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Pairings: Alice/Jasper, later Bella/Jasper, Rosalie/Emmett

Synopsis: Bella might be the mightiest of all vampires, but she's being hunted down by the Volturi who want to use her gifts for their own purposes. She finds refuge at the Cullen's house, but with the threat of the Volturi hanging on her head, she needs to do anything in her power to keep them safe, and she does have a LOT of power... Gifted, Vampire!Bella, Lemons in future chapters!

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My whole body was sore from staying in the same position for so many weeks without moving. My cell door opens and I cover my eyes to the side, expecting the flow of light that would undoubtedly blind me since I had not seen light in – a while, it had been a while. I could hear footsteps, undoubtedly from the other vampires approaching, followed by the door closing heavily behind them as I stayed in the same position, uselessly protecting my body from the pain I knew was coming. As expected, the pain reaches me and I grit my teeth from the debilitating vampire gift. I know she won't use it for long; Aro won't let her. I close my fists, teeth clenched in a silent riot against her. She wants me to scream. I can see it in her eyes, she loves it.

''Enough,'' stops Aro. ''We need her on our side, Jane. Why would she help us if you make her go insane?'' He steps closer as I'm regaining control of my limbs. ''Would you indulge an old man and his stories, Mighty Isabella?'' he asks then. I don't really care about his stories, but I care about Jane's power, and I need her distracted while I try to figure it out. So, I nod.

I hear Aro start his story. It was about an immortal child. Immortal children were a treat to our secret because of their incapacity to control themselves. When they threw temper tantrums, they were lethal to anyone around them. They had destroyed cities during tantrums and were utterly prohibited by the Royal family ending with a death sentence to anyone breaking this rule.

I wasn't listening as closely as maybe I should have because I was focusing on Jane's pain power. I relaxed my whole body and let myself slide into it. I understood that Jane's power was more psychological than physical. It was only a trick of the mind. My shield should've been able to block it. Why wasn't my shield working? I panicked for the first time since I was here. How was my shield not working here? I tried to feel Jane's power again, to mold myself into it, feeling it as if it was my own. I tried to pinpoint the feeling behind it.



I had lots of anger.

I was going to use Jane's power against them when Aro's hand brushed against my shoulder and a vision covered my eyes.

A woman crying, holding a child covered in blood. She's trying to protect it, but the child is fighting fiercely against her grip, biting her arm and screaming bloody murder at the sky. His eyes are bright red. He had just fed. A lot. The woman pleaded to me as she was trying to save the child in her arms.

''Aro, please, he's just a child, he doesn't understand, but I'll teach him! I promise I'll teach him! And we can all be together,'' I approached her, reaching for the child. I feel a comforting smile spread on my lips.

''Everything will be fine,'' I promise her. She lets out a breath of relief as she carefully hands me the child after whispering words to him. The last he would ever hear. I grab the child in my hands and turn around before ripping the child's head off. I hear the woman scream behind me but she broke the rules and now she must pay for the carnage the child has committed.

Aro took his hand off me. ''Gruesome, isn't it?'' He circled me again and sat on the large brick I called a bed. ''Sasha. Lovely woman she is. And I'm sure she could have been the fiercest of my warriors. Too bad she broke the rules. See, Mighty Isabella, that's where you come in. I need you to replicate her power. I need her power.''

''No,'' I weakly said. They had reduced my blood supply to two ounces a week. It wasn't enough to keep me fighting. It wasn't enough to keep me thinking. My voice was hoarse and even my thoughts were weak. ''I don't have the strength to do anything for you.''

Aro smiled sadly at me. The look of a disappointed father figure in his eyes. I was angry. I needed blood.

''Give me better rations and I'll do it,'' I tried to deal. If he thought I was cooperating, maybe he'd make me strong again. Aro seemed to think about it for a long time. Jane took a step towards him, sending a wave of pain my way. I tried putting my shield on, trying to understand once more why it wasn't working. The more I focused, the more I could dim the effects of Jane's power, but I still felt it. I acted the rest so she wouldn't know I had found some control.

''Aro, we cannot let-'' Jane started but Aro silenced her with a raised hand. He kept his eyes on me as he reached for my hand. I looked at it for a long time before deciding I had nothing left to lose. In this cage, I had a lot of time to understand Aro's power; he could read someone's mind but he needed a tactile contact to do it. I could see images in his head because it was his power. And whenever he would touch me, he would share that bit of power and it would make me read his mind at the same time as he would read mine.

