Chapter 48: Earned Life (Final)

"Wait, how did all of you even decide on my birthday anyway? It's not like it's written down anywhere."

"You need ask, Nanashi? We simply chose the day when you first met me, obviously! Although…"

Manaka shifted from where she sat with a glass of iced tea in her hand, a rare display of awkwardness before adding, "It took a number of years before we actually found the opportunity and time to properly celebrate."

Touched at the gesture even as he cheerfully munched on some sushi that Haruki had ordered from a number of food vendors Nanashi turned to aforementioned man and Ayaka, asking, "So how did the trip to Germany go? Einzberns give you any grief?"

The younger Sajyou sibling simply smiled, still a bit mousy and delicate looking even three years later but possessing a presence of character and confidence that had been sorely lacking back when they first met.

"They were understandably upset and cautious over why you seemed to resemble their own creations - as well as being a sight more powerful - but were, at the end of the day, willing to set aside some of their pride and hesitance to perhaps learn more of what sister and I have accomplished over the years."

"Good for them. Gods only know a Magi family learns to display a microscopic amount of humility."

"Present company exempted of course."


The pair swapped mutual grins, Nanashi leaning back in his chair as Ayaka quickly began trying to mollify her older sister after she once again fell prey to a couple pointed comments from Gilgamesh, the Heroic Spirit seemingly unmatched when it came to agitating the doll-like girl.

But despite the festive air all good things come to an end, Haruki and Ayaka having to catch their next flight to Germany to further correspond with the famed homunculus creators - Ayaka having taken an interest in the art after everything they had gone through - as the older man turned to the Nanashi, stating, "Enjoy the rest of your night. And if at all possible, do take care to ensure nothing in the house is destroyed?"

Glancing at where Manaka and Gilgamesh were locked in a heated card battle as Abigail and Tiamat looked on the homunculus couldn't help but grimace, replying, "Yeah, I'll keep my eyes peeled."

"We'll see you in a couple weeks, Nanashi. Take care. And happy birthday!"

Smiling as the pair left the pale-haired young man went about collecting the various plates and dishes scattered about, pausing only when Abigail grabbed his wrist before stating, "Nanashi, when you're done go ahead and head upstairs to your room, we need to give you your presents."

"Got it. Should I prepare a bomb suit?"

"Oh there'll be explosions of a certain kind~!"

Entirely unsure of what to make of that response the male instead focused on cleaning up as his four companions made their way upstairs, domestic duty a relaxing pastime until he heard Abigail cheerfully shout, "Okay, come on up, Nanashi!"

Washing his hands and doing as requested the male ascended the steps, arriving at the door to his room and pushing it open as he prepared himself for one hell of a surprise…and was left more than a little shocked at the nature of the surprise, even if hindsight suggested he shouldn't have.

Namely that of all four of his companions reclined or lounged on his bed, dressed in varying styles of provocative attire that even years later still left him with a watering mouth and twitching groin simply on sight.

Manaka - sitting shyly with her legs tucked underneath and arms covering her chest - had light blue lingerie and stockings that shimmered with some kind of reflective material, ensuring that her doll-like appearance was further amplified.

Tiamat had simply garbed herself in softly jingling chains of gold that partially covered her body, hair left unbound as it spilled across her shoulders and chest as she calmly smiled at him, seeming apparently at ease with her exposure.

Gilgamesh had gone for a more elegant display, soft white fabrics covering her groin and chest but nothing else as she lounged on his bed as if it belonged to her, smirking his way like the cat that ate the canary.

Last was Abigail, adorned in her revealing 'priestess' attire which was honestly pretty exciting all on its own, sauntering towards him with her third eye active and hips swaying seductively.

"Well, Nanashi? Feel like receiving your birthday present?"

Taking a careful moment to swallow the male awkwardly asked, "And…you're all fine with this? I mean we've done it before separately but together all at once?"

"No, Nanashi. We all adorned highly erotic textiles and spread ourselves before you like a feast because we're uncertain."

Gilgamesh's epic eye roll accompanied Abigail lightly pushing him forwards to the bed, Tiamat hungrily eyeing his approach as Manaka blushed a furious crimson, the homunculus lamely remarking, "Well, it's just…you know?"

"No, we don't. Now strip please~!"

Abigail helped him along by swiftly pulling down his pants before scampering towards the bed with a saucy giggle, the male fighting back his instinctive urge to hide as four sets of gazes eagerly watched his rising mast.

