Chapter 11: Morning

Waking was NOT something which young Jack Turner looked forward to. Exhausted beyond anything he had ever experienced, the boy lay upon a stack of pillows, watching the room sway slightly.

Tears threatened to spill over Jack's cheeks.

He wanted to go home, to be with his papa.

Jack didn't know where he was only that he had been shoved into the small cabin, locked inside, and left alone for the last two days. A few ragged pirates had brought him food and water, but he had not seen their captain since his kidnapping.

Since the last time he saw his papa…

"Papa… Where are you?" Jack Turner asked the silence, sitting up now, curled in upon himself. "Why haven't you come to save me?... I don't want to be here…"

"What ye be doin', boy?"

Jack looked up only to find the figure of Captain Barbossa standing just inside the doorway.

"I want to go home!" the young Turner shouted, standing to his feet.

Barbossa smirked, "By the powers, I think yer ol' man gave me that same look last time I ran into 'im. Guess more'n blood runs in a family, ay?"

"Where's my papa?!" the boy replied, not one to back down even given his age.

The cursed captain laughed, "Yer father be sailin'out ter Aztec country, boy. Got himself chartered, so ta speak, on a little slave runnin' ship." Barbossa sat down in one of the room's chairs. "Ya see, lad, we won't be hearin' from Mr. Turner ere again." He smiled. "Good riddens I say. The whelp proved a bit too headstrong fer me likin'."

Jack's face contorted into a mess of emotions. Fear, grief, shock, and most of all anger all played a major part of his expression."

"You're lying!" Jack shouted at the man. "My papa'd never do anything as stupid as that! He'd never fall for such a trick!"

Laughing, Barbossa smiled. "Yer father'd do more'n that, young Jack Turner. Not the brightest o' pirates, I must say. Been accused many a time of doing things that were… how was it now? 'Incredibly stupid'." The captain continued to laugh. "No, Will Turner be sailin' off to some Spanish maiden's household no doubt 'bout that." He smirked. "An I'd love ter see tha look on 'is face when he learns of his new standard o' living."

The boy was visibly shaking with rage, hands clenched into white knuckled fists at his sides.

Jack Turner may have been but a lad of five years old, but he was no fool. He had heard stories about what went on behind closed doors. Especially to slaves who were easy on the eye or, more commonly, tavern wenches.

Young Jack had noticed many a maid's eye land on his father, though his papa had always politely ignored their wandering glances.

"My papa would NEVER do that!" Jack shouted at the top of his lungs, immediately rushing at Barbossa, pounding at the cursed pirate captain with his little fists. "He'd rather die!"

Barbossa laughed, "Aye, that he would, but what with that pretty miss o' his gone, the whelp'd only stand a few days 'afore he ended his sorry excuse fer a life."

"He's got me!" Jack pleaded, tears shining in his brown eyes. "He's happy because I'm with him, but you won't let me go home!" the boy insisted, finally ceasing to try and pummel the much larger man with his fists.

The captain stood, "Well, seein' as there be no reasonin' with ye, little Turner, ya…"

"He'll come! Just wait! My papa'll come and shove a sword through your ugly heart!"

"They tried that." Barbossa replied. "Jack Sparrow, an yer father. They failed miserably, as ye can see." The captain's smile remained. "And no doubtin' Jack Sparrow'll be trying tha' one again. He couldn't have done it with out yer father's help the first time. I'd like ta see 'im pull it off again. Sorry to have ta break the news to ya, boy… but yer all ours now."

Jack Turner's glare did not waver. "My papa'll come. Just you wait. He'll see you hang for this!"

Barbossa however, left the cabin laughing.

When he was gone and the door closed and locked behind him, poor little Jack returned to his pillow, wrapping his arms about his knees as tears found their way to his cheeks.

"Papa'll come… He has to…"

Will woke with a gasp, sitting straight up.

"Jack…" the man whispered, putting his head in his hands.

"Will, are you alright?"

Looking up, the blacksmith found Leigh staring down at him.

"I… I'm fine. I guess it's my shift?" he replied, moving the blanket off of himself.

Of course, Will suddenly realized that he was wearing no shirt.

"I uh…" he spoke, blushing slightly.

Leigh laughed, "I've seen bare chested men before. Don't get all flustered on my account."

This did nothing to help the blush, but Will shook off any such awkward feelings and stood. The young man reached for his shirt, pulling it on over his head and beginning to button up the front as he spoke.

"Any idea where we are, Leigh?"

The woman shook her head, yawning. "Middle of nowhere, as far as I can tell." She sat down on the edge of the bunk, watching the sea roll out of the cabin window. "James seems to know where he's going… I think…"

"He seems to know a lot." Will scoffed as he finished buttoning his shirt. "Leigh," the man turned, watching her for a long moment. "I want you to guard the ship. When we catch up with Barbossa, when we get to the island… I want you to stay here."

"But Will, I…"

The blacksmith shook his head, "Can you do that for me? For my son?"

Sighing, Leigh nodded. "You just make sure your son doesn't become fatherless in the process."

"How long until we reach Isla de Muerta?"

Turning, James noticed Will emerging from the captain's cabin. The sun was up, shinning and casting a glare upon the blue sea that simply seemed to stretch on forever before them.

"Hard to tell." The man spoke, and he was quite amazed when Will ascended the steps and came to stand near him at the helm.

Smirking, Will glanced to James. "And I thought you knew where we were heading."

"Don't be getting' smart with me, boy." James replied, his dark eyes narrowing ever so slightly. "We'll get there, and not too far behind the Sangria if I have my say about it."


The Black Pearl's starboard guns exploded in a blast of noise and smoke. The sound of splintering wood and the smell of gunpowder filled the air as the Sangria's portside guns returned fire.

Jack paled, "Stop blowin' holes in my ship!" he shouted over the din, turning the Pearl in an attempt to cut off Barbossa's fleeing ship.

Isla de Muerta was in sight, already close enough to send a few rowboats into its gapping abyss.

Just as Jack predicted, Barbossa was climbing down into one of the boats as the battle got underway.

Young Jack Turner in hand.

"Orders, Cap'n." Gibbs spoke up, breaking Jack from his thoughts.

Sparrow was silent for a moment, "Keep firin'." The captain spoke with a smirk. "I'm goin' ashore."

As Jack readied one of the rowboats, he noticed that Barbossa was already within the shadow of the island cavern. Cursing his luck, Sparrow lowered the boat over the side of the Pearl…

And what his eyes found not a moment later, amazed even him.

Coming around the edge of Isla de Muerta, was the very slave ship which Jack had been forced to leave Will upon.

And it looked like it had a new captain…

To Be Continued...


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