Lucy Bennett is about to turn sixteen years old. But the idea of having a low-key birthday party quickly turns sour when Abby insists on throwing her granddaughter a "proper" party. And while Abby is throwing Lucy's an elegant party, Bonnie plans a wild birthday bash the following night, and Kai is the ice man who saves the whole party.

Bonnie, Lucy and Abby were gathered around the dinner table, once again it was Friday night. And Bonnie was barely holding on, as Abby went on about her lawyer coming over Saturday morning. Bonnie wanted to gag as she remembered Mr. Tulle's daughter, Valerie. A unhinged girl, who spoke to inanimate objects and believed in magic.

Lucy tried to change the subject, as Rudy Bennett entered the room. "I am so sorry, there seems to be a problem at the office overseas. What did I miss?" Rudy took his seat.

"Mr. Tulle's coming tomorrow." Lucy answered.

Rudy sipped on his chilled tea. "Right, you know your mother was friend's with his daughter, Valerie."

Bonnie began to open her mouth to protest, but stopped when she laid eyes on Abby's cold face. "Yes, anyways Lucy, your grandfather and I would like it if you'd pick out some items in the house that you'd like for us to leave you in our will."

Lucy glanced over to her mother, clearly freaked out by this request from her Grams. Bonnie wanted to be surprised, but it's Abby and Rudy, nothing they did really shocked her. "I'm… I mean I'll be fine with whatever you want me to have." Lucy tried to be polite.

"Now, don't be modest, put a post-it on anything you want." Abby insisted.

Bonnie looked back and forth at her parents. "You have to know this is weird and creepy, right?" Bonnie cringed at the whole idea of Lucy walking around with a post-it, sticking it on all the furniture in the house.

Abby turned to her, a most uncharacteristically cynical smile tugging at her mouth, "You can have some things too."

Now Bonnie was fiercely satisfied. "Oh well, that changes everything."

Abby and Rudy gave each other knowing glances as the kitchen woman came out with a tray that held three large crystal bowls. Once she got her own, Bonnie looked into it to see chocolate rice pudding. "Oh wow, Grams. You remembered?" Bonnie raised her head forcing her attention to Abby, who was smiling affectionately at Lucy.

"Of course I did darling." Lucy was digging in, same as Rudy.

This was one of the few moments where her mother did surprise her. "The bowl is gorgeous."

"Put a post-it on it, once you're finished."

And that's exactly what Lucy and Bonnie did after dessert. They spent a good half hour walking through the lower level of the house, putting post-its on items they wanted. They were residing in the living room. The whole thing creeped them out, Bonnie knew something wasn't right. But she didn't want a fight with Abby, especially since she planned to ask for a favor tonight.

"This is hands down the strangest evening we've had here." Bonnie had to agree, although growing up in this house she's had plenty of weird shit happen.

Soon came Abby, checking in on them. "Is everything going well?"

"Oh yeah, almost ready for the big day." She mocked, slapping a post-it on an old vase that was passed down three generations ago. "Anyways mom, we've got to head back to Mystic Falls."

Abby shifted over to Lucy, "Should I prepare anything special for you next week?"

Lucy began to open her mouth, but Bonnie cut her off. "Umm, mom, can I speak with you privately." Lucy's eyes caught hers as Bonnie signaled for her to leave. "Go say bye to Grandpa."

Lucy quickly left the room. Almost involuntarily, Abby's lips quirked. "Should I be worried?"

Bonnie laughed, a perfectly pitched trill of sound that she had practiced hard to perfect. "No, Lucy's birthday is next Friday. And we were hoping we could push dinner to Saturday instead."

"Now why do that, we can have something here for her." Abby said, her voice casual and detached.

Clearing her throat, fighting not to let her anger show, "Can we just push it to Saturday, it still can be a good time."

"No." It was almost whip-crack. "Friday nights are my nights with my granddaughter. Those were the rules we agreed on when you borrowed the money for her school." Abby's mask descended again.

