we doing with the repairs?" Optimus asked, still looking out the view.

"According to my analysis," Perceptor started, tilting his glasses. "Cybertron's reparations have increased the daily productions of Energon Farming shipments. The population sectors like Crystal City and Harmonex have begun to resume daily activity."

"The Spacebridge Nexus has reopened once more." Ratchet said while holding a datapad. "No Decepticon attacks reaching out at us near Autobot Space, so that's a bonus. And Rodimus Prime is leading the charge on negotiating with Earth's Government on all Cybertronians staying, which is alright by me."

"What about housing? Anyone still living out on the streets?"

"The homeless rate has decreased superbly," Perceptor has informed. "But, there are many who still wander near the reconstruction of Polyhex."

"Alright, let's double-time it on the issue." Optimus had decreed. "I wouldn't want to have anyone going through with spending their quiet nights sitting in the middle of the rubble. Every Bot needs to know that everyone is being supported, including the ones who don't have anywhere to stay."

"I'll have emergency shelter units in place. In the meantime, I should inform you that Rodimus Prime is coming back through a routine check-up with Bumblebee."

Optimus sighed, turning to Ratchet as he folded his Servos. "It's time, isn't it?"

"'Fraid so. But it's been a while since the last check-up a Lunar Cycle ago, so it sounds like things are going well with Bumblebee. But I'll have to personally make the check-up myself to administer proper diagnosis." Ratchet sets the datapad aside to plant his hands on his hips. "Besides, it'd be good to see the Kid around once again. Everybody would be happy to have him back."

Optimus simply nodded his head in agreement, knowing all too well how warming it would feel to have his Son back after months of healing... Or, at least what would be considered healing, since he considered being away from Cybertron may help improve Bumblebee's tone to a lighter setting.

"...What about the Aerialbot program? How's that going so far?"

"Well, I'd like to report that we have an excellent performance report from Windblade," Perceptor spoke with enthusiasm about the scientific breakthrough. She, Jetstorm and Jetfire have personally overseen their training, and they seemed to have adapted well into flight training exercise Wheeljack had designed for them."

"How long will it be until they are fully ready to be out on the field?"

"Not long. Once all the recruits have been assessed thoroughly, we'll be able to have them serving the Autobot name in no time."

"Except this time, it'll be from the skies. Kind of a change of scenery for an Autobot if you ask me." Ratchet said punctually.

"I understand many Autobots are considered to be Grounder Types." Optimus sympathized. "But, given how defenseless we were during the Siege, I feel that we should have additional Autobots in the air to combat the Decepticons if we ever face such a conflict on our planet again. And if Ultra Magnus were here, he'd agree with me."

The two Autobots turned to face each other in front of the Prime, showing off their mutual concern before turning their heads back to look at Optimus.

"Speakin' of which... You wanna check how the Old Timer is doin'?"

Optimus closed his eyes, lowering his Helm. "...Do I have a choice?"

Somewhere in Fortress Maximus, there was a group of Bots that was hosted by Blurr as he sat in front of the group consisting of himself, Rosanna, Tap-Out, Erector, Stungun, and a figure in the shadows that was speaking through a voice modded terminal as he remained in the dark to keep himself anonymous.

"Alrighty,so..." Blurr spoke, sitting down. "Iknow... Itendto... Speaktoofastso,uh... I'mgonnaletTap-Outspeakrightforme... Tap-Out?"

"Right." The Mini-bot cleared his throat, closing his Optics for a moment. "Blurr, like many of us, has been in some way, used as a Decepticon Scapegoat, infiltrate the Autobot ranks without our consent... Something that I'm sure each one of us not really comfortable having harmed some friends of ours..." He opened them up, looking around at the group. "But that's why we're all here; so we can talk about our experiences, black-outs, anything involving our... Other Decepticon counterparts, whatever they were before the Chip Removal. Anything anyone's got to say, everyone, is free to open up in any way possible.."

An Autobot, Erector raised his Servo in question as he caught Tap-Out's attention.

"Yeah, what's up?"

"So, I understand who everyone else sittin' in this room is, but I don't get the Terminal... I mean, who is this Bot? And why isn't he sittin' in here with the rest of us?"

Tap-Out turned to Blurr, who grimaced on his Dentals as the Autobot sighed.

"The Mech on the screen... He's considered to be a... Special case." Tap-Out explained. "As I said before, everyone is free to open up in any way possible, even if it means sitting behind a screen throughout the entire Solar Cycle."

"I can understand." Rosanna sympathized, rubbing her Servo. "I felt so much anxiety just walking in here today, I wasn't even sure that I would be able to attend."

"Same here." Stungun agreed. "I mean after what happened with me and my Decepticreep counterpart, I couldn't bear to face any of my old crew for the damage I did to them. I hear that a couple of old friends of mine are still trying to get the plasma burns that I..." He froze his sentence, stopping himself from making misinformation. "...That my Decepticon Version of myself, did when he dug a Tazer right into their Optics."

"Ouch... That outta hurt." Erector said as he raised a brow.

"Yeah... Yeah, it must have." Stungun said sadly as Tap-Out nodded his head.

"See, this right here? This isn't something we've done... This is something our kidnappers have done to us... Something that was forced upon us!" Tap-Out explained. "We aren't here because we're in prison. We're here because we're all victims, not the assailant. And we're all here to support each other, even if some of us are a little shy to come to face each other personally."

"Excuse me..." The voice spoke from the Terminal. "But... May I... Begin first?"

Everyone nodded their heads, having a mutual acknowledgment on their end.

"Of course." Tap-Out agreed. "Feel free to speak up your mind."

"Thank you... Although, I probably shouldn't give out my Designation. I'm not sure I'm ready to reveal that much about myself just yet."

"It's alright! It's all good, perhaps a codename would be in place, as long as you remember it." Tap-Out leaned back on his chair. "So, what would you like to call yourself?"


In another room, Ultra Magnus was seen standing outside the room watching the group from above the stairway in the dark as he held up a microphone in his bare Servo, looking utterly depressed from the events that took place on the Ark... And the revelation of his involvement prior to it all.

"...I'd like to be called, Tyger, if everyone will permit me." Ultra Magnus said politely.

"Sure thing, Tyger," Tap-Out spoke with self-esteem. "What would you like to say?"

The Magnus sighed, closing his Optics as he leaned back against his chair, holding onto the microphone, clutching onto it as if it were his own lifeline.

"...Well, first I'd like to thank everyone in the room for having me." Ultra Magnus expressed, reopening his Optics. "I know this particular setting is unorthodox, but I sincerely appreciate everyone for tolerating this form of attendance."

"It's all good, Tyger."

"And as for the other thing..." His hand clutched further as memories of old began to resurface. "I... Must admit I did not anticipate... My double's essence earlier than anyone else has... In fact, he... Was cunning enough to fool everyone around me... Even myself."

Erector raised himself up, clasping his Servos together. "What happened? Did the creep make you spray paint your Insignia or somethin'?"

"...It's much worse than that, I'm afraid."

"Well, don't be shy, Tyger." Stungun encouraged. "Everybody in here has been through some worse Scrape. It can't be all that bad."

Suddenly, his hand began to shake. The hands usually showing a stern, uptight stance, now turned into something of a frightening chill as he lowered his Optics, taking in another deep Intake.

"...I... I have dreams that I... Killed someone... Someone close to me. And then sometimes, I dream of not just one person, but another Bot... One I haven't meet formally, but... I'm certain that my other half did in fact did, unfortunately. And sometimes, even as I walk outside, I can't help but notice a pair of ghosts before my very Optics... Sometimes they close, and others, they're just simply far away. Staring at me. Judging me... For something I don't remember doing, yet I can't but feel so guilty about it... And even though my Chip was eventually removed, I... I can't help but feel so... So sorry for everyone that was ever harmed by own hands... And now I can't even look at myself in the mirror without remembering all the good Sparks that might have perished, without ever thinking that it was all my fault because... Because of the hands that were supposed to be under my control..."

After that, he sighed heavily, closing his Optics once more as the weight that was held on his mental shoulders began to lift while everyone was stunned by Ultra Magnus's... Tyger's talk as a couple of the known witty Bots began to tone down in silence.

After a while, that silence began to resonate with a clap from Tap-Out, who had congratulated the Magnus for opening up the way he did.

"That was pretty good, Tyger," Tap-Out said, smiling. "I know it must have been hard, but you managed to open yourself up." He leaned back, raising his Servos up. "And if Tyger can open himself up the way he just did, then perhaps all of us can learn by his example." He rubbed his hands together. "So, who would like to go next?"

After 3 Nanokliks worth of silence, Rosanna began to raise her Servo up, to which everyone else obliged as she too began to clear her throat.

"Um... Hello... Everyone may or may not know me as Rosanna..."

"Oh, yeah! The superstar celebrity?" Erector asked. "You helped me out using an Earth Custom called a Playlist, using one of your Cybervids on the Cybernet. I even have three of your songs on there!"

Rosanna smiled, chuckling shyly. "Um, wow. That's awesome! I wasn't expecting any fans after what happened-!"

"Eh, everybody thought was another performance laid out in partnership with the Autobot Elite Guard, just so there would be stunts involved."

Her smile began to drop drastically as her Servos rubbed against each other. "That's what everyone assumes."

Stungun tilted his Helm, resting his Servos on the back of his head. "So... Is there anything you'd like to say for yourself?"

Rosanna nodded. "Right... Well, uh... When my double appeared, I thought I was just hearing voices... But then that voice turned out to be a nightmare, and it suddenly just took control of my entire being, and I was left defenseless when-!"

As she explained herself, Ultra Magnus watched from the glass as he continued to sit on the chair, the door opened behind him as Elita One arrived, walking in behind him.

"How is the meeting going, sir?"

"Better than I expected, Elita." Ultra Magnus spoke in a low tone. "It appears everyone is accustomed to my arrival vial on-screen. Though I do find the set up to be abnormal if I am being honest."

"It was the best we can do for you," Elita said as she handed him his Hammer. "Besides, it's standard protocol for Autobots who have been assigned to Rehabilitation to distance themselves until they feel free to open up to themselves up close."

"I understand. I know you also had to go through Rehabilitation yourself, so you must know what this feels like."

"I feel I should, but in your case, and everyone else's in that room... I can hardly imagine."

Ultra Magnus nodded, grasping his Hammer as he continued to sit on the chair, reflecting on... Tainted memories.

"...Yes, I suppose you could say it is... Unpleasant at best." He closed his Optics, sighing heavily. "But... Perhaps you shouldn't worry about my condition at the moment. After all..." He stood up, turning to Elita with a smile. "You have a ceremony to prepare, don't you?"

