Swat kats: affections though time.

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Megakat city, a busling metropolis of cat kind, the people so very lively and happy thanks to the watchful eye of the Swat Kats, T-bone and razor. If you'd see the sleek black jet zooming though the air the many citizens would cheer and scream for their heroes.

T-bone and razor were busy testing out a new feature on the TurboKat as they zipped by mayor Callie Briggs' office and razor watched closely taking his focus off of the turbo Kats monitors, only T-bone notice.

"Hey Razor! Razor! Earth to razor! What's the read out saying? Are we good or not?" T-bone yelled to his co-pilot to wake him from his little Trance.

"Huh!? Oh yea! Everything is going great T-bone! Couldn't be better!" Razor replied trying to cover his ass.

"You weren't paying attention were you...?" T-bone questioned as Razor just remained silent due to the embarrassment of T-bone being right. "You zoned out cause of calie did you? You'll see her in a few hours bud so long as you help me get the turbo kat operating at peak performance."

"Yea yea I hear ya I hear ya, as for the readings the new systems check and the anti climate changes are working well, if we get iced up or start burning up the Turbokat will handle it just fine."

"Great to hear! So head home?" T-bone asks Razor as he nod.

"You got it T-bone, just hurry up, I do have a date tonight." The tomcat joked. T-bone just chuckled as they headed back to the salvage yard they were forced to stay in thanks to commander feral and his need to be a glory hog and go after Dark Kat even after T-bone and Razor had Dark Kat on his last leg.

He forced them to eject and destroy the new enforcer building yet they were paying for it, but T-bone and razor were happy in a way cause now they were the protectors of mega Kat city no longer under anyone's rules but their own.

It was a short trip from the city to the salvage yard, and with a with a press of a button the secret base of the swat kats opened as the trap door allows the turbokat to enter and close again. Razor was quick to hop from the turbokat and rush to his locker. T-bone just chuckled and jumps from his seat and follows.

Razor was throwing his Swat Kat flight suit in the hamper and quickly going from razor hero of the skies to Jake clawson salvage yard mechanic.

T-bone following suit, as he went from T-bone to chance furlong. He didn't even have time to say anything before razor was already gone, Chance chuckled.

Jake had been dating Callie for a while now, he had even told her his true identity. She was surprised to say the least but it did make sense, as she knew what had happened thanks to the ego of commander feral, how felina even ended up how she did was a miracle.

Chance seizing the opportunity heads to the couch to watch a little mind numbing television, his plans to relax alone are quickly disrupted as his phone rings. "Oh come on! Who could possibly be calling me.." he questioned as he picked up "hello you got Chance."

"Hey chance, glad to see I finally got a hold of you. Seems like you've been avoiding me?" Chance froze up.

"F-F-Felina? Ah no! Course not! I haven't been trying to avoid you! What could possibly make you think that?" Chance nervously said. In all honesty he wasn't trying to do it on purpose but he wasn't sure about his own feelings towards her. They had gotten closer thanks to all the time he'd spent around her as T-bone, she was the only one to figured out he was T-bone which impressed him, as he always had a thing got Callie but when her and razor had gotten together he had to let it go, but only after he did he started really noticing the she-Kat more, she was definitely a very able bodied enforcer and very attractive he though.

"Chance are you there? Hello?"

"Ah yea I'm here, ah so what's going on?"

"Oh nothing, just got off of duty. I was wondering if you were free tonight?" Chance thought for a moment, should he tell her no or tell her yes, he makes up his mind and speaks.

"Sure, love to. Where at?" Chance replies to falina as she smiles on the other end.

"I'll met you at the new restaurant by city square, hows that?" Chance felt his stomach growl as he definitely realized he had forgotten to eat, also it sounded nice not to cook for himself.

"Yeah I'll see you there."

"Great, see you then" felina happily hung up as she went to Change, Chance hung up and went to do the same.

"Heh, wonder what I'm getting myself into. Oh well can't play it safe forever." He said to himself, he was getting older and thoughts of having his own family was something that was in the back of his mind, he knew even razor had these same thoughts. They couldn't be the swat Kats forever.

Differences between them though was Razor was working on changing that now, he was just outside city hall having run the whole way as he spots a very recognizable pink suit and blond hair.

"Hey Callie! Sorry to be late!" Mayor Briggs turns to Jake and chuckles.

"Oh it's fine, your on time when you need to be." She gives him a kiss on his forehead. "Are you ready to go? Or do you need to catch your breath?"

"Nah, I'm good." Callie and Jake smile at one another as they head off on their date, they head off to the park chatting along.

"Why did you run by the way? Don't you have something to drive?" Callie questioned. Jake shrugged.

"Ehh I needed to get my miles In, gotta stay in shape ya know." He winked at Callie which resulted in a soft giggle.

"Oh I know, gotta keep our city safe." She smiled as did Jake, happily oblivious to what was coming, but it wasn't coming from the present or future, but the past.

—megalith city—

Queen Callista is walking though the halls of her castle completely distraught. She heads for her library and frantically digs though her books, one by one. Tossing them to the side. "It must be here... it has to be here!" She screams.

For the past many nights she's dreamed of her sir razor, she's been noticing her every thought has been of him, something telling her to bring him back. She's been fighting it for as long as she could but it's been getting stronger as the days go on. She finally finds the book she was looking for, she rushes to begin her spell, her spell to pull razor from his modern times.

