Swat kats chap 2

"Ugh... my head..." razor said in confusion. "What In the heck happened." He rubbed his eyes as they came into focus and he noticed he was in what appears to a medieval bedroom as he lays in a very large bed, the events from not to long ago play over in his mind, he jumps out of bed and makes a break for the door but before he reaches the door it swings open and a very large black knight stands before him.

Razor lols him over and while he's sure he could take him he knows he needs to play this safe for now.

"Hey.. think you'd mind if I went for a walk." Razor says as the knight remains quite and motionless.

He speaks in a low gruff tone "You stay.." razor thinks his options over. As He does know he could attack and try to escape, but then again he wasn't exactly prepared to fight off a horde of knights, one or a few maybe but a horde no way.

"Where is the Queen...?" Razor questions the knight.

"She will be back shortly... you get dressed..." the knight points to some clothes in the corner by a changing curtain. Razor walks over and changes his clothes, they are more like king garb, as it makes razor feel uncomfortable but having no other choice he puts it on and walks over to the knight.

"You follow... now" the knight turned and began waking, letting razor out of the room. Razor noticed there was nothing but a single hallway, no windows or other rooms, just a empty hallway with torches for light. Razor felt like he was in jail, once he got to the end of the hallway he found himself in what definitely looked like the dungeon.

"You.. go on up stairs..." the knight said as razor started walking and once at the top he came to a heavy door that with a hard push it swings open as he came face to face with the Queen.

"Sir razor, I trust your sleep was well." She softly spoke making razor sigh.

"It was fine your highness... why did you bring me here honestly." She just smiled.

"Because my sir razor, I love you so and only wish to have you by my side." Razor couldn't think of a response that would even help, the Queen motioned for him to follow her and follow he did. She leads him to a large dinning table as she takes a seat, razor takes more across from her, some she-cat servants bring food in and set it in front of razor but razor notices their eyes are almost lifeless, they finished setting the food as they turn to the Queen.

"Is that all my queen." In almost robotic like tone devoid of any emotion, the Queen waves them away and they bow then leave.

"Your highness... what's wrong with your servants?" The queen only gazes at him in a dizzy like nature.

"Sir Razor, how many children would you wish to have?" She smiles and razor gives a low growl. "Sir razor, I'd be happy with four or more, as long as they are as wonderful as you." Razor just bit his Tongue, wanting to question her again he just thinks for a moment.

Razor took a deep breath, then cleared his throat. "Yeah four sounds fine, not to little and not too much my Queen." The queen smiled happily As what looks like a chamber maid walks in and up to the queen and whispers into her ear, she looked to be in very fine clothing though. Razor was very curious why she seemed more lively then the others.

"Oh I'm dreadfully sorry sir razor, my maid the lady Rosalie, I do hope you can forgive my rudeness."

Razor looked at her and smirked "yeah I can but why is she so awake?" He questioned as Rosalie smiled.

"Oh sir razor my only duty Is to the queen, I must be vigilant." She bows and leave the room as razor starts to question the strange behaviors around him. He beings to eat some of the food as the Queen just watches him with pure infatuation, his every movement she watches.

"Sir razor do you wish to join me in the court yard after this?" Razor swallows before speaking and nods.

Razor thinks that it maybe a grey way to try and find a way out of this. "Sure your majesty, I'd be happy too." Razor knows alone he won't be able to get home, so he's hoping T-bone has learned of his little problem. After the meal the Queen motions for Razor to follow, he stands up and follows as more knights join, possibly to keep a eye on Razor.

"I hope you can figure something out alone t-bone." Razor mumbles to himself as he's lead out.

A/N: sorry for a short kinda chapter, life has been kicking the crap out of me but I'll begin to start on chapter 3 and I hope to the few people who enjoy this story don't hate me for such a short chapter. Anyways see you next time :)