Elita then clutched the ring on her finger as she blushed, still remembering that Sparkwarming proposal that Optimus made to her way back on P-0908, smiling at that memory.

"With all due respect, sir, it won't be for at least another Solar Cycle." Elita had told him truthfully. "And besides, I have a job to do, as much as Optimus does."

"Indeed." Ultra Magnus agreed somberly. "Doing the job that I should be doing at this moment. I should be out there, helping repair the damages that I..." He froze, stopping himself. "...That the Fallen had caused long ago."

"I understand the frustration. But your Processor needs time to heal. What you have gone through wasn't unlike any other Bot. In fact, you were the longest-!"

"I know Elita One. I understand that I have been the Fallen's puppet for millions upon millions of Stellar Cycles, and I also understand my place in all those events."

"Then you understand why you have to be here."

"I understand that I had seen the signs before, I could have stopped it!" The Magnus shouted. "I could have stopped him, I could have stopped all of this from happening, and then Sentinel would-!"

He stopped short, widening his Optics at the mention of the late Autobot as he fell silent, remembering the details of events that transpired in both his memory and the Fallen's as he sat down, lowering himself on the chair while Elita fell silent too, having remembered the friend she lost.

"...Then Sentinel, along with every Autobot in existence, would still be Online right now, and we would not have been driven down to this path." The Magnus admitted, closing his Optics. "All the pain that was wrought... All the suffering... All the destruction, all of it could have been prevented if I was just more alert with my surroundings. If I had just simply heeded the Fallen's initial warning beforehand..."

He fell silent once more, clamping his mouth to grit his teeth from the inside as Elita One sighed, resting her hand on his shoulder to express comfort.

"...There are a lot of things that everyone wished to be different." Elita admitted. "...I sometimes wish that Sentinel, Optimus, and I never went to that Planet in the first place... I sometimes wish that when I was a Techno-Organic, that I wasn't as cruel, or as vile as I was before. That I hadn't simply run away from the one Mech that could have helped me from the start, that I just let him in on the opposite of pushing him and every one Autobot away."

She sighed, closing her Optics as the memories of Blackarachnia began to surface in her Processor. The things she did as a Decepticon during that time, things she would soon regret...

She swallowed those thoughts down however, reopening her Optics as she looked back at the Magnus sitting next to her.

"But the truth is, we can't continue to dwell on the past, even if it hurts us the most. We can't let ourselves drown in our mistakes, nor can we continue to run from them. We have to just face the cards we have been dealt with and move forward onto the present. Otherwise, the mistakes we've made, and the guilt that lies behind it... They'll just start to consume us from within."

Ultra Magnus turned his head over to Elita, somewhat amused by her words of wisdom that she herself spoke of.

"It seems you have changed a lot over the years."

She nodded, rubbing her Helm. "Experience can do that to you, Sir."

"In any case..." Ultra Magnus stood up, resting a hand on her shoulder. "I'd be honored to have you be the Bondmate of my Offspring."

Elita chuckled, lowering her head slightly before turning to face up the Magnus once more. "The honor would mine, Ultra Magnus."

"Pardon my interruption."

The two turned around, seeing Optimus Prime standing on the doorway with his Servos folded together.

"I hope I wasn't interrupting anything."

Elita shook her head, turning to her fiancee. "Not at all, Optimus. Ultra Magnus just had his first meeting and is still in the process of attending, so we shouldn't be here any longer."

"Of course," Optimus said in understanding as he turned to Ultra Magnus. "Well, I hope you're taking Rehabilitation well, Ultra Magnus. It'd be good to have you back on the field."

"The same is mutual, Optimus Prime." Ultra Magnus said. "I wish you well on the duties that lay before you."

He nodded his head, making a salute before the door shut in front of him, leaving him and Elita to start walking down the halls alone.

"He sounds like he's getting better."

"Only a little. He's coming to terms with the Fallen Conflict step by step. But he still feels guilty about Sentinel, and the Autobots that were harmed during that Conflict."

Optimus closed his Optics, shaking his head at the memory of his brother dying in his Arms.

"...I guess the feeling is quite mutual on my end."

Elita lowered her brow, halting Optimus's movements by tugging on his Servo.

"As I told your Father just moments ago, everyone wishes things were different... Even I wish things were different, but we can't change what we can't control, even if we wanted to."

She rested a hand on his face.

"Of course, I miss Sentinel, even though he was mostly an idiot at the time. And he changed even after Trypiticon... Or, he was changing."

Optimus nodded, making a gentle smile on his Faceplate.

"He already did... Even though he ended up sacrificing his Spark to save my own."

"Because that was his choice... He wouldn't have it any other way around, even if he wanted it to."

Optimus narrowed his Optics, lowering his head to face Elita. "Yes, I suppose you're right... There's no changing the past, but there's only going forward with it, wherever that may take us."

"Yes, and speaking of forward..."

She grabbed ahold of Optimus and suddenly slammed him against the wall in a rather seductive approach as she smiled at him with great interest.

"You and I are going to be Bonded in the next Solar Cycle," Elita told him, smiling still. "And our lives are about to move on to another whole new chapter ahead of us."

Optimus blinked, blushing as she showed much romantic ferocity. "Well... Yes, we are-OW!"

He yelped when she started tracing her fingers on his throat cables, pinching on them playfully.

"Oh, did that hurt?"

"Yes, it did!"

"Oops, sorry! Maybe if I pinch the other one..."

"OW! Okay, I'm starting to think you're doing this on purpose."

"And? What if I am? What are you going to do about it?"

Suddenly, Optimus grabbed Elita and pushed her against the wall, having pinned both her hands against the steel as they turned to each other face to face.

"I am going to restrain you, just like I am doing right now."

"Youch. Now, that's no way to treat the loving Bondmate, is it?"

"We aren't Bondmates yet."

"No, but we're about to be."

With no warning, she used her Pedes to knock one of Optimus's feet off, using the opportunity to her advantage to push him onto the floor and have him right at her mercy as she sat on top of his Chestplate, smirking at her victory.

"And the very knowledge of it just makes me even excited about it!"

"If I had known it would have you driven you to be this excited, I would have-!"

"What? Prepared yourself? Made some schedule where you and I would go somewhere quiet and lock-!"

At that moment, Optimus reached up to lock Dermas with the Yellow Femme, causing her to blush slightly before shutting her Optics, giving into the embrace as the two held each other in their Servos.

The two of them were at it for a while until they eventually pulled each other away, sighing passionately as the two smiled in love.

"...I would have done what I have just done months ago." Optimus told her with a grin.

"Funny... From what I remembered, we already did that the minute after you proposed."

"From what I remember, you kissed first."

"Hmm... Fair enough."

The two locked lips again, closing their respective Optics together as Optimus rose his waist up, holding on to her as if his Spark depended on it.

After a moment of sharing each other, they reopened their Optics as they pulled away once more, one of them having a question that just came into mind.

"...So, where's Bumblebee at?"

"On Earth. With Rodimus, I was told that they were going to be here soon."

"Well, I hope he makes it on time. I wouldn't want him to miss the ceremony."

"Trust me, everyone will make it. I can't find any reason why they'd still spend their time on Earth at this moment."

On Earth, Rodimus Prime was seen driving through Detroit chasing after a teenager dressed up as a Princess while riding a Pony as her hair sparkled in Pink, flying through the air while holding a familiar substance known as Destronium as the chase continued.

"Haha! Stupid Autobot! You can't catch me! Not when Professor Princess has the upper advantage!"

She made such silly giggles while she floated in the air, Rodimus sighed in his Alt Mode while continuing to make the chase on foot.

"Seriously? Who the heck makes these names? And where do these Organics come from anyway?"

"No idea, don't even care," Ironhide said as he was on a roof aiming his Cannons at her. "Just say the word, and I'll blow her sky high."

"And have her blow up a whole jar of Destronium in the process? Yeah, not really a good idea, Ironhide." Minerva said as she scouted her from the park.

"Well, it's not like we can have her flying around the air on some poorly colored Horse!" Springer said as he Sprung from roof to roof. "That product she carries is not something kids should play with at home!"

"Relax, we'll get the Destronium from her hands! We just have to play right into our hands." Rodimus encouraged. "Remember, it's all part of the plan."

"You mean, a plan to scare her into giving up a bomb to a bunch of stupid Robots?" Ironhide asked. "I can't see how that's going to work."

"Easy, startling, and scaring have one thing in common; which has the element of generating a massive shock into the brainwave. And trust me, we're getting there really soon."

"And why can't we get Sari to help us out? She'd get it done no time, we don't even need to be here."

"Yeah, from what I heard from Bulkhead, she's currently free during the Day." Minerva said.

"Well, from what I heard, she works during the Night," Rodimus said. "And besides, he's almost in position anyway."

As Rodimus chased her off from the street, Professor Princess was nearing a highway as she continued to carry the Destronium in her possession.

"Losers! I knew you Bots were all losers from the start! You guys can't even catch a Girl-AHHHH!"

Without warning, she laid eyes on a quiet Bumblebee as he drove right off the highway, coming directly at her as she swerved out of the way, she dropped the Destronium from her grasp, leaving Rodimus to Transform into Robot Mode and shoot an Arrow at the container, wrapping it in a net and making it hang on the side of a building while Bumblebee Transformed and grabbed Princess in his hand after making a tremendous flip, skating his wheels on the windows and landing right onto the street.

"Nailed it!" Rodimus remarked as he made the shot.

"Oh, you just had to go there with that pun..." Ironhide said as he Deactivated his Cannons.

"Meet us back on the surface, Ironhide. We'll be putting her into lockup real soon." Rodimus said as he walked over to the Yellow Minibot holding a struggling, Bratty Princess in his hand.

"No fair, no fair, no fair, NO FAIR!" The Princess shouted in a tantrum. "This is not fair! This is absolutely not fair! You could have killed me by running me over, you moron!"

As she glared at Bee, he simply made a smirk and stuck his tongue out, performing a raspberry on her as he handed her to the Prime.

"Aren't you a little old to be wearing this... Costume, young lady?" Rodimus asked out of curiosity, clearly insulted her much to his inconvenience.

"How dare you!" Professor Princess asked accusingly. "I am 15 years, I am clearly old enough to be an adult, thank you very much!"

"Really? That's funny, because on Earth, humans have to reach the age of 18 in order to become-!"

"Oh my god, you are loving this, are you?" She asked yet again with an accusing look. "You Bots just love being soooo witty! Yeah, yeah! We get it! You Robots can be so witty, you don't need to keep showing off!"