Clasping her hands, wracked with fine tremors, "Mother, Lucy will be having her party at home, end of!"

Making her way back to the car, where Lucy was already sitting in her passenger seat. Buckling up, Bonnie gazed at Lucy without speaking for an endless moment. Then clearing her throat delicately. "So about next Friday."

Lucy rolled her eyes looking away. "She wouldn't postpone it huh?"

She took a deep breath, seeming to steel herself. "I tried sweetie. She insists on having a party here."

Lucy wore a frown looking forward as they made their way back on the road to Mystic Falls. "How bad could it be."

Knowing Abby, it would be Downton Abbey themed. "Should be okay. Maybe she'll manage to get Beyonce to perform." She taunted. "Don't worry, we'll do something fun next Saturday though, I promise."

Monday morning at the Inn, and Bonnie was in the kitchen with Stefan, who was going over the dinner plan for Saturday. No one was more excited for this party than Stefan, he loved cooking Lucy's favorite meals and then some. Every party since they've met, Stefan has baked Lucy's birthday cake, whatever she wanted he made it for her.

"Sucks that your mom wouldn't free you guys on Friday." he drawled lazily.

Bonnie was still irked about the whole thing. Abby will always hold that loan over her head. "You would not believe what she served us for dessert though."

"Herbal tea and mint." One corner of Stefan's lips lifted. It was not a smile.

"Chocolate rice pudding, Lucy's favorite." Bonnie gused. "Oh, you should have seen the joy on her face, at the fact that Abby remembered."

Even Stefan was aghast by this. "That's sweet." Bonnie was pleased at her mother's development. There was hope that Abby might have a decent relationship with her granddaughter, based on listening and caring, less on ignoring and judgement.

At that moment Matt Donovan came rushing into the kitchen. Squatting over to Bonnie with a container in his hand. "Close your eyes and open your mouth." Matt said out loud. Bonnie was left in disbelief.

"Excuse me." Matt realized he was next to Bonnie and quickly stepped around her to get to Stefan. "Close your eyes and open your mouth for something truly earth shattering." Even though he wasn't speaking to her, she was still grossed out.

Stefan compiled, Matt dropped something red in his mouth. Bonnie assumed it was a raspberry. "Oh my god." Stefan yelped. His eyes opened to stare back at Matt. "Like an exotic, berry. Is that." Stefan reached his hands out to Matt and Bonnie. "Gooseberry." Matt frantically nods. "With a cross of Raspberry. How?"

Matt gave this overdrawn out explanation of how he's been cross-pollinating on his farm again. He and Stefan were engrossed into a long conversation about fruits. While Bonnie was hoping to be saved, Marcel walked into the kitchen letting her know she was soon needed.

Excusing herself from them, Matt taking over her seat and continuing his conversation with Stefan. Bonnie walked out the kitchen with Marcel beside her. "So, Lucy's birthday is Saturday. Your presence is mandatory this year."

Marcel scoffed as they turned into the lobby, "But I have plans, I'll be out of town." Marcel tries his hardest to get out of any events including his co-workers, she could usually get him to cave every other year for Lucy at the very least, he was soft on her.

"Nope, you were out of town last year. Anyways, it's 7:00 and don't be late." She made her way to the landscapers to assist outside.

In the middle of her day, Abby called to ask if Bonnie would like to go shopping with her to get gifts for Lucy. Bonnie again was very staggered at this reach out from Abby. Nevertheless, she agreed and drove out to Bloomingdale's to meet up. It was a weird outing with her mother. At first she was being very hostile with Bonnie about her gift ideas, Abby wanted to buy Lucy's the most expensive and non practical gift, Bonnie had to get her to think less high-end and more trendy teenage girl.

By the end of the trip Abby started thinking more about what Lucy would want, rather than what she wanted for Lucy. She picked out a pretty awesome gift, and also purchased a couple party dress for Friday night. After all that, Bonnie made her way back into Mystic Falls with her garment bag, and walked right to Kai's Cafe. She looks around seeing that it wasn't that busy and Lucy wasn't here yet.

