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This story is about how Percy remembers what happened at his 16 birthday. Percabeth and mentions of Jasper!


Great! It's my birthday and I am officially an adult now. "This day is going to be painful." I thought. Now you must be like, "Why? It's your birthday; you should be excited, pleased and delighted not gloomy, like you are right now" Well, would you be pleased that it's your birthday, when you are in my shoes? I guess not. My birthday came with the memories of countless dead friends and dead relationships, but one thing made my mood for a small smile, Annabeth.

This birthday should be less painful than my previous one at least, as in the last on the memories of the war were bottled up inside me, and I had no experience on how to deal with them. This time, I have experience, 'Just put on your facade and be all sunshine and daisies.' Of course, at the last birthday Annabeth suspected my fake smile, but I made up an excuse which even Athena would be proud of, not to mention, astonished!

I stepped outside my cabin and all Hades broke loose. My eyes were wide with shock, the people around me were grinning widely and shouting at the top of their lungs. Upon seeing my shocked experience, Annabeth laughed; her infectious laugh filled the open grounds and her eyes were twinkling with humor. On seeing her jovial face made me smile and I kissed her lightly on the head. We walked together towards the mess hall talking in hushed tones while the other campers rushed towards their breakfast.

The mess hall was decorated all in blue waves with streaks of sea-green. I, being the son of Poseidon could already feel the spoondrift of the waves upon my feet. I made up my mind that this birthday would be fine. When Piper saw that Annabeth and I weren't talking innhush e tones she, the rest of the seven, Grover and Rachel crushed me in a hug. I was on the verge of tears as I voice in mind said, "Wow, hard to believe that someone who should not have been born, gets that much love. Do they know Percy, how many deaths you have caused by the mere event of your birth taking place?" I wanted to cry out to my friends to leave me alone but instead I wore my fake smile and pretended to be happy. Tyson, who had his own hugging time came running to me and crushed me in a hug. The hug was comforting if you exclude the fact that it could have crushed my bones, but the voice in my mind kept blabbering.

The whole food was dyed in blue, and later I was going to meet my mom; but I wasn't as happy as I would be on a normal day. My friend's death and their tears plagued my mind. Annabeth, who felt my sorrow, and asked me, "Percy, are you okay?" I put on my 'smile' but Annabeth saw right through that. She, always choosing to face her problems, took my hand and led me to the graveyard of our camp. Her eyes were concerned and a little misty seeing the graveyard. "Percy, I know what you feel on your every single Birthday. Your mind is going through the effects of the river Acheron. You, being the son of Poseidon should have less impact on you. But curse your loyalty! You are being impacted more than me!" Tears streams had started to glisten her face by now.

I hugged her and he'd her tight. I didn't even realize the tears coming out of my eyes until Annabeth wiped them away. "Percy, Percy look at me, into the eyes. I know what you are going through, just pour yourself out, it'll help." I heard Annabeth say desperately. I looked her into the eyes all my facade wiped off. I explained to her how I feel on my birthdays after the Titan War, every friend's loss, my fault. If it had been someone else I would have felt self-conscious, but it was my Wise Girl, I felt at ease and protected when I was with her.

Annabeth was a good audience. She didn't doubt me and smiled whenever I faltered. She held me and patted my back gently as I spoke. We didn't know that the rest of the seven along with Grover, Rachel, Nico, Thalia and Tyson watched from a distance.


Jason held Piper, as she buried her head into his shoulders. Tyson wept loudly but due to consolation he was only stifling soft sobs. Grover and Percy were feeling the same emotions so he also was especially sad. They saw Annabeth and Percy talking in hushed tones and they heard them well also.

They knew it was invading their conversation but they did it to help their friends. They heard as Percy said that how he felt tht evry death in front of him was his fault; Nico and Thalia who couldnt take it anymore went there and hugged Percy. Annabeth's head went down probably trying to hide her tears, and she tried for a small smile. Soon evryone joined. This group hug wasn't the fake one it was the undersatnding one, the one that you have with a close family.


The rest of the day was cheerful for everyone. Percy gathered up the courage and had a talk with the graves, Annabeth was also with him and was comforting him. The other people went there too but after Percy and Annabeth had come. Jason got to know more about Thalia's past. Percy and Annabeth celebrated their anniversary. Sally came, and the demigods were rejoiced upon eating the blue cookies gain! All of the campers celebrated with the true spirit of celebration, all of them. In a conclusion, the campfire was bright and orange.

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