Rodimus just raised a brow, having becoming confused by that tantrum he had witnessed from one human girl.

"...I... Wasn't even trying to be Witty."

She let out a groan, being utterly annoyed with the Bot.

"Great, now you're showing off some sassy sarcasm! This is the reason why nobody likes you anymore! You guys are ridiculously sassy all the time! Even the old Medic Robot was sassy around here! Just go ask him if you don't believe me!"

"Trust me, we don't really need to." Minerva told her as she was just done being around this annoying Organic. "Rodimus, can we take her to jail now? She's getting on my nerves."

"Feeling is mutual." Rodimus agreed as police arrived. "Springer, can you-?"

"On it!" Springer shouted as he caught the Destronium in his hand after springing up in the air.

"...Thanks." Rodimus expressed as he turned to the police. "Uh, here you go, officers. Hope you won't have any trouble with her."

"Oh, trust me, she's going to be a handful." The officer told the Autobot as he took her into his cruiser, a group of civilians began to approach them as the Autobots took notice.

"Hey, look!" Ironhide said as he Transformed back into his Robot Mode. "It seems like we got some fans."

Before he started to wave, his face was met with a jar of red paint as his Optics widened in confusion, the group turned out to be an angry crowd of protestors as many of them were against the Autobots being present on Planet Earth, as seen on many of their protest boards.


"Oh, great, not these Racists again..." Ironhide said as he lowered his Optics, wiping the paint off his Faceplate.

"I believe the term you are looking for in this particular setting to be... Speciesist?" Springer told him informally.

"Hey, whatever, man! It's the same deal, they hate us!"


"Alright seriously?" Minerva called out in frustration. "We just thwarted a bombing, you should be thanking us!"

One of the protesters grabbed a microphone and started shouting at the top of his lungs.

"We'll thank you once you sorry Rust-Buckets get on out of our Planet!" He said defiantly. "Earth already has seen enough Wars! It doesn't need Intergalactic War being settled on Human Soil!"

"We've had enough of your problems being wrought here on our Planet!"

"We've had enough of your kind here!"

"Get out or get Scrapped, Tin-Cans!"

The protesters began to get louder and louder as police began to make it their way to contain the area filled with angry humans as if shielding the Autobots from them.

"Alright, we got this covered!" The officer told them. "You just get out of here, we don't want to exacerbate them any further!"

"Uh, Prime?" Springer called out, confused about their current course of action.

"It's fine. We've done our jobs, we're through here. Let's Roll Out!"

And with that, the Autobots Transformed into their Alt Modes and drove out of the area as the crowd still shouted derogatory obscenities at the so-called, "Invaders", as they would like to input as they drove by one of the protestors, reading a sign that has piqued a particular interest for them.


"What the Slag is M.E.C.H?" Ironhide asked in confusion. "I've never even heard of it."

"We'll worry about that later," Rodimus said. "For now, we're running late on schedule!"

Soon, the Autobots arrived at the Junkyard as they Transformed back into their Robot Modes, meeting up with Bulkhead who was operating the Spacebridge controls from his position, seeing the Team arrive just on time.

"Hey, guys!" Bulkhead called out, waving his big Servo in the air. "Good thing you showed up! Optimus has been calling ya like crazy!"

"Because he wants us at his wedding," Rodimus said as he grinned. "I'm almost saddened to not invite Cade and the others around."

"Well, we wanted to. But after the whole fiasco with Cade's Bond with Sari, every one of their parents had forbidden them from interacting with us until they've gratulated from College." Minerva said. "Which sucks because I really wanted to know what Canada was all about! Tessa promised she showed me when we got back!"

"Yes, well considering how dangerously political our status quo has become, I think they made the right call," Rodimus said. "After all, from where this is heading, this is starting to become more and more intense by each Solar Cycle."

"Well, then maybe it's good we're coming back to Cybertron after spending some time on Earth! I've been waitin' to see what the New Maccadam's looks like after having heard they reopened the place!" Bulkhead said as he saw Bumblebee walked towards the window, looking outside. "How was the mission so far?"

"Oh, you know; crazy organic girl in a weird Princess cosplay, recovering destructive Destronium, and receiving our thanks from an angry mob," Springer told Bulkhead as he adjusted his Springs. "That summarises everything that happened to us thus far."

"I hope that once Optimus comes here, he'll be able to sort out all this nonsense," Minerva said. "Because I swear; it's starting to feel really tense ever since we've become a political topic."

"Yeah, I'd love to be back to a point where we are just considered to be heroes, not as something to use as target practice for people to throw greasy, slimy liquids at our faces," Ironhide said as he looked at the News, seeing them being targeted by a hate group. "This really becoming tiresome."

"Bulkhead, do we have the coordinates for Cybertron?" Rodimus asked.

"Yup. Just got to configure them and we'll be on our way."

"Good. We're running late as it is, and I don't want to keep the others waiting."

As everyone else prepared for their journey back to Cybertron, Bumblebee quietly headed over to a monitor and typed onto a favorited key search note, one that is labeled as "Sari Sightings".

Once he entered the Enter key, a display of images gathered on display as pictures of a small Humanoid Vigilante was reported fighting crime in late-night Detroit as he began pressing on a recorded audio log that contained a clip of one of the news broadcasts.

"Another Lokos gang was thwarted by this new superhero Vigilante that showed up three months ago last winter. No new details about this individual's identity have been made public knowledge as of yet, but some eye witness accounts reported this crime fighter to be of Cybertronian Design. And to some hate groups' frightening concerns, it is highly theorized that the Vigilante is a hybrid between Human and Autobot, leaving the exact extent to this person's relationship with the Autobots to be debatable. We'll be right back with more Detroit Crime Fighter news after our news transponder reports on one of Senator Shawn Berger's live segment on the United Nations' proposal of an Alliance between Humanity and Autobots."

The tape ended as Bumblebee lowered a brow, making a low sad whirl while Minerva pressed a hand on his shoulder.

"Don't worry, Bee... Sari will show up eventually. She just has to do so on her own terms."

Bumblebee turned to Minerva, making a light smile as he nodded his head, patting her hand while the Spacebridge was opened, paving the way for the Earthbound Autobots to return Home.

"Alright, Bots! Let's Roll Out!" Rodimus ordered. "The more time we wait, the more we're agitating everyone else that's waiting on the other side."

And at that moment, the Autobots Transformed and Rolled Out of the Base, transporting themselves right back into Cybertron as they reached the Spacebridge Nexus with Ironfist, Wheeljack, Crosshairs, Jazz, Chromia, Cliffjumper, and Brawn waiting for them to arrive.

"Well, what took you so long?" Wheeljack asked. "You Bots were supposed to be here Cycles ago!"

"Sorry about that." Bulkhead said apologizing. "We got caught up with something, but we took care of it."

"And Earth is no longer in danger," Rodimus said with a smile. "Now, where is Optimus?"

"Currently on his way here..." Ironfist said as he approached the Yellow Minibot. "Now, if you don't mind, I'm gonna borrow the Mute Bot of yours for a little diagnostics checkup."

"And the rest of us will handle all the crazy stuff that lingers on Earth until Optimus gets there." Jazz told the group. "Rumor has it that he is supposed to go have another meeting with the U.N. about some kind of Alliance.

"Yeah, we heard about that," Ironhide mentioned. "How come this Alliance is needed again?"

"To rebuild the trust between the Autobots and Humans," Rodimus answered. "The people inhabiting their world is still reeling from Megatron's last major assault on Detroit with Trypticon Prison. And given our own personal experience, especially right after the mission; I say that political discussions are in urgent need if we are to retain the peace we once had before."

"Well... Some semblance of it, at least." Bulkhead corrected factually. "I mean, there are still some weirdos like S.T.E.A.M, Meltdown, Prankster, Headmaster, and that one group that Professor Princess was a part of at least that one time... I think it was called S.U.V, maybe. I dunno, it was a while since they teamed up."

As everyone that arrived back to Cybertron started to get their bearings, many have turned to their allies to say goodbye as it was their turn to safeguard Planet Earth.

"Y'know, it's quite a shame that I get to come back home only to say goodbye," Ironhide said to Chromia as he held her hands together. "I would've loved it if we spent some quality time together."

"It will only be for a while, Ironhide," Chromia told her Boyfriend. "And besides, I heard a rumor that I'll be having another assignment with another group of Autobots soon, so maybe I'll come back to visit soon."

"You'd better," Ironhide told her with a smile. "It's always real nice bein' around ya all the time."

"I could say the same." Chromia ushered in a similar smile. "The apartment I had has been repaired now, so you can stay there instead of spending a night in a bunk inside of Fortress Maximus... Although, I trust you won't make a mess while I'm gone..."

"Chromie, come on! It's Cybertron! What's the worse that could happen?"

The Blue Colored Femme sighed, shaking her head. "You just had to go there."

The two began to share a kiss, entering a moment of pure bliss while the rest began to say their goodbyes.

"So based on your report, you aren't kidding about the mess that's happening," Cliffjumper said, reading the datapad hand-delivered to by Rodimus. "These Organics are really cranky about us Autobots right now."

"Hey, I wouldn't fret about that! Things can change, Cliff." Jazz said with enthusiasm. "And sooner or later, these Organics will eventually change their tunes about us once we provide enough goodwill to them."

"As much as I love the charm, I doubt even goodwill will be enough to muster." Springer said. "The rest of us ended up having human waste disposed at our Vehicle Modes as we were leaving."

"So, that means we'll just let Optimus do all of the talking, right?" Crosshairs asked. "Because I'd like to visit that place you Bots mentioned before. The one called Knockout's Club?"

Rodimus folded his Servos. "Where is Hot Shot? Isn't he leading the team?"

"He is, but his tardiness is catching fumes right about now." Jazz quipped.


Suddenly, Hot Shot arrived on cue as he drifted right onto the curb, screeching his tires to leave track marks all over the surface while the group looked on, seeing his late-timing.

"Sorry, I'm late!" Hot Shot apologized once he Transformed back into Robot Mode. "I was just double-checking Hound's new transfer from Eternia."

"About time you showed up! We were just about to leave without you, H.S!"

"I know, Jazz! I'm sorry."

"Look, I get that this is new territory for, Hot Shot, but you can't ever be late for these types of rendevous points," Rodimus told him. "These Bots need a leader while they're on Earth, and they're expecting to look to you for direction."

"I know... It's just been a while since I've been on Earth, and from what I heard, things aren't exactly on a good note right now."

"Just do your best and act like you usually are." Rodimus told him, giving Hot Shot some piece of advice. "...Minus you causing unnecessary arson and all."