Bonnie took her seat at the counter. Kai Parker turned and looked at her. His sneer once again in place. "She's not here yet."

Bonnie relaxed into the chair. "How shall you entertain me until my companion arrives." Kai gave her a deadpan stare.

"Will you marry me?" Kai asked with a quirked eyebrow. Bonnie almost faltered at that question. She blinked rapidly, felt with confusion and a warm feeling flooded her stomach. "I'm messing with you."

There was a gleam in his eyes though, "That's not nice, you know I was going to invite you to Lucy's 16th birthday party Saturday." Bonnie sighed deeply and pushed her long chestnut curls behind her ear.

"I don't need the pity invite." Kai was known for being against town gatherings and parties. He was the grinch of Mystic Falls. Bonnie could only imagine how lonely he must get from being left out so offended.

Her arms hit the counter top. "It's not a pity invite, I want you to come." She smiled at him. "Lucy wants you there anyways."

"Really." Kai's face was starting to turn a bit red.

She nods. "Of course, please come celebrate with us."

Kai's heart ached though he did not show it, "Okay, hey how does Lucy feel about Lemon Coffee Cake."

Bonnie was puzzled. "She loves coffee cake. Although Stefan usually bakes the birthday cakes for us."

He shrugged. "Okay," Bonnie slightly tilted her head, wondering what was going on inside that pretty little head of his.

"Party is at seven, don't be late."

"I'll try not to be. Heads up." He pointed. Bonnie whipped her head around to see Lucy walking in behind her. She looked very down and out. Bonnie made her way over to their table, both of them took their seats.

"Babe, coffee?" That's the one thing that could cheer Lucy up from whatever mood she was currently in.

Lucy could only stare at Bonnie, unable to speak, she finally nodded as she shook off her bag. "It's been a sucky day. I want the largest cup Kai has."

Bonnie still wore a bright smile on her face, unzipping the garment bag and pulling out her feather looking dress out. "So this should cheer you up."

"Dear god what's that." Lucy was unimpressed. "Is it Halloween already."

Bonnie glared, "Hey, so I went shopping with your Grams. After hours of shopping with Blanche Devereaux. She finally listened to me, and got you something I think you're going to love." she explained. "Plus, she wanted us to have these dresses. But I think I might give us a modern day Romy and Michele look."

Lucy jerks in surprise, "You and Grams had fun, that's a first."

"I wouldn't say fun but I didn't wanna slam myself into a door." Kai came over with their coffees.

"Heard you were having a party this Saturday." he says with a contemplative tone.

Lucy replies softly to Kai, "Mom goes all out for me every year."

Taking the cup up and moving it up to her lips. "The big one was her eighth, the cops had us shutdown."

Kai was left mildly confused. "What could you have possibly done?" he asks, leaning forward in his eagerness.

"Not us, the clown, he was arrested." Bonnie told him.

Kai was dumbfounded by this confession. "I'd ask for details, but it's probably best if I don't know." He spoke. "The usual?"

"You know it." Kai left to grill up their usual cheeseburgers and chili fries. While Bonnie and Lucy come up with more ideas on how to fix up those showgirl dresses.

The big night came, Bonnie and Lucy found themselves back at Abby and Rudy's. When Bonnie rang the doorbell, the door immediately opened. They were greeted by a blonde wearing a maid uniform. As they entered the house they spotted countless servants and caterers running around cleaning and preparing for tonight's festivals.

Bonnie and Lucy entered the living room where they saw Abby. "Mom, what's all this?" She had to ask, because Bonnie for some reason was expecting a small gathering, not a party bash.

Abby made her way to Lucy. "The best for the birthday girl." She grabbed Lucy's arms and gave her a kiss on the check. "Happy Birthday, love."

Lucy returned the kiss. "Thanks Grams." Bonnie bites back the sarcastic rejoinder on her lips and handed Lucy the garment bag.

