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Harry tapped the brick and smiled as Diagon alley was revield. He walked slowly down the alley looking around him. The goblins bowed to him as he came to Gringuts. Bowing back to them he step through the doors. The bank was not too busy just a few people doing there business. He joined a short line and waited his turn.
When it was his turn he stept up to the counter and cleared his throat.
"Excuse me sir but I have a few questions about my account and other services that the bank may list."
"Harry Potter sir."
Harry got out his key and handed it to the goblin.
"All seams in order. Well mr potter enter that room with the sign saying conference room 5 and someone will be with you soon."
"Thanks sir," harry said.
Collecting his key he went to the room and took a seat in a corner to wait.

It was not long before a goblin walked in carrying several folders.
"Take a seat at the table mr Potter. First of all here is a list of services we offer to our account holders."
He slid a slim folder across the table to Harry. Picking it up Harry glansed through it.
"That is a coppy you can keep. I would like you to take an heirs Test which will show what accounts and vaults you have with this bank. I will need a small amount of blood on this parchment. the cut will heal as soon as the parchment has enough."
He held out a small but sharp dagger to Harry. Taking it Harry pierced his finger and let the blood drip on to the parchment. Then his finger healed up and even the dagger cleaned its self.
"We will give that a few minutes. I would like one of our healers to have a look at you. I remember your family well as I have been the account manager for the potters for nearly 150 years. You seam very small and skinny for one of the Potters."
"I will do what ever you think sir. Just can we keep the records between me and the bank. I trust the goblins but not too many of the wizards."
"We are in agreement there mr Potter. It will be kept secret unless you wish to take it further. Lets take you to the healers now as your test is taking some time."
The left the chamber the door locking behind them and took a passage that led down. A cart came up the trackes and when they were inside it took off deaper in to the tunnels than Harry had gone before.

They came to a large door. It did not have any writing on it just some runes but the goblin seamed to know where they are.
"This is the healers wing mister potter. Please follow me."
Passing through the door they came in to a brightly lit hall with many rooms opening off it. A few goblins were around checking clipboards and files and others carried supplies to restock supply cabinets.
"Healer Bonelock I wish for Mr Potter here to have a full health check and any healing necessary."
One of the goblin healers came forward.
"That will be no problim master goldfist. Mr Potter follow me in to this room and we will do a full checkup. Lie down on this bed and we will get started."
Harry hopped on to the bed and lay down.
"Now Mr Potter you may feel some tingling but that is normal."
She waved a crystal over Harry's body starting from his feet. The crystal flashed different colours at different points and a quill started writing on a large sheat of parchment.
"Hmmm we will need a more in depth scan to get more information."
She pulled out several different crystals and put them in some order around harry. A large clear crystal went on his chest just over his heart. After saying a long incantation the crystals started to glow. More parchment was placed on the table and a quill was set on each.
"Here we will get a look at your body in more depth and also a look at your magic. This will give us a clearer picture of what is going on and we can work out a treatment to follow."
Speaking more invocations that made all the quills write rappedly filling up the sheats of parchment. The crystals flashed different colours revealing different shapes. The one on his chest first of all shoed a large orb filled with light then begane to shade areas in with darkness and showed chain like things containing it.
"Healer Bonelock what are the crystals doing?" asked harry of the healer.
"It is called crystal magic and is not widely known. you can enhance crystals with runes and magic to show or do sertain things for example you can store magic in some crystals to use in wards and protection."
She nodded to her self as she read what was written on the parchment.
"You will be in here for a while Mr Potter. I count no less than 20 bones not healed propperly and muscle dammage from it. You will need need to recover from not eating enough for so long. i see 2 ways of doing this but one is very costly."
"I am not sure if I would have enough. Master Goldfist do you think my account would cover it?"
"Most sertainly Mr Potter."
"Thanks and please call me Harry please. Now Mam can we go for the expensive one please."
"No problem Mr Potter. It will be done. I will be back when we are ready to begin."

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