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Author's Note: I know, I know. Trust me, you aren't thinking anything I haven't already told myself, but after some serious thought I decided this was the best course of action. I've realised something, I don't actually enjoy writing gamer fics, or to be more precise… I don't like all the numbers.

I'm basically rewriting Freedom with a system more like Supervillain and Vampire meaning no stats, and with some changes to the story itself, some major and some minor. The Supervillain system is so much easier to write than a traditional gamer system.

Going back to it, I've noticed a lot of the same mistakes I made with Necromancy that would have made it much harder to write in the long term and while 17 chapters is a lot, it's better to fix them now than let them kill the story 20 chapters down the line. So I'm sorry, but I'm also really not sorry.

You can't prove I'm just doing this to write the Grayfia corruption scenes again.

The Gamers Guide to Freedom

Chapter 01: The more things change

The Void

"I'm sorry, can you repeat that?" I ask, staring at the glowing pink orb in front of me.

"Of course, master! It's my pleasure to inform you that you died! Wait, no that's not right." The ball says, vibrating for a moment in apparent embarrassment. "It's my duty to inform you that you have unfortunately died, and my pleasure to inform you that you have been chosen as the latest host of the Gamer System, that's me by the way, and given a second chance at life. To accept, just say anything!"

"The what?" I ask.

"Contract accepted, congratulations master! I'm Isis, your Game admin, and I'll be helping you through your new life." Isis says cheerfully as she spins around, her pink glow providing some light to the endless void we seem to be in.

"No, wait- I mean, what do you mean 'I died', I was just fine a few minutes ago." I say quickly, making her pause.

I was just walking home from college, everything was fine, right?!

"Yup, you were fine, then you walked into traffic because you were playing on your phone. Don't worry, you died on impact so you didn't have to go through the pain and suffering most people who get hit by a car." Isis said as I paused, thinking hard.

Oh right, I got a text from my professor and I was replying to her when- ahh. In my defence, it was late and the road seemed basically empty.

You had headphones on, and the truck that hit you didn't have working headlights." Isis explained helpfully.


Fuck me.

"I don't have a body, so unfortunately I can't do that at the moment, master! I'm sorry." Isis said sadly, the ball of light drooping slightly.

"That's not what I- never mind, what happens now?" I ask, it's not like I can do anything about it and complaining doesn't help matters.

I've never seen the point in complaining, if it doesn't fix your problems or make your situation better you can spend the time better by just relaxing and calming down.

"Now? You start your new life, don't worry about anything, I already know what decisions you'd make and have filled out the character creation based on your most likely choices." Isis said, making me pause.

How does she-

"The CYOA?" I ask, remembering what I was doing when I was supposed to be paying attention to my class.

I got an email that just had a link to a CYOA called 'Your second life', and maths is boring so I was playing a round filling it out.

"I like to be efficient, and we'd already foreseen your death so I figured I'd have you make your choices before you got here." Isis adds proudly.

Oh fuck.

"Wait, can I change my-"

"And here we go! Have fun, master!"

As a tugging sensation drags me into the void, I figure that's probably a no.


"Kuro? Kuro, pay attention!" a sharp female voice says, shaking me out of my shock as I open my eyes, immediately staring into the unamused blue eyes of a beautiful white haired woman.

My mother, my new memories helpfully remind me as she scowls slightly.

"Sorry?" I reply hesitantly, still recovering from the sudden influx of memories, and powers as I feel my magic waiting to be called on.

This is really happening, my lazy ass had a chance to pick out all the details of a new life, and you know what I did? I randomised ninety percent of the choices.

I had a choice in the CYOA to design my entire family, looks and personality, I just hit random because I couldn't be bothered to waste my time with it.

Sighing, my mother rubs her forehead slightly. Nyra, that's her name, Nyra Dantalion.

"I realise you didn't want to come with us, but this is serious. I expect you to behave and not endanger the future of our family." Nyra scolds, a melodious giggle coming from behind her.

"It's fine, Nyra, I know a thing or two about troublesome sons." the beautiful, and buxom, blonde milf behind her says. "Why don't we let the boys go and play, Riser doesn't want to be here either after all." Rayna Phenex says with a small smile.

"Very well, I trust you can avoid causing a diplomatic incident if I let you leave my sight?" Nyra asks me, the other male in the room chuckling quietly.

"Yes, mother." I drawl out, making her roll her eyes at me.

"Riser, why don't you take Kuro into the city itself? You two don't need to be here for this, go have some fun." Rayna says with a smile, making the blonde man about my age stand up.

"Happily, I can give him a tour. Yubelluna, come on." Riser says as he gestures for me to follow him out of the room, his stance immediately slouching when he's out of his mothers view. "Thank the Satans you got us out of there, I wasn't looking forward to sitting around listening to the adults squabble over minor details for hours. I'm Riser, as you've already heard, third son of the Phenex family and all that." Riser says easily, a smile on his face as he holds out his hand. "This is Yubelluna, my Queen."

