Hannibal Smith was tired. Bone crushing tired. It had been a very long and bad day. Nothing from the beginning of this last mission to the end was easy. Today, his team had finally gotten the drop on the bad guys who were trying to take over this little town, but at a price. He, himself, was not hurt, however, all three of his boys were in some form or another. B.A. had sustained a broken wrist. Murdock had to have stiches in his arm where one guy knifed him. Face. Poor Face got the worst of it. Concussion, three broken ribs and two black eyes (one almost swollen shut). The Doctor in town told him they would be alright but to make sure they all got plenty of rest. He made sure Hannibal had plenty of pain medicine and sent them on their way. He refused to allow B.A. to drive with his wrist. It wasn't easy to tell B.A. he couldn't drive his own van, but in the end, Hannibal won out. At this point, all Hannibal wanted to do was find a place to stay for a few days, get his team healed and sleep until next year.

He glanced next to him (his usual seat) where B.A. was nodding off. He then glanced in his rearview mirror at Murdock and Face. Face was lying with his head in Murdock's lap. Both were sound asleep. All three had the pain of this day etched on their faces. Was he doing the right thing? How much longer could he and his team keep this up? He knew he could not allow the Military to catch them and lock them up, but this life was just as hard. He considered each of these men as his sons. He took it personally every time one got hurt. Did they resent him because of this life? He wanted nothing more than all three of his boys to have a normal happy life. Hell, he wanted that for himself too. At that moment he felt every bit his age. At that moment he felt none of the jazz, but all of the burden of taking care of each one of these young men. God he was tired.

He managed to find a nice Motel way off of the beaten path. He secured two adjourning rooms so each would have their own bed and therefore would be more comfortable. He woke B.A. first. He then woke up Murdock. Last, he gently eased Face's head out of Murdock's lap and began to wake him up. He told both B.A. and Murdock to go inside and he would help Face. They looked at him, but did as they were told. He helped Face sit up (he made him stay in a sitting position for a moment since Face was so dizzy). Once he felt he could walk, he helped him out of the van (Face was leaning heavily on him) and into the room where he navigated him towards one of the beds. He had already told Murdock that he was to room with B.A. because he wanted to keep an eye on Face. Once settled Face looked up at him and with a childlike quality thanked him. The way it was said spoke volumes of exactly what he meant. B.A. and Murdock were standing in the doorway watching and listening. They told him thank you also. Thank you for everything, and with smiles and nods of their heads turned and went to lay down.

No. No they didn't resent him. Sometimes a man can detect the meaning behind such a simple phrase as "thank you". A meaning that each had expressed in their own way the love they felt for him. They were his sons and he was their father. Maybe he wasn't so old and tired after all. He would make sure his "children" healed and then the jazz would return.