Hot Shot raised a brow. "Unnecessary arson?! Since when have I ever caused Arson?"

"Do we seriously need to talk about the Paint Job again?!" Brawn shouted from afar. "You still owe me credits, you Hothead!"

Hot Shot scoffed, shaking his head. "Come on, it was just that one time!"

Hot Shot started to walk away while Jazz stayed behind with Rodimus, tilting a brow.

"So... Hot Shot?"

"What? He's got leadership material, can't you see it?"

"Other than that he's twice as arrogant as Bee is, yeah! I can see it clear as your Paintjob!"

Rodimus sighed, shaking his head. "That is such a poor attempt at sarcasm."

"Sure it is." Jazz said with a smirk. "Look, whatever the case may be, I'll be there to keep watch the whole time."

"Sure... You guys just watch yourselves out there."

"Will do."

"Hey, come on! Let's hop to it!"

Everyone heading to Earth began to walk through the Spacebridge as Rodimus sighed, turning around to check on Bumblebee, who was with Minerva, Ironhide, and Bulkhead as Ironfist finished up his diagnostic.

"I'm through," Ironfist said, stepping away from Bee. "His wounds have healed physically, but his Vocalizer still needs time to reboot."

"I know. I've checked on him myself." Minerva said, clasping hands with Bee. "We've talked together, and we were wondering if there was a way for him to communicate other than using a Datapad."

"Well, now that you mentioned it-!"


The others turned around, seeing Optimus arriving on the scene as he Transformed back into his Robot Mode to greet the group.

"Hey." Optimus helloed. "How was Earth?"

Bumblebee grinned, giving up a quiet thumbs-up, hinting the experience being great as Optimus smiled.

"That's good to hear." He turned around, facing the rest. "Everyone else?"

"Eh, same old, same old," Bulkhead answered. "Are you excited about the big day tomorrow?"

Optimus tipped his cap down. "Bulkhead, please! Don't get me started on that, I've got enough to think about as it is."

"Oh, Scrap, it finally happened," Rodimus said, folding his Servos. "The Great Optimus Prime has finally become scared of something."

Optimus chuckled at that comeback. "Okay... I think you owe me a field report, Rodimus?"

Rodimus nodded. "That I do."

"Alright then." He waved at the others. "Everybody resume their business. I may have another assignment up for you once the ceremony is over tomorrow, so stay sharp."

"Come on, Minibot!" Wheeljack beckoned, wrapping a hand around Bee's shoulder. "Let's see what we can do about fixing up a Voice Modulator, huh?"

The group began to leave as he turned around, seeing his Father walking away with Rodimus as they turned to talk to each other in private.

"So... How has he progressed?"

Rodimus rested his hands behind his neck. "Bumblebee has grown accustomed to the silent treatment the Fallen gave him way back on the Ark. Sometimes, he uses a datapad to write down his thoughts, and other times, he just gives out facial expressions while in action. Overall, he hasn't lost his sense of charm, which remarkably inspiring to say the least."

Optimus sighed, nodding his head. "So... He's happy then?"

"As happy as he can be." Rodimus turned to Optimus. "Look, Bumblebee's tough, just like you. I don't think anything that would hurt him would change any aspect of his personality, even if he can't speak anymore."

"There's still a chance he could speak again, Rodimus."

"My point being is that he's still the same Bot we know him to be. It just goes to show us that he's growing, nothing wrong with it. And it's up to us to let him grow, to evolve as the Organics on Earth would say."

"I know that all too well, Rodimus... But with what happened to him before-!"

Before the two could know it, Cosmos showed up in a hologram right behind them.

"Optimus Prime, sir! Are you there?!

Optimus sighed "What is it, Cosmos?"

"Sir, you have an incoming Transmission!"

"Well, I'm afraid it'll have to wait, I'm in the middle of a conversation-!"

"It's from Megatron!"

Cosmos interrupted, causing silence in the area as he rubbed the glass around his head. "Uh, sir. The Transmission is coming directly from Megatron, he said it's about that, "Favor" that you owe him..." He raises a curious brow at that while Optimus looked grim. "Um, forgive me for asking, but what did Megatron mean by that?"

Optimus sighed as he rubbed his head. "It's nothing to concern yourself with, Cosmos." He reassured. "It's a negotiation matter, nothing more. Now please, resume your duties."

"Right away, sir!" Cosmos said, turning to leave while he remained with Rodimus as a grim expression has formed on the Red and Blue Prime, staring at him sternly.

"It's got nothing to do with what he did back on P-0908, right?" Rodimus asked. "You know, you don't own him a thing Optimus."

"Megatron had his troops to forfeit the battle willingly." Optimus reminded. "If it weren't for him, the Battle for the Ark would have lasted longer, and then there would have been more casualties than there needed it to be."

"You don't even know what he wants," Rodimus informed. "I don't understand, why do you have to do this? You can just ignore the call and move on with your day! Plain simple, let him hang for a bit while you go plan out the wedding details."

"Except, it's not that simple." Optimus retracted, turning to the Hot Rod. "Look, do you remember when ended up traveling through time? Five years into the past back at Sumdac Tower, when Sari tried to assassinate Megatron?"

"Well, of course," Rodimus said. "And back then, we had the luxury of rescuing Megatron from-!" He widened his Optics, stopping mid-sentence for a moment as he realized Megatron's memory of that attack. "Sari..."

"Yeah..." Optimus said. "That moment."

Rodimus grimaced, scratching his Helm.

"Well, Scrap! What does Megatron know?"

"He only knows that we have saved his Spark all Stellar Cycles ago, so that's just fine."

"Wait, since we saved his own Skidplate, does that mean he technically owes us?" Rodimus asked.

"He did, but he already paid his debt when he helped me take down the Fallen back on the Ark. With that taken care of, Megatron decided to do the same and have me owe him by seizing control of the Decepticons once more and telling them to leave the Ark to Autobot control."

"And now, he's come to collect." Rodimus sighed. "Okay, I don't like this."

"Neither do I. But I don't have a choice. If I don't honor the debt, I fear Megatron may attempt to retaliate, and with Cybertron just getting back on its feet after the Fallen's Siege, I don't think it's ready to deal with another Crisis."

"Then let some of the Autobots come with you. There's no way Megatron could have forgotten about the two of us, he's seen our faces on Sumdac Tower, he probably knows we were there too."

"Megatron only wants to speak with me, Rodimus. And I mean this with no disrespect, but I'd personally like to keep it that way."

Rodimus shook his head. "No, that's not happening."

"It is."

"Not on my watch." Rodimus took a step forward. "Look, in case you haven't noticed; Megatron isn't quite known for making his intentions directly clear. You of all Bots should know that he moves in spades, and whatever he wants, he tends to make one petty speech about something, build up the point so we can feel obligated to do whatever it is he wants you to do. And if he remembers something that happened on our accidental Time Traveling adventures, then he should know that I was there too."

Optimus shook his head. "Rodimus, I can't ask you to do this."

"You don't have to... If there's anything I've learned just being on your side, it's that you never have to ask for permission to do anything for a friend."

Rodimus started getting out his Crossbow, looking awfully prepared to fight.

"Now... Where can we find this Decepticreep so we can do his dirty work for him?"

Optimus sighed, shaking his head as he turned to look at the transmission's signal on his wrist.

"The transmission is coming from Animatron, which is strange considering that planet is located on Autobot Space."

"What exactly is he doing in this system?"

"No idea... But I'm not waiting to find out, and clearly, he isn't." He gets out the Star Saber in hand. "Let's find out for ourselves."

Animatron... Decepticon Outpost.

Megatron was seen awaiting the Autobot shuttle arriving at their location as he had his hands clasped behind his back, having his form reverted back into his Cybertronian Model as he watched from his position, seeing Optimus and Rodimus exiting the shuttle.

"We meet again, Optimus Prime," Megatron spoke boastingly. "My, I hear that Cybertron is still undergoing reparations from the Siege. Tell me, how is our Dear Magnus holding up as of late?"

Optimus lowered a brow, walking over to Megatron with Rodimus close behind him. "Save it, Megatron. Speak your intentions, and get it on with it."

Megatron hummed, nodding his head. "As you wish... Follow me."

The Decepticon Warlord guided the two Autobots around the outpost as many Decepticons stared at the Autobots stinking their presence before their territory while many sharpened their blades as a means of preparing for combat.

"After our last encounter on P-0908, one of the Fallen's former servants, Cyclonus, went mad from making contact with one of your Organic AllSpark bonded Pets. Once we apprehended him, we placed him in a holding cell on New Kaon, and we thought that was the end of it."

"Or, so you thought?" Rodimus questioned accusingly.

"A Deca-Cycle ago, approximately one Earth week, one of the Guards were prepared to feed him his Energon due to some good behavior when Cyclonus pulled him against the bar and scratched his Faceplate off, stealing the access codes to his cell and making his way to venture out of the Planet. We've been hunting him down ever since."

Eventually, Megatron led the Autobots into a large tent set up next to a big metallic rock as he approached a monitor surveying the whereabouts of Cyclonus. His picture held up on a holographic table as the Autobots took notice of his digital appearance.

"After some time, we managed to track him down to one of your Planets. And considering that you, Optimus Prime, has been the most influential leader during these hard times, could help lead us in the right direction."

"So that's why you're here," Optimus said, having been told what he needed to hear. "And why you brought me here. You want permission to scour the Planet for your Rogue Bot?"

"On the Contrary, Autobot, I'd prefer it if you helped assist us in hunting down our Rogue Bot."

The two Autobots raised a brow, having heard what no one would have thought to have heard the Tyrant speak of. But before either of them could ask, a voice shouted from close by.


In just a split second, Rodimus narrowly avoided his head being entrapped in Ice, but his Servo was not fortunate enough to become a polarized building block as Blitzwing appeared in the tent, Barricade showed up right next to him, pulling a knife right against his Throat while Lugnut jumped from above, roaring as he crashed on the ground, moments from unleashing a POKE Button when Optimus quickly unsheathed the Star Saber and held it right in front of the Cyclops's single Optic. Everyone in combat positions as Autobot and Decepticon faced each other in confrontation.

"You worthless Tin Cans are not welcome here!" Barricade decreed, still holding Rodimus in strict mercy.

"Foolish Autobots!" Lugnut shouted. "How dare you stand before Megatron with your unholy Colors, tainting this place-!"

"Enough, Lugnut!" Megatron demanded as he raised a hand up. "Barricade, Blitzwing, stand down. These Autobots are merely temporary allies at the moment."