I grabbed his hand, wishing my shield was strong enough to hold onto the small part of my brain that wanted to rebel against them as soon as I had enough strength. Instead, I focused on thinking about how I would do anything for more blood. I tried to convey in my thoughts how hungry I was. The desperation I was feeling for the blood. I tried to listen in on his thoughts but they were all about Sasha and about how he felt she betrayed him and disappointed him by creating this child. He was also thinking about the perfect punishment for her once her power would safely be under another vampire's control. He seemed pleased by what he saw when he let go of my hand because when he was done, he smiled and left, taking Jane with him.

As for the introductions, my name is Isabella Marie Swan. I am a vampire. I am the oldest, most badass, most powerful vampire alive. I am the darkness. I am the light.

And I had let myself get captured by some family claiming to be the government amongst vampire.

I hit the back of my head on the wall again in frustration and made a dent. A dent that was starting to be more and more prominent. I had been stupid and I had trusted the wrong people. It's always about the people.

The Volturi – Aro, Caius and Marcus – were the vampire authority. They had started a simple government where they were trying to protect the humans from finding out about us, and whenever a vampire would talk about our kind or show a glimpse of supernatural power to a human, they were put to death immediately. As soon as they had their first taste of power, they craved more, always trying to find other gifted vampires to join their guard to help them uphold the law. And now, they had me.

I hit my head against the wall again.

I wasn't like other vampires. I knew vampires theses days had diamond-like skin that sparkled in the sun, and couldn't cry tears anymore. I knew some could feed off animals instead of humans; a concept I couldn't even begin to understand. I was different; The sun only made my skin itch, and I could cry as much as I wanted – though it was tears of blood, so I tried to restrain my tears as much as I could. My skin was softer, and warmer than the average vampire so I would often wear gloves in case I came in contact with another one, and since blood stayed in my system longer than most, I could easily blush or bleed. I could also change the human minds by reaching deep into their souls and asking them what I wanted from them, which was useful as I could only live off human blood. I had no venom in my mouth, which meant I didn't have to kill humans to subside myself.

And I had a gift. Oh, what a gift it was. It could become Aro's greatest weapon. I had the power to transfer gifts. I could copy a power, once assimilated, I could give it to someone else, or keep it to myself. Aro was always salivating for it because anytime a gifted vampire would cause trouble, he could make me copy and transfer it to another that would obey him blindly. Especially with the threat hanging over their head that anyone was expendable because of me.

The only powers I had completely assimilated and kept were a shield – inherited from my mother – and the ability to change my features at will, which helped a lot to cover my original blood-red eyes when I was around humans.

Humans. I hadn't been around them for a long time now. I tried escaping the Volturi more than once, but I never seem to win against them. I can never get enough strength from the little blood they give me to fight back and when Jane's power made me double over in pain, and Alec's sensory deprivation makes me completely blind; I stood powerless every time.

My power was also a curse as it forced me to copy and assimilate any vampire's power. I had found that out the hard way when the Volturi came at me all at once. Forcing me to duplicate all their powers at the same time brought me to my knees. I couldn't get up. I couldn't feel. I couldn't walk, talk nor fight. And now they knew it. Every time I had tried to escape, Aro sent all the invasive powers he could find amongst his guards and send them to get me as a group. When they would get too close, I would crumble to my knees, frozen still from the overwhelming powers. I had tried to crawl away a few times, but Dimitri, their best tracker, would always find me before I got far enough.

When they brought me Sasha, I was on the far end corner of my cell, playing with the dirt under my nails. She was probably a beautiful woman, but now, her pale blond hair was covered with patches of dirt, probably from being locked in another cell and I cringed thinking about what I must look like as well. She was wearing a long dress, that was probably white before they locked her in a cell. She was dressed like most peasants so either she had done a good job blending with them, or she didn't have much for herself to begin with.

They threw a container of blood at me and I fumbled catching it. I took a swig before setting it aside. No need to be greedy. I needed to ration to keep my strength up. Sasha was on her knees in front of me and I waved to the guard to leave us alone. Whoever he was, he left, but not before giving Sasha a swift kick on her side. She coughed and toppled over but regained enough strength to get back on her knees. She dared a look in my direction.

''Why am I here?'' she whispered. She was so scared I could almost taste it. My instincts salivated for that fear but I did my best to push them down.

''You're here so I can copy your power,'' I explained. ''What's your power?''.