Glancing over at the very buxom woman with purple hair going down past her waist, I give her a nod as I shake Riser's hand. This world is dangerous, but at least it has some nice sights.

I'm stuck in fucking DxD, world of Devils, Deagons and titty magic. May God-


May the Satans have mercy on my soul?

"Kuro Dantalion, Heir to the Houses Dantalion and Gaap, the pleasure is all mine, trust me. So, what do young devils do for fun around here?" I ask lazily, making him chuckle.

"A great many things, but my favourite club is nearby and it's open 24/7, so what better way to get to know the people of the Underworld than to get drunk with them? Follow me, before they change their mind and drag us back into the meeting." Riser jokes as I do so, exchanging small talk as we walk.

Riser is one of the early antagonists, but he seems fine to me. But then, I'm not the one who has to marry him, and I'm not the protagonist so what do I care about Rias's problems?

My family went into hiding during the Civil War between the Original Satans and the Current Ones, hiding our family manor with the powerful wards the Dantalion family are known for, where we remained until very recently.

That's what all this is about, my family coming out of seclusion and retaking our place in Devil Society. Apparently Serafall Leviathan was on her way but I'd rather keep my head down for now anyway, so escaping to get drunk sounds like a plan.

I need to situate myself, get used to my surroundings and learn how fucked I am before I even think about meeting a Satan of all things.

As we enter the club, the pop-like music almost makes me wince from the sheer volume as Riser talks to the woman at the bar.

"This way, I got us a booth upstairs." Riser shouts over the music as I nod, following him as I look around.

The club is packed with countless men and women dancing, drinking and in some cases just outright fucking.

Devil's are creatures of sin, and even human clubs are hives of sin so it makes sense that a devil club would be far more so, and a part of me cheers at my decision to come to this world.

The logical part of me tells it to shut the fuck up since we could be in a nice safe world right now, and hot women alone isn't enough to make up for the danger this world represents.

Sitting in the booth, Riser lets out a sigh of relief as the noise from downstairs is muffled somewhat. We are situated on a balcony overlooking the dance floor so it's still loud but it's far more manageable this way.

"And I was worried I'd have to listen to the negotiations all day, my mother would never have let me leave on my own." Riser admits as one of the girls working here brings us whatever drink he ordered, giggling as Riser spanks her on the ass as she leaves, her miniskirt barely covering anything. "But this? This is far more my style, drinks are on me, it's the least I can do for getting me out of there."

"It's fine, I wasn't looking forward to it either. I think we're both lucky your mother is so understanding, my mother wouldn't have let me leave either." I reply as I grab one of the glasses, sniffing the alcohol before I take a sip.

Some kind of whiskey I think.

"True, but it doesn't matter how we got out of it, the important thing is that we did, so here's to us avoiding responsibility!" Riser says jokingly as he raises his glass.

"To avoiding boring meetings!" I return as we tap glasses, Yubelluna giggling quietly as we do.

"I think this could be the start of a great friendship, mother did say to play nice and really, aren't we basically doing the same thing our parents are? Forging bonds between families or whatever." Riser reasons as we both drink, grinning to ourselves.

He's not wrong.

Time passes as we talk, minor gossip about our families, nothing of substance, and our bottle runs empty quickly.

"Luna, be a dear and get us another bottle." Riser orders easily, us both watching her go, her ass swaying slightly as she walks away.

"You are one lucky bastard." I say simply, making him laugh.

"Yeah, she was a damn good catch, and she's powerful as well, the 'Bomb Queen'. People like their nicknames, and she's won me more than a few Rating Games. But I think we both know I didn't pick her for her power." Riser admits easily, making me laugh. "But then, you'll be getting your own Evil Pieces soon right? My advice, pick a Queen who doesn't mind doing all the troublesome work and you'll live a much easier life."

"I'll keep that in mind, it is certainly going to be interesting to be able to leave the mansion grounds for a change, right now I can count the people I know on one hand and still have fingers left over." I admit, my family takes our isolation very seriously.

"Then allow me to be the one to welcome you to the wider underworld." Riser says as Yubelluna brings back the next bottle. "But seriously, having a loyal Queen makes your life so much easier, watch this. Luna, expose your breasts." Riser orders as Yubelluna places the bottle down on the table, rolling her eyes playfully as she calmly reaches up and grabs her dress, pulling it aside as her breasts pop out. She already had an immense amount of cleavage on display so it didn't take much.

Sitting back down, Yubelluna makes no attempt to cover up her breasts as they bounce from her movements.

