SWAT Kats: The Radical Duelists

By: Edi90

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DISCLAIMER: SWAT Kats doesn't belong to me, they belong to Hanna Barbera. Also, Yu-Gi-Oh! Doesn't belong to me either, they belong to Konami. Any original characters that appear here that you've never seen or heard of before belong to me. Any characters from other fics are used with permission.

Notice: Well, I wanted to say that this story is a crossover between Yu-Gi-Oh! and SWAT Kats. Anyone who reads this (take KS Claw, for example) who belonged to the SWAT Kats forums at www.swatkats.com : I'm actually Yusuke30, one of the new guys from the SWAT Kats forums, hence the email listed above. Well, since I like SWAT Kats and Yu-Gi-Oh! so much, I have decided to write this crossover as a tribute to the two of them. I hope you like it, because I've worked really hard on this idea! According to the Yu-Gi-Oh! Storyline, this fic takes place after Yugi's duel in Dungeon Dice Monsters against Duke Devlin, and according to the SWAT Kats storyline, it takes place a few months after the last episode ever transmitted of SWAT Kats.


Chapter One: Another World, Same Game

"You darn catssssssss, I'll get you next time!!", Dr. Viper yelled as he flew away in a jet, escaping from Megakat City.

"Well, that makes another enemy dispatched as usual!", Razor called out at his partner T-Bone, who was grinning at Dr. Viper's escape.

"Yeah, but still, where did he go to this time? I thought he always escaped through a sewer...", T-Bone replied, nervous.

Suddenly, their radio came to life as it beeped. "SWAT Kats! Do you copy?", a female voice asked at the radio.

"Yes, Miss Briggs! Mission successfully completed! Dr. Viper's gone... At least, for a time.", Razor replied.

"Yes, I know, and it's all thanks to you. Thank you.", Callie replied as she stared at the leaving Turbokat.


Later, back at the junkyard...

"Can you answer me this, Chance? Tell me, why would Dr. Viper try and kidnap Mayor Manx? I mean, he would never do that-all he fiddles with is giant bacteria and evil experiments...", Jake asked his partner as he changed his SWAT Kat clothes.

"For once I agree-something fishy's going on. Maybe it's got something to do with that new game?", Chance replied as Jake stored his clothes in a closet.

"Huh? Oh, you mean that monster thing?", Jake asked indifferently.

"Jake, it's DUEL MONSTERS! I mean, I wonder who came up with it? And those monsters are pretty cool-looking... They're the latest bang with kittens everywhere...", Chance corrected his partner, who nodded. Chance then looked for something in his drawer. He took out what seemed to be two packs of cards. "Want to play?", Chance asked.

Jake flinched. "But I don't know how to play...", he said slowly, feeling rejected.

"No problem, I can teach you!", Chance offered.

"Well, okay...", Jake replied.


Domino City, Japan

"Come on, Yugi! We'll be late for school!", Tea called out to her friend Yugi Moto, who was getting ready for yet another day of school.

"Coming down in a minute!", Yugi called back, as he hurried putting his clothes on.

"You seem to be in a hurry today, Yugi.", a voice called from inside the room.

"Well, if you were the one in a hurry, Yami, then maybe you would be in MY state!", Yugi replied to what seemed to be a gold talisman with a gold eye in it.

"But luckily I'm enclosed inside the Millennium Puzzle, Yugi.", Yami replied sternly.

"Heh heh, I guess.", Yugi replied sternly. "Also, you always come at the best of times, like in a duel!", he added to the spirit, who was smiling at Yugi as he put on his Millennium Puzzle.

He ran down the stairs to greet Tea, who was waiting for him at the entrance of the Game shop that was also his home. "Morning, Tea! Sorry I'm late!, Yugi yelled to his friend, who smiled at him.

"Good Morning, Yugi! Hurry, we're late again!", Tea called out at Yugi as he came down.

"Have a nice day, Yugi!", an old man's voice called out at Yugi.

"You too, Grandpa!", Yugi replied.

"Bye, Mr. Moto!", Tea called back.

Later, after school...

"Aw, nuts! Not again!", a blonde young teen yelled as he stared at his deck.

"I win again, Joey! Maybe you should balance your deck a little more. Besides, I think you just flew the coop with your Red Eyes Black Dragon again...", Yugi replied at his blonde friend, who had been defeated in a duel.

"Oh well, guess you're right about THAT...", Joey replied.

Suddenly, a sound was heard behind them. A footstep. "I've found at last, Yugi...", a deep voice called out at Yugi who looked back, only to see his biggest rival in Duel Monsters: Seto Kaiba.

"Kaiba! What are you doing here?", Yugi asked as the young man walked up to them with a small briefcase.

"Allow me to explain, Yugi. You see, I have designed an all-new VRDM, which stands for Virtual Reality Duel Machine I would like you to try. It would be excellent if WE tried it out...", Kaiba explained, grinning.

"I don't know, Kaiba... That sounds like an awful lot...", a young teen with white hair answered.

"You may come and cheer yugi like you always do...", Kaiba said maliciously.

