Thirty-one year old single mom, Bonnie Bennett, lives with her teenage daughter Lucy in a small eccentric town called Mystic Falls with their quirky friends and outlandish neighbors. After getting her daughter into a high end private school, Bonnie finds herself being pursued by Lucy's hot English teacher, while she fosters feelings for the grumpy cafe owner Kai Parker. If that's not bad enough, Lucy's dad comes swinging back into town trying to reconcile with his family. Bonnie finds herself struggling with her blooming love life and also having her parents back into her life again.

September has arrived with a cold breeze coming from up north. Bonnie Bennett walks across the busy streets of Mystic Falls early Monday morning. She approaches the local bistro and saunters into Kai's Cafe. The place was already packed when she got inside, she began removing her rust brown trench coat and matching color beanie hat, resting them at her usual table. She spied an empty mug on the side of her, grabbed it and walked to the counter. Kai Parker was behind that flat-topped fixture serving customers.

Bonnie braced herself, coating a smile on her face, and Kai's eyes caught hers as she made her way over to him.

"Morning Kai." She greeted him, holding her mug close to her chest.

Kai fixed his gaze at her with a stony expression before asking. " How many cups have you had this morning?"

"None." She lied, Kai gave her a knowing look. He was waiting for the truth. "Okay, four maybe five. But you know I like yours better."

Kai's stance was rigid, his blue eyes peered into her emerald ones, Bonnie could feel something stirring inside of her, she hated when he did that. "I think you have a real problem. Ruining your health with this crap." He uttered before filling her cup. Bonnie was now gleaming at him, he always gave into her. Kai Parker was born and raised in Mystic Falls with his father and sister, he had inherited this place years ago after his father passed away. Kai managed to renovate the store, renamed it after himself, and turned it from a hardware store to an eatery. The cafe was fairly new when Bonnie first moved to Mystic Falls, and it was the first spot she ever came to, and it was also her favorite. "You're a junkie, Bonnie Bennett."

Still scrutinizing her, which she totally ignored. "And you Malachai, are my guardian angel." She blew him a kiss while gripping onto her coffee mug.

Kai just shook his head muttering about the crazy coffee lady, before moving back to the kitchen to fix his orders. Meantime, Bonnie walked off to her table to wait for someone. At that moment a young man from the counter comes over to her. "How is it?" The stranger asked as she took a sip.

Bonnie lifts her head then responds. "Kai makes the best coffee in town."

"Might have to try it."

"You should."

The stranger looked around before continuing with Bonnie. "I'm new to this town, actually I'm passing through." Bonnie just listened and stared, thinking of ways she was gonna turn him down. "Do you mind?" he asked before sitting down, without even waiting for a response. The nerves of this guy. "My name Harper."

"Oh, that's nice." Having no intentions giving out her own name, she just keeps her eyes on him, praying he'll go away.

"What's yours?"

Bonnie impatiently itches her head. "I'm meeting someone." She gave him a pretentious shrug, hoping he'd get the message. He did, Harper briskly got back up and returned to the counter speaking to another man.

Once he was gone, Lucy Bennett walked in the door and took a seat across from her mother. "It's really cold out there." Lucy, fifteen years old and the light of Bonnie's life. She shook her thick brown curls out of her face and snuggled in her tawny fleece jacket.

"Oh, what do you need? Hot tea, coffee, a mocha latte?

Lucy placed her schoolbag down and said. "I could use lip gloss, my lips are so chapped." Bonnie grabbed her makeup bag out of her purse. She had at least four different flavors of lip gloss and three shades of lipstick. She handed the bag to Lucy who looked through it before settling on the fenty beauty soft pink shimmering lip gloss.

Bonnie grabbed the empty mug in front of Lucy, "I'll get you some coffee, so you can warm up." Lucy nods to her mother. And Bonnie makes her way back over to the counter. Kai gives her another reprimanding gander, disapproving of her caffeine addiction.

"Hey, this isn't for me, this is for Lucy."

"How is that even better, she's only fifteen and you got her hooked on this crap."

