Title: Ordinary Just Won't Do

Chapter: Epilogue

Author name: Brittney

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Category: Romance

Sub Category: Drama

Keywords: Hermione Draco Harry D/Hr

Rating: PG-13

Summary: *COMPLETE* (Post-Hogwarts) It's 2007, ten years since the trio left Hogwarts Draco has been assigned to a small town in the USA. His job is to find Harry Potter's only missing friend, Hermione Granger, find out why she didn't return to London after the war, and bring her home ASAP. What happens when he finds her and something more? Will he return her and her secrets? Or will he 'disappear' too?

International Confederation of Wizards in Britian has been assigned by the Ministry of Magic under the new leadership of Percy Weasely to find all mising soldiers and spirits from the Great War and bring them home. But they've been searching for ten years and the war has been over for five and every spirit has been found all except one. Hermione Granger. She was the right hand of the Hero and his partner, everyone in the Wizarding world wonders is she dead or alive. Some says she dead, some say she's alive. But in this final year of the search one person had the courage to believe that she still exsits somewhere. And he is determined to find her.

DISCLAIMER: This story is based on characters and situations created and owned by JK Rowling, various publishers including but not limited to Bloomsbury Books, Scholastic Books and Raincoast Books, and Warner Bros., Inc. No money is being made and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended.

Author notes: This is the end! I want to thank my Beta (YOU ARE AWESOME) and I want to thank all of my readers because without all of you why would I continue this story! And to my inspirations *YES both of you* I think I love you both because without you where would my words come from? Good luck both of you and no matter what I'm going to be proud of you both. *Wipes away a tear* *Wipes away another tear* It's over!

"Ordinary Just Won't Do"


+Three Years Later+

Hermione Granger had returned to England two days after Draco moved out of his hotel room. She was greeted millions of cheers and parties to celebrate her return. Many were surprised and heartbroken after hearing the story of what she went through. Though many never knew the entire story, they were surprised at what they did know. Draco Malfoy, the Heir to Dark Malfoy throne, saved his fiancé, Hermione Granger, five years after her disappearance.

That secured, an unneeded, raise at work for Draco and Harry-Potter-like notoriety for Hermione. At their wedding, six months after their return, most of the Wizarding world was there. Their wedding photos were plastered over newspapers, magazines, and Wizard Wireless Network's all over the world. More people took interest in their wedding than the amount of people of voted for a new Minister of Magic that year. They received gifts from everyone, even people they did not know, and that year the Manor was filled with new memories rather than the old.

Then nine months later Marsilio Xavier Malfoy was born, silvery-blonde hair and caramel brown eyes, he was a vision of love that the entire Wizarding world embraced. Pictures of him were all over newspapers, magazines, and gossip columns from England to South Africa and beyond. Many saw this union of Slytherin and Gryffindor of lasting peace to come and many saw it as a final ending to long and weary war. Wizards like Albus Dumbeldore said it was an ending to a story that had begun lifetimes before, even he, was born.

"Look Daddy, look, Mommy writing letter. I think it's a wove letter but she not love nobody but me," little Marsilio exclaimed as his father entered the room holding a briefcase and his wand.

Draco looked over his wife who was sitting at her desk with a piece of parchment and a Quill, in her dinner Robe, writing quickly, he picked up the two year old and headed her way, "Hermione, what is he going on about?"

"Oh, a little surprise for you. It is your birthday next week you know," Hermione smiled, as he bent down and kissed her on the forehead.

"Hmm, I will have to investigate," he chuckled as Marsilio begged for his attention.

"Daddy, guess what me and Mommy did today," the little boy said with a voice only new to speaking full sentences, he like, his mother, was interested in everything.

"What did you and Mommy do today?" Draco asked, sitting in the only thing left of his father's in the Manor, his great black armchair.

Marsilio sat in his father's lap ready to spill his entire day, much like a little boy did years ago but his excitement was never met with much, "We went to t'e Ogwarts, we saw Professor Duwumbdoor, and I got to see real bird!'

"A real bird eh?" Draco asked as if it was the most interesting thing in the world, trying his best not to laugh at his son's bad grammar.

"Phoenix Marsil, say it for Daddy, Phoenix," Hermione smiled, knowing that he had spent the whole day trying to pronounce the word perfect for Draco.

"Pwenix," Marsilio smiled as if he had just spelled out 'supercalofraglisticexpealodocus'.

"Good boy," Draco laughed heartily as the little boy jumped off his lap and ran to whatever he was drawing before his father had arrived from work.

Hermione turned to her husband, forgetting the past and only remembering only the future, "How was work?"

"Not too bad, George said he had another assignment for me," he replied watching a pained expression cross her face, she always hated his business trips.