"Hurry up and change." Lucy took the bag from her, and made her way upstairs.

As Bonnie took her coat off, a man rushed behind her taking the jacket from her. Abby's eyes were bulging as she saw the sight of her daughter. "What happened to the dress I specially bought you for the party."

Bonnie glanced down at the dress. "This is it." her hands slapped on her expose thighs

"Well, where's the rest of it?" Bonnie turned the conversative nun's gown that her mother bought, and cut it up into a short white babydoll dress, that was flowy and chic. So of course Abby hated it.

Bonnie cleared her throat and spoke up. "The place looks lovely mom." Abby's arch brow was raised high. Bonnie turned around before Abby could complain some more. She was gonna have to get drunk.

So that's what she did, Bonnie was working on her fourth glass of bourbon within an hour of the party starting. She's had at least four men hit on her tonight, must be the dress. While she was trying to stay close to Lucy, Abby whisk her away to go meet people. And that's how Bonnie got stuck talking to Nora Hildegard.

"Oh my god, I can't believe I haven't seen you since your third trimester." Leave it to Nora to bring up her most degrading moment in high school.

Bonnie had a discomforted look. "Yep, senior year." She let out an anxious laugh trying to figure out how to get away from her.

Nora placed her hand over her mouth then quickly moved it. "That was rude, I'm trying to work on myself and how I speak." Nora was known for speaking without thinking.

Bonnie looks up, her face frozen for a moment and then says slowly,"I can see that."

"With the separation between myself and Mary-Louise, I've been seeing a therapist, to work through my problems." Still as open as ever. Bonnie decided to keep quiet. "So how is Damon? I haven't heard about him in forever." Nora reaches across, takes one of her hands and squeezes it softly as she asks a personal question.

Bonnie met her gaze again and was startled for a moment, clenching her other hand tightly on her empty glass. "He's in Atlanta."

Nora looks at her uncomprehendingly. "Do you two still speak?" she asks.

Bonnie nods directly. "Yep, he calls Lucy every week and we see him during Christmas and New Years. He's a busy man." Now it's Bonnie's turn to look at Nora with the same incomprehension.

"Did you ever get married?" she says, disbelief in her voice.

"No, never."

They stared at one another and the silence built until it was oppressive, weighing them both down. Finally Nora breaks it, once Lucy was in the eyesight of her. "Dear god, she looks just like Damon." Turning back to Bonnie. "How can you stand it."

Bonnie stares at her and then shrugs her shoulders. She doesn't know what was going on with Nora, she just knew she had to get away from her. "Nice seeing you again." Bonnie abruptly ran off.

While she was running from one crazy woman, she got trapped by her mother once again. Listening to trivial gossip about the other stepford wives in the neighborhood, from Abby and few of her fundraiser friends. After being bored to tears, Lucy walked past them, her arms crossed and she wore a frown. Abby got a hold of her, and moved her closer in.

"It's time love, give a little speech for your loving guest." Abby demanded, Lucy stared at her like a deer in headlights.

Lucy gave her mother a pleading look. "Mom, I don't think that's a great idea." Bonnie replied.

Abby's face became stern. "She must, she's the hostess."

"I AM NOT!" Lucy lashed out, Bonnie and Abby were both stunned at her tone. "This isn't even my party anymore Grams, if you want a speech give it yourself." Now it was Abby's turn to be mortified. Lucy pushed past her Grams and walked away from Bonnie's questioning eyes.

Left alone with her mother, Bonnie's face was filled with concern. "Mom, what the hell?"

Abby's face was crimson, many of the guests around them were staring. "Jesus Bonnie, have you not taught your daughter any basic manners." Abby whispered before walking off. Leaving Bonnie alone with the other stepford wives, awkwardly. Of course this was her fault somehow.

Escaping the onlooker, Bonnie headed upstairs to find Lucy, she managed not to run into Abby or Rudy. And found Lucy hiding out in her childhood bedroom. Nothing in that massive room had changed. Lucy was laying on her queen size princess bed. Bonnie took a look around, seeing all her posters from early 2000. In the middle of the room was her dollhouse, and on the fireplace mantel were her black porcelain dolls stood tall.