Bonnie tilts her head at Kai giving him her best anime girl eyes. "Look at her, she's sad and cold." Bonnie turns around to point out her daughter to Kai. But there was someone standing in front of Lucy. That Harper guy. As Bonnie glared at the man's back, Kai began filling her cup up. "Thanks." She mutters as she walks back over to her table. Hearing bits of their conversation. This was the last straw for this guy.

"You really like my table, don't you? Bonnie spat out to the man, she could see Lucy looking pleased to see her mother come save her from this creep.

"I was just, uh. . ." Harper began stuttering.

"I see you met my daughter."

His expression dropped, completely stunned by her words. "Your…" He pointed at Lucy.

This was when Lucy decided to chim in, "Are you my new daddy?" Staring at him with her big brown eyes and pouting her lips that were now covered in pink gloss.

"Oh, wow. You do not look like someone's mom. You look like sisters to me." Harper complimented.

Bonnie couldn't help but savor the compliment, it was always nice to hear how youthful she looked. "That's really sweet Harper."

And that's when Harper decided to get even more bold. "So I am traveling with a friend." He pointed out his friend, who was by the counter waving at them.

Bonnie blinked rapidly. "She's fifteen."

Harper looked like a deer caught in headlights. "Okay, bye." That's when he and his friend exit the cafe. Lucy and Bonnie looked at each other then broke out in laughter.

Bonnie walked the golden crest lobby of the Lockwood Inn, she spotted her bellboy who was retrieving the keys for the upstairs rooms. She quickly made her way over to the front desk, where Marcel Gerard was positioned on a phone call while sorting the mail. His face was masked in displeasure, Bonnie could sense he was ready to lose his temper.

"We're having a wedding party here...No, there is really nothing I can do. No, I don't have to look ma'am, I - Yes, of course I'll look." Marcel puts the phone down and sorts the mail, pretending he was looking for an available room. He waited twenty seconds before picking the phone back up. "I'm sorry, we're completely booked."

Marcel moved the phone from his ears and stared at it. Apparently the customer hung up on him. He placed the phone back, and continued with the mail. "Plumber still hasn't attended the rooms yet?" Bonnie figured she asked, even though she knew the answer.

"No, he has not." Marcel acknowledged her, as if she shouldn't be surprised. He handed her the phone to call the plumbing company to demand what was going on. While doing so, Lucy came in greeting her and Marcel. Once she had the plumber sorted out, she hung up. Marcel watched Lucy closely. "What's the trickster doing here?"

"Can't I come by and check in on my two favorite people." She cooed and resting her arms on the desk, Marcel gave her a side eye.

Bonnie loved the banter between Marcel and Lucy. Her daughter always knew how to wind him up. "Marcel, how about you look over Lucy's French paper."

Lucy's face split into a grin. Marcel replied in an unpleasant tone. "No thank you. I'm sure she'll do fine without my assistant."

Lucy sighed, reaching in her bag to get the paper. "Please, Marcel I'll even tell my French teacher Ms. Dubois what a single and charming gentleman you are."

Marcel wasn't buying it. Bonnie decided to help. "She's a beautiful French woman, who's single and twenty-eight." Marcel's age range, Celeste Dubois was a total babe. Bonnie was following the woman on instagram, after they bonded at last year's PTA meeting. Bonnie took her phone out, showing Marcel what he was going to be missing out on.

Marcel was left drooling by the sexy bikini photos Ms. Dubois took over the summer. "Fine, leave it. I'll take a look at it when I'm free." Bonnie and Lucy were both beaming.

"I'll be back later for it." Once Lucy was on her way out for school, Marcel turned to Bonnie shooting her a harmless glare, before picking up Lucy's essay.

"I truly loathe you."

After that Bonnie's day at work went on without any hiccups. The Inn was packed, it reminded Bonnie of her first day here. Back when she first came to Mystic Falls with no money and nowhere to call home. When Mrs. Carol Lockwood, a newly widower with riches, gave Bonnie a chance after taking a look at the bundle in her arms. A three months old Lucy. Carol saved Bonnie and gave her a job at seventeen. The Lockwood Inn was Bonnie's being and her saving grace.

Though the peaceful things came to an end. There was a crash in the kitchen that sent Bonnie running in. "Stefan!" She goes in to see Stefan laid out on the floor by the stove. He didn't look hurt, but she was still concerned.

"I'm fine, everything's fine." He waved.

