This is only the second fanfic I´ve done, so I'm looking for some feedback on what people think. Also: anyone looking to date, my answer is no. do not send me private messages asking about soul mates.

It was another fine Brooklyn morning, if you could ignore the traffic, swearing, long lines, swearing, smoke, and did I mention the swearing? My name is Olivia, but I'm known around the place as ´O´, ´Ollie´, and ´you little#$%$!# !´. Yeah, that one´s not as friendly. Anyways, on this fine morning, I was flying up a building to my favorite perch among the gargoyles on the roof. Something you should know about me is that I´m a mutant. I have wings, claws and felne ears. I am a professional computer hacker, and I can communicate with felines. Anyways, I was flying up to my perch with the gargoyles, and I should have been more suspicious about the armed guards around the base of the building. If I had, I might not have ended up as I have. I guess I just assumed that there was someone important coming to visit. I landed on the ugliest gargoyle, and sipped my latte. When I heard the roof hatch creak and groan open, I thought nothing of it, as the rather elderly janitor liked to come up and scrape the mold and pigeon poop off of the gargoyles. My first suspicion was when I heard multiple sets of footsteps coming up the steps. At the janitor´s request, I had installed a simple security measure in the stairwell, and the hatch had to be opened remotely. At this point I was wary, and I was prepared to take flight if important people were being shown the roof and view. So, when armed soldiers popped out of the hatch, my wings were already half open, ready to get the heck out of there if I needed to. The last man out of the hatch was a tall, dark man with an eyepatch. He was the first one to speak. ¨I would not advise using your special mutation, if I were you.¨ his voice was low, and slightly threatening. ¨What do you want?¨ This was bad. I needed to get out of there, and fast. ¨I have a proposition for you, but first, I do not know your name.¨ ¨I don´t particularly think you need to know my name." There was only one option. "Also, if you really thought you could corner me on top of a building, you can think again." and with that remark, I did a half-backflip off the top of the building, folding my wings in close. When I was about 10 feet from the ground, I snapped my wings open and soared off to find a rooftop where I could collect my thoughts.