Making her way to the bed, she took a seat by Lucy's foot. "What's going on with you babe?"

Lucy sat up before speaking. "I'm sorry that I blew up on Grams, but…" Lucy paused, Bonnie waited for her to continue, she could see the despair in her eyes. "She invited those kids from Whitmore without even asking." her voice was cracking. "I don't even know most of them, and.." By this time, Bonnie could see the tears welling up in her eyes.

"Why didn't you tell me, I would have cancelled on her."

Lucy shrugged her shoulders. "You and Grams have been getting along for a change, I knew if I said anything, you'd go back to fighting." she cried desperately.

Bonnie rests a hand on her daughter's shoulder. "Don't ever think you have to keep things from me about your Grams to spare our relationship." Bonnie knew the truth about her mother's possessive ways, she tried to shelter Lucy from it, wanting them to have a better relationship. "I know you're feeling bad right now, but don't. Just come back downstairs, tell her you're sorry for yelling at her and all will be well again."

Lucy agreed, and Bonnie stood up raising a hand out towards her daughter, helping her up. Once they got back downstairs they noticed the place was being emptied out. Abby was saying goodnight to the last guest, by the front door.

Bonnie and Lucy strolled over to Abby, who was now closing the door. "Smashing party mom, I really enjoyed… the bourbon." Bonnie hadn't eaten any of the weird food that was being served, she knew Lucy was probably starving as well. Best to order a pizza on the way home or go to Kai's for burgers.

Abby was giving her a death glare before looking down at her watch. "Rudy, the girls are leaving." she snarled.

"Umm, Grams." Lucy tried to mutter out an apology, but Abby swifty moved from them, then came Rudy, who Bonnie swore she hadn't seen all night. Too busy with his work buddies in his upstairs office talking about business.

"Lucy, I hope you had a wonderful time, I really like Milton Greasley, he comes from good stock." Bonnie was completely clueless as to what her father was on about, though the name Milton sounded familiar, he must be one of these dickheads who called her daughter Virgin Mary on her first day at Whitmore.

"Yeah, it was great." Rudy pulled a check out of his suit coat. He handed it to her.

"I know Abby got you a gift, but this is your sixteenth birthday and I wanted to give you something extra."

Lucy took the check and stared at it, Bonnie took a quick glance and was stunned by the zeros on that check. "I don't deserve this."

"Of course you do sweetheart. Happy Birthday Lucy." Rudy gave her a warm smile. Bonnie watched her father, she swore it was the must emotion he'd ever shown. He really did love Lucy.

Abby made her return, "You two should head on out, long drive ahead of you." she was stone cold.

"Grams, tomorrow we're having a party at the house. It wouldn't be anything like this, just a few neighborhood friends. You and Gramps should come." Lucy was pleading at this point.

Abby briefly glanced at Lucy before looking away. "We'll be busy tomorrow. Anyways close the door on your way out." Bonnie knew Lucy was crushed. Her head was down as Abby walked away from them.

"Go start the car up, I'll be out in a second." Bonnie handed over her car keys to Lucy.

Bonnie found Abby in the next room over, ordering the servants around to clean up the place. As the catering staff moved around her putting the food away, Bonnie walked up to her mother. "Mom, are you coming to the party tomorrow?"

"I told you, Rudy and I are busy." Abby's back was turned away from her. "Please put those in the dishwasher." She told the staff.

She began to feel flustered once again with her mother. "It's her birthday party."

Abby soon whipped around to stare Bonnie down. "I threw her a party, I went all out for her, and she humiliated me in front of my friends." she stifled a sob.

Dealing with an emotional Abby was the worst. "You invited people from her school without even speaking with her. Those kids aren't her friends, they practically bully her."

Abby remained quiet for a few seconds before responding, "I had to invite them, many of their parents are friends of Rudy and I."