''I m-move things w-with my mind,'' she stuttered. I looked her in the eyes and smiled, trying to reassure her, but I couldn't. At least, not yet. In order to copy a power, I had to spend a great amount of time with the vampire. I had to be able to control the power, assimilate it. As long as I didn't control it, if the vampire wasn't in close range to me, I couldn't use it anymore. It usually takes up to three intensive weeks for me to really understand a new power.

I smiled at the girl in front of me and swallowed another sip of blood before reaching for her hand. ''You're going to be fine,'' I tried to reassure her. ''Tell me more about your power, how do you control it?'' She shrugged, not being very cooperative, so I tried pushing with the boundaries of her gift, molding myself into it as her hand was still in mine and it gave me a better connection to it. I closed my eyes, feeling the power in my hands at first. ''Can you control it with just your mind or you need to point at it?'' I asked her.

''At first, I needed to point at the object I wanted to move as I focused. At first, it only worked when I was angry; I couldn't understand what was happening around me,'' she spoke with a very faint voice and I squeezed her hand comfortingly.

''What would happen?'' I inquired, out of curiosity, but mostly because I had a job to do, and gaining her trust was the first step. She shrugged, uneasy.

''The house would shake. You would think there was an earthquake, but when we got outside, no one else had felt it. After it happened a few times, we understood it was me,'' she explained.

''Who is 'we'?'' I asked furthermore, a small part of my brain trying to focus on her power as the rest was listening to her story.

''My children and I,'' she said and I raised an eyebrow, knowing she had been brought in by creating an immortal child. Had she created more?

''Children?'' I asked.

''Yes, three sisters now. I turned one a long time ago, and when I met the others, I found they had a striking resemblance and I turned them too so they would be together as sisters forever,'' she told me, getting more comfortable.

''It must've been nice for them to have sisters. I wish I had one,'' I said softly as I felt the vibrations of the gift she had.

''Sometimes, blood ties don't mean everything,'' she advised and I nodded my agreement.

''I suppose, I wouldn't know, they keep me here most of the time and they are forbidden from talking to me,'' I told her as I faked a sad smile. Truth was; they shouldn't talk to me, they definitively shouldn't spend any time close to me, if they did, they would drop their guard and I would pounce. I drank another swig of blood, thinking about possible plans.

''I'm sorry,'' she said, and she was being honest. I brushed it off with a raised hand.

''Don't worry about it. I'm glad you have a family to go back to once I've assimilated your power,'' I told her as I extended my hand towards her, letting her take the decision that would kill her anyway in the end. All she was deciding was if it would be fast and painless or not. She slowly nodded and grabbed my hand, showing me how her power worked.

For hours after that, she was diligently showing me the extent of it, giving me advice as to how to focus. Something that had started out of anger was finally controlled by clearing her mind. The problem with mine was that it was full of revenge and by the end of the first training day, I could make the container of blood shake from my anger, but I couldn't move it correctly, even less control it.

At the end of the day, I was so tired I barely noticed when they dragged Sasha out of my cell. I finished my ration of blood and all but crawled to my bed to lay in it, closing my eyes and relaxing my breathing. I don't sleep, but I escape my thoughts daily; I find a place inside me where I can find peace. I'm not sure if mine was real or not. It was a house, on top of a large mountain, on three out of four sides of the mountain, there was water for as far as I could see, and the other side was a small patch of earth where people were collecting and selling food, a few houses were built much farther down.

As I entered the house, I smiled when I saw myself sitting at the table, it was a perfect replica of me, and it felt better than literally talking to myself. I was Isabella, and I liked to call her Marie. Both parts of the same name – the same person. I would usually just sit there and she would watch me, telling me about her day, her life, her expectations, which were usually mine. I told her all about my capture, my having to be an accessory for murder, and she told me all about her wishes to escape this place and do it all over again.

The next day, when I emerged from talking with Marie, Sasha was already with me, but she was kicking at the walls, clawing at her own skin, banging on the door, without answer. I sat up on my bed and looked at her, analyzing her every move. ''What's wrong?'' I asked, knowing the answer; she hadn't fed in days. Her eyes were dark pits and she snapped her attention to me, as if remembering I was in the room.

''I want blood!'' she screamed at me. I stayed quiet and sighed.

''How long since you last fed?'' I asked, calculating.

''A week,'' she snapped back.

''Good.'' In one instant, I was on her side of the cell, grabbing her arm with one hand, her chin in the other. Her eyes were instantly locked into mine. ''Calm down,'' I ordered, and her shoulders immediately slouched. I said I could hypnotize humans, well it also works when vampires haven't fed in too long. They became weaker, and ergo, vulnerable to my control.