He'd mostly moved past showing that kind of vulnerability and shyness long ago. Instead he slowly removed the rest of his clothing, letting it pool around his body-

"The sight is wonderful but the showmanship could use a little bit of work."

-and Gilgamesh's playful critique had him sending the smirking queen an exasperated look that she returned with a falsely innocent smile.

"Would it help if I swung my underwear around my head?"

"I would prefer it if something else was swung around for my viewing pleasure."

"H-how can you be so blase about this?!"

Gilgamesh rolled her eyes at Manaka's embarrassed shout, waving a finger as golden light filled the room-

-and Nanashi found himself yelping as he was yanked down onto the bed, golden chains binding his arms to the posts while ebon tentacles looped around his ankles, pulling his legs wide and leaving him on full display to his lovers.

"This, uhh…is this a present or a warning?"

"Oh don't try to be all withdrawn and shy now, Nanashi. After all…"

Abigail slyly pointed to where Tiamat had already swooped low, planting electrifying kisses and ticklish licks to his already leaking head as the girl tittered, "You're going to remember this night for a long time to come, Nanashi…"

"This…this is perhaps a bit TOO brazen, do you not all agr-hya?!"

A feminine squeak left Manaka's lips as Abigail snaked her hands around the other girl's chest, maneuvering her so that smaller blonde could bite and practically maul one of the magus' teats, Manaka instantly flushing pink as breathy moans began to fill the air.

"Hmph. Such strong and seemingly powerful words yet the moment one begins to abuse her she falls silent. At least her body remains honest, glutton for punishment that it is."

Gilgamesh's disparaging words as she gently stroked Nanshi's face with possessive motions seemed to turn on the pale blonde even more, nether lips sluttily leaking fluid as Tiamat hummed in enjoyment of their banter, now nibbling and blowing on the male's sack as her tail slipped between Gilgamesh's thighs, the Heroic Spirit lifting a leg to provide easier access as the appendage began to sway like a sentient sex toy, the ancient queen more than happy to signal her good mood through low hums of pleasure.

"Okay, I get it but…"

Nanashi paused, nose twitching as he picked up an herbal and highly aromatic scent.

…A scent that almost immediately made him dizzy, heart pounding in his ears and blood feeling as if someone had just decided to boil it over, already erect and turgid cock snapping upright in an impossible display of rigidity.

"Oh my, I tend to forget just how powerful your nose is. Are you appreciative of my gift, Nanashi~?"

"W-what the hell kind of aphrodisiac is this?!"

His dick almost hurt with how solid and eager it was, Gilgamesh tracing an immaculate finger over the meat pillar like one would a countertop when looking for dust as the young man felt like he was going to pass out right then and there.

"Oh, just a simple concoction I like to save for special occasions. A few herbs and plants crushed and grinded together with the preserved and sanctified musk of the Bull of Heaven. A mixture guaranteed to make even the most celibate of men lose themselves in the heat of passion."

"I'm sorry, the what?"

The young woman rolled her hips back and forth as she was pleasured by the goddess's tail, nibbling on the male's ear as she whispered, "And you are not shy or virginal in the slightest. I wager this mixture will leave you ravaging us till we simply break under your magnificent cock, pussies wide and gaping as your seed fills us to the brim-"

The deliberately teasing words were too much, the chains groaning as Nanashi tensed his arms, Tiamat's fluttery touches and attentions far too much to handle with his amplified senses-

-and with a quiet but forceful splat his seed shot out and painted the ceiling of the room, rationality briefly overriding lust as Nanashi wondered how he was going to clean that up…at least until one of Abigail's tentacles quickly swiped the goop away, bringing it before the girl in question as she sensually licked the material off of the shining flesh, the homunculus feeling like he was about to burst all over again.

"So what do you think, Nanashi?"

His four lovers positioned themselves at four points above his body, Abigail and Manaka taking his outstretched hands as their dripping cunts soaked his fingers, Tiamat gently lowering her hips so that he could eat her out, staring up into her x-shaped pupils as her mouth curved into a hungry smile.

"I think you want a queen's pussy enveloping your big, fat cock, don't you?"

Response became impossible as utterly absurd pressure and slipperiness engulfed his raging hard on, Nanashi grunting into Tiamat's folds as the goddess breathily moaned, Abigail and Manaka also mewling as he frantically twitched and massaged their insides in a bid to relieve his agitation through movement.

"O-oh fuck! By the gods you seem to be bigger every day, Nanashi~!"

"Please stop with the dirty talk, this is already bad enough as is!"

