Right, so OOC Hachi due to different circumstances growing up. Will try my best to make him cooler/calmer/more collected without making him a self-insert cringe character. Thought I'd try writing a "badass" Hachiman that wasn't just an entirely different person planted into the SNAFU story with the purpose of flexing and banging girls.

The Same Coin

Most coins have two sides, regardless of value as perceived by society. Every coin has the side that others imagine first when mentioned. It is very rare that you turn over that first side and find the other side... blank. In such a case, the first side, which is initially presented to the world, is truthful. Nothing is hidden face-down on the table, only revealed when the coin is flipped over by force.

Maybe in another life, I could have been such a rare case. Someone truthful, genuine even, that lived one life regardless of how others treated me. Someone that had nothing to hide. I wish I was given the freedom to be that person.

But unfortunately, you don't always get what you want, do you?

One day, this stupid smile will be permanently stuck onto my face with how much I'm using it. This god-awful, polite, corners-of-my-mouth-tilted-slight-up smile that I put on in public.

I hate it. Too much effort. My face should have a six-pack by now. Actually no, that'd be weird.

At the very least, I can take solace in the fact that I don't do it for any of the shallow reasons that others my age do.

I don't put up this façade for the sake of popularity or attracting girls. In fact, I purposely don't want that to happen.

Instead, I do it because of necessity.

I cannot attract too much attention to myself. Either positive or negative.

Right, so what happened? Parents died when I was 7. Don't know how, don't care.

Boo hoo, woe is me. Stop, don't pity me. I barely even remember them. They died when I was young, and even when they were alive, they were barely around.

I will say, it seemed they were on the 'wrong' side of the law. We had no family connections, and their deaths were swept under the rug. Along with me and Komachi's entire existences.

Oh, yeah, I forgot to introduce myself. Yo, Hikigaya Hachiman here. Nice to meet you. Komachi's the little sister. Two and a half years younger, but just skimming the edge where she is only two grades below me instead of three.

So, why must I avoid standing out? Well, the flip-side of my coin isn't something I want others to know. A part of myself I keep buried, always looking over my shoulder to make sure nobody had dug it up.

It had to do with how me and Komachi got by. After-all, I had to provide for both of us for the majority of my life.

How does a 7-year-old put money on the table?


You have to be good at something. Naturally good enough to beat out experienced adults.

My talent?

I'm a pretty damn good thief.

What started as being able to blend into the crowd quickly turned into the first of 108 'skills' of mine, the most prominent being my self-dubbed 'Stealth Hikki'. A childish name, yes, but what else did you expect from a 7-year-old kid that had managed to easily steal money from the pocket of a random, rich businessman that had passed him on the street?

I still remember naming that 'skill'. I was sobbing my heart out alongside my sister in a dark alleyway with our foreheads touching as we slumped against each other in pure relief, staring down at the crumped bills I had in my hands. Two kids, crying tears of joy upon realizing that they weren't going to soon die on the streets from hunger. I had nobody to thank. So, instead I thanked the first thing that came to my mind.

'Stealth Hikki'

I don't regret it at all. That is, taking a couple crumpled bills from a rich old man who was too busy feeling up the girls he had hanging off him to realize, and using them to buy two moderately sized bento boxes from a convenience store.

Looking at Komachi's dirty, tear-stained face that day... I had decided I would do whatever I had to do to give her a good life, even if it caused me a painful death.

That's why I never let her get involved. Not that she wasn't capable, if anything she was quite capable. But I wouldn't let her get her hands dirty. No point dirtying a clean rag when cleaning up a mess when you can just re-use the already dirty one.

I stole. I smuggled. I fought, both literally and figuratively.

I did it smartly. Avoiding large groups that could come back for revenge and robbing from those that didn't need it. Kinda like Robin Hood, ey?

But unlike Robin Hood, not everything going perfectly. I've been on all fours begging before. I've had to work with bad people. Also, I'm never seen as the good guy.

However, I did maintain some semblance of decency and morals. Never killed anybody or even threatened them with violence, only hurt others out of self-defence. Along that same level, I've of course never raped anyone.

Alright, back on topic. Why do I call this façade a necessity?

Firstly, I'd like to say that we are quite well off. A sizeable amount of money in multiple savings accounts, gained from a combination of stealing and investing over the years. Turns out I'm pretty good at stocks, another one of my 108 skills. Probably linked to 'Human Observation'.

We've got enough to live in the middle class for the rest of our lives in relative comfort. Enough to send Komachi to whatever university she chooses.

Then, why do I keep up the façade?

Well, because while I'm okay with leaving this earth and finally resting... I'm definitely not okay with my sister following suit. If someone came after me, my sister would take the bullet for me. She'd drown trying to keep me afloat.

So, at the very least, I've gotta stay here as the side character that doesn't even make it to the background of the cover.

Somewhere along the way, I lost interest in the life of a normal teenager.

Like when someone spoils the grand climax, the long-awaited ending and now the build-up is just a task in the way.

That being said, here I am. Standing in front of the mirror in my quaint room. Located on the second floor of my decently sized house. Which was in a nicer part of Chiba.

The Soubu High uniform adorned my body like armor, protecting against any lingering gazes. After-all, with it I'm just another Soubu High student.

I chose this school because it's one of best in the area, but not the best where everyone's at each other's throats to be #1.

Also, larger population than most private schools. Easier to blend in. Tuition isn't terrible and Komachi said she liked how the buildings looked.

I gotta scope it out for her. Make sure it's 'worthy'

I wonder how this'll go?