"What the hell? Didn't I tell you guys to keep an eye on him."

Jesse, the kitchen boy shrugged. "You know what he's like Bonnie.""

Bonnie examined Stefan's hand. "Is that blood?"

Stefan winced looking over his hand. "Yep, I opened my stitches again." Bonnie felt nauseous seeing the blood. Stefan started to reach up at the stove to grab the pot, he had a joyful look. "Taste this. My newest creation." He fed a spoonful of what tasted like hazelnut.

Stefan Cooper, was Bonnie's first friend in Mystic Falls and co-worker at Lockwood Inn. Stefan was the chief for the Inn that was hired right after he impressed Carol Lockwood when he catered for her holiday party with his amazing shrimp scampi linguine and triple layered chocolate mousse cake. The guests were so impressed they were all begging Stefan to cater for them, although Carol offered him a permanent position with amazing benefits, so he went with her.

Bonnie let the sauce hit the back of her throat. Before letting out a groan. "This might be the greatest thing I've tasted. I want it on my waffles tomorrow."

Stefan grinned. "I need to make more. I'll give you a special container for yourself and Lucy."

"Thank you. Hey, you need a doctor." Bonnie told him, before helping him up off the floor. Jesse came over shaking his head at Stefan. "Take Stefan to see Meredith." With that Jesse whisk Stefan off to Doctor Fell.

Outside of that interruption, Bonnie's day at work came to a swift end. The Lockwood Inn was hectic, but once again business was booming for them. Times like this made Bonnie grateful to work with such good people like Marcel and Stefan. Although after the day she's had, she was appreciative of the fact that she had a beautiful quaint home. Bonnie made her way to the mailbox, when she noticed an official seal letter, which she quickly opened once she got inside her home. Throwing her purse down with the other junk mail in her hand. She began to read the letter.

"Dear Ms. Bennett, we are happy to inform you that we have an opening at Whitmore Academy starting immediately. Due to your daughter's outstanding credentials and her enthusiastic essay, we would be happy to accept her as soon as the first semester's tuition has been received."

Bonnie found herself in a fit of giggles, hopping up onto the couch. As the door opened and closed, Lucy found her mother pulling a Tom Cruise on their couch. "Mom?" She had a questioning look. Bonnie was startled to see Lucy, but then jumped off the couch into her arms for joy. Lucy was so confused. "Hi. You're in a great mood. What's up?"

Bonnie pulled away to look at Lucy. Her big brown eyes were searching for answers, Bonnie couldn't help but blurt it out. "You're going to Whitmore!" She yelled. Lucy's face was in disbelief. She returned her mother's hug, extremely excited now. "You got in babe." Bonnie rested her face in Lucy's thick brown curls. " You start next week Monday." Lucy's grip on her mother tightened.

"I can't believe I got into Whitmore. I have to call Penny." She whispered. Penelope Park, Lucy's best friend since Elementary School. It was always just the two of them. Bonnie wasn't sure how Penny would take the news of Lucy just leaving her at Mystic Fall High School. Last year they both started out there as freshmen.

As Lucy moved away from her, she gave her mother one last adoring look before heading up to her room. Bonnie decided to re-read the letter, as she did the last sentence stuck out at her, she looked further down on the letter before gasping. She quickly found her phone in her purse and dialed a number. It rang a couple of times before she got an answer. "Hello I'm trying to speak to Ms. Sommers." The assistant asked her to hold as she directed her call. Soon enough a woman answered her.

"Hello. This is Mrs. Sommers, how can I help you?" A cheerful voice asked.

"Oh, hello Ms. Sommers. My daughter Lucy Bennett was just accepted and I got notice on the letter way down at the bottom in fine prints was the enrollment fee along with the tuition. I was wondering if you guys could take half now and I could pay later."

There was a soft cough, "I'm sorry Ms. Bennett, but before Lucy can attend the enrollment fee and tuition must be paid in full. It's our new policy." It must be, were the other parents flaking out and not paying, making it harder on those parents who wanted monthly payment plans. "Otherwise we'll have to give up her space." Ms. Sommers finished.

Bonnie shut her eyes for a moment. She was in trouble. Real trouble. Maybe Lucy could go next year. Once she had more money saved up. And didn't wait for the last minute to send out the application.