His mental plea went predictably unheard, all while Gilgamesh shamelessly moaned and voiced her approval, stars dancing across the male's vision everytime his flared head scraped through the Heroic Spirit's canal before insistently prodding at the queen's cervix, apparently getting her off as she seemed to delight in slamming her womb's shield onto him like a battering ram.

"You're cumming, aren't you, Nanashi~? That's okay, today is your day, cum inside of me and every single one of us, fill us to bursting~!"

Hissing out an agitated breath the homunculus did as the blonde requested, stars dancing across his vision as indescribable pressure and euphoria took over, the young man able to feel his seed splatter and ricochet around the filled and compressed channel it was sheathed in, a low whine of enjoyment escaping Gilgamesh as she slowly pulled herself off of him, sticky and hot liquid splattering over his groin as Manaka quickly took her place, Nanashi uncaring of how the queen's pussy was drenched with both of their ejaculate as he immediately began caressing the burning flesh placed atop his hand.

"Still so hard even after cumming in that woman…Nanashi, you really do prefer me, don't you?"

Even through the haze of enhanced lust and overwhelming euphoria plaguing his thoughts Nanashi could sense a growing issue with Manaka's words, briefly removing himself from a humming Tiamat's nether lips-

-and promptly slammed back against the goddess's cunt as Manaka forced her merely human tunnel onto his stiffened pole, mewling out as the perverted girl no doubt got off on the pain of being forced open so forcefully, despite her significant experience in handling his girth.

"Haaah~! Y-you always feel like you're going to tear me in two, Nanashi~!"

The homunculus wildly exhaled and gasped up into the dragoness's folds, Tiamat giggling in bliss as she slowly rocked her hips back-and-forth as Manaka forced herself further and further onto his cock, straining her tunnel's end as she attempted to pry open her womb's barrier-

-and with a perversely familiar sensation she did so, Nanashi experiencing something akin to a stranglehold on his girth as his lover wetly gasped in rampant hedonism.

"Geh?! Heh…heh heh, you're inside my womb, Nanashi…are you going to cum in there? Are you~?"

The doll-like magus sounded delirious, Abigail cooing as she observed, "For being a normal and delicate kind of girl she can handle Nanashi pretty well."

"Mmm…indeed, I shall have to grant our man deeper access, I cannot afford to, hah, lose to such a stick of a woman."

Eyes squeezed shut as his body was locked into a dual and contrasting state of absolute bliss and uncomfortable immobility Nanashi was forced to listen to his companions amicably and cheerfully chat as he felt like Gilgamesh's little aphrodisiac was going to cause his dick to go off like a bomb.

"Oh, OH~! It's so deep inside meeee~!"

And go off he did, a particularly aggressive thrust of Manaka's lithe waist causing his cock to bend and pulse as he blew a load of baby batter directly into the shuddering female's deepest spots, raggedly exhaling as fluid dripped down his chin from Tiamat's growing arousal, the scent of the concoction almost overwhelming in its potency.

"Oh dear, is she not going to vacate her spot and allow the next taker?"

"Heh heh, Manaka does tend to overdo it when she's excited."

"Why do you not assist her then?"

Tiamat's innocent inquiry coincided with her lifting her cunt off of Nanashi's face, allowing the homunculus to see something other than her flat waist, luscious thighs and pink folds…except he instead found the goddess bending her head low, licking the juices from his lips as Gilgamesh purred, "Well if she enjoys pain so and we need to remove her from her position…"

A shriek of mortified delight emanated from Manaka, Nanashi's eyes widening as he caught sight of the ruby-eyed woman shoving her finger into the lither blonde's ass and physically lifting her off of his cock, a tricky proposition considering how the blue-eyed girl went cross eyed and grasped onto his shaft even tighter at the backdoor entry.

"Oh she is such a little cock slut, isn't she-"


Restraint well and truly gone Nanashi broke free of the restraining chain, rising up and ripping his cock free from Manaka she shrieked in delight, pulling Tiamat into his embrace as his surging hormones demanded he have a female in close proximity to his body, one hand harshly squeezing and pulling on a heavy breast while the other caressed her thigh, the goddess giggling at his attention as she wrapped a silken palm around his erection, languidly pumping the aching meat before pulling the male's tongue into her mouth with a teasing hum.

"Hmm, it was supposed to be my turn but I think Manaka wants something a little more exciting…"

Dancing over to Nanashi's side and adding her own lithe digits to the male's twitching groin Abigail grinned with an expression halfway between good cheer and overwhelming malevolence, purring, "Why don't we have a little fun with her? Make her hurt like she wants to be hurt~?"

