SWAT Kats: The Radical Duelists

By: Wolf E. Urameshi

Started: 2004-12-03

Finished: -

DISCLAIMER: All SWAT Kats characters, elements and others are registered trademarks of their owners, Hanna-Barbera (IF they exist...) or whoever else owns them. Also, Yu-Gi-Oh! Is property of Kazuki Takahashi. No infringement of the law is meant in any way.

Hello! Firstly off, a BIG apology to all those who read this fic before and waited MORE THAN A YEAR for an update. You see, I was writing some other fics, and also, this is the biggest writer's block I've had-ONE YEAR, MAN! But now that I can write this fic again, I'll most certainly make it better than before: I will include things from future episodes of the Yu-Gi-Oh! Anime, such as the Duel Disks, so expect the fic to get even better! And now, the grand return of Yugi and the SWAT Kats!


Last time they had to go to MegakatCity, where they got an awful surprise: Yugi's grandpa in a glass bottle! However, Yugi shows the Enforcers his secret and becomes Yami, his alter-ego and also the Pharaoh of 5000 years ago. He saves Solomon, and Callie takes them home. But when she leaves, she offers Yugi a duel, and he is left speechless with her unusual charm!

Chapter 4: Preponderance

"Why would those freaky guys be after you, Grandpa?" Yugi asked his grandfather. He made a puzzled face.

"Yugi, honestly I don't know what to think. I believe they captured me because they knew you guys were here and they wanted your Puzzle."

"But how could they've known about that? They're not from our world!" Tea asked with a hint of concern escaping her lips as Jake shrugged.

"Well, Dark Kat and Pastmaster are also skilled magicians, so they can even cross dimensions... Maybe they got to yours and learned everything." Chance announced, whilst he added, "Basically put, this was no chance encounter."

"Please, everyone around here knows that!" Kaiba's voice interrupted as their eyes went to him. "I do not see the point of all this, and no, I don't believe in magic!" He stubbornly added. Joey was maddened by this.

"Look who's talking! I wish you could've looked at yourself when we were trapped in Noah's trap at Battle City!" Joey yelled at Kaiba, who was angered by the name of Noah. Noah was his 'brother', but he went out of his way and trapped their minds in a game once. He didn't want to remember the incident.

"Yeah, right, Wheeler! Well then, all I have to ask is this: What about YOU when you were dueling in that insane place, scaredy-cat!?" He demanded, carefully making allusions only to cats, considering that this was a world where it wasn't preferable to mention the word 'dog.'

"OH, THAT'S IT--" Joey rushed at Kaiba, trying to get to him, but Tristan restrained him instead.

"Can it, Joey! There'll be other times!" Tristan asked, stopping Joey from starting a war with Kaiba.

"Sheesh, calm down, dweeb, you can still get him later..." A silent Mai told him. Joey calmed down after that.

"Oh, yes, I will..." Joey added annoyingly.

"If those two can use magic..." Yugi said as they turned to him, "...then there's no telling what they'll do. We have to put a stop to them. Now." Yugi decided, receiving a nod of agreement from everyone except, of course, Kaiba.

"Yes, and it would also be interesting to see this 'magic' those sorcerers can use. It may be our key home." Takeshi added from the sidelines, Yugi blinking in total confusion.

"Yeah, that's right, and we also need more information about how dueling works here, although by far I think it's the same." Mokuba remarked, Duke nodding at almost the same time.

"Yeah, and then again, we have to be careful from now on." Duke quickly warned.

Later in the night, everyone had already retired, but Yugi couldn't sleep, thinking about everything: How he had fallen to this world, how Jake had gotten his hands on Exodia, and how his grandfather was kidnapped and brought here. He needed to find his way home- fast.

"I see that you cannot sleep, Yugi. Is something troubling you?" A voice asked him telepathically as he started to talk to the Pharaoh from inside him.

"Yeah, I still can't quite explain how we fell here, Yami. It's like so many things are all happening at once. All I can say is this must be the advent of something terrible." Yugi remarked as Yami started to comfort him in words, sensing Yugi's trouble.

"Perhaps we should not worry so much about this. Besides, this is not, like Chance said, a chance encounter. There must be something else involved. And I have a small trouble as well..." Yami remarked, eyes looking to the floor.

"...Bakura, right?"

"Yes... Apparently, the spirit from the Millennium Ring did it, but somehow he has either lost his memory... Or Bakura does not know, or the spirit simply keeps silent."

