As soon as they reached the Ootori mansion, Haruhi found herself stripped of her clothes and flung on the plush white leather.

There was no pushing away anymore. There was no more self denial, Kyoya Ootori, loved Haruhi Fujioka.

It was a fact.

The flood gates had opened and Kyoya had set a goal to mark her, drill into her that he would never share her, that she would his and only his. And without being confined to his car, Kyoya was intent on showing her what it was like space was no longer an issue in restraining himself to be with her, touch her, claim her, possess her.

Haruhi's fingers clenched Kyoya's dark locks. She arched her back against the lounger as her legs instinctively wrapped tighter around his neck. Her teeth bit down hard on her swollen lips to quiet the moan that escaped her lips. Her hips moved on their own accord trying to get as much of the swirls of Kyoya's sacred tongue. Haruhi winced slightly as she felt the bruise on her inner thigh come into contact with his sharp jaw. She could feel the leather clung to her naked back that was damp with sweat.

She had tried protesting at her complete state of undress but Kyoya had completely obliterated all her objections the moment that he pressed her down onto the seat and began exploring every inch of her with his mouth. Haruhi let out a string of incoherent moans that were a mix between half of Kyoya's name, half of something else when she felt his pace fasten. Her grip on his black hair had become almost painfully tight as she felt herself approaching her climax.

She looked down at the boy who was kneeling on the carpet in front of her through hooded eyes. There was something about having Kyoya down on his knees for her looking so unkempt that deeply satisfied some kind of visceral pleasure within her. Something about seeing him away from that clean and buttoned up version of himself that filled her with satisfaction. She met Kyoya's eyes and saw a mischievous glint in those dark grey orbs as he brought his hands to her slender legs and unwrapped them from where they were resting on his broad shoulders.

Haruhi whimpered when she was greeted by the cool air greeting her soaking core from where Kyoya had been. The room was filled with soft music that muted her heavy pants. She looked up at the boy who had stood up in front of her still in his black jeans that hung to his lips like sin and dark blue sweater. The smirk on his face would have irritated her if she had not been so busy trying to pull him back down to his previous position. She let out a huff of frustration when Kyoya would not budge, growing aware of her nakedness in relation to the fully-clothed boy. Her arms quickly went to cover her exposed skin as she shot Kyoya a glare. Arrogant, spiteful, stupid, smug bastard.

Haruhi saw Kyoya's smirk amplify at her thoughts and she was absolutely sure he had some mind-reading abilities or something so she cursed him some more. Wordlessly, Kyoya's arms shot behind his neck and she watched the cashmere swiftly inch up to show more and more of his bare torso until it was completely gone. Her eyes raked over every detail of his lean chest that had a light muscular definition. She watched his long fingers undo the dark jeans that contrasted with his pale skin.

Haruhi watched as Kyoya removed the last piece of fabric leaving him just as exposed as she was. Earlier in the car, there was not enough space for Haruhi to focus on the details of Kyoya's form. But now as she stared at him, she soaked in every sight that Kyoya had to offer from his defined shoulders to his long muscular legs.

Her eyes turned back to meet his and a faint blush spread on her cheeks when she realized that she had been admiring him in all of his naked glory. When she locked on to those grey eyes, what transpired between them was almost indescribable in words, it was like everything had frozen around them and all that was left in this world was the two of them. Her legs instinctively wrapped around his hips trying to brace herself, when Kyoya leaned over and picked her up from the couch where she was seated.

Haruhi never thought a person's gender mattered much but she could not deny that the way Kyoya led her through her utmost carnal desires reminded her just how much of a woman she was. Despite her fiercely independent nature, Haruhi enjoyed being under Kyoya's control. There was something about surrendering herself completely to his will that amplified their connection. She knew that she had a hold of him unlike any other, that he had submitted himself to her emotionally and his lack of control in one realm translated his need to dominate her with his touch.

Their eyes were glued to each other as he carried her into his bathroom. Without averting his gaze, Kyoya quickly flicked the handle for his bathtub so that it would fill up for later before moving them into his shower.

