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~ Chapt 1: You're my Darling Son ~

The smell of victory laid in the air and the color of darkness shimmered above Godric's Hollow.

The swishing and rushing of a cloak rang through the air, and the soft snicker of a demon. The most feared demon in the whole world and the century.

"Ah, Lily my sweet…I told you I would come for you…and my babe"

Yet, he didn't know how wrong he would be when he didn't know that the prophecy would come true to darkness' downfall and goodness' victory.

***** ****** ***** ******

"Oh, Harry" the soft voice of a woman murmured through the quiet room "You look just like your father…when I met him…your beautiful and innocent…"

The red haired woman gave a huge sigh which made the babe gurgle happily, tugging on his mother's dark pink robes. "To bad your father doesn't really know who's your real father…too bad James doesn't know you're not his real son"

The infant gibbered incoherently, in a type of language he could only understand. Oh, the innocence of a child may never be destroyed or alter. The boy smiled up at his mother, his green eyes the same as his mother's…but not exactly the same shape. The babe was still clinging on his mother's robes while the mother sighed in defeat and so much grief.

"Oh, my sweet, sweet Harry…" she replied, broken with so much fear and grief.  "What am I to do now…or tell James…?"

There was a soft clicking sound that rang across the huge three-story house in Godric's Hollow. Lily Potter immediately swished her wand from her robes and tugged Harry closer to her chest.

"Mama…" the baby replied.

"Shhhh…Harry, be quiet…someone's coming…" Lily whispered to her baby as though he would understand her. In times like these she had forgotten her child was only one year old and didn't understand one word people around him said.

"Lily?" came a soft male voice.

"James? Is that you?" Lily Potter replied back, and she smiled softly in relief. "Lily?" James Potter appeared from the doorway of the hall, looking quiet surprised of his wife's reaction towards him.

"Lily…are you all right? Why is your wand pointed towards me?" James asked.

"Oh…ummm…you see I thought you were breaking inside the house…you never know who may appear in you house…" she said with a small laugh.

"Oh…yeah right…" James replied back rather suspicious.

"Where were you anyway?" his wife questioned.

"Oh, I was with Sirius, just checking if he was okay…"

"Ohhh, I see…" Lily was still holding Harry closely towards her.

"Now…how's my beautiful baby boy doing?" James whispered kindly. He placed his hands on the air as though requesting for Lily to place the baby in his waiting arms. She did so, unsure about herself.

"Hello, Harry…Daddy's here with you…" he cooed the baby softly. The baby gurgled happily but did not respond back to his father just as he did for his mother.

It had been two weeks when Harry started saying 'Mamma' to Lily but made no move in calling James 'Daddy'. As though Harry knew James wasn't his father. He only gurgled and tugged on his father's robes; this distraught James very much…and made Lily very edgy about this.

"Harry…come on… say Daddy to me…" James replied very anxiously towards his oh-so son. His eyes were filled with despondency furthermore misgiving. 'Oh God' Lily deliberated.

"Come on Harry…try to say 'Daddy' to me…" James replied yet again. Yet the baby clapped his hands in unison and smiled up at the grown man who was carrying him in his arms as so did other friends of Lily and James'.

"I don't get this Lily…he calls you 'Momma' but he doesn't respond to me…I've spent time with Harry just like you but…I just don't get it…is if I were not his real father…just another stranger" James had turned his light chocolate eyes towards his trembling wife and back to his adorable and beautiful son.

"Lily? What's wrong?" James questioned his wife. Lily had snapped out of her thoughts and looked at her husband with a kind and warm smile. Yet she couldn't keep it for long and her secret.

"Oh! Nothing dear…j-just worried about Voldemort and his Death Eaters…that's all" And it was…but just half of it. She had to tell James the truth…. but could she wait for longer?