I knew her mind-controlled-induced mind wouldn't hold that command for long, so I nicked at the vein on my wrist with a fingernail, letting some blood drip from my arm. Sasha, having never seen a vampire bleed before, tried to back away but my grip on her arm was relentless and she couldn't go anywhere. I approached my wrist from her mouth and told her to drink it while she was still under my control.

I had known for a while that my blood helped vampires with their cravings, a cup of my blood would hold them off easily for a week, and it would take another week for them to really feel the need for blood again. As I felt Sasha drink, I focused on how much she was having and when she reached a little more than a cup, I stopped her. I had to push her away a little, but she finally let me go.

''How does that work? Vampires aren't supposed to be able to drink from other vampires,'' she asked, confused as she licked her lips clean of any traces of blood. I shrugged, not wanting to get into it. I've always known I was different and it was very lonely at times.

We spent another full day controlling her power, then, a week. She took a liking to me, but I made sure to keep my distances with her because I knew she would die eventually, no matter what I did; I might as well help her get a swift death. As another week went by, she was stationed farther from me so I could test her power on my own. I needed this to be over with as fast as I could because I could feel Sasha start to trust me more and more, telling me things about her wishes to have a child; the reason why she created Vasilii, her immortal child. I couldn't hear any more about her life; it made me feel for her, and I couldn't feel compassion for anyone else but myself for as long as I was locked up in here.

It took me a few more days to be able to control the power when Sasha was farther. I was glad she was farther; it meant she couldn't talk to me. The Volturi had brought different objects in front of me. One of them was a blood bag, locked in a box with a padlock. I had to focus on opening all the latchets from the lock mentally to be able to open the box and that was my last test. When the last click sounded through my cell and the lock opened, I knew I had succeeded.

Sasha was going to die.

I was at my fifth power assimilation for the Volturi when I was finally certain I could use Jane's gift before she got too far away. It wasn't too early either as I was starting to feel the signs of an early depression coming my way. I bowed my head once more as Aro petted my head like a trained dog and I suppressed a scowl at his praises over the last vampire's power's transfer.

''Together, we are stronger, Mighty Isabella,'' he cooed before exiting my cell. Jane was about to follow behind him when I spoke softly. I needed her to stay a little more while Aro got farther.

''How long do you think it'll take before he tires of you?'' I asked her with a sadistic smile. ''I'll ask to kill you myself when he makes me assimilate your power.'' She froze in her movement, but remained calm as a small smile tucked at her lips.

''You could always try,'' she softly said, her voice carrying acute intonations and it made me wonder for the first time how old she actually was when she was turned.

Almost there, I thought anxiously as I listened intently to Aro's footsteps, and the door closing far behind him. I smiled.

''I am,'' I stated, getting up, and as soon as her expression turned confused, she collapsed in pain from her own gift. I allowed myself to enjoy her writhe in pain for all of two seconds before I started running towards the door left ajar. I could smell Aro was already far, but I had seen Alec and Jane's connection at work and I knew it would be a matter of time before he showed up knowing something was wrong. Hopefully, their connection was strong enough to make him feel the pain as well.

I didn't wait to find out, though, and I started running towards the exit, in the labyrinth I had learned to memorize through Aro's souvenirs of this place. I heard screams and sent another wave of pain their way. The thuds and moans I heard next made me understand Jane's power was still reaching me and I enjoyed it maybe a little too much as I crashed through the last door keeping me from freedom. As soon as I reached the ocean, I jumped, covering my tracks with new looks and complicated motions through the water to disappear and make it harder for the guard to follow me in.

I emerged on the coast of Monaco, France. I pushed myself out of the water and saw I had lost the Volturi. At least, for now. Feeling my strength leave me fast, I ran around the cozy-looking streets, where very few torches were still alight outside and hunted for a late-night snack. I saw many fires comings from the homes and knew it wasn't very late after the sunset. I found what seemed like a prostitute and approached her with my newly changed blond hair and blue eyes. She saw me coming and smiled.

''Can I help you, honey?'' she asked sweetly. I smiled at her and nodded.

''Don't worry and don't scream. It won't hurt much,'' I told her before looking around and then sinking my teeth into her neck, drawing blood and blocking her mouth at the same time to prevent her from screaming in surprise even if I told her not to. She didn't scream, she just laid there, in shock. So, I took my hand off her mouth and ran my fingers down her body, over the top of her breasts, down her corset, over her ruffled skirt. I could feel the arousal in her blood; it flowed easily in my mouth. Satisfied enough, I took my mouth off her neck. Her blood still on my mouth, I looked into her eyes, compelling her to forget about me.