"See, it's great?" Riser says as he reaches over and gropes her chest, squeezing as she moans lightly.

"Agreed, it's good to be the King." I say, taking another drink as Riser chuckles.

"That it is, I won't ever be Lord Phenex, but I'm happy with my lot in life, more or less." Riser says, grumbling slightly as he trails off. "For now at least."

"My King, don't darken your thoughts with the future." Yubelluna says as she notices his darkening mood, making Riser laugh as he shakes his head.

"Yeah, you're right. See, a good Queen makes all the difference. I'm going to answer the call of nature and I think I see someone I know on the dance floor, Yubelluna, keep my new friend entertained while I'm gone."

"Of course, my Lord." Yubelluna agrees easily as Riser rises, heh, and walks away.

I'm pretty sure he just wants to clear his head, given the light scowl on his face as he walks away, but I'm quickly distracted by Yubelluna moving into my lap, facing me as she gives me a smile.

"My Lord wishes for me to entertain you, I wonder how I should go about completing this task." Yubelluna says, her tone flirtatious as Riser gives me a thumbs up as he looks over his shoulders.

Huh, Devils. Well, when in Rome.

"I'm sure a talented girl like you can think of something." I reply easily, my hands resting on her ass, squeezing her through her dress.

"Oh, I'm sure I can." Yubelluna agrees, kissing me deeply, the taste of the wine she's been drinking on her tongue filling my mouth as she closes her eyes.

Slipping out of my lap, she falls to her knees between my legs, her hands gently reaching for my belt, pausing for a moment to check my reaction before she continues and undoes it, pulling my shaft out and gently grasping it, starting to stroke my cock.

This isn't how I saw my day going, but as she calmly leans forwards and takes my length between her pouty lips, I can't bring myself to complain.

She's obviously extremely talented at this, no doubt through an immense amount of practice, and as she starts to bob her head I can feel her tongue running along my length, her playful gaze locked with mine.

Placing a hand on her head, I gently guide her as I lean back and enjoy the moment. I'm no virgin. The reason I was leaving college so late was because I had a bit of an after-class rendezvous but while my literature professor was hot, she was hot for a human and devils are in another league entirely.

Every devil I've seen so far could pass for a supermodel, and Yubelluna is no exception with an incredibly voluptuous body and frankly inhumanly large breasts.

Because DxD is a borderline hentai disguising itself as a shounen anime, and the characters are no exception.

Yubelluna notices my gaze lowering to her still exposed breasts, her tiny pink nipples rock hard as she smiles and pulls back, grasping her breasts and wrapping them around my length as she starts to move.

"Well, my lord~ are you feeling entertained?" Yubelluna asks with a slight smirk.

"You're doing great, Luna." I say, watching as the tip of my cock peeks out from her cleavage, just barely.

"I'm happy to hear that, my lord~" Yubelluna says as she bounces her chest, uncaring of the public location. It's not like we're the only ones doing this, I can see a girl getting fucked right in the middle of the dance floor, jerking off two men while another fucks her from behind, and across from us another woman is bent over the booth table getting spit roasted, Devil society seems pretty open about sex.

I do wonder where Riser has gone, but I don't think about it that hard as I let out a groan, taking a sip of my drink as Yubelluna pleasures me.

It's been a while for this body, and I can feel my orgasm approaching, something Yubelluna clearly notices as she latches her mouth back around my bulbous tip, twirling her tongue around the tip as she fondles my balls and strokes my shaft.

Riser is one lucky bastard, and as I groan she immediately swallows my load with no difficulty at all.

Standing back up, she calmly reaches up and swipes a finger at the string of cum that managed to leak out, licking it clean as she sits back down next to me.

"You taste delicious, my lord, perhaps you could share your diet with my King. He eats too much junk food, unfortunately." Yubelluna says calmly, fixing her dress.

"Heh, I'll-" I start, trailing off as I hear footsteps approaching us. Turning back, I expect to see Riser returning but instead pause as I see three unfamiliar men approaching us.

"Dantalion?" the man in the lead asks, making me blink at his tone. He sounds completely emotionless, and his eyes are incredibly dull.

"Correct, who's asking?" I ask, on guard as he immediately raises his hand, sparks flying from it as he silently launches a bolt of green energy at me.

I've never really fought before, but this body has studied magic for years and it knows what to do as my own hand rises, drawing a sigil in the air with my index finger.

With a flash of light, a purple barrier forms around me and the green energy smashes against it, fizzling to nothing as I rise from my seat.

Before I can even react, an explosion sends the three of them flying back as Yubelluna returns fire, screams filling the club as I spot more people heading towards us.

What the fuck is going on?

More spells come my way, and my lesser ward (a Dantalion family spell) isn't good enough to take it all, but again my instincts win out as I take flight, four pairs of dark purple wings appearing behind me as I avoid the attacks.

