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When Trevor woke up his head was killing him, his entire body felt sore and his mouth was dry. He opened his eyes and stretched.

"What a weird dream." He murmured, and got out of bed. The floor tile looked different but Trevor couldn't make out the pattern, it was blurry. He grumbled as he shuffled to his bathroom.

The floor looked further to him, and he felt lighter on his feet, he didn't feel his septum piercing either. He must have taken it out. Whatever dream Trevor had must've messed him up.

Trevor entered his bathroom and rubbed his eyes as he approached the mirror. He looked in the mirror, instead of seeing the short, half brunette with an ugly nose and patchy stubble he saw a handsome blond young man. The epitome of a handsome man like something out of Dietrich's magazines.

"Huh… What kind of trick mirror is this? Did Achilles do this?" Trevor said as he reached forward and touched the mirror, then his cheek. The mirror felt cool, smooth, not grooved or warped as Trevor had imagined. His cheek felt warm and smooth, unlike the patchy stubble he had the night prior. Trevor's mind slowly began putting the pieces together. Trevor gasped and yelled at his sudden appearance.

"The mirror's broken!" He yelled and fell backwards onto his bottom. He heard a throaty laugh and look behind him. There sitting on the edge of the bathtub was the handsome man from last night.

"Impressed?" He said as he crossed his arms. Trevor looked at himself in the mirror then back at the man. He went silent trying to process everything that had just happened in the last two minutes.

"You got your wish Trevor Schreave, I must tell you it was a lot of work getting everything to work in your favor; you Schreaves sure give me a workload." He said. Trevor shook his head once he managed to get his bearings that he was exactly what he raised an eyebrow.

"Wait, what do you mean you Schreaves? Did you make a deal with dad or grandfather?" Trevor asked. The man smirked and waved a hand showing a slightly torn scroll, it looked like an older version of Trevor's contract.

"No, nothing like that, it was an ancestor of yours that made a contract with me. We made the deal in the same room you did. She got her wish, even if it shattered the heart of a friend." Trevor didn't question who, he had an idea of who it was.

"Best take a shower and get down to breakfast Trevor, your father has a very important announcement." The man said before disappearing into nothing, Trevor felt a cold chill pass him as he stripped and entered the shower.

A ten minute shower felt like an eternity to Trevor as he felt his head throb, memories from two different lives mixed in his head. He remembered King Roy dismissing his pleas to come with him to New Britain but also remembered King Roy taking him to New Asia on a business trip. Trevor chalked it up to his body adjusting to memories that happened to this new him.

Trevor got out and dried off. He entered his room and looked at his wardrobe. His casual outfits were the exact same as they were originally, adjusted for his new height now. Trevor head throbbed as another memory appeared, how he dressed. Trevor looked at the wardrobe and decided to go casual today. The new memory seemed to be of Trevor showing Alexandre how to dress properly instead of the reverse as it used to be. Sighing, Trevor left his room, he was going to need time to adjust to a new lifestyle.

When he arrived at the breakfast table, his siblings were all there, sitting in their usual spots. None of their mothers were present and King Roy seems to have just finished his breakfast.

"Finally decided to join us Treffie?" Achilles said playfully as he pushed around a glazed strawberry on his plate.

"Ah leave him alone, he's probably up all night worried about the Selection." Henry said as he sipped his coffee.

"Worried about 35 beautiful girls coming, ready to lick his boots to be his wife?" Dietrich asked looking up from his half eaten bowl of fruit.

"Must be so hard being extremely handsome and heir to the throne." Alexandre said folding his hands and making puppy eyes.

"Hey it means we get to relax while Treffie does all the work." Keigo joked as he ate the last of the bacon.

Trevor was glad to see that his brothers hadn't changed at all. The banter made him feel at ease, it reminded him that despite being in a new body his family was still his family. Trevor almost took a seat when he noticed King Roy beckoning him over. Trevor nodded and walked over.

Despite being well into his fifties King Roy was still quite the handsome man and still got several proposals from women asking to be his wife. Roy of course denied all of them having put the partying behind him and being content with the mothers of his children.

"Trevor, the forms for your selection are almost filled. A few of the provinces have been picked already. There is a few bits of paperwork I want you to finish by today so we can proceed without delay." Trevor nodded, his father was still as formal as always.

Trevor sat and enjoyed a delicious breakfast, bantering with his brothers. He felt as if nothing had changed.

It took Trevor longer than usual to get to his office, forgetting that being the heir he got the biggest office instead of the glorified broom closet that used to be his office. The office looked exactly the same as it did when Alexandre occupied it. Scarlet carpeting with mahogany furniture. Bookshelves lined with books nobody bothered to read but still dusted clean.

"It's all quite nice, the desk reminds me of when my office appeared long ago." A woman's voice said. Trevor nearly jumped as he turned around to meet a tall woman dressed entirely in a red women's suit.

Her skirt showed a bit too much leg for Trevor's liking, her pumps only made her look taller than she already was. She wore a v-neck beneath her jacket that was a shade lighter than her suit. The neckline was also too low for Trevor's liking. Blonde curls spilled down her shoulders and her eyes were a smoky grey. She gave off an aura of confidence that Trevor had never seen in anyone.

"Who are you?" Trevor asked as he tried to play it cool, pretending to be unaffected by this chuckled as she walked past Trevor and sat on his desk, crossing her legs. She grinned, showing perfect white teeth.