"Penny, I'm going to Whitmore's Private School- Yep and I'm talking school girl plaid skirt, Ariana Grande style."

Lucy was upstairs yelping away with Penny. Bonnie knew what she had to do for her daughter. Finally responding to Mrs. Sommers. "I'll have the money." Ms. Sommers bid her goodbye and Bonnie dreaded for tomorrow. She was going back home to her parents.

Bonnie was outside the Bennett Manor sitting in her Toyota Prius. Staring at the home she tries so hard to avoid, she only comes around during the holidays with Lucy and attempts about two hours with her parents before bolting back to Mystic Falls. Yet somehow she managed to make her way onto the porch and without knocking, the door swung open and she was face to face with her mother.

"Hello mother." she greeted, mustering up a smile.

Abby Bennett looked amazing for her age. Never having to work a day in her life helped. "Bonnie, this is a surprise, seeing you before the bank holidays." Abby gave her a light jab. Clearly annoyed that she only got to see her Granddaughter during Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve. Every event was horrible for Bonnie, but at least Lucy got to spend time with her Grandparents.

"Well I told you, I had that business class part time at PVCC. So I decided to drop in." Bonnie told her family months ago that she was attending Piedmont Virginia Community College, in the same area where her family lived in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Bonnie walked inside and allowed her mother to take her into the living room. "Rudy, guess who's here?" Abby belted joyfully as she and Bonnie took seats across from each other.

Rudy Bennett walked into the room. "Hi daddy."

Her father wore an unimpressed looked. "Is it Thanksgiving already." He joked.

Abby looked over at her husband going to the wine cellar for a drink. "She wanted to drop in."

As Rudy started pouring liquids in his glass. He gave a harsh chuckle. "Code for she needs money."

Bonnie had a guilty look. Rudy could always read her. "I have a small hindrance."

Rudy came over and took a seat by his wife. "How much is it Bonnie?"

Might as well get to it. "Lucy got into Whitmore Academy." Abby clapped her hands for joy, the look on her face was pure glee. "She starts on Monday, but the problem is they want the tuition paid in full. Like now."

Rudy was quiet for a second. Rudy and Bonnie hardly ever saw eye to eye, their relationship was different than the one she had with her mother. But Rudy also had a soft spot for Lucy. "Let me get my checkbook." Bonnie wanted to let out a sigh of relief. Abby stopped her husband from loving.

"Wait now, I have a condition." Bonnie was so close. "If we get involved I want to see Lucy more."


Abby folds her arms together, her demeanor turned formal. "I mean I want you and her here every Friday night for dinner."

Bonnie was left floored. The two or three times a year with her parents were enough. Spending every single Friday night with them would kill her. Abby just wanted to worm her way in and start controlling her again, or worst controlling Lucy. But this was Lucy's future, this could get her into any Ivy League school.

"Fine." She clenched her teeth. Abby was thrilled to see Bonnie cave, she took hold of Rudy's hand. "But Lucy can't know about this."

Abby, looking smug just replied. "So that's it then, you can come by Friday night with Lucy for dinner and your father will have the money for you." Bonnie knew she'd live to regret this. It couldn't end well with these two. Lucy's future was at stake.

It was an awkward and quiet dinner night at Kai's Cafe. Bonnie and Lucy sat at their usual table picking at their salads. Bonnie's mind was still on her afternoon with her parents and Lucy's head was stuck in the clouds. Bonnie knew she had to break the news to Lucy about Friday night dinners.

"So we're having dinner with your grandparents Friday night." Lucy gave her a strange look.

"Why, it's not Thanksgiving."

Yep, she never gets tired of hearing that. "Your grandmother misses you. It's just dinner." Bonnie's tone was a bit harsh. Lucy averted her attention away from her mother as Kai came over with their meal.

"Two death burgers with a plate of heart killing chili fries." He commented before throwing the bill on the table. Any other night Bonnie would go back and forth with Kai about her poor eating habits. Tonight wasn't it. She didn't have the patience, she just thanked him as he walked away to attend to his other customers.

"I'm not sure I still want to go to Whitmore." Lucy states as Bonnie hands her over a plate.