Under most circumstances the homunculus would have tried to reign in his companion's excesses, having them go easy on the doll-like magus because she would absolutely agree to depraved shit despite protesting and complaining about it…but with two of his partner's already pumping his cock and the incense causing his inhibitions to go the way of the dinosaurs all Nanashi could do was look down on a recovering Manaka and lick his lips, the girl flushing pink at Abigail's words and body language naught but subservient, enhanced in potency thanks to her delicate and ethereal attire.

"So let's make this interesting, hmm~?"

And with that four portals disgorged lengths of glistening black flesh, one tendril encircling Manaka's neck like a collar and hauling her upwards so that she had to face them directly, the other three delving into his three other partner's cunts with wet squelches, simultaneous moans leaving them with varying intensity as Nanashi watched with equal parts intrigue and caution as midnight veins spread through their groins, eventually halting in their advance and instead causing the embedded lengths - about the size and shape of a generous man's dick - to curl upwards as the blonde chirped, "I think you're going to be pleasuring all of us, Manaka~!"

"Oh? A symbiotic familiar?"

Gilgamesh gave the phallus an experimental stroke, shivering at the touch.

"And a sensitive one at that."

Abigail wordlessly snapped her fingers, the tentacle around Manaka's throat dragging her upward with a cough before presenting her delicate ass to Nanashi, the Outer God waltzing to her front before directing the tendril to haul Manaka to her feet, Gilgamesh catching on to what they were doing and eagerly grabbing the other blonde's hand before firmly wrapping it around the attached girth.

"I think this will be a rather exciting night indeed."

Gently pushing Tiamat towards his partner's free hand Nanashi positioned himself behind a panting and drooling - from both ends - Sajyou, his greater height causing him to have to pick up her hips and position her freely dripping cunt in front of his turgid cock, teasing her entrance as she just mewled with desire, fully lost in anticipation of the coming debasement.

"I think there's better use for that mouth, Manaka~!"

With little fanfare Abigail grabbed her fellow blonde's head and forced it down onto the implanted dick, a strangled cough leaving Manaka before that too faded into a wet retch, spittle hacked up along the ebon flesh as the Outer God sighed in bliss.

"Ooh, we've been such good friends for so long, I don't know why we never tried to do this before…hah~!"

Forcefully lacing her fingers through the Sajyou's hair Abigail pulled her further into her implanted length, a gurgle of aroused protest not dissuading her in the slightest as her hands automatically went to pumping and attending Gilgamesh and Tiamat's cocks, both women blushing and humming at the sensation as they slowly rocked and swayed their hips, enjoying the attention.

It was more than enough for Nanashi to decide it was his turn as well, lining up his rod with his lover's eagerly waiting canal…and upon first trying to push in only made it partway, hissing in surprise as Manaka's pussy had gotten so damn tight with her domination and humiliation that he had to struggle to fit inside her, a choked shriek of delight from the magus causing Abigail in turn to whimper as she throat-fucked her with little care for the girl in question's comfort or sanity.

It also made Nanashi's advance that much harder, Manaka tightening up to an almost painful degree as instead of taking it easy the addled homunculus instead pulled her hips against his groin with greater force, muffled squeals like a stuck pig emanating from the girl's stuffed throat as he managed to brush up against her cervix once more, teeth gritted as he pushed and prodded at the sealed entryway as he spotted Abigail gain a wicked glint in her three eyes.

"On the count of three, okay, Nanashi~? One…two…three!"

Before he even had a chance to ask what was about to happen Abigail hilted herself in Manaka's gullet, blissfully sighing as both her, Gilgamesh and Tiamat's cocks pulsed in unison, sending the rapturous pleasure of orgasm straight to their brains…just as Manaka had the tendril choking Manaka tighten to the point of suffocation, another appendage manifesting and prying apart her ass as Nanashi simultaneously breached her womb, synchronized orgasms ripping through the group as white discharge from the implanted cocks painted her lithe body.

…Predictably, Manaka had passed out and hung limply in his grasp, arms swinging at her side as Abigail released a sultry giggle.

"Aww, she's cross-eyed~!"

As soon as the false dick withdrew the magus wheezed out a stream of cum and spit, Nanashi lightly flexing and rolling his cock within her depths as the incense began to tangibly obscure the room, Gilgamesh and Tiamat huffing as they began running their dripping tips over Manaka's body and tits, panting with mounting desire as the homunculus fell onto his back, removing the tentacle from an insensate Manaka's ass and lining up his own meat pole with the pucked entrance, leaving her sopping cunt for any takers.