"Oh…all right…don't worry, Peter won't betray us…he's our friend…a bit weird but still our friend"

"Hmmm…your right. I'm just too tired about today…but" Lily decided it was time to tell her husband the truth. Those sweet eyes of James were telling her so. "James I h-h-have something to tell you"

"What is it?" James was cradling his child in his arms and he smiled down at him. He's son was so wonderful and gorgeous he could hardly take his eyes off his joyful son. In a matter of minutes he turned his eyes towards his wife.

"Yes?" Lily took a deep breath and stated. "James…I have to tell you tha-" but before she could finish there was a loud trembling in the house like a thunder striking a huge tree.

Everyone stayed silent and Harry was still laughing happily to himself. James clutched his child close to his chest and Lily rushed to her husband and hugged him tightly.

"W-w-what was that?" her voice was less than a whisper.

"I-if I'm not mistaken…the Fideleus Charm has broken completely…" The older man hugged his wife back and fear was comprehensible in his eyes.

"That means…" "Yes…Peter must have done this…" Then they heard a high-pitched laugh outside of their home and the cracking of the door.

"Oh God! Don't tell me it's…!"

James fear was still in his eyes but he attempted to make a valiant effort and he placed the babe in Lily's arms. Lily looked at him questioningly. James leaned down and kissed his wife in the mouth tenderly yet quickly.

"Lily…take Harry and go…I'll hold him off…I might not survive this but you and Harry will"

"But James!"

"Just go!! I love you and Harry more than anything in this world! I would do anything to keep you two alive" James whispered gently. He looked down at Harry and leaned down and kissed Harry softly on his cheek and another one in his forehead.

"Sorry you can't tell me what you wanted to tell me before…but you must go…I don't know why fuckin' Peter betrayed us but I should of trusted Sirius or Dumbledo-"

There was another loud tremble and cracking and shattering of windows and walls. Tears were now set on Lily's eyes. "Oh James…I love you so much…I wanted to tell you something so badly but I'll tell you later once we survive this…"

"It doesn't matter…you must go…you do understand that don't you?"

"Yes…I love you too!" Lily pressed her lips against her husband's and kissed him soothingly until the cracking and thud of the door against the floor broke them off.

James eyes widened terribly and shouted, "GO Lily! Just GO!!" he didn't have to say it twice for his wife looked at him with some much dread and wretchedness. She looked down at her son and clutched him tighter and ran off from the room. James smiled at her as she ran.

"I knew what you were going to tell me, Lily… I always knew Harry wasn't really my son…but he will always be mine…and not Voldemort's…never," he whispered tenderly.

 Another crack from the walls and James knew Voldemort was now here. He whirled around and exposed his wind to the outside of the world. Just in time Voldemort appeared from the shadows of the room and exposed himself before James' eyes. James didn't attempt any fearful move but stayed calm and silent waiting for his enemy's response.

"Hello, James…so nice to meet 'Lily's' husband…" Voldemort's scarlet eyes glowed fiercely like the warm fire any one would die just to touch it in winter. His dark ebony hair stood back and long, with magical gel straightening it. He stood extremely tall, just like James and his muscles brawny and perceptible. Almost like James. Except for his eyes and skin.

Skin as pale as the unwakable dead, and eyes as red as the blood that will soon be poured on the floor.

"Not as nice as I meet you, Tom…" James admonished quietly. "I suppose Peter told you were we were…didn't he?"

Voldemort laughed. A high, mirthless laugh that rang from the corners of the room to the deserted streets of Godric's Hollow. James shuddered although Voldemort noticed this but paid no matter to it. He knew even the strongest Auror of all would be afraid of the most powerful Dark wizard of all time after Salazar Slytherin himself. He felt it and he smiled indulgently yet inside of that smile there was cruelty and so much anger, begging to get out and expose the monster that he was himself. More than a man…

"Why…I knew you would say that…you should trust your friends more, don't you James…didn't spend that much time with poor and stupid Wormtail…now you're thinking in trusting your friend…" he paused briefly "Sirius Black?"