''Now, honey, tell me what year is this?'' I asked.

Her eyes were still dazed but she answered, ''1821.'' I stayed gaping as it hit me like a lightning bolt. I had been locked up for almost three centuries. My anger rose and I ordered the girl to run before I lost control and drained her. Her heart rate picked up under my orders and she started running screaming around the streets. After her, I found a few other humans to drink from but not drain. Nor turn.

I lived in Paris for a while after that, hiding in the shadows, making some helpful friends along the way, but Europe was too risky for me. I tried China, thinking the amount of people could hide me from the Volturi and Dimitri's incredible tracking gift. It worked for a while, but then came the American Civil War. My vampire abilities giving me an edge, I decided to fly to America. I stayed in the shadows of the forests, covering my basis, getting information concerning the Volturi; where they stood, how angry they were, what were their plans now. Anything I could gather was important for my safety.

I came across a nice couple while passing through South America; Peter and Charlotte. They, too, were on the run, from a girl named Maria and they looked very weak and hungry.

''Why are you so weak?'' I asked them, taking in their pitch-black eyes and the bags under it.

Charlotte spoke up, ''We've been on the run for weeks, hiding in the woods, we haven't found any humans in our paths yet.'' I turned my head to the side, not quite understanding the reason why they would starve themselves to death instead.

''Human blood isn't the only blood you can drink.'' They looked at me with wide eyes, demanding more explanations. ''You can feed on animals. Their blood isn't as strong, but it's enough to keep you alive until you find better. There, wait,'' I concentrated, using my senses to find an animal. I found a deer nearby and without further explanation, I started hunting it down. I broke its neck before it even knew what had happened and brought it in front of Charlotte and Peter. They were wide-eyed and didn't move for a second so I used my nail and broke the deer's skin at the base of its neck, letting the liquid flow easily. That got their attention and they jumped, drinking all of it with only a small grimace as they were too hungry to complain about the taste.

Peter stopped for a second to look curiously at me. ''Do you want to join in?'' I shook my head politely.

''No, thank you.'' Peter didn't ask any further and resumed his drinking. When they were both feeling better, I asked more about Maria, and the more I learned about her, the more intrigued I got. She had built an army and attacked other clans to become more powerful and expand territory. But why? All she would do is get the Volturi's attention and most certainly get herself killed in the process.

''She thinks the territories were hers in the first place,'' Charlotte informed me as Peter looked at her in surprise. ''What? When you're the weakest in the clan, people think you won't last long and they confide things they think will be lost forever with my death.'' Charlotte explained to him in a shrug.

''Which almost happened,'' Peter said and as I was looking at them calculating, they turned back to me. ''That's how we escaped. The Major helped us out. He must be dead for helping us by now,'' Peter regretted with a bow of his head. Charlotte jumped at his declaration and looked madly at him.

''Don't say that, Sugar, Jasper is a strong man. He will not go down without a fight!'' Peter just nodded, wiping his nose. A human gesture, which made me believe he hadn't been a vampire for so long.

''You said something about territories?'' I inquired some more, trying to bring the subject back to Maria instead of one of her Majors. Charlotte nodded.

''Yes. She believes the territories are her birthright. She had two sisters; Nettie and Lucie. Their initial coven took great damage during the Vampire war and they were the only three left of the massacre. They started this coven to get revenge, but then they got into a disagreement over the purposes of their clan and dismantled it. Another war started between the sisters' covens,'' Charlotte finished. Peter stepped up.

''She turns newborns and kills them at the end of their first year, after their ability settles down,'' Peter warned as I listened intently on her story, drinking in every word and already formulating a plan in my mind. Peter must've seen it because he stepped closer to me again and latch onto my eyes. ''She's powerful,'' Peter warned when he frowned at me. I let out a smile at the statement, but Peter kept going. ''I'm serious, Ma'am. She's smart. She has powerful allies and powerful vampires under her control, '' he said, bowing his head as Charlotte laid a hand on his shoulder in a supporting gesture before turning to me.

''The Major and Peter became friends. He's the most powerful in Maria's army; he can feel and control emotions so he can keep the newborns' bloodlust in check, amongst other things,'' Charlotte muttered. ''If you must find her, be wary of her intentions,'' Charlotte warned, and somehow, being reminded twice of how much of a threat she could become made me heed their advice and I nodded to them.