"First come first serve, ladies…in every sense of the word."

Tiamat, surprisingly, was the first to descend on the magus' loins, tenderly and gently lining up before pushing past what little resistance Manaka's quickly loosening pussy could offer, the goddess breathily gasping as she entered the girl and began languidly swaying her hips, Gilgamesh taking the more direct route and slipping her gifted cock down the blonde's throat before lacing her fingers around her prey's more delicate throat, squeezing and choking even as she fucked the mouth attached with an aroused grin.

"Is this a good birthday present, Nanashi~?"

In response to Abigail's question he bucked his waist, penetrating his lover's ass as a deep, animalistic groan left the doll-like girl, limbs dazedly flopping about as her nipples strained upwards in blatant arousal, Nanashi dragging Abigail down into a searing kiss even as three different bodies began to pound into the trapped and helplessly horny magus.

"The best."

The morning after the next morning was a surreal one, if someone was to ask Nanashi for his opinion.

"Gilgamesh wasn't kidding when she talked up that herbal enhancer. Holy crap."


"And you're sure you don't want me to heal you up?"


Sighing at Manaka as she lounged in his lap with a drowsy expression and roadmap of scars, bruises and cuts - she at least had allowed him to wash off the worst of the sex stains - Nanashi instead held out a glass of chilled juice for her to languidly sip at, demeanor one of absolute peace and compsoure as if she hadn't just been fucked and abused to her heart's content for almost an entire day, fainting from exhaustion and sensory overload several times.

"You're such a weirdo."

"Does it not take one to know one, Nanashi?"

Giving his partner a raised eyebrow the homunculus found himself briefly spellbound by her beauty, bare skin marred by desired injury and practically glowing in the rising sun, chilly air kept at bay by his body heat as shining blue eyes gazed into his own.

"What are you thinking about, Nanashi?"

A coquettish but ultimately exhausted expression appeared on Manaka's features.

"Still desiring my flesh? Unfortunately I think even I have found my limits."

"Well if the goddess, Heroic Spirit and Outer God are still dead asleep I think you have a perfectly valid excuse. And no worries, my dick still hurts."

Staring off into the distance Nanashi mused, "Just thinking I was lucky, is all. After hearing what my purpose was before all of this, how it would have ended if you hadn't waltzed into my life like you did…"

He shook his head, allowing the brief moment of sappy sentimentality to run its course as he lightly stroked his partner's cheek, said partner happily nuzzling into the gesture while simultaneously paying keen attention to his words.

"I never would have experienced, well, anything. No adventures, no friends, no family…just an ignoble and stupid death as my body failed in some dingy apartment."

"I would have been the same, you know."

A rare expression of bitter sadness crossed the young woman's delicate face, eyes gazing into distance as she murmured, "Cold, gray, heartless. A monster that would have committed the world to death just to fill her idle hours."

Light returned to her expression.

"But I found you, Nanashi. Somehow and against all odds."

"Yeah. Looking back I think that whole series of events was quite the unnatural start, wasn't it?"

"Indeed it was. But I think I preferred it that way."

Chuckling at his girlfriend's chipper tone Nanashi idly asked, "Have I ever said how much I love that you're a weirdo, Manaka?"

"Certainly not a romantic statement, but I would like to hear it more often regardless."

"I love you, Manaka Sajyou."

Their lips met, haloed by the cresting sun before parting with matching smiles.

"So, Nanashi…"


"I ran some diagnostic spells on my body just to ensure nothing permanent had occurred…"

Instantly feeling his heart kick into overdrive the homunculus felt like smacking himself, after all they had been way too rough with a merely human girl even if she had liked it.

"And? Do we need to start healing you or something? I'm sure Gilgamesh has-"

A finger placed itself over his lips, Manaka giggling as she purred, "Well in a rather hurried series of events - although maybe it has to do with that silly aphrodisiac - I discovered something interesting this morning…"

The one-time monster wearing human skin offered her beloved a tender, genuine smile of such earnestness that Nanashi felt his breath catch in his throat.

"Nanashi, I'm pregnant."

And with that Unnatural Life comes to a close! I had initially planned to have the group get into conflict with either several Apostle Ancestors or even a grail war but in all honesty the setup for such a scenario would have been pretty damn extensive not to mention I would have to bust out all the other OP characters to even provide a semblance of a challenge, not really something I felt like signing myself up for.

I feel like this is an understandable spot to draw things to a close, with Nanashi finally having found a new lease on life with a family right there alongside him to enjoy it with.

Thanks to all who were along for the ride and catch you in my other stories!