Haruhi shivered as her back pressed against the cool Italian marble. She wrapped her arms around his neck while tightening the grip of her legs. She had never realized how strong Kyoya was but he held her as if she weighed the same as his black notebook. She felt his heartbeat rapidly against her chest as he continued to look at her with so much adoration in those stormy grey eyes that she felt that she was going to burst.

Kyoya twisted the valve and warm water drops began to descend from the ceiling and soaking the two of them completely. All he could focus on was the girl in his arms as they were engulfed in the rain. Their position reminded him of his dream that he had all those months ago but he was no longer bleeding anymore. Haruhi had accepted all of his wounds, kissed them before stitching them together until years of silent pain had completely dissipated.

He was reborn.

Kyoya leaned over and bringing his lips to hers, pouring his love for her into the kiss, devouring her lips as if he had been starving for eternity. The water descended his face and onto hers and mixed into their mouths until it felt like they were drowning.

A part of them did drown. All the pain and hurt were cleansed away. And now he needed to fuck her hard so that she would never forget that she belonged with him, belonged to him.

He could taste the water droplets that had beaded on her skin as he feverishly trailed hungry kisses down her neck. He stopped on her shoulder where he used his teeth to tug her soft skin

She moaned as she felt his mouth suck at her wet tender flesh until a bruise formed. She ached to feel him again…to feel the different sensations he could bring to her body…to fall into his complete and utter control as he worked her to absolute euphoria.

Kyoya hotly brought his mouth to her small wet mounds. He held Haruhi's lust-filled gaze as he took one of the buds into his mouth, twirling it with his tongue and sucking on it eagerly.

Haruhi ground her hips instinctively into his as her body was overwhelmed in eagerness for him. She watched as the water traveled down like small rivers that flowed past his sharp chin, his slender arms, and his toned chest down to his strong legs. Kyoya's thick dark locks were drenched and loosely slicked back. His handsome face was surrounded by a halo of steam clouds. His entire body glistened as his skin covered with droplets that stuck to his flesh like small diamonds.

Kyoya moved his attention to the other breast before using his mouth to pull on the flesh and form an even larger bruise on the skin above her nipple. He pushed Haruhi further into the wall before moving his arm underneath her soaked thighs to hold her weight. His hips moved back as he brought his free hand to jerk his hardened length quickly a few times before aligning his member to her dripping entrance.

He looked at Haruhi as he slipped inside her burying himself deep into her wet burning core.

Kyoya thrust into her over and over again with so much force that her back was hitting against the wall with each movement. The shower was filled with Haruhi's loud cries as Kyoya's swollen length roughly plunged deep into her repeatedly. Her toes curled against the back of his legs and she squeezed her thighs closer around his torso. Her short nails dug into red lines along his back as her entire body bobbed up and down against his firm embrace. Haruhi buried her head into his shoulder as his wet hair stuck all over her face. She gripped his dark locks as his strokes kept hitting a spot deep within her and she tightened around him. Her screams of pleasure as she was taken over the edge was muffled by Kyoya's soaking skin.

Before she could recover from her climax, Kyoya pulled out of her and pushed onto all fours on the ground and he entered her from behind with a loud grunt.

Kyoya leaned down onto her back, continuing his assault on her skin while slamming into her with as much force as he could. The sound of her screaming out his name continued fueling a fire that raged within him to make her a prisoner to his touch, to fill her and satisfy her every possible need that she could never let go of the sensations that he brought to her body even if she wanted to. Darkened grey eyes squinted in pleasure while he admired the small curves of her backside that were covered in several of his bite marks. Kyoya's hand glided upwards from hip to her sides, to her shoulders, to the nape of her neck before finally weaving into her steamy chestnut locks. His fingers tugged her hair roughly so that her head jerked back as if she was looking over her shoulders. He moaned as he brought his lips down to hers captured them into a passionate kiss while he continued plunging into her hard and fast.

Haruhi's senses were overwhelmed.

The feel of the warm water on her back. The feel of her knees digging into the ground as she took all of his force. The feel of his fingers rubbing circles around her folds. The feel of his tongue swirling around in her mouth as he pounded into her.

It was too much.

She was reduced into a mess underneath him and she was pushed over the edge again. His release followed right after as his hard movements stopped when he abruptly jerked out of her and spilled his seed all over her wet back that dripped down on to the bathroom floor.