''Where are they now?'' I asked then, still calculating my best chances. If Maria was creating that much of a raucous, she clearly wasn't afraid of the Volturi coming after her.

''Mexico, last time we left them,'' Peter said, standing straight and I mirrored his pose.

''Thank you for all the information. I'll find Maria, and give my regards to your friend if I can,'' I informed them before bowing out.

I expected to run a lot more than I had too as Maria's army had gotten slightly bigger than Peter and Charlotte had said and they had already made their move up North. I crouched as soon as I caught a whiff of vampire smell and hid behind the trees, analyzing the situation. I could smell burning and instantly knew it was a vampire. I could smell the remains of a battle and took a peek over the tree line I hid behind, my senses on high alert as I knew of the risks if I got caught.

The first thing I saw was the big tent standing in the middle of a few smaller. Some new vampires were fighting in the back, and I couldn't tell if they were training, playing, or actually fighting because of the ferocity with which they were doing it. I noticed a lot of them were wearing army gear and understood Maria was turning humans who already had fighting experience. It was smart, considering she was only giving them another weapon to fight with.

I could smell every vampire in Maria's army and, as a precaution for the near future, I decided it was time to change my features. I turned my hair blood red and shortened it so it was only spikes in the air. My eyes pitch black, vampire-like. My lips were thinner and my nose a bit longer. I observed from afar, trying to figure out which one was Maria. There were about twenty tents pitched in the ground and the tents could fit at least four people each. The biggest one was bound to be Maria's.

I dropped from my high ground position and took a step forward, ready to put my plan in action when I held back a scream as power after power overtook me. I clutched my head in my hands as I fell to my knees in pain. Most of all, I was feeling a bloodlust that didn't feel like mine. It couldn't feel like mine as I had fed only a few days ago. I crawled back a few steps on my hands and knees to be far enough from the surge of power that ran through this army. When I regained control and looked around me, I frowned, because there was a man with blonde locks in the middle of the army, clutching his head in his hands, much like I was doing seconds ago. Now, he seemed to be fine and looked around, confused and angry.

''Who was that?'' he screamed around. No one dared to talk. I had no idea what happened to him, but he was pissed. He was roaring around like a caged animal. ''Maria!''

''What?'' A woman emerged from under a tent. Not the big one as I had expected. It was a smaller one but as I inspected it, I thought it looked newer and in better condition than the others. Maria stood tall, almost as tall as the blond one calling on her. With dark and wavy hair that reached the middle of her back, the elegant blood-red dress she was wearing made a stark contrast – one that was impossible to miss.

''Did you kill anyone?'' asked the blond one, stopping my inspection. Maria just smiled.

''Major, you know I'm not the kind of woman to get blood on my hands.'' The Major bowed his head, seemingly ashamed and recognition filled my eyes as I understood he had felt my pain through the gift Peter had told me about. Maria looked around, curious as well, and I decided it was time to show myself. I took a step – on the side, this time – so I knew she could see me, but I was far enough from the power contained in her army. She narrowed her eyes when she saw me, turning her head to the side, analyzing the potential danger. She whispered something to the Major and he positioned himself slightly behind her, like the good little soldier he was.

''Who are you?'' she said clearly, without screaming, but I heard her all the same, our supernatural earing doing its work. I didn't care to answer her, yet. I put up an invisible barrier between the Major and her, and the rest of her army to make sure they wouldn't try anything stupid that would get them all killed. Killing that much power would be a shame. I saw the Major look around as I put my barrier, as if he could feel it around him. He looked back at his soldiers, then me, then his soldiers again, and Maria.

''Come closer,'' I ordered. Maria rose an eyebrow at my demand. ''I said: Come. Closer!'' as I finished the last word, I used the power I could feel from a newborn in her army and used levitation to get her to walk over to where I stood. I couldn't control it for too long, but it was enough of a push to get her to move towards me. She tried to fight it at first, confused as to what was happening to her. The Major at her side didn't know what to do, so he walked along with her, making sure she was protected.

''What do you want from me?'' Maria asked, getting angrier by the second. I could feel she was ready to pounce any moment, thinking she could overpower me. As I was prepared for anything, she stood no chance. I took an annoying second to answer her and felt her impatience towards my silence as my eyes racked over her army. Some stood watching the action, others didn't seem to notice, I saw two soldiers duck inside the woods.