Bonnie freezes, staring at Lucy who was biting her lips. "Excuse me."

"I'm a sophomore, do we really need to spend that kind of money on me. That money could be used for better things like the Inn you and Stefan have been dreaming of starting up. Plus the commute would suck for me." Lucy listed.

None of these things matter except Lucy getting the best education. "College is far more important, you still wanna go to Harvard right?"

Lucy gave her an unknowing shrug as she picked a fry. "Can't I go to Mystic Falls High and still get in."

No, it wasn't even a good public school. "I have it covered sweetie, don't worry your pretty little head."

"I just don't wanna go."

"Give me one good reason." Lucy didn't answer her. At this point Bonnie was fed up, it was a shit day. She threw some money on the table and got up to leave. Lucy followed her mother out the door.

They walked through the town of Mystic Fall, passing every single boutique the town had. Lucy saw her friend Penny with two Asian boys on a wagon going to Founders Hall. When they started to pass by the dance studio of Ms. Sabine Laurent, a young bohemian French dancer from New Orleans, Ms. Laurent was standing outside having a smoke. She spotted Lucy and called out to her.

"Hey Lucy, I think I found a job for you little gentleman friend?" Bonnie turned to look at her daughter with her brow cocked.

"Gentleman friend?" she questioned. Lucy's face was covered in a blush

She said nothing as Ms. Laurent went on. "Tripp needs a stock boy at his market. Tell him to go over there tomorrow."

Clearly embarrassed, Lucy whimpered. "Thanks, Ms. Laurent." Bonnie was still waiting for an answer. Sabine Laurent turned herself back inside to her students.

Lucy started rushing home without Bonnie. Who just briskly followed her. Once they got inside after Lucy slammed the door in her face. Bonnie let her have it. "You met a boy. Of course, that's why you were acting crazy at the cafe and this shit chat about not wanting to commute."

Lucy rolled her eyes walking up the stairs. "Goodnight."

"Who's the boy?"

"There's no boy, Bonnie." Lucy goes directly to her room. Bonnie felt like punching a wall. But she doesn't, she just goes into Lucy's room. She sees her daughter curled up on her bed. She looked distressed. Bonnie sighed, taking a seat on her bed.

"Listen, I understand babe. But boys will always be around, this school. This is way more important, this is your future." Lucy didn't respond. It's like talking to a wall sometimes with this kid. "Okay, fine. I guess I'm going to have to play the mom card. You are going to Whitmore, end of discussion."

"Guess we'll see." Lucy muttered. Bonnie glared at her daughter's back, before getting up. She slams the door shut on her way out. How did this week turn out so awful?

Bonnie found herself yet again on the front porch of her parents house. This time with Lucy by her side, who was still giving her the silent treatment all week. As much as she liked it that way, they couldn't get through dinner like this. Abby and Rudy would start asking questions that Bonnie wasn't looking to answer.

"Look, we need to have a united front, at least until we leave here. Deal?" Bonnie was trying to at least be civil with her daughter.

Lucy's arms were crossed, still every resentful. But Lucy also knew the deal with Rudy and Abby. She gave her mother a stiff nod. "Yeah, okay." Bonnie let out an easy sigh, before ringing the doorbell. Without a second to waste there was Abby staring her in the face. Lucy plastered a big smile on her face. "Hi Grams."

Girl knew how to play her role. "Come in, you girls are right on time." Bonnie and Lucy walked inside. "I'm so glad to have you two here." Abby went on. "Lucy, you must be so thrilled to start at Whitmore." Abby wrapped her arms around Lucy taking her into the next room.

Lucy followed her Grandmother into the living room. "I've been waiting to attend since Grandpa told me about it." There they both spot Rudy reading his newspaper. Hearing his granddaughter's voice, Rudy looked away from his paper.

"My god, Lucy you are tall."

Lucy looked down at her legs, she didn't think she grew that much since the last time she was here. "I'm almost 5'8." Lucy towered over her short five feet and barely two inches mother.

"Well hi dad." She greeted the man, even though he was clearly ignoring her.

"Bonnie, you know she got her height from me." That seems more possible, Bonnie's father was 6'2, much taller than Lucy's dad who was only 5'10. Abby came around and passed out champagne, Lucy took a seat with her Grandpa who handed her a newspaper, the business section.