James clenched his teeth tightly, paying no heed to the monster's aggravating tone. He closed his eyes and replied. "So the bastard did, huh…you're right, I should of trusted Sirius…but he begged me to take Peter instead, to give him a chance to prove how much 'helpful' he could be…but he was wrong…Peter wasn't helpful at all, just a foolish, dirty, wanton, fucked up bastard…" he smiled but only for a few seconds and he pointed his wand again at Voldemort.

"Hmmmm…. you are quiet foolish, but oh well…" Voldemort replied. "I'm here for…" he paused for a brief moment and laughed softly "my babe…Harry" No more games anymore. James eyes were angrier than ever before and he grasped his wand so hard as if to break it.

"Harry's not your baby…not your son…he's mine and only mine and Lily's…" the tighter his grip was on his wand "get away from him…don't ever touch him…or I'll kill you"

"Ahhh…I see you did know after all that Harry…" again that pause from the Demon's voracious mouth "Harry is not your child…but mine…and I have every right to touch him as much as I please…he's mine and mine alone…I won't share him with anyone not even his mother Lily. Now do you wish to die quickly and painfully or slowly and painfully?" he chuckled softly.

"I choose none…they're all the same ending but I will make sure none of that happens, you evil bastard…" James admonished hatefully, wand still pointed on the center of the monster. Voldemort laughed softly and he pointed his wand as well at James.

 "Very well then…whoever wins…wins Harry…whoever losses dies, and losses Harry…" Voldemort snickered. James knew Voldemort was not going to give up that easily and that he would do anything to advance towards Lily and Harry. He wasn't going to let that happen. Never…

"Expelliarmus!"  James shrieked and a flash of light yellow blossomed from the tip of his wand and advanced towards the Dark Lord. But James couldn't be as lucky as Voldemort ducked down and the spell crashed against the wall, making the whole house thunder and James shuddered violently.

"Crucio!"  Voldemort shouted and the spell hit James, screaming a high horrified scream and fell to his knees. James couldn't concentrate on the duel he had with the most powerful Dark Wizard…his mind was to drift away to Lily and Harry. What if they aren't already out of the house? What if the doors are locked for completely! No!! He had to concentrate and give Lily time to get the hell out of this house with her child. She just has to.  Everything in his body seemed to hurt like hell.

He couldn't practically feel his legs anymore. They almost felt like Jell-O and he could only hear his exasperating heart pounding furiously against his rib cage and blood surging towards his brain.

"Another doses of pain, James? Before you die, of course…" Voldemort replied, his tall figure now in front of James. James did not respond.

"Very well…Crucio!!" he shrieked once again. This time James felt so tired he collapsed limply on the floor, blood pouring down his forehead and eyes.

"C-c-curse you…" He stuttered through clenched teeth. Voldemort's grin widened showing fangs and his serpentine tongue as he spoke.

"Oh well… It was a pleasure meeting you, James Potter…shame I can't stay here longer. You know I have other important things to do, don't you? Well, do you have any last request before you die?"

James looked up at Voldemort through bloody eyes. He smiled making Voldemort very livid. "Well, why yes…"

"What is it, you Muggle loving fool?"

"I hope…you rot in hell, you murderous bastard!" Such last words for this brave handsome man. Voldemort pointed the tip of his wand on James forehead that brought death and pain to this man.

"Avada Kedavra!!"  James tall figure stood forever on the floor. His eyes glossy and bloody. This time blood poured everywhere on the floor, staining Voldemort's robes as it splashed everywhere. So sad.

"How foolish really, of you…you died in vain but courageous…now on to duty…" he kicked the dead body of the man brave enough to face the Demon's evil plans.

Yet he wasn't lucky enough to stop him.

***** ***** ***** ***** ****

** James and Lily's Room **

Lily ran towards the door to open it and have time to Apparate to the Leaky Couldron and find help. Yet when she touched the doorknob she noticed it was locked. She cursed herself and grabbed her wand with her left hand and her right hand clutching Harry tightly through her breasts. The baby not knowing what really was going on in his world only smiled happily and clapped his hands together.

"Alohomora…" she whispered. She heard a small clicking sound and instantly she reached to grab the doorknob. She tugged it but the door wouldn't budge open. She tried it again and again, kicking and clawing the door.