''I'm here to formally warn you about the royal family,'' I tested her, referring to the Volturi. She snorted at the word 'royal' and I held back a smile, happy with her answer.

''The Volturi have no control over me. You run along and tell them that. I'm ready for them,'' she spat. I saw the Major visibly tense beside her and turned my attention to him. I looked him up and down, sizing him up. He was more handsome then most vampires I had met and as our eyes crossed; I could feel a flutter pass between us. I was fascinated by something about him, but it didn't seem... natural. It was... too much.

''Jasper, emotions, '' Maria scolded him under her breath while looking at me carefully as the fascination subsided in an instant.

''Jasper,'' I repeated, testing the name on my lips, wondering why it felt familiar somehow. I quickly turned my attention back to Maria. ''You should be careful,'' I reiterated through her sighs of annoyance. ''the Volturi don't appreciate conflict, they will meddle if you give them a reason to,'' I pushed, trying to test Jasper's gift to feel for Maria's weaknesses without success as it was a lot more complicated than it seemed.

Maria scoffed again. ''Don't worry, I'll be prepared for them,'' she glowered and I nodded curtly, looking insulted, but deep down containing a smile at the easy manipulation. I bowed respectfully to both of them before taking a step back.

''Major, I have a feeling we shall meet again. Maria. Best of luck with your endeavors,'' I lifted the barrier between them and their army and flew away before any of them had time to react. Maria would go against the Volturi with a revenge now, and I wasn't going to stop her but I wasn't going to wait to find out about the winner either.

It was twenty years later that I met Alistair. He seemed broody and moody, and as soon as he got too close, I felt he had better tracking skills than even Dimitri. I positioned myself, ready to fight him off and kill him if necessary.

''Stop that little girl,'' came a voice deep within the woods. It surprised me more than it should have. I was definitely older than him, how dare he call me a little girl?

''Are you with the Volturi?'' I asked and he laughed, making me understand he wasn't so, I assumed a neutral position, ready to listen to the reason why he was tracking me without letting my guard down.

''I don't get out much,'' He had a British accent, making me think he still lived there, so why was he in America? '' but I felt the pull getting stronger and I needed to see you with my own eyes.'' He seemed captivated by me and I stood quietly, not daring a question about the pull he was telling me about. ''The human vampire. I wasn't sure you existed,'' he smiled.

''I'm not human,'' I spat bitterly.

''But you're not really a vampire either, are you? '' he said stifling a smile. I bit my tongue, not wanting to get into my resume.

''What do you want from me? I will not ask again.'' He didn't seem impressed, but he should've been. He just started walking around me and I didn't move, trusting my senses to react faster than any attack he would try on me.

''I have information for you,'' he seemed to grunt out.

I raised an eyebrow. ''Concerning?'' I asked point-blank. He smiled at me, then, sat down on a dead tree's trunk, petting the place beside him so I would join him. Cautiously, I decided I could do it without harm. As soon as I did, I immediately saw everything around me, every drop, every paw print in the dirt of the forest, every smell, stronger. I felt a pull toward the North-east. Alistair was definitely a hunter. ''I won't ask again, '' I warned in a sing-song voice.

''Aro is angry with you. He tried to recruit me to find you; the almighty vampire, as it would appear his current tracker can't do the work,'' he stopped, frowning down at me, analyzing me. ''So little... yet so fierce. I wouldn't join them. I didn't think it was right. I don't like to meddle in politics – human or vampire. I hunt, I feed, I fuck and I stay away from conflict.''

''Then why did you come for me?'' If this vampire didn't meddle, why did he track me all the way over to America to talk to me?

''I want to hint you to go look for someone. He will help you; he is trustworthy,'' he said and I snorted like a child.

''No one is trustworthy,'' I stated as the wound in my heart opened again from the last people I trusted.

''He is. His name is Carlisle.'' The name rang a bell, but it took me a few seconds to place it in my head. Carlisle. Carlisle Cullen; the vegetarian vampire who left the Volturi before I was captured. ''He worked with the Volturi for twenty years before coming in America. They kept trying to change his diet, but he wouldn't budge. He was privy to their inside information, and I know for a fact he's got quite the book collection that could most likely help someone on a quest. He moved to the New World to become a doctor and help people.''

''He's got great self-control, but why do you think he is trustworthy?'' I listened to every word he said, remembering them all, urging the pull from his power to help me find Carlisle and I saw it shift from North-east to West.