"Well, alright I guess. When?", Yugi replied.

"Right now.", Kaiba replied.

"Now?!", asked Bakura, the white-haired teen.

"Yes...", Kaiba replied.

Later, at Kaiba Corp., in the testing room...

Everyone was standing inside some sort of machine that whirred silently, each with duel disks. Yugi and Kaiba were standing in front of each other. Suddenly, Yugi's Millennium Puzzle started to shine in gold, and Yugi was surrounded by an eerie light.

"YU-GI-OH!", Yugi yelled as he started to glow and his figure was replaced by another man, but this man was older. He looked like Yugi, but older.

"Let's get this over with Kaiba!", the man warned.

Meanwhile, Bakura stared at it from afar. "So, Yugi has tapped into is alter-ego, Yami... It's just the beginning for him... Using the powers of my Millennium Ring, I'll send them to another dimension.", he thought maliciously, for he was now turned into Yami Bakura.

Suddenly, Kaiba turned towards the small room above. "Everything ready, Mokuba?", he asked to his brother, who was getting things ready.

"Yes Seto, things are ready!", he replied. He turned his attention to one of his technicians. "Everything ready, Takeshi?", he asked the technician, who was getting things ready.

"Yes, sir! Everything's ready, all systems ready to go!", he said, smiling.

"Good. Now, can I ask you a favor?", Mokuba asked Takeshi, who was staring at Kaiba and Yugi.

"Sure, what is it?", Takeshi asked, starting to get nervous.

"Uhh, you see, I have a bad feeling about all this. So, can you come with me and watch the duel?", he asked the technician, who knew what he meant.

"Why not? I feel the same way as well.", Takeshi replied.

They went down and started to watch the duel.

"Engaging the VRDM!", one of the technicians said as the machines flicked on.

"I didn't know you were invited as well, Duke and Mai! He called you for it too?", Tea asked Duke, a man wearing dice-like earrings and a red and black suit, and Mai, who wore a skirt and a jacket.

"Of course. At least he was a gentleman in doing so.", Mai replied.

"I have a bad feeling about this...", Duke replied, a nervous tone in his voice.

Suddenly, Bakura's Millennium Ring started to shine from under his shirt. "It is time... To send them all to the Shadow Realm!", Bakura said as he closed his eyes and his Millennium Item did its bidding.

Takeshi looked at Bakura as dark clouds started to form in the area. He gasped and knew what it meant. "NO!!!", he screamed as he ran at Bakura with all his might and pushed him apart. Bakura fell to the floor, and gasped at the sight in front of him: The floor was vanishing.

"You fool! Look what you're doing!", he snapped at Takeshi.

"LOOK OUT!! The floor's disappearing!!!", Tristan, a young man in a blue uniform yelled at his friends.

Yugi gasped. "What's going on?! Kaiba!!!", he yelled in his deep voice at Kaiba, who was looking around, stunned.

"I don't know! This wasn't supposed to happen! I can't contact the Testing Room!", Kaiba snapped asthe floor opened.

"Everybody hold on!", Tea yelled as everyone started to fall, screaming for their lives...


Megakat City, the Junkyard

"...And that's how you play the game. Easy enough, isn't it?", Chance asked Jake, who was picking up his cards.

"Yeah, but I gotta get that Life Point part...", he said.

"Aw, don't worry, you will.", Chance replied.

Suddenly, a crash was heard. "WHAT was that?!", Jake asked.


The Shadow Realm?

Yugi got up. He then stared at his surroundings. He only saw some cars around-cars he never saw before. "Where... Am I?", he asked himself, knowing he was in another world. He could tell.

"YUGI! Are you alright?!", Tea called out as she ran to his side along with Tristan, Joey, Duke, Mai, and the good Bakura.

"Yes, I'm fine.", he said as he returned to his original shape. He looked at Bakura. "What's going on?! Where have you taken us?!", Yugi asked with a loud yell.

"No use, Yuge. He won't remember a thing...", Joey replied as Bakura simply dipped his head down.

"...He did it, right?", Bakura asked Yugi, who was clueless about the situation.

"YOU! What have you done now?!", Kaiba's voice asked him as he walked behind him.

"I can't remember!", Bakura replied.

"No use fighting. Seto, we better find a way to return home.", a voice called at them.

"Mokuba?!", Kaiba asked his brother, who approached them with Takeshi.

"He's right, sir Kaiba. We have to return home, before that Millennium Ring's spirit does that again.", he said sternly.

"Hey, I know you! You're that new technician!", Kaiba called out.

"Correct. But I'm also an archeologist.", he corrected.

Suddenly, they heard footsteps, and they froze at their sight: Two cats were approaching them.

"What the...", Chance asked, who was shocked

"Who are you?", Jake asked the humans, who gasped at their voices.

Tea collapsed in Tristan's arms.

Well, THAT was something, right? I hope you liked it! This is a tribute to SWAT Kats and Yu-Gi-Oh!, for being two of the greatest cartoons I ever saw. Chapter 2 is coming soon!