"When you assume you know everything mom, it gets you in trouble. Right now Lucy is crushed, because she thinks you hate her."

Abby waved Bonnie off trying to escape from this conversation. "Well it isn't the first time you made me out to be the wicked mother. I did all of this for Lucy, all of it. Paid handsomely for it."

"We didn't ask you too, you didn't ask what she wanted for HER birthday. You did it the way you wanted. Because you don't really care."

"How dare you." Abby's eyes narrowed, many of the servers were watching them. "Let me tell you something Miss. Thing, you are not that mysterious and complex as you make yourself out to be."

Now she was just tired. "I tried, goodnight Abby." Bonnie turned on her heels and walked right out. If Abby had no intention of trying to do better for Lucy's sake, she'll stop trying to force it. No longer believing that Abby could change, at least Rudy wasn't so stressful.

Next morning Stefan came over bright and early. He was in the kitchen unpacking the groceries and making coffee. Bonnie told him the whole story of last night, he was surprised at Lucy lashing out. But agreed Abby was in the wrong. Lucy was up and gone this morning, she had a college fair at Whitmore to attend.

Bonnie and Stefan spent hours fixing the house up and cooking. By 6:30 people started pouring in, first was Penny who was helping Lucy get dressed, then Bonnie's next door neighbors Lexi Branson and her husband Lee. Countless folks in Mystic Falls came to celebrate Lucy's birthday. Soon the house was filled with loud music and everyone sang Happy Birthday to Lucy.

Lucy sat in the center of it all, as the people of Mystic Fall gathered around her. She blew out her sixteen candles that were on a chocolate cake with her face plastered on the vanilla frosting. Bonnie stood up from her couch. "Okay, so I'd like to give a toast to one of the best things in my life. Lucy has been my angel, I couldn't have been blessed with a more loving and thoughtful daughter. I can't imagine life with her. Happy Birthday Luce" Everyone was in awe at Bonnie, Lucy was a little red in the face. "Okay enough with the sappy moments. Let's eat cake."

Stefan showed up beside her with plates and forks. Everyone wished Lucy a happy birthday, while Stefan handed her the knife. "Have the first cut my dear."

Lucy took the knife from him, and Bonnie heard the doorbell ring. "The door is open, get your asses in here." Bonnie walked towards the door, then came to a complete stop. There stood Abby and Rudy.

"Grams! Gramps!" Lucy rushed towards them at the entryway. "I can't believe it." Lucy tugged at her grandparents. "Come in, meet everyone." Lucy ushered them into the living area. Bonnie still stood like a gargoyle.

She managed to shake herself from her shock and hurried into her living room. "Mom, Dad," She saw Ms. Sabine Laurent holding her dad in her clutches. Abby sent killer daggers at the woman. "Let me get you two a drink."

"Thank you Bonnie." Bonnie hurried into the kitchen, where Stefan was in the oven taking out a loaded nacho dish.

"So my parents are here."

"Holy shit." Stefan placed the dish on the stove. "They never come over."

Bonnie grabbed two wine glasses, and poured chardonnay in each glass. "Let me get back out there and save dad from Ms. Laurent." Stefan looked at her grinning.

Bonnie made her way back to her parents. Rudy was by the fireplace. She handed her father the glass. "Drink up, dad."

As he inspected his drink, she heard Stefan calling out, "We're out of ice."

"What, I got three bags of it." She excused herself from Rudy, looking for Stefan.

Stefan pointed out the endless amount of people walking through Bonnie's house. "Lots of thirsty people" He heads back to the kitchen.

Grabbing her car keys from the table out front. "I'll go get some." As Bonnie wandered to the front door, in came Kai Parker with two bags of ice.

She gasped, "Kai, aren't you perceptive. Stefan, Kai brought ice." She bellowed out.

"Thank god." He hollers back.

Bonnie moved forward to him. "You saved my ass."

Kai let out a chuckle while shrugging. "I know a Mystic Falls party well enough to know you'll run out of ice within the first two hours."