Haruhi let out a small content sigh as she felt Kyoya's hands massage her sides.

Their limbs were intertwined as they lay in his large stone bathtub enveloped in warm water. Kyoya's arms were wrapped tenderly around Haruhi who was seated on his lap leaning against his chest.

Slow music flowed through the home theater speaker system into Kyoya's bathroom but blended in the background as the two lovers were trapped in their own world.

Despite the extreme relaxation brought by the soothing waters, a part of Haruhi was irked by the fact that they did not finish bathing in the shower. She had been so distracted when they had first entered the bathroom to realize that Kyoya had kept the bath running the whole time they were in the shower. She had always been taught to save water and would have no doubt given him an earful if she had noticed.

She felt Kyoya lean in and pressed a kiss on her shoulder that had now become his favorite spot. She winced slightly as his lips touched the sensitive skin that was slowly turning more purple by the minute. Haruhi observed the rows of small colored glass bottles filled with various kinds of designer shampoos and shower gels that rested on the square bathtub edge. The large black stone tub was almost filled to the brim with warm water and white clouds of bubbles, there was even one single candle that had been illuminated, which Kyoya had managed to pull out of nowhere after their shower.

"Don't you think that's a little girly to have so many products?"

Kyoya scoffed at her remark. I did not see you complaining as you dumped half the bottle into the bathtub. "Did you really take me as the type who would us all in one shampoo and body wash?"

Haruhi inhaled the different scents that floated around the air before tilting her head back to press a soft kiss to his lips. It was all she could muster with her lack of energy from the prior events in his car and then again in his shower. "I'm sure all of this looks like an all in one shampoo body wash compared to what Tamaki and the twins must have in their bathrooms.

Kyoya stiffened at her words. They had been so engrossed in each other that Kyoya had completely forgotten about the events of this afternoon. He had gained Haruhi but it came with the cost of isolating himself from his friends. He had told them it was over yet here he was selfishly holding her in his arms. He had promised himself that he would let Tamaki be with her, yet here he was making her as his without any care for the consequences.

He really was a snake.

Haruhi felt Kyoya's body tense. She did not have to turn back and look into his eyes to know he was getting that distant look again. She quickly scooped some of the water in the palm of her hand before tossing it behind her right at Kyoya's face. "Relax."

Kyoya wiped away the water that had previously just attacked his face. He pushed Haruhi away from his arms and turned her around so that she was facing him.

Haruhi could not stop herself from doubling over in laughter. She would never have thought that Kyoya would be offended by a simple splash, seriously, he was looking at her as if she had told him that the stock market had crashed. Tears of mirth formed at her eyes as she saw that the threatening look on his face was distracted by the fluffy bubbles that she had launched on to his hair. When her laughter died down, she could see that his expression had softened but still held a halfhearted scowl.

"That was completely uncalled for."

Haruhi brought her hand to his damp locks and ruffled them slightly, admiring the mess of black that framed his perfect face, "I disagree, it was completely called for," she shot him a soft smile.

Kyoya hung his head unable to look at Haruhi's eyes as he thought about some of the other Host Club members. They would have moved oceans and laid down the world at the feet of Haruhi Fujioka just to receive a kiss from her sweet lips. But she had chosen him despite knowing all his terrible secrets and experiencing first-hand how wicked he could be.

He couldn't even properly voice his love her.

Haruhi quickly took her hand to Kyoya's chin and tilted it so that he would meet her eyes, "They'll get over it eventually, you know."

Kyoya stared intently at Haruhi's eyes that were faintly illuminated by the small candle that was resting on the edge of the bathtub. She had somehow deciphered his feelings that he kept hidden so deep inside that even Kyoya did not know that they existed but Haruhi was still oblivious to the others whose love for her was as blatant and obvious as ever. He gently swept her short bangs aside from her face, "That's where you're wrong, I don't think they'll ever stop being angry."

Haruhi shot Kyoya a confused look, "Isn't that a little dramatic? I know Hikaru was just trying to look out for me but it's my choice-"

Before Haruhi could finish her sentence, she found herself pulled into Kyoya's tight embrace. The movement was so fast that it caused the bathwater to thrash violently against the edge and spill over slightly onto the floor. Haruhi wrapped her arms around Kyoya's neck humming as she felt his soapy skin against hers. Having Kyoya holding her close like he would never pull away made her heart swell in a way that it had not in years. They stayed like that for several minutes before pulling away.


