Opal was getting ready in her dressing room. Today she was going to marry Garrett .
Her father was helping her get ready for the wedding. She wore a beautiful white dress with lots of make up. She was nervous but her father told her everything was going to be fine. After getting ready it was time for the wedding.

Garret was standing there waiting for her. He looked around and saw all their friends. Gloria, Otis, Sweetie pie , Miss Franny ,mr Alfred , Amanda and the Dunlop boys .

They were all waiting when the Wedding music started . They all looked and saw Opal walking down the aisle. She was so beautiful like a Angel.

Garrett's mom was crying but quieted down when the Preacher started. After saying their vows they kissed and everyone cheered . They danced for a few hours before they went to a hotel before they went on their honeymoon .

Garret lied in his bed that night waiting for Opal In just his underwear. Opal came out wearing a bathrobe. She then removed the robe revealing silky blue lingerie she walked over to Garret and straddled his lap.

Garret started kissing her neck and then flipped her over. Ten minutes later they were lying there sweaty and panting. He didn't bother removing her lingerie from her body because he thought she looked gorgeous in it.

The next morning they woke up sore . Their bodies sore from the night activities after all they did it 3 times.

9 months later.

Opal gave birth to a Baby girl named after Gloria who sadly passed away in her sleep a few months after the wedding. Their baby girl looked just like her mother but had her father's Eyes. Preacher was happy to meet his grand daughter. All their friends got a chance to hold her.

To think back on how they met and fell in love when they were 11 and this is where they were now.
Opal and Garret couldn't have had a better life.
Winn dixie and Penny were happy to have a new play mate as well. They were Gloria's best friends. The End.

That's the end hope you enjoyed. If your wondering what Garret looks like think of Jesse from Bridge to terabithia movie in 2007