Iris Potter - Slave of Daphne

Chapter - 5

Iris whimpered even as she counted "13 .. 14 ...15". She was hanging upside down from her knees, with her legs spread wide. Setting aside the problem of having her blood rushing to her head, Daphne's spanking was incredibly arousing. Her red but cheeks would disagree, but the free flowing cum from her pussy would win the argument. In addition, Daphne's other slave was focusing his mouth focused on pleasuring her perky nipples, his hands having been tied behind his back. The nipple rings were turning out to be highly effective stimulants.

"Fuck, I'm horny now. On the bed my toy. You can get your reward now" Iris watched as the sexy male leapt onto the bed and positioned himself on all fours. She was soon greeted to the sight of Daphne ramming her dildo in and out of the boys tight ass. The sight of his twitching cock trembling as it leaked pre-cum like crazy made Iris lick her lips despite her predicament. Daphne carefully reached between his legs and grabbed his cock, massaging it even as she rammed his ass with her dildo.

"You've been such a good toy" she cooed. "A much better slave than my disobedient pet". Daphne gathered some of the leaking pre-cum and rubbed it on her toy's cock.

"Now why don't you let your mistress taste that delicious cock of yours." Iris's cum had started to flow and had reached her navel, slowly trickling its way down from her pussy lips as she watched Daphne bind boys legs and hands behind his back before taking his cock in her mouth. Daphne's toy was red in the face even as gasps and moans escaped his pursed lips.

"M-Miss-stress ... please" Iris heard him moan.

"Looks like you need to cum badly slave" Daphne rapidly started fingering his butt-hole even as she moved her head rapidly over his cock.

"M-Mistressss ?"


A scream tore itself from the throat of the boy as his cock exploded inside Daphne's mouth. Iris watched as Daphne greedily lapped up his cum. It wasn't surprising to see the guy black out and go limp on the bed. His cock was twitching, even after Daphne had released it from her mouth.

"Look at you, your pussy is like a leaking faucet" Daphne circled the tied up girl, ignoring her whimpers. With a casual flick of her wand she released the girl from her bonds, lowering her to the floor.

"Lick" Daphne commanded. Iris rushed to clean the cock that Daphne had just used to fuck the unconscious boy on the bed.

"You have failed my command at multiple points" Daphne snarled ignoring the gurgling sound coming the dildo sucking girl kneeling below her.

Daphne used her finger to slowly lift her pets eyes to meet hers. "Do you want to disappoint me again pet?" she asked sweetly.

Iris rapidly shook her head.

"Good" Daphne attached a chain to Iris's metal collar before forcing the red ball-gag once again into her mouth.

Iris watched on in surprise as Daphne donned her school uniform and grabbed her books, before tapping her wand on the smaller girls head. A feeling of being dipped in cold water followed, before Iris watched her own body vanish along with the chain connected to her collar.

She was jerked out of her thought process as Daphne moved towards the door and tugged her along like a proper pet. iris wanted to protest. She wanted to get up, grab her cloak and run. But she didn't. She wanted to cum. She needed to cum. The heart freezing terror remained as they slowly made their way to the common room. Thankfully, due to the late hour there were very few people around. Daphne chose a corner to set her books down. She tugged the chain and forced Iris to shift away from the front and assume a position at her side.

Iris whimpered in fear. Getting caught in the Slytherin common room, butt naked on her knees, wearing a couple of sex-clamps and a collar would see her expelled. She pushed down her terror with her Gryffindor traits and focused on her task. Daphne stroked her hair once before picking up her book and soon she was engrossed in it.

Unknown to Iris, Daphne had a smirk on her face. She had intended for the slave to protest so that she could punish her thoroughly. Instead, the brunette had surprised her, by going along with it and was now currently sitting on her knees butt naked in the snakes common room. Clearly, the girl was bigger cum-slut than she had imagined. She had discreetly waved her wand and cast a muffliato to mask any sounds from exiting the surrounding area.

'Now to have some fun' Daphne thought deviously.

She reactivated the vibrations of her pets clamps. Slowly increasing the magnitude of the vibrations, Daphne casually flipped through her Charms notes. She couldn't resist the smirk that formed on her face when after 10 minutes a low whimper reached her years. Taking out her quill, she started on her Charms essay. The shaking chain in her hand informed her that her pet was getting restless. Soon a sensational low moan emanated from her side. Taking this as her que, Daphne flicked her wand and turned off the vibrations in the clamps.

It was pity that the girl was disillusioned. Daphne was quite disappointed that she couldn't stare into those beautiful emerald eyes, begging to have an orgasm. The girl was an exquisite specimen. Dominating the girl had been euphoric. Daphne had never before been more turned on. She was fully committed to making the girl hers. Controlling the girls orgasm was but a first step in towards that goal. Ten minutes later Daphne felt her chain jerk when she once again reactivated the clamps.

It was 2:00 A.M in the morning and Daphne and her pet were alone in the common room. The moans had gotten louder and more frequent over time and Daphne had recast the muffilato. There was a small noticeable pool of cum in the corner of the Slytherin common room. The two sixth year prefects, who had been among the last to leave the common room had sniffed their noses in suspicion before casting a freshening charm.

Daphne snapped her book shut with a snap.

"In front of me put. Face away" Daphne quickly lowered her hands and after a bit of searching located the disillusioned girls pussy. The wetness that she felt made her smile.

"Do you want to cum my little slut" Daphne questioned. Without waiting for a response, Daphne conjured a dildo and stuck it to the floor in front of her.

"Go on lubricate it" she encouraged. Daphne focused an enormous amount of her magic and cast the strongest notice-me-not spell on the girl in front of her. A slight sheen of sweat covered her face at the exertion.

She cancelled the invisibility spell and grinned at the sight of Iris potter drenched in her own sweat and cum, enthusiastically attacking the conjured cock on the girl hadn't noticed that she was visible now. Daphne threw back her head and giggled. The sight was truly magnificent, with sweat glistening off the athletic girls body. This girl was a rare gem.

"Do you want to cum slave?" Daphne prodded in a teasing voice. The girl nodded desperately, even as her head bobbed up and down the artifical cock.

"Lower your pussy on the dildo slave and maintain position" Daphne commanded and watched with arousal as the girl rushed to obey, turning her body around and lowering her pussy over the dildo. The shining sweat covered butt of Iris Potter was truly irresistible and Daphne gave it a quick squeeze. She quickly found the girls butthole. Daphne simultaneously hit the dildo with a vibration spell eliciting moans of various kinds from the petite girl.

Daphne alternated between switching the vibrations on and off and soon there was a steady flow of cum from the girls pussy. Her pet was barely coherent and had resorted to begging a few minutes back. The girl who had resisted the Imperius curse of Alastor Moody, was begging Daphne for an orgasm. All it took was keeping the girl on the edge for a few hours.

"CUM" Daphne commanded even as she set the vibrations to a maximum. The girl began rapidly thrusting her hips, a scream tearing itself from her throat. Muffliato was an extremely useful spell. Squirting a huge amount of cum, Iris Potter saw stars before her eyes rolled up in her head and she collapsed into blissful darkness.

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