"Devlin, My name is Jezebel Devlin, just call me Miss Devlin." She said. Trevor looked at her, something unsettled him as he went over and sat down on his desk. It was when he saw Miss Devlin's reflection in the polished wood that he realized she wasn't his assistant but the man he made the contract with. The look she had taken was merely a disguise, to make her blend in with the staff. She had overdone it a bit.

"Don't think I didn't intend for that to happen, Trevor. I wasn't going to have you treat me like a servant. For the time being, I'll take this form." Miss Devlin said. Trevor blinked then asked.

"What happened to my real assistant? The one you've replaced?" Trevor was only mildly concerned but he didn't want someone dead before he had even started this new life.

"She is blissfully asleep in her home, where she will remain until your Selection is over." Miss Devlin said as she hopped over the desk, besides Trevor. She patted Trevor's head and looked at his paperwork.

"You just have to sign your name a few times, but you can do that later, we have matters to discuss." Miss Devlin chirped, picking up a few manila envelopes from the desk. She looked at the profile of the girls inside.

"You are going to have your Selection, per your desire." She explained as she read through the form. "Don't worry though, they won't all be the same as Alexandre's Selection."

Trevor tilted his head, he was going to ask before Miss Devlin continued.

"Why? Simply put this is a different timeline. Different choices were made in the past twenty years. Do you remember that violinist? The one that was in the elite?"

"Stella Romanova? Yes she had a family emergency and asked to be dismissed." Trevor responded, he remembered her fondly. Despite having no interest in Trevor whatsoever she was always polite and kind to him.

"She's dead in this timeline, poor girl was in a car accident when she was seventeen." Miss Devlin said. Trevor gasped softly and his heart dropped, he felt like that girl died because of him. It was then he realized that he could have killed others simply because he was selfish. Miss Devlin noticed and scoffed.

"Don't feel bad, this is a natural result of different timelines. Different choices are made, all minor in the grand scheme of the world. Instead of having black tea someone may grow up to like green tea." Trevor nodded it's better to not think about, still he couldn't help but feel guilty about the girl.

"Naturally your Selected will be a little different. Some girls will still sign up and wind up here again. Like this one here, she was in Alex's selection." Miss Devlin said. Trevor looked at the form, he quickly tore it into pieces. He knew the girl, she was a suck up and openly insulted Trevor, she was thrown out of the palace when Keigo and Achilles caught her calling Trevor a whiny creep.

"Naturally, I will also be joining your Selection. In disguise of course" Miss Devlin said. Trevor looked at her in disbelief. Miss Devlin grinned. The perfect teeth turned razor sharp and small horns peeking through the blonde hair.

"I am doing this for my own entertainment Trevor Elijah Schreave. Just because I granted your petty wish doesn't mean that you are in charge!" Miss Devlin's voice had changed into that of many, it echoed and Trevor felt like he recognized some of the voices" He shuddered as he felt that cold chill again.

"Of course I won't tell you who I'll be. I will however make this interesting." Miss Devlin said as she opened a drawer in Trevor decked and pulled out a twin bladed knife. Trevor's eyes locked on the blade. It paralyzed him, something about the blade made him want to run. Trevor felt like the blade was going to plunge itself into his chest and that would be that.

The grip and pommel of it seemed to be recent, but masterfully craft. The blades themselves was what kept Trevor in his chair. One of the blade was pure white and small particles floating around it. It glowed faintly, difficult to see in the bright office. The other was the darkest black, vantablack. It wasn't reflective either and instead of particles it spew out reddish wisps that resembled steam.

Miss Devlin's grin only widened as she held the blade. Then slammed the knife into Trevor's desk, the wood splintered where the knife struck but held the knife.

"That knife can sever any bond, including our contract. It is not intended to be used on humans" Miss Devlin explained

"Do I have to tell you what to do?" She asked. Trevor moved, his hand trembled as he gripped the knife. His breathing became shaky, everything inside him told him no.

"Stab you…" he said as he tried to pull out the knife.

"Yes, how astute of you. However, not now not that you can. Find me in your Selection Trevor Shreave. Find me in your Selection and drive that knife into my abdomen and you'll be relieved of our contract. I won't get your soul and everything remains the same."

"And if I eliminate you? What then?" Trevor asked. Devlin tapped her chin, mocking Trevor.

"Then the contract is still valid and I still take your soul. I'm just not a girl in your selection anymore."

"And if you're the winner?"

"That depends if you like having the first fallen angel as a bride. But I might have mercy on you and see if something can be negotiated."

"What's to stop me from pricking each girl's finger with this blade?"

"I told you, it isn't intended for humans. Even the slightest prick will cause a human to die near instantaneous. Do you really want 34 dead girls? That would just leave you back where you were. Friendless, alone. With the exception of being attractive oh and giving your soul to the devil." Trevor let go of the blade, he swallowed a lump in his throat.

"Of course pick the wrong girl and she dies… this is the reality Trevor and I'll leave it up to you to choose whether you want to take the risk to avoid your contract or continue knowing that there is a wolf among your sheep." Miss Devlin smiled and turned around leaving Trevor alone with his thoughts. Before she left she looked back at Trevor with a wicked grin that betrayed her appearance.

"Best get to know your girls, Treffie." The door then shut quietly. Trevor's breathing calmed and he brought his hands to his face. What had he gotten himself into?

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