Bonnie threw her arms around him, allowing herself to melt completely into his arms, feeling intoxicated and whole. Surrounded by his warmth and his vanilla signature scent. "You're the best Kai." Subconsciously, her hand had moved to his left cheek, gently caressing it. Her eyes met his and she felt the corners of her lips moving upwards.

Her wide smile caused Kai's mesmerising blue eyes lit up with a flicker of hope. Just as Kai was moving forward to remove that grin off her face. Abby came from the back. Bonnie heard a light cough and removed herself from Kai. Both of them were now blushing. "Kai this is my mother, Mom, this is my friend Kai."

"Friend?" Abby repeated with her eyebrow raised.

Bonnie shot her a glare. "Nice to meet you Ms. Bennett." Kai greeted her.

"Likewise." Bonnie and Kai exchanged a knowing look.

"I'll be in the kitchen with Stefan." He announced before heading off.

Bonnie and Abby were now alone at the doorway. There was a cordial silence between them as the party went on in the living room. "So, how long have you been seeing him?"

She felt a grin stretching across her mouth."Kai and I are friends, he owns the local cafe and feeds me coffee every morning."

The mood was light between them, though this was not the conversation that Bonnie would like to be having with her mother. "He seems to like you, a lot. I swore I was about to walk in on something."

It was not so much of a question as it was a statement - an assumption. With a frown, she snapped her head forward so she was glaring straight at Abby. "You're seeing things."

"I saw the way he was looking at you. Reminds me of your father." Bonnie was ready to gag. "He seems smitten by you."

Bonnie hummed. "He's not smitten by me."

Abby looked around inspecting the place. "You're pleased that the man with ice has a crush on you."

Bonnie just huffed, pursing her lips. "You're crazy,"

Her mother's eyes made her way back to her. "I should go check in on your father, save him from that jezebelle." Regarding Ms. Laurent.

Before Abby walked off, "Thanks for coming, Lucy is really happy."

"Of course." Abby went to find Rudy, after another thirty minutes at the party, listening to stories about Lucy and Bonnie from the townsfolk. Rudy decided it was getting late and Bonnie walked them to their car and bid them goodnight, of course Rudy gave Lucy one more check, for a school trip they were having in November.

After that Bonnie came across Kai on her way to the kitchen. Bonnie watched Kai with a dazed look. She had a small smile on her face and seemed content, even though there was so much tension between them now.

"Great party." he said, leaning casually against her entryway.

She launched herself in the direction Kai had come. "Thanks, this was a tamed one."She sputtered. "I should help Stefan with the cleaning up."

"He's not in there, he went to the bathroom." Kai seemed amused by her fidgeting.

He stared at her like he'd never seen her before. Kai was good looking, she'd give him that. He always looked clean and put together. He had nice lips. She had always thought of them as pouty. There was a light behind his eyes, that flickered like a flame and drew you in.

Dammit Abby got inside her head. Kai was her friend. She shouldn't be thinking about him like this. It's one thing for the sensual dreams she would have. But this was too far. "That's okay. I'm gonna put away the food." Bonnie took her chance to escape from Kai.

"I can help." He called out.

"It's fine." She insisted. Making her way to her kitchen sink, she looked out her window and saw Lucy outside with a boy. A boy she'd seen at the local grocery store before. His name, she couldn't remember. She watched as he handed Lucy a gift. They were smiling at each other. Must be the mystery boy, no one wants to tell her about. Praying this doesn't become something out of her control and Lucy didn't end up like her and Damon. She had nothing to worry about because Lucy wasn't her. Right?

Sorry this took so long, college is back in session and I've been so overwhelmed. Also haven't had time to watch Gilmore Girls which has a lot of filler episodes. But I'll work through it. If you've watched Legacies, Milton Greasley is Tristan Dugray, Penelope Park is Lane Kim, Hope Mikaelson is Paris Geller, Dean Foster will be revealed soon.