''If you can trust a vampire with blood, you can trust him with everything, right, love?'' He seemed so sure of himself it made me focus more on his gift before he left. I wasn't entirely convinced, but I would seek him out for myself. After all, he did have a connection with the Volturi, what would stop him from selling me out to them the minute I came into sight?

''Why do you care?'' I turned to look at him but he was gone, and with him, my oversensitive senses. I relaxed for a bit, and decided to search West for Carlisle Cullen.

Tracking him down wasn't easy, but I had a slight mental picture of the man and a doctor that didn't seem to age did raise some concerns amongst the humans, and humans talked. A lot.

I heard about him during the Spanish influenza in Chicago, in 1918, where he turned his first companion, a little boy named Edward who would've died from the virus if it wasn't from him. I was intrigued by his concerns, but years of betrayal had made me weary and he now had a newborn to take care of so I decided to wait some more.

He turned another one in Ohio, then, New-York, followed by Tennessee and they settled in Alaska for some time, where they allied with another coven. Through the years, I looked for him. I heard everything and anything there was to know about the Cullens; with two more girls and another boy added, they were now five.

In 1936, in Washington, in a little town called Forks, I decided to show myself – not my true self, but still – my eyes were golden and my hair blonde, my shoulders carried more weight while I dropped a few inches from my height. Carlisle was hunting in the woods alone. As a doctor, he needed more hunting trips because working around blood took its toll on any vampire's self-control. I was so close to him, so close to speaking up to get his attention, but a noise in the forest made him twitch uncomfortably and he ducked further into the woods.

I was going to follow him when a sudden flash of black fur jumped on me. The wolf came out of nowhere, immediately sinking his teeth in my leg, drawing blood and I stifled a moan in pain. Seeing blood, the wolf actually backed down and looked confused. In front of my eyes, the black-as-night wolf turned slowly into a human being. I looked at him, furious.

''What do you think you're doing?'' I roared, losing some control over my appearance as my eyes became pitch black. He looked shocked, not understanding what was happening.

''Your smell. You're a vampire.'' He was careful with me, not knowing what I was. ''But vampires don't bleed.''

''Good for you,'' I said sarcastically, trying to control the tremors of anger running through my body. I held my hand firmly on my leg, pushing the skin together so it would heal faster. I focused harder and a moment later, the wound disappeared, only a tenderness remained. I bit my lip, looking again at the werewolf in front of me. My natural enemy. ''What's your name?'' I grounded between clenched teeth, still angry from the attack.

'' E-Ephraim Black. What? How did you-'' I observed him for a while.

''Why are you tracking me?'' I ground my teeth. I didn't like being attacked. I didn't like surprises. I was not used to surprises.

''I wasn't tracking you. I was tracking them. I caught your smell and I thought you were one of them. What are you?'' I looked him up and down, sizing him. I ignored his question.

''Why attack the Cullens?'' If I could get any kind of information on them, I would.

''They are vampires, they kill humans,'' he said that as if it was obvious.

''They don't. They feed on animals and you will give them the space they deserve.'' I wasn't keen on injustice. I simply could not stand it. Ephraim looked at me as if I grew two heads. His anger started boiling up inside him and I could feel it. Actually, it wasn't anger I could feel, it was a change. I started panicking. I could not turn into a werewolf. It was impossible! Did my power become strong enough to copy something that wasn't a power? Or was turning into a werewolf an actual power? In any case, I simply couldn't turn into a wolf!

''You're trying to order me around?'' Ephraim looked deadly and before I turned into a werewolf too, still on the ground, I crawled back a little so the strength of his power wouldn't reach me.

''I'm asking you to have faith in them. They don't want to kill people. Offer them a peace offering. If they kill a human, you can attack them. But they can stay here as long as they want, as long as they don't harm any humans.'' A treaty would be the best solution. I hoped he would accept it and give the Cullens the right to stay here, that way I would have a good start to find them again. After a moment of consideration, Ephraim calmed down.

''I will bring it to my pack. See if we can come up with some kind of agreement. What about you?''

''You won't have to worry about me for long, and I don't kill.'' He raised an eyebrow.

''Your eyes are red,'' he noted. I smiled and turned my eyes green, then brown, then black, then gold, finally staying on blue. Ephraim looked shocked. ''What are you?''

I got up from the floor where I had stayed all conversation long and dusted myself off. ''No one.'' I gave him one last glance before turning on my heels and running off to disappear again, deciding to wait for another opportunity to talk to the patriarch of the Cullen family.