"Where to now?" Hermione asked as he stood and made his way over to the desk, smirking as only he could.

"To Malfoy Villa on Malloraca Island in Spain, for three entire months. Just me, you, and Marsilio," Draco replied as a smile lit up her face, he knew she was growing weary of his month long business trips.

"Malfoy Villa? I've never heard of it. Did you just have that built Draco?" she asked, not caring to hide her excitement, she loved being a Malfoy and she loved being his wife.

He leaned against the ancient desk, "No, I just bought it three months ago and just had it renovated. It used to be the Goyle's summer house."

"It must be gorgeous," Hermione squealed thinking of the scenic Island that she and her family would be spending three months on.

"Not as beautiful as what I'm at looking at right now," Draco whispered catching her attention.

She hadn't changed much except she had fell into the role of the New generation Malfoy wife with a bang. She was the leading trend setter in most Society groups, she was the chairwoman of several charities, and she made Waving Wands, Louisiana a vacation destination for many Upper class Wizards. She, being the most brilliant Hogwarts student in years, had several schools bidding for their son, who had years to go before he would start school. But much to many school's disappointment she had promised Dumbledore that Marsilio Malfoy, and any sibling that would come after, would attend Hogwarts.

Hermione smiled at the man she had loved for so long, "Draco, would it be all right if I brought someone else along for the trip?"

"Hmm? Who?" Draco asked furrowing his eyebrows, he was not prepared to bring anyone else on this trip except for his wife and son.

"Another little Malfoy," she smiled as his eyes widened and he picked her up out of her chair.

"Are you sure?" Draco asked sitting his arms around her waist staring at her stomach expectantly.

"Positive," Hermione replied basking in the pride in his eyes.

Draco looked over at Marsilio, who was making a mess with his paints on the floor, "Promise me something."

"Yes," she answered looking over at their son, her son, his son, the proof of their love.

"This could be my little princess," he said looking down at her stomach like he expected a little girl to come out and scream 'daddy.'

Hermione laughed in response, "You sound like your son, when I told him he asked for a sister."

"You told him first?" Draco asked incredulously, he never expected his son to find out first.

"He went to the Mediwizard with me, I couldn't help it. But I make no promises," she replied watching the little boy who had been her heart for so long throw paint everywhere, thank God for the no-stain charms.

"Darling promise me something else then," he said before kissing her softly.

"What?" Hermione asked brushing his hair out of his face.

"That you will name this one something they can't get made fun of for. It seems strange names are inherited in this family. Lucius, Draco, Marsilio, it's just a vicious cycle," Draco laughed as Hermione looked appalled.

"They all have a meaning Draco. Lucius was the soldier from "Julius Caesar," Draco means Dragon, and Marsilio means Dedicated to Mars. That means he'll be a good soldier, a true warrior, like his grandfather, except it'll be for something good," she replied sternly, just as she had when she had insisted on the name two months before his birth.

A small smirk appeared upon his face, "You really mean that huh?"

"Yes," Hermione replied just as she always did, never losing her footing in an argument.

"You are a strange woman, the man insults you, the man hates you, you hate the man, you kill the man, and then you honor him in a way. How strange," Draco replied, running his hand over the spot that Marsilio used to kick at the most.

"Lucius may have been an evil bastard but if it wasn't for Voldemort your father would have been a great man. There is no doubt about that and there is not reason to erase that ugly chapter from the Malfoy family album. Truth is you can't run from the past, you have to embrace it. I want my son to be strong, like his father, and his grandfather," she replied as Marsilio noticed the two standing in a half embrace and made his way over.

"Mommy like my picture," Marsilio asked as Hermione picked him and his painting up, acting as if it was a Pablo Picasso original.

"It's amazing, I think we should go hang it up in Daddy's library. What do you think?" Hermione asked Marsilio as he grinned and looked back at his father.

Draco smiled, watching his wife and son, "Make it sure it's right where I can see it at all times, go on now."

Hermione smiled back at him before sitting Marsilio down and letting him run down the hall to his father's library to hang his 'masterpiece' above the desk.

"You are a wonderful father, Draco," she whispered softly, looking at him for a while before following her son down the hall.

"Sometimes a person will come into your life and you know right away that they were meant to be there. Hermione, you are that person," Draco whispered to himself as she followed their son.

Love only comes around once in a life time, and if you let go and it always comes back to you, it's true. Real love can out live a thousand obstacles, time, war, hatred, and any other thing you throw at it. Love never wears out, it just lives on, growing as the days pass by. So never give it up, just let it go, love won't forget about you. All good things come with time and with time all good things shall come.

== Finis


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