Bonnie took a glass from Abby, soon her mother moved to sit next to her. Bonnie's clutch on her glass was tightened. "Can't believe we're all here together, and Lucy we are so proud of you." Rudy raised his champagne glass to Lucy. "Education is so important." Bonnie started sipping, she knew a speech was coming. "Next to family…" Abby glanced over at Bonnie.

And there was the judgement. "And coffee." There was a dead silence. Lucy looked at her mother drowning. She couldn't save her from Abby. "It's a joke, because I'm big on… nevermind." Abby's stare was homicidal. The silence from her parents made the night even longer.

Bonnie was grateful once the chief came in and announced that the dinner was ready. They all made their way into the dinning room, her parents on either ends of the table while she and Lucy were across from each other. Having lamb, potatoes and roasted cherry tomatoes in small portions. Bonnie couldn't wait to leave and get a real meal, possibly from Kai, who was not only an amazing coffee maker, the man was a damn good cook.

"Lucy, how's the lamb?"

By the way Lucy was nipping on the food, she'd say not so great. "Delicious Grams." Lucy focused more on the tomatoes.

"Potatoes could use a little salt." Bonnie said as she reached for the salt shaker. Abby shot her a scowl. This is when Lucy maneuvered the conversation.

"Grandpa, how's work?"

Still shoveling food in his mouth, "Same old, insurance business is all about paying out for people's incompetent."

"How dreadful." Bonnie muttered, taking a sip of water.

Rudy looked up at her. "How's the housekeeping at the motel going?" Of course, he'd downplay her own success.

"It's an Inn, daddy. I'm the executive manager. I don't clean anymore. Haven't in years." They never let her forget it.

"Is that so, speaking of which. I spoke to Damon yesterday." And in that moment, everything crashed and burned. Abby shot her husband a look but his eyes were on Lucy. "He's flourishing out in Atlanta. His new browser application goes public next month." Rudy informs them, Bonnie didn't even know the two men were on speaking terms. "You must get your smarts from him." Rudy said to Lucy. Who was now very uncomfortable with that comment while her mother was sitting across from her.

Bonnie couldn't handle being at the table for another second. She excused herself and made her way into the kitchen. All eyes except Rudy's was on her. Lucy itched to follow her mother out, but Abby got up instead.

When Abby reached the kitchen, she noticed her kitchen woman was missing and Bonnie was by the sink scrubbing a pot out. Her back was turnt to Abby, as she tried to get her frustration out. Abby exhaled before trying to calm her down. "Bonnie please come back to the table. There's no need for the dramatics."

Bonnie paused for a second, then turned to face her mother. "Dramatics? Did you hear what he said to me?" For once Bonnie would love to have someone in her corner, but it's never her parents, it's always her versus them.

"He didn't mean it." Bonnie just wanted to scream, to let it all out. She couldn't take it anymore. "Just relax and come back out."

Bonnie placed her fingertips on the bridge of her nose, trying to breath and stay calm. "Why do you guys have to jump on me. Nothing I say or do is ever right."

Abby looked dumbstruck. "That is not true." She defended herself.

Bonnie dropped her hands, placed them on the kitchen counter. "And why even bring up Damon. Was it necessary?"

Abby shrugged. "Your father happens to like him."

This couldn't be further from the truth. "Since when? Because when Damon got me pregnant, Dad wanted to kill him." Bonnie remembered her father's outrage when she and Damon came and told him the news.

Abby moved closer, "What father wouldn't, for god sakes Bonnie you were only sixteen." Abby's eyes were filled with disappointment and fear again. Bonnie turned to the left of the kitchen seeing a coffee pot and so she went over and poured herself a drink. "You two were supposed to be married, Lucy should have both of her parents."

Here she goes again. "Mom, not marrying Damon at sixteen was the best option for us. He didn't want to work for dad and I didn't wanna be a housewife. Damon is doing well on his own. So am I. I'm doing great in Mystic Falls."

Abby huffed. "Far away from us. You know it broke my heart when you walked out on us and took Lucy." Abby was getting emotional, completely forgetting the reasons Bonnie had for leaving. Bonnie raised her mug to her face.

"I wasn't gonna let you control me."

