Iris Potter - Slave of Daphne

Chapter - 1

Three months had passed since Iris Potter's first one-night stand with Daphne Greengrass. The frustration from the ongoing Triwizard Tournament had ended in the busty blond witch banging the relatively smaller witch after the Yule-Ball. The sexcapedes had continued, with Iris Potter washing away her frustration through copious amounts of sex. It was really not fair, that Slytherins from their 3rd year on had their own personal rooms, but Iris would be the last person to complain.

Daphne was extremely confident, bordering on arrogance and knew exactly which buttons to press to have the relatively younger witch cumming like a hosepipe. It wasn't long into their rigorous rutting that Iris had discovered her want for submissive kink. Daphne's naturally huge boobs and pink tits, coupled with her fleshy body made her an ideal mistress. The smirk she wore as she fucked the brains out of the Girl-Who-Lived made Iris weak on her knees. In comparison, Iris was relatively flat chested, hell, even Hermione would be considered to be flat-chested of she were made to stand next to Daphne in the nude.

Adding to her small breasts was her short height. She still hadn't hit her growth spurt and personally, Iris hoped that she didn't grow too tall, for she loved being able to snuggle into the bigger blondes breasts. Plus their relative sizes were ideal for that of a Mistress and her submissive.

It was January now, and Iris was currently on her knees, back straight with her hands behind her back and with a cane in her mouth as Daphne made one of her routine inspections. Her nipples seemed to perk up under the attention and going by Daphne's smirk, it had not gone by unnoticed.

"Hmmm, looks like your nipples enjoy defying me slave" Daphne smirked, "Let me show them them the attention that they deserve". With nary a wave of her hand, Daphne summoned a box from her trunk. Iris whimpered as her clit watered in anticipation regarding the contents of the box. Daphne leaned in with a grin, capturing the ears of the girl-who-lived between her lips.

"When I told my grandmother, that I had new pet playmate, she send me this neat little gift" Daphne whispered as she used her mouth drifted to nibble on the younger girls breasts. "I expect you to wear them with devotion pet"

Iris moaned as two small rings were clipped onto her nipples. Daphne quickly waved her wand watched with fascination the subtle vibrations on the smaller girls nipples as them hummed with the rings. Iris's eyes were closed, her lips gripping the cane tightly as her clit watered. Her hands which had been folded behind her back were slowly inching towards her pussy.

"None of that now" Daphne slapped away the girls hands. Removing the cane from the girls mouth, she pointed towards her own watering nether area. Iris dove with gusto to please her mistress. Daphne watched in amusement as the younger girl worker feverishly to make her come. She smirked at her own devious plan before indulging by giving into an orgasm. Seeing the smaller girls expectant look, she smirked.

"What ? Do you think you deserve an orgasm pet?" Seeing the widened eyes of the cute little girl brought immense satisfaction to the busty blonde. Every single time. "I think you deserve a spanking". The younger girl hurried and went down on her knees pointing her butt in the air towards Daphne's face.

"Someone's in a bit of a hurry" Daphne slowly ran her hands over the girls ass. It was a nice ass. "Count for me pet"


"One what?"

"One Mistress"

"Two Mistress"

"Three Mistress"

"F-Four Mistress"

"Five Mistress"

"Six Mistress"

"S-Seven Mistress"

"Eight M-Mistress"

"N-N-Nine M-Mistress"

"Ten-n Mistressss"

"Do you think you deserve to cum now?" Daphne asked with a giggle. She almost laughed out loud at the girls silence.

"Well if you don't want to cum, show me your'e pussy" she giggled.

"M-Mistress please" the girl begged even as she turned around and spread her legs.

"Ssshhhhh. None of that now" Daphne whispered as she pinched the girls clit softly making her gasp. "I have one more special gift for you pet" she whispered as she once again summoned her grandmothers box.

The girl-who-lived screamed as the blonde Slytherin snapped on a clit-clamp on her nether region. With nary a wave of Daphne's wand a pleasant hum filled the room as the three clamps on the brunette vibrated in unison making Iris's eyes roll back in her head. Daphne watched with fascination, as a thin liquid stream slowly made its way down the girls legs. Her own arousal was rearing itself at the wondrous sight.

"Make me cum slave" she ordered. "NOW" the brunette scrambled to lick the pussy of her Mistress. "Remember slave, you DO NOT have permission to CUM" Daphne reinforced by grabbing the younger girls chin. "Now make me cum" she ordered, laying back to relax. She alternated between increasing and decreasing the vibrations on the girls clamps. Her noise and moaning served as valuable inputs in knowing her slaves limits.

It took some time for the slave to make her cum and she almost laughed as she looked up. Iris Potter was sweating as though she were melting ice. The constant vibrations had left her on the edge with sweat dripping across her nipples and clit. She licked the younger girls nipples savouring the salty taste. The flow down the girls legs was distinctly much larger.

"Would you like to cum slave?" The exhausted girl nodded her head desperately.

"Come on then" Daphne got off the bed and with a barely whispered Accio summoned her favourite dildo. She nodded in approval to see her slave on her knees on the floor looking at her hungrily. Murmuring a sticking charm she stuck the dildo on the floor, so that it was pointing vertically up.

"Your permission to cum depends on my satisfaction with your blowjob" Daphne smirked. Iris had the dildo within her mouth in less than 10 seconds as she enthusiastically attacked it with her tongue.

"More lubricant" Daphne ordered and the GWL spit on her hands before applying it to the dildo, using her tongue and mouth to ensure its spreading. She ran her tongue along its length on all sides pushing her spit to cover its entire length. Daphne alternated once again increased and decreasing the vibrations on her slaves clit, making her stumble as a small amount of cum squirted out of her pussy landing on the floor.

"Good job pet. You have 90 seconds to cum. After that you'll have missed your chance" It was amusing to see the GWL reverse her position and throw her pussy on the dildo as she started rocking it. The star seeker used her flexibility to rock her hips around the dildo in a rhythmic fashion. Within 30 seconds an explosive orgasm rocked the GWL as she squirted her cum all over the dildo and collapsed on the floor.

Daphne waited patiently for the collapsed girl to regain her breath.

"Clean my dildo slave" she ordered.

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