11 year old Garret was with his parents. They were moving to a new state Florida in a town called Naomi. He was not happy about leaving his old home. He missed his friends. His family were driving down the road towards Naomi.

I know you our old miss your friends but you'll make new friends here his mother said.

I don't want new friends Garret grumbled.
I know but it's a new town and new opportunities for us his mother replied. His goldendoodle Penny laid next to him with her head on his lap.

After a few hours of driving they reached Naomi They drove past a group of kids playing ball. They noticed a pet shop called Gertrude's pets.

Maybe you can get something for Penny his mother told Garret. Maybe Garret replied.
Where is this place we are living ? His dad asked It's called Bulonis trailer park.

I don't want to live in a trailer park Garret replied.
I know Garret but it's a nice place His Father said and they pulled up to the trailer park.

A man came out of a trailer and greeted them.
Hello my name mr Alfred the man said. Welcome to Bulonis trailer park. I'm Jennifer Garrett's mom said and this My Husband Phillip and our son Garret . Nice to meet you guys. I hope you like it here.

Mr Alfred took them to their trailer. This is your trailer he told them. It was not that bad to be honest Garret thought . The trailer had three bedrooms and had a kitchen and a cute backyard . Over their is the Preacher and his daughter Opal Mr Alfred said. She is about your age Garret he said ruffling his head.

Suddenly A Man and his daughter came out of the trailer. Hello the man said. Oh mr Buloni Alfred said greeting them as their dog came over to greet penny. This the Preacher I was telling you about .

Hello the Preacher said to Garret . Opal come out we have new neighbors ! He shouted and Opal came out. When Garret saw her he had butterflies in his stomach. She was very pretty . She had beautiful blue eyes short blond hair and had a pretty smile.
She was wearing a orange shirt and overalls skirt.
Hello she said . I'm Opal she told him shaking his hand. I'm Garret he said nervously. Her dog came over and jumped on him. Winn Dixie she said pulling him off Garret.

That's Winn dixie she said as Garret petted him.
Penny came over to Winn dixie and they sniffed each other. I think Winn dixie found a new friend Garret said. What's your dogs name ? Opal asked .

Penny he replied as Opal petted Penny's head .
How do you like Naomi ? She asked It's okay so far Garret said. Well I moved here last year and I didn't have many friends til I meet Winn dixie . He helped me make friends brought the town close together.

Cool Garret said . How about Tommorow I take you around town to meet my friends . Sure garret said if it's okay with my mom. Of course it is his mom shouted. Its nice that you got a friend already.

Yeah said Garret. You want some help moving your stuff ? The Preacher asked. Sure Garrett's dad said.
They help Garrett's family move their furniture into their house . They put the couch in front of the tv. They made their beds. Afterwards the parents chatted for a few hours while Garrett and Opal played outside with their dogs.

Where did you get the name Winn Dixie ? Garret asked Opal . Found him in the supermarket named Winn dixie so I named him that interesting he said.
Opal smiled at him. Garret knew that he was developing a crush on her. He may be falling for her.

They played fetch with their dogs for a hour while chatting and laughing. Their parents called them telling them that they were invited to have dinner together. That night they had pasta and garlic bread. Garrett's mom looked at Garret and Opal and knew that her son liked Opal by the way he looked at her. She knew that Opal liked him too.

After having icecream for dessert they said goodnite to their new neighbors. See you tomorrow Garrett told Opal she smiled and hugged him goodbye even though they were two trailers away. And went back home.

(Opal point of view)

When Opal first saw Garret she knew that she liked him like like liked him. She thought he was cute. Do you like that boy Garret ? Her father asked . Ewww no gross Opal said.

Come on I seen how you look at him plus you have a dreamy look on your face. No Dad I like him as a friend she told her dad. Ok her dad said giving her a kiss but he knew she was lying.

That night Opal undressed down to her underwear and slid on her nightshirt. It reached just below her waist. She brushed her teeth and climbed into bed with Winn Dixie next to her . Goodnight Winn dixie she said kissing his nose and falling asleep thinking about Garrett.

Back at his trailer Garrett and his parents were getting ready for bed . Do you like that girl Opal ? His mom asked. Yeah she is nice Garrett replied. Do you have a crush on her.
What ? No ewww gross Garrett said faking a disgusted face. Whatever you say his mom he said and went into the bathroom to brush his teeth.

Garret then walked into his room.
He undressed and climbed into bed in just his white briefs. He started sleeping like that since he turned 10. When he got hot in summer he was sweating. His parents told him if he was hot at night just sleep in his underwear and one hot night he finds gave in . Ever since in the summer he would sleep in his underwear. His mother came in with Penny and Penny hoped on his bed and curled in a ball. Goodnight Benny she said kissing him on the forehead. Goodnight he said back and fell asleep . He couldn't wait to meet Opal tomorrow.