"We should take it easy for now. Besides, who knows what we could find here..." Yugi smiled as he spoke again. "We might learn some new things and strategies!"

"Yes, perhaps we should see things in a positive way for now." Yugi fell asleep himself after the conversation. However, outside...

"Hey, you sure we should be practicin' like dis in here? What if they see us?" Joey warned Jake as he drew five cards from his Deck, ready for their Duel.

"Ah, it's alright! Ever since my loss against Yugi, I decided I won't use Exodia anymore. I'll keep those for collecting. Also, I've redesigned my strategy, which I wanted to try!" Jake smiled as Joey surrendered to a lack of speech.

"Well, if you say so... Well then, let's get this done!" Joey taunted him as Jake did the same with a nod and a grin.

"TIME TO DUEL!" The two yelled out, Chance smiling at their side as he saw the counter: Each down to 4000 life points.



Joey drew his card and looked at his hand carefully. "Okay, I know just what to use! I summon Goddess with the Third Eye in Attack mode!" The monster became an illusion in the holographic display as Joey spoke, "Not my custom to summon this kind of monster, but I wanted to try something unusual!"


"Next, I place a card face-down, and it's your move now!" He set the card face down and thought about what he would do.


The moment Jake drew his card, he was about to laugh, but saved it for later. "OK, I summon Maha Vailo in Attack mode..." He said, a little bit nervous. He knew he was a strong duelist, since he came with Yugi, but he still retained confidence.


"Next, I equip him with a magic card: Black Pendant! This card increases his attack points by 500 points!" Jake said as the counter moved up by 1000 points instead. That formed 2550 attack points instead.

"What!? Why 1000!? You said 500!" Joey demanded as Jake chuckled.

"Maha Vailo also has an effect: Whenever it's equipped with a Magic or Trap Card, it increases its attack power by 500 more points! Now say good-bye to your goddess! Attack! Double Slice attack!" Jake ordered the monster as it tried to slice Joey's goddess into data bits, but Joey was starting to get mad!

"Hold it, I activate my trap: Skull Dice!"

"S-Skull Dice!? What's THAT do?" Chance asked surprised at the move.

"My friend here rolls a dice, and the number it gets is the number of attack points reduced from your monsta's attack points!" Joey called out as a small joker-like monster emerged with a giant die.

"You DO realize that won't change anything?" Jake asked, annoyed by the move.

"Sure, but as long as I don't lose a LOT of Life Points..." The die was rolled, and the number was... "Alright, a six! That means your Maha Vailo's attack points are reduced by 600 points!" Jake grit his teeth as he saw the attack points in total: 1950. The goddess was destroyed, and Joey lost less life points.



Joey looked at his hand after his draw phase and realized he had a small combo in his hands. "Okay, piece of cake! Now I play Monster Reborn!" Joey announced as he summoned the Goddess back from the dead.

"Why would he--" Jake started, but was interrupted by Joey when he played another card.

"Next, I sacrifice my Goddess in order to summon my Garoozis in Attack Mode!" Joey yelled as his muscle-bound lizard materialized from a card.


"Whoah, what a monster... But, unless a miracle happens, you're out of luck, Joey!" Chance crazily advised Joey, but he ignored the kat instead.

"Hold on, now I play my Magic Card, Megamorph!" The human duelist yelled as he played his next magic card, which doubled the attack points of Garoozis to a whopping 3600 points.

"Wha—But why?"

"Simple, Jake: I planned it all along. Megamorph is activated when my Life Points are lower than yours, so in result, the attack power of Garoozis was doubled!"

"No way!"

"Okay, get ready, Jake, 'cause I'm not done yet! I now use the Axe of Despair, which increases the attack power of my Garoozis by 1000 points!"


"!!!" Jake gasped: It was his first time seeing a monster with such a high attack power.

"NO WAY, HE RAISED THE ATTACK POINTS TO THAT LEVEL?" Chance unconsciously asked himself horrified.

"Next, I play my next card: Mystical Space Typhoon, which destroys your Black Pendant AND reduces your attack power by 1000 points!" Joey screamed excitedly as he destroyed the pendant, however...


"HEY! What gives!?"

"Black Pendant also has an effect: When it's destroyed and sent to the Graveyard, the opponent loses 500 Life Points!" Chance added, worried that they were raising the bar a little too high. Jake only grinned at it, but was determined to beat Joey, no matter what the odds.

"Hmm... THAT was an awful bit of info... OK, Garoozis, attack! Straight Slash Attack!" The monster rushed at the Maha Vailo on the field and slashed at it, bringing it down and reducing Jake's life point cost down.


