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Bones: This is absurd! There is no evidence whatsoever proving that supernatural creatures exist, or have ever existed! Only a fool would believe so.

Oh, Bones, how I love you, but unforunately, you're in my world now, and here the rules of physics, science and everything in general are completely different. I mean, how else would a "small" town mysteriously grow bigger every time we see it?

Bones: Coldly I'll come to my own conclusions once you present me the evidence that I require to make a proper assessment.

Stutters uselessly I-I-I-hey! How'd you get here anyway?! Hastily changes subject

Bones: Deadpan I opened a door.


Bones: Still deadpan Yes. It's quite uncomplicated to do so.

Looks frantically around the room for a door. She finds none.

Slowly blinks, staring at everything as though she'd never seen anything in her life before. I think I'm beginning to question my life.

Bones: That's actually the smartest conclusion you have come too so far. Recent studies have proven that...

The Demon Within

Everything was covered in blood.

The floors were running with it, calmly swooshing against Spike's legs as if to mock him. We're here. You can't get rid of us.

Spike could only stare in speechless horror as it rose to his knees, the horrid smell overwhelming his senses, reminding him...reminding him..

...of the screams. Oh the screams. People screaming. Women, men, children...all screaming. Because of him. Because of what he was, and what he'd always be. He'd watched...participated. He remembered the glee, the thrill at human terror as he drank greedily from torn, bloody necks.

Suddenly, he felt something...someone...latch onto his leg. He let out a cry, looking down to see what it was. He almost threw up right there and then when he saw...a human hand. It had no body attached to it. Spike frantically shook it off, but it was persistant, digging it's filthy nails into his leg.

"Get off me!" He yelled; tears stung at his eyes, and he felt shame bubbling up inside of him. I'm sorry...I'm so sorry! I didn't mean it, I swear! A lie.

Unwanted images flashed in his mind.

Darla laughing cruelly as she tied him to the bed, dragging her nails down his naked chest, leaving bloody trails behind on his cold skin. "Come now, William, don't be like that, you had fun today, didn't you, dear boy? This shouldn't be so hard. It's just a game, you'll see."

Drusilla. Practically skipping across the slew of dead bodies, humming erratically. "Isn't this fun, my dear William? Miss Edith said it'll be fun and she was right!" She stroked the dolls face lovingly. "Clever Miss Edith." She cooed.

Fun. The word repeated itself in his mind. "Fun." He muttered, the word tasting bitter in his mouth. Suddenly remembering what had violated his being just a few moments earlier, he looked down quickly; if he'd had a heart, it would be thudding against his chest.

The disimbodied hand had mysteriously disappeared. Instead, the cave was shrouded in darkness, the blood now up to his waist. Spike felt his panic increase and he began to wade through the blood, but in whichever direction he went, it felt like he was standing right in the same place as before. How..?

"This is just a dream. Just a dream...Not real, not real, not real." He whispered harshly to himself, sounding very much insane. "Buck up, man! Don't be a bloody pansy!" He roared, frustrated, his voice rising and echoing off the cave walls. He cursed himself as his voice came out high and panicky.


This didn't soothe him. Not one bit. The silence was eerie and screamed loneliness and isolation; two things Spike hated more than Darla, the ruthless and cunning vampiress who had tortured and turned the poor, insane, Drusilla.

It was as if the cave sensed his fears, and used them against him, cripping him; making him weak. Another thing Spike hated more than Darla, which was a feat in itself.

For all I know, this isn't a dream. Someone could be doing this to me. Fuck! This is what happens to those who hang around the bloody Scooby Gang. I should have listened to Willy; the slimy coward may be as slippery as a snake, but he has some sense in him.

One thing was certain; he was not going down without a fight.

"You think you can defeat me?!" He challenged, spreading his arms apart. He turned around. "Come on, you useless wanker! This the best you can do?" He waited with bated breath. He started to become irriated. "Fight me like a man! Come on! Show yourself, you fucking coward!" He waited. Nothing.

Growling, he began to once again wade through the blood. It had to lead somewhere. Anywhere was good enough for him, if it got him out of this hellhole.

He kept on going. The blood started to rise again, slowly but surely. He persisted; it was getting harder to move his legs. Come on, man! Keep at it!

I don't want to die! Not here, alone, weak...He shuddered. Blood rose to his chest, then his chin, choking him. The silence seemed to be mocking him, willing him to die so that the earth could be rid of another foul, tainted creature.

Besides, Anya needed someone she could count on...not a monster like him. His chest constricted painfully at the thought of the blunt, tactless vengence demon, who could come out with the most absurd things at the most inapporiate of times. No social skills whatsoever; just like him.

And he loved her even more for it. She was his; nobody could say otherwise.

It had been well over a century since he had been human, but a part of him was still William. Even when he had bathed in the blood of men, had he still been able to love; and love he did. So passionate that it could consume him entirely, which was often the cause of the mass destruction he had left in his wake.

And now it had come back to haunt him. He didn't need to be asleep for his demons to appear. They were with him everywhere he went, whispering in his ears, taunting him. He knew that he deserved it, but that didn't make him like it.

Redemption was one mean son of a bitch.

For all he knew, it wasn't a dream and that he was going to die. If Vampires didn't feed for months, they would slowly starve to death, it's body crackling and pealing, until it finally disintergrated into dust. It was a long and agonizing process that all Vampires avoided at all costs.

He tried to suck in air and holding his breath, but he was unable to move his hands to cover his nose. Blood streamed in, and while he was able to still breath, the pressure was painful. Oh God, I'm so sorry, Anya. I'm so sorry. Forgive me for being such a monster.

He closed his eyes...

...and woke up.


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