"Allies?" Blitzwing asked in his Ice Cold personality. "Did I hear that right, Lord Megatron?" Suddenly he reverted right into his Random Personality as his Face had a Black and Red projection as it was always displayed. "Or are we just simply going Nanners just as the Fallen did?! Cuckoo! Cuckoo! Cuckoo!"

As Blitzwing twirled his finger around as a mad Mech would do, Slipstream and Shockwave showed up to intervene in the conflict at hand.

"Shut your Derma, Blitzwing!" Slipstream told him coldly. "And everyone else, calm down! If Megatron saw these Autobots as a threat, he would have put a hole in their Chestplates by now."

"Indeed." Shockwave agreed with the Clone. "I believe that Lord Megatron has our interests well in hand... Even though it means that we would have to perform unorthodoxly decisions that require the objective to be completed in hand."

"Everyone holding a weapon, put them down or I'll make you put them down."

Megatron's voice hissed at the command as Blitzwing, Lugnut, and Barricade looked at the Autobots they each stared at, and then slowly, and reluctantly, began to cease their hostility as they relinquished their personal arsenal.

"Thank you." Megatron expressed, pressing his hands together. "Now... Where was I?"

"You want our help in capturing Cyclonus?" Optimus asked as if he had heard a sick joke.

"Ah... That is correct. Thank you, Optimus Prime, for reminding me."

"You are joking."

"I am not one for making such childish mockeries. You of all Bots should know this by now."

Rodimus took a step forward. "Even if we wanted to, in which we don't; what makes you believe that we should?"

"Because from what I've learned, Cyclonus has taken something that should be of great concern to all of you."

"And what is that supposed to be?"

"...Cyber Matter."

Optimus widened his eyes, having a distinct memory of the substance that nearly wiped out both Earth and Cybertron from the face of the Universe as the room fell silent on the Autobots, having some distasteful memories from the Battle of Detroit.

"...You're bluffing." Optimus assumed.

"If I were, I wouldn't be here on your Autobot system, now would I?"

"Cyber Matter?" Blitzwing asked in his Random Mode. "Do you mean Cyberformation Matter, Lord Megatron?"

"Yes, you dolt," Shockwave said. "That term was redefined so many could use the current slang much efficiently when having to write it down. Not to mention the distasteful use of vocabulary errors on both sides of the Cybertronian race."

"And you're telling us Cyclonus has Cyber Matter at his disposal? How could he obtain that material?"

"An explanation you can ask Alpha Trion... If you are able to speak to him from beyond the Well of AllSparks, that is."

Optimus lowered a brow, having being reminded of one of their own being slaughtered in the previous attack on Cybertron.

"You know what, Megatron? If you're just going to stand there and make fun of us the entire time, you can shove that cannon straight up your Shiny Metal Ass-!"

"Boys, boys!" Slipstream intervened, raising her Servos up between the two rivals. "Dear Primus, you two do not let up, don't you?"

"What do you expect, dear?" Megatron asked. "He and I have history."

"No kidding." Slipstream sarcastically agreed. "Now, we don't have to like each other, but we have to agree the very least that this is something we have to deal with together because if things go wrong with Cyclonus, we could have ourselves a repeat of Trypticon Prison, considering how much Cyber Matter he's packing."

"She's right." Rodimus turned to Optimus. "If Cyclonus uses it, there's no telling how much damage he's going to cause."

"Yeah, well I doubt Megatron would care so much about the Autobots currently residing on this planet."

"All we want is our fugitive Traitor, nothing more," Megatron informed him. "That's why I've brought you here; you help me recapture Cyclonus, and you can have the leftover Cyber Matter at your disposal. Consider it fair trade of two factions trying to rebuild to each of our own, don't you say?"

Optimus sighed, closing his Optics shut.

"...Fine." Optimus said. "But if you stab me in the back, I'll have you know that my Spark Monitor is active, even on Cybertron... If there's a flatline, the Autobots will come for you faster than you realize."

"I wouldn't have it any other way," Megatron told him. "Now... About Cyclonus... Could anyone care to tell us where he is?"

Shockwave came to the fold. "I've had scouts tracking him across the terrain the moment he set foot on the Planet's surface. The DJD reported having spotted him residing inside of the Jungle Temple, and he hasn't left there ever since."

"The Jungle Temple? That used to be an Old Autobot Installation during the Beast Wars, it was declared as defunct right after the colonization of the Jungle Planet started." Optimus informed. "That must be where the Cyber Matter is kept since I read that it has a storage facility installed on the map."

"It doesn't happen to have any of that Animatronian Energon added in there, is it? I heard it's so good that it was added on the Maccadam's Oil House menu."

Everyone turned around, staring at Rodimus, having reacted as if they have been insulted during work.

"...What?" Rodimus asked. "I haven't had Energon since this morning, I don't need to explain anything else."

Megatron hummed slightly, turning to Optimus. "Well then, Optimus... It's your territory, so you should take the lead... What is your suggestion?

As they stood, thunder echoed from the horizon as Optimus turned around, seeing strikes of lighting from the distance as he tilted his brow in curiosity.

"...Say, how long until the storm hits?"

"A good Cycle at noon," Megatron informed. "Cyclonus plans on leaving the Planet tomorrow when he's ready."

"Alright..." Optimus nodded his Helm. "Alright, we move on him then... If he's resting, then we give him no chance to disappear, not even a moment's rest."

Megatron nodded in agreement. "We'll move on by noon."

Later, the storm began to start as rain fell from the darkened clouds, and thunder striking in the air, the Decepticons gathered around the Jungle Temple as many surrounded the area above and below, Decepticons being placed on the ground and the sky as Rodimus was seen climbing the temple with his bare Servos.

"This is Rodimus. I've reached the upper floors." He slipped in through the cracks, letting the water drip from his plates. "I don't have eyes on our Bot."

"Stay alert, Rodimus," Optimus ordered as he remained in his Vehicle Mode. "There's no telling when and where he'll strike from that Temple."

As he remained on the ground, Megatron watched with folded Servos as Slipstream appeared from behind him.

"Any idea why we're not having one of our own go fetch the traitor ourselves? We have Cyclonus cornered, we can take him out."

Megatron huffed, standing his ground. "It would be too obvious for him to know one of our own would be in pursuit. He's gotten dangerously predictive lately."

"And what if he gets his next prediction accurate?"

"Well, then I only suppose time will tell..."

As they waited outside the Temple, Rodimus continued to wander the halls to search for the missing Rogue Decepticon. As he did so, he took a glance at the ancient runes depicting Autobots during the Beast Wars, which had one of them being led by a Gorilla shaped Autobot that oddly resembles Optimus Prime, which piqued his interest greatly as he pressed his hand against the wall.


Before he could take time to think about it, there was a noise coming nearby, causing Rodimus to raise his Crossbow and start taking offensive stances, preparing for battle.

"Optimus, I think I heard something," Rodimus said as he activated his Comms. "I think it may be Cyclonus, I'm going to check it out."

"Alright, I'm going to go in and find the Cyber Matter. Watch your back."

Soon, Optimus began to drive inside of the Jungle Temple as Rodimus began to turn to a corner, entering a large aisle filled with dust and cobwebs, mixed with the cold water entering the ruins while a familiar Purple Decepticon stood inside with his back facing the Autobot, who readied his weapon further with an Arrow at hand.

"Alas... Megatron finally sent someone to hunt me down like a rabid animal." Cyclonus said, still facing his back at the Autobot. "How typical of my Lord to do so..."

Rodimus pulled on the Orange Glowing String and aimed for the Fallen's former Servants. "The Cyber Matter... Where is it?"

"In the old Energon Storage Facility... Where your friend, Optimus Prime is about to locate at any second now. Speaking of, he's about to call you."


"Rodimus," Optimus called, having Transformed into his Robot Mode. "I think I found the Cyber Matter. Its signal is pinpointed directly inside of the Energon Storage Facility, just as I thought. I'm going to check it out."

Rodimus raised a brow, having heard what Cyclonus had predicted before shrugging his head.

"Okay... Well, we already knew about the Facility within the temple, so why does it matter?"

At that last question, Cyclonus gave out a maniacal cackle, driven insane from his Allspark encounter. "Why does it matter?" He repeated Rodimus's words with a voice mixed with sarcasm and whimpers. "Oh... Why it..."

He gave himself a moment of maddening laughter as if hearing a joke out loud made him act this way as a short moment passed, and soon, he regained some semblance of composure to make himself verbally coherent to understand.

"Why... Why it matters a lot more than you realize."

Rodimus took a step forward. "How so?"

At that question, Cyclonus just held his stance, looking at the ground to contemplate how much that question really meant.

"...Because... This is where it all starts. This is the moment where everything changes."

Rodimus began having a firm grip at his Bow as he held tightly to his string. "What starts?"

"...The Beginning..." Cyclonus turned around, facing the Chosen One. "Of The End."

As Rodimus stood there confused by the Decepticon's choice of words, Optimus made his way inside of the Storage Facility as he saw the Cyber Matter placed in the refrigeration chambers. But just as he walked inside, the doors slammed right behind him, turning around to see that he is locked out from the outside, not to mention that a timer just activated in the nick of timing, hinting at the Cyber Matter's imminent detonation.

"Rodimus! The Cyber Matter is armed! I'm locked out!"

Having heard that, Rodimus gritted his Dentals and turned to the Decepticon with an accusing glare.

"What have you done?!"

Cyclonus pointed at himself as if he were a child being asked the littlest of questions.

"Me? Why I merely saved Cybertron, of course."

"What are you talking about? Why would you-!?"

"When I came into contact with the AllSpark, it gave me the greatest gift of them all. A gift of knowledge, knowledge of things to come!"

Rodimus sighed, shaking his head impatiently.

"Okay, I don't have time for this!"

Without a moment's notice, he let go of the string, causing an explosive round to blow right next to the Decepticon, knocking Cyclonus to the ground while Rodimus took some backward steps so he could look at him.

"Why don't you just stay right there, and I'm going to fix the mess you started!"

He turned around, only to get blasted from behind as Cyclonus got up on his Pedes, flying directly towards the Autobot as he managed to pin him to the ground, holding both of his Servos in a firm grip.

"NO! No, you can't stop this, not now! If you do, you'll be dooming us all to an Age of Extinction! And I have come too far to let that happen!"

Rodimus growled, struggling to cut himself loose from the Decepticon's hold on him.

"You know, Megatron was right about something; you have seriously gone mad after our last encounter!"

"Mad? Oh, I've never been saner than I was in all of my Programming!"

"What exactly are you even talking about?!"

"Don't you get it?! I am talking about what the Future is warning me about!"

"About what?!"

"...The Chaos Bringer."