Haruhi reached into the water and brought her hand to Kyoya's urging him to continue what he was saying.

"Why me? After everything you had every reason to stay away from me…" Kyoya's voice was so dangerously low that Haruhi had to strain her ears to hear through the music, "…but here you are."

"Because you're less annoying than the others," Haruhi said with a hint of amusement in her voice, trying to lighten the dark look that settled over Kyoya's eyes. Haruhi looked down at the water concentrating hard on the white foam that rested on the surface of the water that surrounded their bodies up. She bit her lip debating on whether or not she should say those three little words for some time before deciding against it. Everything between her and Kyoya was still so fresh that she did not want to rock the boat. She knew that Kyoya loved her but she also knew that she would have to wait until he was ready to say how he felt before she could voice her own feelings. Haruhi brought her fingers to some of the bubbles watching how they disappeared at her touch. "Do you remember that night at my apartment?" Haruhi whispered as she finally turned to look at the boy in front of her.

The air stilled at her question.

Kyoya's chest immediately tightened at her words. Of course, he remembered that night, he had spent every waking minute of the past week torturing himself over the way he rejected her.

"You said a lot of awful things to me that night and a part of me will never forgive you for it Kyoya but when I was sitting alone in my apartment after you left, I realized I was madder at you for leaving than everything else."

Kyoya's eyes widened at her words.

Haruhi hand began tracing circles around Kyoya's bare pectoral, "You could have told me the truth you know about your…erm, your plan…I would have forgiven you because I knew there was more between us than some stupid goal of yours for you let me in the way you did." Before Kyoya could speak, Haruhi reached down to grab both of his hands and clutched both of them tightly under the warm water. "If I was just some stupid goal, you wouldn't have told me about your mom, you wouldn't have let me do that…um…thing to your neck when no one had ever been allowed to, you wouldn't have been so patient with me when I told you I wasn't ready, you wouldn't have hugged me that way that night before you ended things, and you wouldn't have stopped yourself from taking me when I offered myself to you."

Kyoya was momentarily rendered speechless.

Kyoya…had been even more oblivious than Tamaki.

He had never realized how so much of his behavior had been completely unrelated to his plans. Now he was starting to think about it – was it possible that he set out his plans because he had somehow realized that he had feelings for Haruhi? Did he set a plan to sleep with her because he wanted her in a way that his fucked up brain originally recognized as lust but was actually something deeper?

It was entirely possible…and completely true.

His entire plan was based on his feelings for her…not on his need for her body.

It was never about sex.

Haruhi smiled at the expression on Kyoya's face. She brought her face inches away from his, as she continued looking at the shell shocked boy in front of her. "My parents made me understand that when you are with somebody, it doesn't always have to be perfect. It doesn't have to be clean and straightforward, it can be messy. It doesn't have to make any sense whatsoever, it can be absolutely irrational and crazy," Haruhi's forehead was pressed right against his as she whispered her words to him. "I'm sure there were hundreds of more logical options for my mom, she came from a decent family, she went to Lobelia, she was a well-respected lawyer but she ended up with my dad. She chose him because although he was imperfect, although it caused problems, although it only lasted a short time, what they had was real." Haruhi's lips were only a few inches away from his, "I don't care about the way you acted in the past because I know that you're trying to be better when you're with me so I choose you Kyoya, as crazy as it may be. If you think that there are too many risks or not enough merits to this, I'll walk away-"

Before she could finish her sentence, Kyoya kissed her so hard that the two of them fell back into the water with a loud splash. One of his arms snaked around her waist, while the other held her cheek as his lips remained glued to hers regardless of the air that was slowly disappearing from both their lungs.

The water lustrated them of previous misdeeds and mistakes and they emerged together.

All she could focus on Kyoya who was holding her tightly in his arms. She quickly reached up and removed the hair that was clinging to his face as she took in those grey eyes of his looking at her with far more love and affection than he could express out loud.

She didn't need him to say it.

She could see it in its entirety in his eyes.