She sets up ingredients and Cauldron, she drops everything in and begins to chant, "here my cry, bring back hero from modern times!" A thunder storm suddenly forms with heavy rain coming down like hail, Queen Callista smiles.

— back to megakat city—

Jake and Callie are strolling though the park, Jake munches on a corn dog, while Callie enjoys her own.

"Sorry it's not a big fancy dinner, but kinda low since, well you know."

"You mean when you and chance destroyed the new enforcer building?" Callie questioned.

"That was commander feral fault! We had dark Kat but he had to be the one to take him in." Callie rolls her eyes.

"Jake it's fine. This is all fine, I don't need a expensive dinner. You are all I need." Jake blushed.

"You are all I Need too Callie." They both Stare into the others eyes, moving closer to each other lost in the moment till, a large burst of thunder awakens then as a sudden thunder storm hits, brining with it almost hurricane winds, hail and rain.

"Ugh! Callie! Come on!" He grabs her and runs her to the nearest form of shelter as they watch it come down from a small picnic pavilion.

"It wasn't supposed to do this today, it was clear for the next week. What's happening?" Callie asked Jake in hopes he'd have some kinda answer.

He just looked to the storm, he had no idea what to say, all he knew was his gut was saying something was definitely wrong, just then a flash of lighting struck as he noticed something walking though the storm. He couldn't make it out at first but he almost couldn't believe what he was seeing once he did.

It was knights dressed in thick plate armor walking towards them.

Once they stopped, Queen Callista walks towards them slowly. "Sir razor, I knew my spell would bring me to you, I've come to take you back."

"J-Jake she looks just like me! I-is that-"

"Q-Queen Callista!?" Jake goes to aim his Glovatrix at them realizing he don't have it. He gives a slight growl "what are you talking about!?"

"You joining me sir razor... I can't bare another day without your embrace!" Razor could tell something was off, she wasn't acting herself. He had to come up with a plan, there was at least fifteen knights. Now they didn't have guns but they did have swords and could he take them down alone and keep Callie safe? He wasn't sure if he could. He didn't trust if callie's own ancestors would harm her or not due to her strange behavior.

"Sorry Queen Callista! But that's a big no for me! Callie run!" He grabs her arm and yanks Callie away as they try to run away, Queen Callista clentches her fist.

"Capture him!" She bellows as they chase after them though the raging storm.

"C-Callie! C-call C-Chance!" Jake barked as Callie tried her best to find her phone as she was being yanked by Jake though the park. Jake was so focused on getting Callie away he forgot about his own phone, but it's not surprising as his only true concern was keeping Callie protected.

"I'm t-trying! I don't have a signal!" Of all times for Jake to not be prepared. He needed time he needed to make a plan.

They just didn't have much time as more and more knights appeared, soon they were surrounded, Jake tried to cover Callie as she tried to call Chance.

"J-Jake I can't get though!" Jake got ready to fight as Queen Callista walked though the many many knights she has summoned and Jake just stared her down.

"Queen Callista! What happened to you! You know I can't be with you." She smirked.

"You can, you will be my king..." she coldly said.

"I can't!" Jake barks back as Callista snaps her fingers as a knight grabs Callie from behind Jake, causing her to drop her phone into the shallow mud.

"J-Jake!" She squirms and Jake tries to lunge for her but two more knights grab him and hold him down into the mud.

"C-Callie!" He struggles but he can't break free. "Let her go! She's your family!"

"She is of little concern for me... if you come with me I will spare her." Jake was in shock, what had happened to Callista. "Do you agree to join me sir razor?" Jake looked up at Callie as she was still struggling, and he sighed.

"Yes.. yes I will join you Queen Calista.." Calista smiles as she motions for them to pull Jake from the mud and bind his arms behind his back as Callie still struggles.

"Jake you can't! Don't do this!" She yells as Jake looks away.

"I have to Callie.." Calista with a wave of her hand opens a new portal as they enter taking Jake with them, Calista waits to enter last and as soon as she enters the storm subsided and the other knights vanish with a poof of smoke dropping Callie into the mud.

Callie pulls herself up and looks around frantically though the mud to find her cell phone and call Chance.

—back to Chance—

Chance was waiting still, he had been waiting since before the freak storm. He had gotten dressed up but he wasn't so happy to do it. He looks at his watch and sighs. "Maybe I shouldn't have agreed to this, why did I agree to this.." he said to himself. He soon heard a voice that reminded him why he agreed to this.

"Chance? Sorry if you had to wait long." Chance turns to see felina walking towards him dressed in a blue strapless dress and light makeup up, it almost didn't look like felina feral but it was and it was enough to make his mouth drop.

"W-wow... y-you look Amazing..." felina lightly blushes.

"T-thank you Chance, shall we?" He nods happily with a big grin and takes her by the hand and walks with her, admiring her.

"Chance? Are you ok?" Chance smiles.

"Yea just taken back by your beauty." He says with a soft blush himself. Felina smiles softly. Chances phone begins to ring, he pulls it out and looks.

"Callie? Wonder what what's up, Jake should be with her, unless it's Jake calling. do you mind?" Felina shakes her head no.

"Answer it Chance, I'm fine." Chance nods and answer it.

"Hello? Callie is everything ok?"


"Whoa whoa! Who has Jake!?" He question.

"Something happened to Jake?" Felina questioned.

"QUEEN CALLISTA! She took Jake Into some portal Chance! He gone!" She screams.

—chapter end—

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