Rodimus blinked his Optics, having heard of a similar concept that he was warned about, one that was initially spawned from the Fallen, whose previous campaign was apparently the reason behind the concept of the coming apocalypse as Rodimus gritted his teeth and started butt his head in against Cyclonus, knocking him off.

Once his hands were realized, he remained low on the ground so he could knock the Decepticon down by knocking his Pedes over, using his Crossbow to get a Arrow inserted with a net, covering him up to incapacitate Cyclonus.

"Okay... I am going to get up and rescue the Bot you sent to his death," Rodimus told the Decepticon bluntly while he got back on his feet. "And you are going to lay there for your "Buddies" to come to fetch you from the temple, send you back where you belong."

At that response, Cyclonus thrashed against his bindings, screaming out of a desperate attempt to escape as Rodimus began to walk away.

"NO! No, don't you get it?! This is where it begins! Once he survives, there's no going back, the damage has already been done, and history will have already been set in stone! Can't you see that I'm trying to save us all?!"

"Funny, that's what the Fallen said when he attempted to blow up Cybertron. I'm walking away now."

"Damn it, you're not listening to me! If you do this, if you free the Knight, then it will be too late! 6 months from now, Cybertron will become a floating pile of dead rubble, covered in flames! And it's destruction will be on your hands!"

"Yeah? Well, I'll take my chances, thank you."

He moved on to Transform into his Alt Mode, driving away as Cyclonus was left lying on the floor, screaming in utter futility as he banged the back of his Helm in frustration, sighing in defeat as he stared right onto the cold ceiling.

"*Sigh*... That's exactly what you said in my vision..."

As he laid on the ground beaten, Rodimus arrived at the facility, Transforming himself back into Robot Mode as he turned to the glass door, banging on it to get Optimus Prime's attention.

"Optimus! Talk to me, how much time do we have?!"

"Not long!" Optimus turned around, seeing the clock striking at 2 minutes and 45 seconds. "If the Cyber Matter explodes, it could wipe out everything within a 50-mile radius!"

"Well, clearly Cyclonus didn't plan this out too well."

Optimus raised a brow. "What are you talking about?"

Rodimus shook his head, wiping the thought off his Processor. "Forget it. What do I do? How do I get you out?!"

"You can't! I'm going to disarm the bomb!"

Rodimus widened his Optics. "What, are you nuts?!"

"If I leave, then the bomb is going to off instantaneously! Cyclonus made sure of it since he created a failsafe should I made any attempts doing so."

"Oh, for Frag's sakes! There's gotta be another way!"

"There is, and I'm doing it right now."

Optimus started to walk over to the Cyber Matter and ripped open the box panel to see the wires tied accordingly.

"Alright, so what?" Rodimus asked, placing his hand against the glass. "Are you going to plan on cutting all these wires willy-nilly?"

"No, this one's too sophisticated to cut through. One wrong wire and this could set off a premature detonation."

"Okay, so what's the alternative?"

"It looks like I'm going to have to get into the box and disconnect the trigger, by carefully removing the blasting cap."


"Then, I toss it as far as possible to avoid hitting the Cyber Matter."

Rodimus scoffed, looking around the storage facility from the outside. "Well, that's not going to be easy, considering how much space you've got."

"If the cap goes off away from the charge, it should be safely harmless."

"And? What if it's not?"

Optimus sighed. "Then... Let's hope we have luck right on our side."

With no more time left to lose, he carefully removed the lid of the box, seeing the blasting cap placed inside of the bomb. Once his Optics set their view on it, his fingers firmly removed the Cap and without wasting any more time, he turned around facing the door.

"Rodimus, get back!"

The Red and Orange Bot did what he was told quickly as Optimus threw the cap at the door, exploding upon impact as the glass shattered onto the floor, away from the Cyber Matter. With the clock ticking still though, Rodimus made it his point to walk over to the box and rip off the wires, turning the timer off as Optimus stared at him.

"You realize that you didn't have to do that, right?"

Rodimus sighed as he turned to the Red and Blue Mech. "I didn't want it to bug me anymore."

Optimus hummed, nodding his Helm. "Alright, well now that's been taken care of... Where's Cyclonus?"

"Oh... Well-!"


As they stood inside, the Decepticons moved inside, dragging the crazy Bot in their arms as Cyclonus was held against his will, shouting his delusional chanting.

"You're all going to burn!" Cyclonus claimed, being taken away by his fellow Decepticons. "We're all going to die!"

Strika and Lugnut walked in with Megatron, the Leader of Team Chaar pointed at the psychopath.

"Put him in Stasis. The Justice Division will take care of him."

"You people don't know what you're doing!"

Lugnut moved over to slam a fist over his head, knocking Cyclonus to the ground as he huffed his Intake.

"Silence, traitor! Or face the wrath of Lord Megatron!"

He coughed out Energon from his dentals, spitting them out as he withstood the pain Cyclonus just received.

"It... Doesn't matter anymore, fool! She's coming!"

Barricade sighed, rolling his Optics. "My Lord, may I have permission to take swift action?"

Megatron nodded his head. "Permission granted.

"She's coming for her Knight in Shining Armor! She's coming for all of us! Once she comes, it'll be too late to stop it!"

Barricade grabbed a gag from his Subspace. "Alright, time to shut you up, you Fragging lunatic."

"She's coming for us! SHE'S COMING-!"

Cyclonus's voice was cut off as Barricade inserted a gag into his Derma, silencing his cries as he was taken away by the Decepticons, leaving Optimus and Rodimus to watch from their standing points while Megatron approached the two Autobots, leaving them to turn their gaze to the Tyrant.

"Well... You've got what you came for."

"Yes... And it would the same can be said for you, Optimus Prime."

Optimus took a step, looking at the Decepticon. "So that means our business here is concluded?"

Megatron made a subtle nod. "For now. We'll be seeing each other again, Autobot."

With that said, the Decepticons took in their leave and flew right out of the Planet, leaving Optimus and Rodimus behind inside of the Jungle Temple as they walked right out of the area.

"Well, that wasn't reassuring."

Optimus turned around, turning into his Vehicle Mode. "I've already sent the coordinates to the nearest Elite Guard in the area. They'll come pick up the Cyber Matter and have it be sent out into recycling."

Rodimus turned around and followed Optimus, Transforming into his Alt Mode as well. "So that means we're done here, then?"

"It would seem, yes."

"Well then, what are we waiting for? Let's go home."

Later, the two reached Cybertron space after using a Transwarp portal on their ship as they reached they laid eyes on the Planet, sitting on their seats to take in the scenery from above the world they call home, making Rodimus shift slightly uncomfortable as Optimus took notice of his expression.

"Is there something wrong?"

Rodimus sighed, shaking his head. "No... Not really."

Optimus raised a brow. "But, I can tell something's bothering you, just by looking at you."

"...It's something that Cyclonus said, something that bothered me."

"And? What of it?"

Rodimus stared out into the Planet, watching Cybertron's metallic surface shine in space as he sat in his seat facing the front-rear window.

"...Forget it... It's probably nothing."

Optimus sighed, turning to the wheel. "If you say so."

As he inputted in some commands, Rodimus leaned back, resting his head against the chair. "What do you think about the Future?"

Optimus raised a brow, halting his actions. "What of it?"

Rodimus leaned forward, clasping his hands together. "Well... Cybertron has a very long history, that you already know about. It had seen wars, sieges, destruction... So many battles were fought, sometimes it's so hard to keep track of the exact number of fights we had on that planet."

Optimus leaned back, staring at Rodimus. "Okay... What are you getting at?"

"...Do you ever feel like we're cursed?" Rodimus turned, facing Optimus. "Like, our whole existence as Cybertronians, all we were ever programmed for is to fight none stop? Ravage our whole World over and over again without end until finally, at some point in whatever conflict we're at, Cybertron somehow hits rock bottom and then we're utterly powerless to stop it, I mean... My whole life, I feel like all we've ever done is fight in the same conflict that's been going on for 4 million Stellar Cycles now, and we have absolutely no control over our actions likewise."

Optimus sighed, peering his Optics towards the stars for a brief moment to contemplate the thought.

"Well... As someone who has been expelled from the Autobot Academy only to become a washed-up Space Bridge Repair Bot who somehow defeated Megatron numerous times in battle... I think it's safe to say that we all have control over our fate."

Rodimus tilted his head, listening to what Optimus had to say as he unclasped his own hands.

"Life is all about the road we take. It's about the direction we want to turn to, to feel comfortable driving at. And even though it's not exactly crystal perfect from the start, the direction somehow becomes more clear the more the horizon takes shape. And whatever the future is going to take us, I have faith that things will eventually work out for all of us, for better or worse."

As Rodimus sat there, having processed the speech, Optimus turned the ship to engage in it's Auto-Piloting system while he stood up on his Pedes.

"Alright. I'm gonna go check out our fuel storage, and then we're going to make our approach to Fortress Maximus. Stay here, just in case someone tries to make contact."

With that said, Optimus left Rodimus alone as he walked downstairs, shutting the door behind him while he walked over to the fuel depot, opening and closing the door on the way in while he took note of what he was doing, looking at how much the ship has in supply as he stood inside of the dark, all alone... Or so he thought.


A figure walked right past him, causing Prime to turn around, facing the dark as he heard whispers from within the room, raising a brow while he was unaware of a very small Feminine being hovering right above him.


He turned, seeing the small metallic figure hovering above him as he widened Optics in surprise.

"What the hell? Where did you-?!"

"It has been a long time since our last encounter." The Female figure in question spoke, hovering towards the Prime. "It appears you have risen beyond your station during our time apart, which is good. Being a leader does suit your character best."

Optimus raised a brow, having been spoken to as if he had known the being that somehow stowed away on board the ship... And oddly enough, he felt some semblance of familiarity towards her.

"I'm sorry, have we met?" Optimus asked the ominous figure. "Do I know you?"

The feminine being turned around, facing her Purple Optics at Optimus's Blue as she floated in front of his face, reaching a hand on his forehead.

"You do know..." She told him, planting one Digit on Prime's forehead before speaking one word. "Remember."

The word echoed throughout Optimus's Processor as his Optics suddenly switched from being originally Blue to a darker shade of Purple as memories previously buried unknown to him come crawling from the surface as he found himself lying on a table... With his entire body mutilated, his spark showing out from his exposed Chestplate, and his head just sitting on a table forced to endure the torture of the Femme's experimentation as his screams echoed throughout his very memory.

Once everything came back, Optimus fell to the ground, his Optics still Purple as his pants shook his very being while he turned to face the being hovering before him, seeing the one person he remembered never wanting to see again...

"...Quintessa." Prime hissed in controlled rage.

