The Hargreeves successfully stopped the apocalypse, but their problems didn't end there. When they arrived back in their own time, cops were waiting for them at the Academy, which was slightly ruined, but usable. The police arrested the siblings for murdering the Commission's hitmans in the theater.

Five had a lot of bruises and smaller cuts across his body, and his shrapnel wound opened again, so he was sent to the hospital alongside Diego, whose leg was probably fractured. They spent six nerve-racking days there, trying to get information about their siblings from the cops who came to ask a lot of questions.

Meanwhile the four other siblings were doing the same in the jail. They talked a lot about what happened. On the seventh day's morning Luther, Klaus, Allison, and Vanya walked into the hospital room, where Five and Diego lay. A police officer came along, to tell them that the accusation was dropped and they can go home.

"The only thing left is… you." the officer pointed at Five, and then looked into his notes. "Your name is…"

"Five Hargreeves." he cut in.

"And how old are you, boy?" Five started to feel bad about this conversation, not to mention, that he was called 'boy' by a man half his age.

"I'm… older than you think." he finally said, and instantly regretted it, upon glancing at the man's face.

"Just tell me." the officer said calmly. Five hesitated. What should he say? That he's 58 years old? No, if he said that they would think that he's gone crazy. The silence started to grow too long. He had to say something.

"I'm 19."

"And I should believe that?" the cop sighed. "Why don't you show me your I.D.?"

Five and the other Hargreeves remained silent. They knew that this wasn't going to end well.


An hour later they walked out of the hospital in silence.

"Look, Five." Luther spoke up. "I'm sure it's not too bad to…" he sighed when he was cut off by a blue flash on his right. He should've known that Five wasn't going to listen to what he wanted to say.

"Just leave him alone for a bit." Allison said, the worry evident on her face.

"Yeah, maybe it will be the best." Luther hesitated before agreeing. "Let's just go home."

At least they had a place to call home.


They found him in the kitchen, mixing whiskey and coffee in his mug.

"Maybe it'll not be so bad after all." Five said, not facing his siblings. "I pretty much know everything that they teach in school, and I'm sure I can handle a bunch of teenagers. I'm ok, before anyone asks."

He really wasn't fine. He lived separated from his family for 45 years, after seeing them dead, thinking that he could never meet them again, and almost failing to save them. Then he watched them die again. And he was barely able to save them. He was exhausted, and his side started to ache. The shrapnel wound must have reopened when he jumped. He clutched his shirt, feeling the fabric drink in his blood, and tried to breathe normally. When he felt someone move behind him, he quickly straightened his back, and let go of his shirt, covering the blood with his suit, trying to look like everything was fine.

Allison stepped forward, and sat down next to his brother. Soon the others followed her lead.

"I think you'll need a parent." Vanya said, and pulled some papers out of her bag. The cops called the school, and they sent the papers to fill out and sign.

"And I assume it has to be one of you assholes." Five grinned bitterly. "Fantastic. Which toddler should I choose to be my 'parent'?"

The others sat in silence for a few minutes, staring at the table, and stealing glances at Five, who turned back to sipping his whiskey-coffee.

"I don't think I would make a good mother. Too many people know me, and wouldn't leave you alone." Allison sat back.

"So you can choose Luther, a rather good choice, I would say. Diego, who would kill the principal if he didn't like something, me, or Klaus, who hasn't been sober since 1963…" Vanya summed.

"Well then. I choose Klaus." Five said with a shit eating grin plastered across his face. "At least then Ben will be my guardian angel. Or ghost, whatever."

"Oh, Five! I'm sure you'll make Daddy proud!" Klaus clapped his hands together, with fake tears in his eyes. Luther couldn't help but remember Five shouting 'I'm the Daddy here!'.

"Stop, before I change my mind. And I want you to always listen to Ben, when it's about my school-life."

"Ew… Okay."


"So, I need to write my name here. The only thing is, I don't think they accept 'Number Five' as a real name." he looked at his siblings. All of them had a real name but Five.

"Just pick a name, and then you can ask them to call you Five. They don't have to call you by your chosen name." Diego said. "You could be… I don't know, Fred?"

"Jack." said Luther.

"Ian." Allison clapped her hands.

"George." whispered Vanya.

"Sathviknew." shouted Klaus. "What? It's an existing name. Indian." he explained, when each of his siblings looked at him.

"Okay, so these names are shit. I'll use Aidan." he closed the argument. "Next, my legal guardian's name and signature. Here you go" he slipped the paper over to Klaus. If you'll excuse me, I have to sleep. I have school tomorrow."