He walked home after a hard days work Being a blacksmith was no easy job and he was a living testament to that fact.

Seriously though, the boy had grown into a man within the two years since his marriage. He had been inexperienced with both love and adventure and, though his wife condoned the idea of her husband becoming a "mariner merchant," the man himself could not bear the thought of leaving her and their expected child alone.

Will Turner was a family man, not a pirate.

~ ~ ~ Pirates Of The Carribean: Barbossa's Revenge ~ ~ ~

Chapter 1: Loss

"Mercy Will. If I didn't know better, I'd say you look more handsome now then you did when you left for work this morning." Elizabeth said with a smile, embracing her husband as he returned home.

Will's face was blackened in places by smudges. He also appeared to be rather hot and beads of sweat glistened on his sun tanned face and skin.

The man smiled in return, pushing Elizabeth back slightly and placing his hand on her pregnant stomach.

"How have we been today?" the twenty-two year old blacksmith asked, his eyes locking with Elizabeth's.

"We have had a very busy day." she answered, covering Will's hand with her own.

It was the prefect moment. One of those times when romance blossoms for a single minutes that could stop time.

Will removed his hand, caressing the side of Elizabeth's face. His expression softened.

"Have I told you how lucky I am to have such a beautiful wife who I love more than life itself?" he asked, attempting to read her thoughts through Elizabeth's shining eyes.

The woman laughed, "Only this morning."

Will leaned closer to her, "Liz."

"Hmmm?" she answered, becoming lost in his stare.

The two pressed together, mere centimeters apart. Suddenly however, Elizabeth let out a gasp of pain. The sound registered in Will's mind, but he had become lost in the moment, intent on kissing his lovely wife.

"Will..." Elizabeth gasped, her voice filled with pain.

Her ton brought him back, and just in time too. Elizabeth fainted and it was a split second later when Will realized what had happened. Quickly, he caught his wife. Pickering her up into his arms, he carried Elizabeth upstairs, lying her upon their bed.

Will hurried back down to the first floor, alerting one of the kitchen hands as he ran into the dinning room.

"Fetch Doctor Nelson, at once!" He ordered before returning to his ailing wife.

The servant, realizing the urgency of Mr. Turner's voice, rushed from the house. She arrived with the doctor not five minutes later.


Will paced back and forth in the hallway. Commodore Norrington and Governor Swann had arrived about an hour earlier but the blacksmith had to report to them that there had been no word, as yet, from the doctor.

He stopped his frantic pacing and leaned against the window sill.

"Something's wrong." he voiced, though originally he had wished to only ponder over the thought.

Governor Swann turned to him. "What do you mean, wrong?" he asked, bristling with agitation.

Will sighed, "I don't know but... it's been three hours now." he said, closing his eyes.

A fog was rolling in, something that brought back dreadful memories for the blacksmith. It had been a night like this one, two years ago, when his entire world had turned upside down. Though, in his opinion, it had all been for the better.

The cursed pirate Barbossa and his crew had come ashore at Port Royal and kidnaped Elizabeth. This had lead to a frantic high seas chase by Will and the pirate captain, Jack Sparrow. The young blacksmith, only twenty at the time, had been the key to breaking the pirate's curse and had sacrificed himself for the safety of Elizabeth. Will had broken the curse and, with Jack's help, killed Barbossa and his crew. Now, two years later, Will and Elizabeth were married and expecting a child and noone had seen Jack or The Black Pearl for months.

Will's reminiscing thoughts were suddenly broken by a loud crying, emanating from Elizabeth's room.

Immediately, a midwife appeared in the doorway, motioning Will toward the door.

"Mr. Turner, the doctor wants to talk to you." She said, her eyes downcast.

A feeling of unease settled within his chest and Will rushed into he and his wife's room, eyes immediately scanning his surroundings.

Doctor Nelson was quietly packing up his instruments as the blacksmith entered. He turned to Will, a grave expression upon his face.

"Is Elizabeth alright? What about the baby?" Will began to flood the doctor with questions.

Doctor Nelson help up his hands, "Mr. Turner, your son is fine. One of my assistants has taken him to another room for cleaning. I am pleased to say that he is in perfect health."

Will breathed a sigh of relief, "What about Elizabeth? Is she alright?" the blacksmith pressed.

"Mr. Turner, I'm afraid I have some rather bad news."

Even before Doctor Nelson finished the sentence, Will knew. His heart shattered at that moment, into a thousand pieces.

The doctor continued, "Mrs. Turner suffered some complications from her pregnancy. I'm truly sorry. She... she doesn't have much time left."


Disclaimer: I do not own anything of "Pirates Of The Carribean: The Curse Of The Black Pearl." Not it's actors, characters, or storyline. I have read the Junior Novelization and have based my story, two years, after the events within.