"In the flesh." She admitted as she observed the Autobot. "I see your wounds have healed well. An impressive feat, given you were under 5 Lunar Cycles untreated under my care. And thanks to you, my experiments with Dark Energon is no longer the Poison one knows it to be."

"You can't be... No..." Optimus spoke in a panic, looking at the small Quintesson. "You're... You're Dead. I watched you die on the ship, the night I escaped-!"

"Oh, dear Optimus..." The Femme spoke, floating down in front of the Prime once more as she caressed his cheek. "You of all people should know that memories can be deceiving. Especially if one were to believe they have truly escaped me."

Optimus looked at Quintessa for a moment... Then he glared, grabbing her with both hands as he held the smaller being, gritting his teeth as the Dark Energon swelled inside of him, coursing throughout his Mainframe.

"You will not do to this Planet as you have done to me!" Optimus declared, gritting his teeth. "Never Again!"

"Amusing..." Quintessa quipped. "That's exactly what you said to me right before I let you blow up my ship, and left you drifting in the Cosmos, allowing your Autobot allies to find you, just like I wanted."

Optimus widened his Optics hearing Quintessa say something very suspicious but remained defiant as he raised her above his head. "No... No, I escaped on my own will!"

"That's what you believe..." With one flick of her wrist, Optimus's Servos began to shake, letting them go of small being as he suddenly stood back, Prime being horrified of having lost complete control of his own body.

"But the truth is," Quintessa continued, hovering in the air. "You are still abiding by my will, even long after you have returned to my rightful Planet."

Optimus gritted as his Optics flared in Purple, feeling his own Servos stretched against the wall, helpless against his captor. "No... No, that's not true! I don't work for you, I choose my own fate, as all living beings do!"

"And that is where you are wrong yet again, Prime." Quintessa grinned as she hovered in front of his Faceplate. "You cannot stop what is to come... It has already begun the moment you came back to Cybertron, my Knight in Shining Armor. Once the seeds have been planted, and Cybertron has fallen back under my thumb, and both factions have fallen under my heel, you will fight for me as I bring back the glory of the Quintesson Empire."

Optimus then started to struggle against her hold, raising his chest slightly as he growled meeting face to face with his hostile. "As long... As I remember... I... Won't... Let you!"

"Dear, Prime, have you not learned already?" Quintessa taunted. "You forget, that I made you lose 5 Earth Months of your Life-Cycle..." Her hands glowed Green as she raised one up high. "Just as I will make you forget about this very encounter..."

Optimus's Optics turns to look at her hand, realizing one moment before he lost his memory that Quintessa had done the same thing before being engulfed in flames as he tried his very best to reach out, only to come in vain when the Femme had begun repeating the deed one year ago.



Optimus gasped as he lifted himself off of the Berth, finding himself inside of a chamber as crowds were heard just outside, turning to face the window to see dozens of Bots outside the chamber as Rodimus, Bumblebee, Bulkhead, Ratchet, and Jazz walked right inside.

"Yo, look who's awake."

Optimus turned around, seeing his Autobot allies inside of the room as they turned to give a smile towards the Prime.

"Oh, thank Primus," Rodimus said out of relief. "We thought we'd have to reschedule the whole event in case you wouldn't wake up."

Optimus raised a brow, turning around slightly as he pointed in several directions, confused by the sudden environment he's placed in.

"...Where am I?"

"Easy, Boss Bot! You're on Cybertron!" Bulkhead said. "Where else would you be?"

Optimus scoffed, still befuddled by this certain location.

"...I... I could have sworn I was inside of the fuel depot on our ship, checking out the fuel supply..."

"Easy, kid." Ratchet told Optimus out of reassurance. "You went into Stasis Mode right before reaching orbit. Rodimus told us you were on the ship with him to run a quick errand when he found you lying on the floor."

"Yeah, speaking of which..." Rodimus turned to Optimus. "What happened to you anyway? One moment you were checking the fuel, and the next, I hear you screaming "No", at something right before you fell to the ground. How did you fall into Stasis?"

Optimus raised a brow, having heard what Rodimus described the events to be.

"...I... I don't know." Optimus answered, placed with an enigma. "I... I was checking the Fuel at one moment, and then the next thing I know, I... I find myself lying inside of a chamber." He looked around. "Speaking of which, where exactly am I? It sounds like a party is going on."

"Well, you should know, it's your Wedding day after all."

Optimus turned around, widening his Optics in shock. "...It's... It's today?"

Rodimus nodded his head. "Yeah. Yeah, you've been knocked out since yesterday, what can I tell you?"

Optimus made an embarrassing yelp, taking a step back as he saw the crowd growing in numbers, seeing that today was officially the day.

"Oh... God, I am not prepared... I am not prepared, what the hell is happening to me?!"

"Wow... To think I had thoughts about you trying to stall." Jazz taunted with a smile.

Optimus groans, rubbing his head with both hands. "Scrap! Ugh, I... I don't even know where to begin!"

"O.P, didn't you spend your time rehearsing vows?"

"I know what to say! I just don't know where to go!"

"Hey, ease up, Boss Bot," Bulkhead said, patting his back. "We've got your back."

And with that said, the door opened right in front of the Red and Blue Mech as a row of chairs were lined up in front of him, and standing at the end of the aisle was Elita One, waiting for her soon-to-be Bondmate to make the vows as Optimus blinked at the scenery once before he got gently pushed outside.

Soon, Marry Me by Thomas Rhett played in the background as Optimus took a deep breath, and walked right down step by step as all eyes gathered towards the Prime, watching him make the approach as Elita turned her head around, making a smile as everyone remained silent in the joy of their shared union.

Once he stepped in front of her at the podium, Ultra Magnus sighed as he was the one to be their Bonding Officiate, one he is humbly honored to be a part of.

"You look... Beyond stunning." Optimus told her with a smile, causing Elita to blush.

"Well, you look... Beyond handsome for someone who was out of it yesterday."

Optimus chuckled, smiling as any trace of fear and doubt was immediately erased once he spoke with her, with the Magnus beginning the speech.

"We are gathered here in celebration of the union shared by these two, joining them together as One. For a long time, they have been through the struggle of separation, conflict, and the loss of each other... But then fate was so merciful to bring them together once again when out of chance and sheer wit and determination that they have found each other once more and reignited the same love that was and still shared by two Cybertronians, who are strong in their own way. Even though there were many obstacles that stood in there way, they have managed to overcome the odds and be brought together to this very moment, as a reward for every Energon and Fuel that was spent to be standing here." He sighed, clearing his throat. "Now... Optimus Prime, would you care to say your vows?"

Optimus cleared his throat, standing before Elita as he moved on to hold her hands together in holy matrimony.

"Elita One... For a thousand Stellar Cycles, I have had a void inside me that wouldn't go away. A void that disappeared when you came back into my life. And even though we had our issues in the past, I have never given up on you. I have always held you in my thoughts for each and every day on the journey I have had on Earth, on the way back to Cybertron, and even during every battle that I have ever had in my life. And when the next time I go out fighting, I will always have you in my Spark, because you are the one thing in life that has kept me going other than our Son, and our friends that continue to stand here with us today. And if you will have me, I will always be honored to have you as my Bondmate."

Optimus sighed, having said what he needed to say as Elita had her turn at last to say what she needed to say.

"Optimus... When I first saw you at the Autobot Academy, I had found you to be one of the nervous Bots I have ever known in class... Now, when I look at you, I no longer see that student that keeps on watching every single History Video from the Archives, nor the student who tends to follow the rules to a T... I see a Mech who has evolved beyond his Station. A Mech who has inspired others to walk his path. A Mech who inspired me to be the best version of myself as I can be, despite all the mistakes I have ever made. And if it weren't for you, I would not be standing here with you as we share our Sparks together, knowing that you'll always be on my side wherever I go."

She sighed finally, having finished her vows as Ultra Magnus smiled at their shared union.

"For those attending, may we all be in favor of their union?"


"There we have it. Optimus Prime, may you share your Sparks and kiss the Bondmate."

At that point, the two turned to each other happily as both of them opened up their Chestplates, letting both of their Sparks to hover towards each other to naturally bond as a glowing collision course, letting them be set as One as Optimus and Elita turned to lock lips with each other, setting their love in stone while everyone else attending clapped in celebration of their arrangement.

As people clapped, Bumblebee sat along with Bulkhead and Minerva as they watched in harmony, seeing the two loves being spread together as they watched from their own seats.

"Okay, that is beautiful," Minerva said, nodding her Helm. "This is seriously beautiful, I'm happy for them."

Bumblebee nodded his head, agreeing with her sentiment as he held out a photo of himself and Bulkhead... Along with a younger Sari Sumdac as a look of curiosity had set into his Optics as Bulkhead interpreted the silent question at hand.

"Don't worry, Bumblebee. She made a quick visit before she had to leave, said she wanted to give us a present."

Soon, Bulkhead got out a package in his hand, handing it to Bumblebee as he opened it up, seeing a familiar item lain before him as the Key that was used in their earlier adventures was placed on a locked ornament, cementing their historic friendship as it read, "Sari Sumdac" on the tag, causing a smile to form on Bumblebee's Derma.

"I don't understand," Minerva said, looking at the Key. "How come Sari couldn't make it to the Wedding?"

"Well, she wanted to come, but... Apparently, she said she had business to take care of."

Earth... The City of Detroit.

Sirens rang throughout the town as it was a quiet night, having

"Can't you believe this crap?" The hoodlum asked his peers. "Every year, Autobots and Decepticons have collided together in their personal fight club! Everyone was expecting last year to have another one right here in town, on Planet stinking Earth, War of the Worlds style, and no one showed up! That's utter bullcrap!"

"Take it easy," Said one of the group members. "These Autobots are too busy trying to get a political victory from some political nonsense debauchery. That's probably the reason none of them bothered having another arena match last year 'cause they're probably doing it in Space."

"How are you sure they're from Space?"

The 3rd person in the back scoffed. "Man, haven't you been payin' attention? They're from Space, all of them! One of them Bots mentioned they came from a Planet called Cyber-Whatever."

"Seriously?" The 1st asked. "Jeez, that's some creepy stuff."

"How's it creepy?" The 2nd asked. "It's Space. We live in Space, everyone does, get over it!"

"I'm just saying, bro, just knowing that there are other things out there other than just us, it's just insane."

"Says the guy who's been itching for another Robot-Fight Club!" The 4th teased.

"Knock it off! Besides, the only reason I'm bitchin' about it is that I made a $100 bet that they'd come back here last year, and no one showed!"

