11 year old Anna got home from school Her sister greeted her when she came in the kitchen. Hey sissy she said. Hey kate, how was school? Kate asked . It was fine Anna said . She clenched her stomach in pain. Are you okay ? Kate asked Fine just a stomach ache Anna said.
Why don't you go lie down on your bed and I'll get you some ginger ale Kate said.

Okay Anna said and went upstairs to her room. She took her shoes off and suddenly noticed blood on her thighs and on her cute skirt.

She checked her thigh for cuts and when she realized that it was not from a cut Anna screamed.

Her sister heard her scream and ran up the stairs even though it was hard with her cancer.

Anna what is it ? Kate asked

I'm bleeding she said. She had a terrified look on her face. Where are you bleeding ? Kate asked .

My privates she said. Am I going to die.
No Kate said in fact congrats you got your first Period.

Period ? Anna asked Yes kate said congrats Sissy you are now a woman. Why don't you go shower and I'll get some stuff you'll need.

Anna removed her clothes and got in the shower.
After drying off she came out wrapped in a towel.
Kate was waiting for her with fresh clothes and something in her hand.

This is a pad Kate told her. You put it in your underwear to catch the blood. You can also use a tampon she told Anna.

How long do I have to do this ? Anna asked for 6 to 8 days every month til your 50 Kate replied .
That long ? Anna asked ? Yes Kate said . Anna dropped the towel put her t shirt and training bra on then slid on her underwear and then pulled on some shorts.

Kate told her about periods and pregnancy.
An hour later Kate asked you want some ginger Ale ? Sure Anna replied smiling . Kate ran back down stairs to grab her a can of ginger ALE.

She brought it up and gave it to Anna .
A few hours later their mom came home. She saw them talking and laughing.

Hey girls the mom said sorry I was late they had a long line at the grocery store. How was your day?
Anna got her first Period. What ? Congrats their mom said hugging Anna. My little girl is now a woman !

. When their father and brother were home they were filled in and happy for her.

After dinner they celebrated Anna becoming a woman with icecream and movies. Anna was glad kate helped her. She just Hopped Kate would beat cancer.