'Please! No, please! Please open, I have to get out of here…I promised this to James. I have to protect Harry. Please Damnit!! Open! Open!' Lily thought desperately.

She hit the door until she stopped when she felt bruises in her hands and blood oozing quickly. "Oh God!" she hissed angrily. She was too much in her thoughts that she didn't hear the clicking of her door opening and the soft footsteps of a man.

She whirled around when Harry pointed on the back of her and murmured very happily "Daddy!!"

"What did you say, Harry?" Lily questioned. She whirled around and there cold and evil as the depths of hell and towering and frightful like a dark castle stood Voldemort. His wand still in his hand and blood on his robes. From the moment Lily saw him right there, blood on his robes she knew James hadn't been so lucky to be with her anymore. He had died…but valiantly. Tears poured down her cheeks.

"Why hello, my darling Lily…" Voldemort replied. Lily flinched but made no attempt to leave Harry aside and fight Voldemort. "I haven't seen you in so long…when was the last time I saw you? About two years ago?" his eyes trailed down at the bundle Lily had in her arms. His babe.

"Before Harry was born, right? You've taken good care of him…I see…but, how did I met you and impregnated you?" Voldemort's voice was so full of sarcasm.

"It doesn't matter…I was to foolish to let you touch me and bed me with you…I won't make the same mistake once I survive this…" the woman's voice was full of courage and hatred just like her husband's.

'Oh just like her husband' Voldemort contemplated lazily. His gaze never left the bundle in Lily's arms as well as Lily's gaze never left Voldemort.

"Why then, you do remember then…I believe it was when you went to a friend's birthday party…you and James went there along with other friends…then you got so stupidly drunk you got out of the house roaming happily when you bumped into me…correct?" Voldemort was provoking her. She knew it but she couldn't' hide her secret anymore. Voldemort still remembered and he was now remembering her.

"Although you didn't recognize me and I took you to a deserted house and all of the sudden…you kissed me and touched me, like if I was James, didn't you? All of the sudden you and I were on the floor locked in deep kisses and I started to undress you and you started to undress me…."

"Shut Up!!! Just Shut Up!!!" Lily shrieked. She didn't want to hear any of this. None of this. She wished she were right now on the couch with James and her child. Laughing and playing along as they usually did.

"Don't deny it, Lily! You knew what happened…all of the sudden I left you and you didn't remember anything of that exquisite night. You kept on going with your life. I knew I had impregnated you the day I saw you walking by with a huge belly underneath those robes of yours. So proud of yourself and James. Poor of you, thinking it was really James who impregnated you…but I sent you a letter before our child was born and then you remembered who really did impregnate you…me, Lily…it was me. I saw your face and James' filled with joy before you received my letter…and then I saw your beautifully horrified face when you received it later…oh what an amazing day that was. I kept an eye on you from then on…and I noticed something so obvious. You never told James about it…something that I'll never understand…or was it because you thought James might of hated you and leave you forever…of bearing the Dark Lord's child? Was that why?" A brief pause was followed on and Lily whispered very calmly.

"Hmm…yes I guess it would be because of that reason…you're a pure genius…shame you turned towards the Dark Side. But anyhow, I will not allow you to hurt me or my child…I just wished James was to-" Lily's voice was broken off by Voldemort's tone.

"Ahhh…but Lily, James already knew that Harry wasn't his real child…despite that he loved Harry just like you and decided that he should be his child and not mine…" Lily's eyes widened incredibly. Impossible. Who could of told him if she never did?

'He must have noticed my anxious look' Lily thought.

"But how foolish of him…thinking that he could take away something that I waited for it to show up and be exposed to this world…I'm his real parent Lily…not you. It was me who gave you that will to have him…now time to stop blabbering…give me my son" Voldemort replied he extended his hands as requesting to give her child to him as if nothing happened.

She clutched her baby tighter, the baby still babbling "Daddy" to Voldemort. "No!! I will never give him to you, you foul you evil!!" She shrieked. Looking as though she would not surrender Voldemort had no choice but to kill her.