"Ugh, I feel ya." The 3rd expressed with sympathy. "A cousin of mine in Mission City had to sell his house because those damn stinking Bots didn't bother showing up for a fight."

"Yeah, the only reason they probably didn't show is because of freaking politics! They always gotta ruin everything."

"Well, you have to admit, it ain't all that bad." The 4th said. "After all, that one Senator made a hell of an impression, holding the President at Gunpoint, trying to frame Autobots."

"Yeah, yeah, enough Robot talk!" The 2nd said. "All we know is that they ain't here, so that's our biggest breakthrough." The 2nd person stopped to drop the bag. "Now, it's time to get to work already."

The group got out their gear, which consisted of ski masks and guns as they were all standing right next to a grocery store. When they loaded their weapons, they marched inside, kicking the door open whilst putting holes into the ceilings, leaving powder to come right out of their barrels.

"Everyone on the floor!" The 1st shouted to the top of his lungs while the 4th turned to face the cashier.

"Money out of the register!" The 4th demanded. "Do it!"

Everyone did what they were told to do as a lone hooded figure continued to browse her shopping list, trying to figure out the option of getting either Curly Fries or Seasoned Fries

"Hey!" The 3rd called out, pointing a gun on the figure's head. "You deaf? Down on the floor, now!"

The figure just made a laugh as she heard the threat coming from the gunman. "Well, you guys clearly know when someone's browsing."

The robber just raised a brow as he heard her say that. "Have you been paying attention? Get down on your knees!"

"You know, I have dealt with a lot in my life." She said as she sighed, closing the fridge door. "I have dealt with Decepticons, Professors riding on Unicorns, Men made out of Acid, and you guys are just..." She made a groan. "Ugh, I'm sorry, but you guys are just noise to me."

"What are you? Some kinda Autobot or something?"

The figure started to remove her hoodie, as Sari Sumdac's face glistened on the ceiling lights, turning to face the robber holding a gun to her face.

"No." She answered truthfully with a smile. "But, I am considered Half Cybertronian, so I'm pretty sure the thought counts."

Before he could even process what she said, her right hand began to form into a cannon, raising it up onto his face as his eyes pupils started to shrink in dilatation. Then without a moment to lose, Sari sent out a shockwave that sent the thug pushing back against the shelves, causing the other crooks to turn around, facing the young Sumdac who began to attack the rest.

Sprinting towards the 2nd hoodlum, she slid on the floor as bullets fired at her, then started to make her stop only to make an excellent backflip, knocking the gunman back, chin kicked in while the 3rd began to open fire. This caused Sari to react in time to Activate her Battle Mask, having bullets bounce right off of her as she activated her Blades, swinging her arm to cut the gun in half as the only thing left was the handle.

The 3rd looked at his gun in horror, seeing how defenseless he was as he turned to literally face Sari head-on, the Cybertronian face-butting against his face, knocking him back to the floor as the 1st turned to point his gun at a robbery victim.

"Get out!" The 1st demanded. "Out now, or this lady gets it! Get out no-!"

Before he could make any more threats, Sari raised her hand, activating a pair of Magnets on her palm as the gun suddenly flung from the robber's hand right to hers. The gun being crushed into her bare hand as Sari Sumdac turned to face the last raider standing, who started raising his hands in sheer terror.

"Who are you?!" The gunman asked her, who was more than willing to answer.

"I'm Sari." She answered truthfully, looking at her opponent.

The gunman, having heard her say that, just started to have a WTF look instead of being stunned. "For what?!"

Sari, hearing the gunman question it, only moaned in bitter irony. "Never mind." She responded, before raising her hand to blast at the thug, knocking him against the door, crashing right through, beaten as she turned to face the store owner. "Everybody okay?"

The owner's response to that question was a shotgun pointed directly at the Techno Organic as he held in his hands, shaking in anxiety. "I don't know what the hell you are, but I want you out of my store!"

Sari just widened her Blue Optics, seeing the owner scared of her as she turned around, seeing bystanders being afraid of her while one of them had her phone out, recording the whole ordeal.

"But..." She started, turning to face the owner. "But I was only trying to help."

The owner didn't bother to acknowledge her actions, only bothering to move the gauge back to make sure it is primed and ready to fire. "Get out now!"

She sighed, giving out a sad brow as she raised her hands. "Okay... Okay, I'll be out of your way."

With that said, she exited the store and flew right out of the street just in time for the cops to arrive on the scene. Having stopped on top of a rooftop, she sighed in depression at the lack of gratitude that she had got from the last several months.

Later, she was seen arriving at an empty apartment, sighing when she took her Mask and turned her Cybertronian form off, leaving her to be the human version that she had displayed while she entered the kitchen, grabbing some leftover Burger Bot from lunch as she was just moments away from eating her meal.


Her eyes widened as she turned around, seeing no one other than Quintessa hovering inside of her own Apartment as her metallic beauty shined throughout the room.

"My... How you've grown."

Sari lowered her brow, putting her food down on the table and activating her Blades in her Cybertronian Mode. "Who are you? Did Megatron send you?"

"My apologies, I... I do not mean you any harm." She raised her hands up as a sign of non-hostility. "Nor do I intend to in any way."

"Then who are you? Autobot? Decepticon? Because if your Faction starts with a D, you may want to consider your choice of words."

"I am neither." She lowered her hands. "I am what some may call me as a Neutral, which is rare for any Cybertronian to have no Faction. Though you have every right to assume such thoughts, I assure you that I am here of my own accord, no one else's."

"You haven't given me a name yet, lady." She started walking towards her. "And if you're not Autobot or Decepticon, then what are you exactly?"

Quintessa stood her ground for a moment, staring into the eyes of Sari Sumdac.

"...Your eyes... It may not match Isaac's, but his skin... His intelligence, his quirky remarks... It lives on in you."

Sari raised a brow, having been described how much she resembles her Father.

"...I beg your pardon? Why are you talking about my Dad?"

"Because I have known him, Beta... As I knew he would be a good fit to care for my Daughter."

At that moment, she started lowering her weapons, having heard her call her Daughter as she stood in her apartment building, staring at Quintessa, who smiled at her.

"My name is Quintessa... One of the Last of the Quintesson Species... And I am your Maker, Beta... And we have a lot to talk about."

6 Months Later...

Cybertron remained in ruins still as Rodimus patrolled the streets, driving inside of his Alt Mode while he made another call to Red Alert.

"Am I there yet?"

"You should be. The Signatures picked the signal right at your location."

With that said, Rodimus Transformed into his Robot Mode, standing in front of the nearly collapsed Metroplex, which appeared to have seen "Better Days" from one's perspective as he walked inside with his Crossbow ready.

"Okay... Wish me luck."

As he stood inside, debris had been seen all over the halls, walking around the once-proud facility that filled the building with life as he wandered down, entering the Council Chambers as the window picture frames have been replaced by five heads, each having their own catalog.


As he observed the Murals, a moan came from across the hall as he turned around, seeing movement from a cloak placed on the end of the Council chair as Rodimus took a glance downward, seeing a Pede on the floor as he recognized who's Pede it belongs to, causing him to take out the Crossbow.

"I should have known you'd be here too, Megatron."

The moans were muffled, quieted down because of the cloak facing the head of the figure as Rodimus dared to walk towards the moaning figure.

"This is Cyclonus's doing, isn't it? All those Lunar Cycles ago, you had us bring you Cyclonus so he could help you how to "Win" Cybertron, is that it?"

The moans having become pained whimpers as Rodimus stood in front of the cloak, having become angered by Megatron's presence.

"Well? What are you waiting for, huh? Any more sarcastic remarks, hmm? Are you even trying to pay attention to me, you deceitful, entitled, piece of garbage?! ANSWER ME!"

He pulled on the fabric to remove it from the chair, diverting his Optics towards the figure, which began to rise out of horror.

"...Oh, Slag."

Standing before him was Megatron... And Ratchet... Halves of their bodies combined into a horrendous fusion that looked straight out of a horror movie as their faces collided with one another, their voices intertwined together in what sounds like a bizarre form of static screeching one's ears to hint at their own pain.

"Help... Us..."

As they moaned together in one voice, they remained tied to the end of the chair, restricting their movements while Rodimus stared at the fusion in terror.

"Oh... Oh no, Ratchet!" He made his way to untie the combined Cybertronians, mostly to help Ratchet. "Frag, what have they done to you?!"

"What they paid for."

Rodimus flipped around sharply, finding Quintessa hovering in the air as she smiled smugly at her own handiwork.

"Each of them misused Life in their own separate purposes... One wanted to give Life, while the Other wanted to dominate Life. So, I gifted them the one thing they've been asking for... The Price of Life."

Rodimus took a sharp Intake, pulling on his Strings as he aimed the Crossbow right at her being while she floated above them, observing them.

"You like what I've done with the place? You must admit, it's so much better than walking around what must seem like an empty graveyard filled with bodies, isn't it?"

Rodimus took another breath, angered by her very actions taken upon his Planet, and his Autobot allies and friends as he kept pulling on that Orange Glowing String in his Crossbow.

"You are going to pay for everything that you've done." Rodimus hissed, gritting his Dentals while she simply raised a brow, not even remotely deterred from her characteristic mood swing.

"What I've done, was take back what rightfully belonged to my Race... As this entire Planet has always been my Birthright."

"By killing indiscriminately?! Wiping out most of the life here on Cybertron?! Experimenting on Megatron and RATCHET?!"

"Accomplishments aren't gained without pain and blood to spare. And besides, if there's anything you have an issue with... Why don't you take it up with him?"

Before he knew it, he got thrown halfway across the Council Chambers as he broke down an ancient Autobot Mural, shattering it in pieces while he fell down, rolling back before he got up and knelt to the floor, taking his Optics to visualize the attacker, horrified of who it was.

Standing next to Quintessa was none other than Optimus Prime... Whose Blue Optics was completely replaced by a new shade of Purple as his Battle Mask was activated, his hands grasped on the Star Saber as he looked ready to make a kill count.

"In the name of our Creator," An emotionless Optimus spoke, staring out at Rodimus. "Prepare to face her Judgement."

Rodimus grunted, standing up as he raised a hand up, trying to make a plea. "Optimus, listen to me! I don't want to fight you!"

"Good... Then it makes it easier to put you down than the rest of the Rabble." And so, he started walking towards him with the Blade, hinting that he gives no remorse what he's about to do to the Chosen One.

"Aw, shit."

With nothing left to say, he let go of the Arrows, letting them fly towards Optimus, who used the Saber to cut right through the attacks while Rodimus charged right him. The two Autobot Primes charging towards each other, screaming at each other as they began what it seemed to be a fight to the death.

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