"Aw, YEAH! I SO rule!" Joey exclaimed as Jake stared at his Life Point count in silence, amazed at Joey's calculation.



"What is it, Yugi?" Yami asked a sleepy Yugi as he looked at the sky.

"I could swear I heard Joey say he ruled..."

The two gasped and looked at each other. "JOEY'S DUELING!?"

"Quick, let's go check on him!" Yugi ordered as he put on his jacket and ran outside silently and followed the voice to the Junkyard, where he saw them dueling.

"Hey, Yuge, you're just in time! Look at this!" Joey shouted as Yugi got closer to him and checked the field. Suddenly...


"Right now Joey's got his Garoozis really pumped with power, but he's at a big disadvantage when it comes to Life Points. And, Jake..." Yugi looked at the grinning Jake. "I'm starting to fear for Jake, that grin tells a lot." Yugi thought as he looked on to the arena."Hmm, you're both equally matched..." The Yugi-now-turned-into-Yami remarked as the three sighed in amazement.

"So... Are we...?" Jake asked Yugi; the minute he was asked the question he nodded in agreement.

"Yes, your strategies are similar, but the play style is different." Yami remarked as Joey nodded.

"HEY, WAIT, IT'S STILL MY TURN! I pass; I don't have any cards in my hand." Joey admitted as Jake narrowed his eyes.


Jake was trapped: A super-powered lizard was in his way, and he had to defend somehow. He looked at his hand: He only had monster cards that were useless, since they were mostly of levels 5 and above. He chose one and set it down; hoping Joey would do a completely basic mistake. "I set one card face-down in Defense Mode! And I pass." Jake announced as his monster arose in the form of a card. "I don't have monsters left! I'm done for!"


"Okay, I summon Gearfried the Iron Knight!" Once he said those words, a warrior in armor arose.


"Oh, I see your plan now! I'm not gonna fall fer it!"

"!!!" Jake gasped in awe, "WHAT!?"

"Garoozis, attack that face-down monsta!" Joey ordered Garoozis as it destroyed the face-down Mystical Elf and left Jake defenseless.

"Oh, NO!!!"

"NOW, GEARFRIED! FINISH THE JOB!" Gearfried jumped up and slashed Jake in the face.

"Argh!" Jake grunted; Yugi and Chance gasped, and the Life Point count went to zero, leaving Joey as the clear victor.



Joey gasped when he saw Gearfried slash Jake, and tried to stop it by swinging his hand at it, only to see it was a hologram: Similar to what Kaiba had done with the duel disks before. The image vanished silently as Jake rubbed his face a little, since the attack hurt a little.

"Hey, you alright? I guess I overdid it a little. I'm sorry." Joey apologized, but Jake replied with a smile instead.

"Hey, don't be! That was a great duel! I almost had you there!" Jake answered back, knowing he and Joey had both enjoyed it to the max.

Yugi returned to his own self and looked at them making peace. "I'm glad nothing regrettable happened, but how could a small monster attack him like that?"

"Good question. I'm starting to wonder that myself..." Chance replied, amazed at what happened before. "And I'm also wondering why it attacked like that. It's like it was Joey; only with the exception that it's almost like if he was the monster. And it can't be the projector. And as for Jake... He's starting to get obsessed with the game. I better watch him..." He thought with no remorse. He was getting worried over this... And he knew dueling would only get more and more risky over time.


"Attack, my clowns! Saggi and Peten, OBLITERATE HIM!" Two clowns, Saggi and Peten the Dark Clowns, delivered two unison attacks to Dr. Viper as his Life Point count reached zero.

"Argh! I mussssst improve my ssssssstrategy, Passt Masster..."

"Yes, it's pathetic! Even my mother could duel better than that!"

"You don't HAVE a mother, fool!"

"But you're still short on strategy, doctor!"

"Yesss... Once we master thisss game..."

"The SWAT Kats and the city are as good as ours!"

"Yesss, but we must pay sssspecial attention to that noisy, spiky-haired brat..."

"True, his energy is very powerful, so let's take him first instead... Hmm hmm... Mwahaha, HAHAHA!!!"

Whoo! Well, there you have it. Now Joey and Jake are more than friend-they're rivals now! And what's more, Yugi's getting suspicions about Duel Monsters in this world! Jake is starting to act weird in duels AND the villains wanna take down Yugi! Can they do so!? Stay tuned for the next chapter-and this time, I REALLY mean it!