"Fine then…be that way…be just like your husband." Lily placed her child on the crib and she grabbed for her wand "No Harry!! Please not Harry!! Have mercy!" but Voldemort had disposed of her with a single Avada Kedavra.

Her last words were "Oh…Harry…" and she lay there on the floor, just like her husband, glassy eyed and blood on the floor. Another sad and crumpled body on the floor lifeless…filled with so much grief and hopes of being with her husband and child forever.

Voldemort looked down at her just like he looked down at James. The woman was foolish enough to protect her child: and the man foolish enough to protect his wife and child. The things Voldemort couldn't possibly understand. He shook his head in disgust and shrugged lightly. His eyes wandered to the crib in which the babe was set upon it. He walked lazily towards his happy little babe and looked down at him.

He smiled softly. His babe was so beautiful.

Oh hell. Divinely beautiful.

 A gift from the gods for Darkness itself. Beautiful emerald eyes like the warm pools in which anyone would love to shower. Rosy cherry cheeks flushed with so much joy, pale skin as pure and clean like the cleanest living thing in this miserable world. Petite red lips like the blood Voldemort treasured to observe from his victims before they collapsed on the floor and lifeless. The babe was small, thin and ever so beautiful. Just like his father used to be when he was Tom Marvolo Riddle…before he became Lord Voldemort.

He reached down a hand and stroked the baby's soft powdery cheek. The baby gurgled incoherently to his father and extended his arms for his father to take him. But he felt so sorry for not taking his son. He's oh-so perfect son. His hand leaned downwards and touched the baby's little bottom and tickled him there. The baby's face was flushed with so much joy and was laughing uncontrollably. He touched him down there and the baby enjoyed his father's touch. He continued to rub and tickle him but only for a few minutes Voldemort realized that he must proceeded with his plan at hand.

He looked sadly at his son and murmured softly, one hand on the baby's cheek. "I'm sorry, my darling son…but I must kill for your parent's took care of you, you have so much of them into you I can barely look at you, you must be alone…I wish it were somewhere else but I must purge you from this world…" He stroked his cheek gently and little Harry grabbed his father's hand. "But no need to worry…you will soon with your dear Mudblood mother soon, my darling little son…I love you, you know…"

Lord Voldemort leaned down and kissed Harry's forehead gently and pointed his wand towards the baby's forehead. "I'm so sorry…Harry…Avada Kedav-" A small green was already forming on the tip of his wand but before he could say 'vra' the baby murmured "I luv ju, Daddy" The baby could talk!!!

Not knowing what he had said, he murmured the words 'Kedavra' accidentally. 'My own son recognizes me! He's so perfect and he recognizes me after all!' he thought softly. He noticed the green light advancing to the babe and Voldemort murmured quickly, his wand poised on the green light.

"Reversus!!"  And the light had stopped moving and whirled around advancing at Voldemort. The demon smiled at his son. "You and I will be together very soon, my beautiful Harry"

Voldemort's last gaze was on Harry as the light struck him and didn't leave a crumpled body. Lord Voldemort's body had vanished…but not his soul. He didn't scream or felt any pain. Just stood there observing his superlative son. He had vanished through the night.

The baby looked up and saw that his father was not there anymore. "Daddy" he gurgled and he felt a sudden feeling of grief inside of him and tears fell down his pure angelic face. The baby cried when he felt something forming on his forehead and blood pouring slowly. A scar shaped like lightning. The effect of a rebounded curse. He whimpered, thoughts of his father and mother never coming back.

His mother might not come back…but his father would. For…him…forever.

For the Dark Lord, Harry was his babe…his angel…the only thing he knew…the only thing he loved.

As for the babe, Voldemort was his sire…the God of Immortality…master of all magic…his paramour.

The Dark Lord would be back soon…to claim his child…to claim what's rightfully his…nobody will…and nobody will get in his way.

May everything in this world tremble.


***** ******* ******

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