"You were a teen mother, you still needed us. You were just a child."

Bonnie's face hardened. "No mom, I wasn't. I had to grow up quickly with Lucy on the way. She was my responsibility not yours or Dads." Abby's eyes were glossy, but Bonnie couldn't hold back. "I built myself up from nothing, I didn't need anyone."

"And now here you are needing money from us." That was a quick slap in the face. It took Bonnie by surprise. "I guess in the end you came back around. And now I can finally see my Granddaughter more, and you get your tuition money."

Bonnie knew it was time to make her exit. Nothing she said would ever get into that thick head of Abby's. There was no point continuing this conversation. They both made their feelings clear. Bonnie went back to the dining room that was left grim in her absent. She said goodbye to her father, allowing Lucy to bid her Grandparents goodbye. They left the house in silence, once they got into the Prius, Lucy finally spoke.

"Coffee?" It was at that moment, Bonnie was grateful for having a daughter.

They drove back to Mystic Falls, made their way into the town to reach Kai's Cafe. That was open until 10:30PM on Friday nights. When they got to the sidewalk Lucy spoke up again. "So about what you and Grams talked about?" Yikes did she hear the whole conversation. They weren't that loud. Were they?

"How much did you hear?" Bonnie asked as she opened the door for them.

Walking inside looking for their table. "Mostly all of it."

Bonnie cringed. They both took their seats, waiting for Kai to pop up. "I needed the money, babe. It was the only option I had."

"I understand, I guess we have plans every Friday night, huh?"

Bonnie shook off her coat, then looked directly at Lucy. "You changed your mind, you really wanna go to Whitmore." Lucy gave her a bashful nod, thank god. Bonnie doesn't wanna have to worry about Lucy and boys right now.

Before she could speak, Kai shows up at their table dressed in a navy blue button-down shirt, fittin jeans, and black suede boots. Bonnie can't remember ever in the years she's known Kai to see him not wearing a hat, he had luscious brown hair and his beard was well groomed. She caught herself taking it all in, wanting to get a peak of him from behind.

Kai noticed her ogling him and then spoke up. "I had a meeting down at the bank, trying to get a loan, I was told this is appropriate wear."

"You look really good, and your hair is nice, all of it is nice." Bonnie caught the blush on his face.

"Thanks, you look good too." Bonnie looked down on her outfit, it was really just a long sleeve black henley that had a slight V, showing her asset. Still staring hard at Kai, forgetting the fact that Lucy was sitting there.

Not wanting to embarrass Kai anymore. Bonnie decided to order. "Coffee please, largest cup you have."

"Same, and cheese fries please." Lucy said nonchalant as if she didn't notice Kai and Bonnie eye fucking.

Kai had his poker-face on. "She's a bad influence on you." Bonnie simpered, looking pleased as Kai walked away to get their orders.

Moving forward, Bonnie had to bring it up now that Lucy was speaking to her again. "So about this boy."


"Lucy, you have to give me something."

"I'll give you nothing." They started bickering until Kai came back with the coffee and fries.

Before Bonnie even got a hold of the mug, Kai burst out. "Lucy, you shouldn't even be drinking this mess. Bonnie, why do you do this to her?"

Bonnie shrugged, taking her mug, Lucy followed. "Like mother, like daughter." Kai just threw his hands up before walking back to his kitchen.

Lucy and Bonnie shared a smile, before drinking their cup of joe and Bonnie went back to bugging her daughter about her mystery man.

I've been doing a Gilmore Girls rewatch and I thought what would be cuter than Kai Parker own his own restaurant in Mystic Falls and Bonnie being his best customer. Luke and Lorelai were so cute I decided to do an GG AU for Bonkai. Bonnie's daughter Lucy is named after cousin Lucy from S2, there's not a lot of black characters on TVD so I'm mixing it up with TO and Legacies. The plot is the same, but the focus will be solely on Bonnie and her relationships with her family and friends, plus lots of romance because TVD was trash for thinking Kat Graham isn't attractive.

If you've seen Gilmore Girls you probably picked up on who is who, if not I'll leave notes at the end of every chapter. And even though they'll be other romances, Bonkai is endgame. Next chapter we'll see more romantic play with Bonnie & Kai.