Honestly, I'm panicking but I don't let it show as I raise a hand out and call on one of the spells I can recall, a bubbling orb of greenish liquid forming in front of it before it shoots forwards and strikes one of my attackers, their screams ringing out as the acid starts to melt their skin.

"Kill the Dantalion, the rest don't matter." one of them shouts out, a dark red orb flying past me as I fly to the side, returning fire with another acidic ball.

They dodge it, but it doesn't matter that much as the bubble bursts and acid splashes around it, catching him and one of his allies anyway.

One of my wings is clipped by a lightning bolt, but before I can even retaliate towards my attacker, another explosion rings out and they are sent flying into the wall, leaving behind a gory mess.

Yubelluna doesn't play around.

And neither should I, so picking my next target I point a finger towards them and cast my next spell, a ray of pale green energy lashing out and striking one of my attackers.

The fool's skin pales as he immediately pukes, blood mixed in with the vomit as he falls to his knees, coughing and gagging.

Unfortunately, I'm very much outnumbered and as I dodge another bolt of energy, two more land and knock me from the air, flying doesn't come as easily as you'd expect. And as I hit the floor, I launch a different orb of liquid at my attackers, the seemingly plain water hitting one of them as he screams, his skin going red as the incredibly hot water does it's work.

Yubelluna is fighting someone else, but as my attackers try and finish the job, a roar fills the room and flames engulf them, the room immediately growing much hotter as Riser glares at our attackers, his hands cloaked in flames.

"Who the fuck do you peasants think you are?" Riser growls, a handful of our attackers turned to nothing but ash as some of them turn to face him, a purple Lance of energy hitting Riser directly in the face, making his head snap back.

Turning to face the attacker, Riser doesn't seem to notice, or care, that the side of his head has been torn apart, his skull visible as he snaps his fingers and sends a trio of burning orbs at his attacker, the woman not even having the chance to scream before she's incinerated.

Turning to us, I blink as I look at his already healed face.

"Kuro, Luna, let's finish these fools and get out of here." Riser growls.

Where the hell did these guys even come from? There's easily a dozen of them left, and spotting the puking fool rising back up, I point at him again as a funeral bell rings out, watching as he clutches his head and screams, collapsing to the ground as blood leaks from his ruptured ears.

I'm injured, a broken rib at a guess, but as he dies, I grasp the life force leaving his body and draw it into myself, harvesting it for my own uses as my body repairs the damage. I have a few tricks up my sleeves, and whatever Isis did to me worked because using the powers and magic that came with this body feels completely natural.

Riser's entrance turned things in our favour, and he proves he deserves his place as the season one antagonist as he burns his targets alive without a care, or even any visible effort, a cold look in his eyes.

Seeing another one aiming at me, I quickly recast my ward and send another ray of sickness at him, it's faster than my other attacks, and as he pales I smirk.

My bells do more damage the more injured my target, and my ray can do some serious damage to the internal organs. It's a decent combo, even if it means it takes me longer to take people out of the fight than it does Riser or Yubelluna.

But dead is dead, and as the bells ring out my victim dies all the same. Honestly, they should throw themselves into Riser's fire and save themselves the trouble, it's quicker and less painful.

Acid, fire, explosions and poison see to our foes, and before long we stand in the wreckage of a thoroughly trashed club.

"What the hell happened, I wasn't gone that long." Riser asks, kicking one of the corpses as he walks towards us.

"I have no idea who they were but they were here for me." I admit, making him frown.

"Then we should get back to our parents. Shame about the club but it isn't the first time this place has been trashed." Riser says simply as we head to the door. "I knew something had gone wrong when everyone came rushing out, I thought you two would be with the crowd though. That's devils for you, they won't get involved in anything if it doesn't benefit them." Riser deadpans, making me chuckle despite my rapidly beating heart.

"Then helping me benefited you?" I ask, making him laugh.

"Our families are playing nice, that makes you an ally at the very least, and I wouldn't sit by and let my allies be attacked. Besides, Luna was under attack as well." Riser says easily as we move quickly through the streets, coming to a swift stop as we look at the building that was used for the meeting.

Or the smouldering ruins that remain of it, to be more precise.


Looking at the twin-tailed woman sitting opposite me as she gives me a sympathetic smile, pink eyes locked with mine, I simply stare at her blankly. I have no idea what I'm supposed to think about this situation.

My 'parents' are dead, and I never even actually met my father, both were caught up in a bombing attack. My family survived the war by hiding in our mansion for centuries, and the first time we leave this happens?

Riser's parents were blown up as well, but they simply regenerated, and Serafall Leviathan was caught in the explosion but it barely scratched her.

"I realise these words must sound empty and pointless right now, but I promise you that both myself and the other Satans are dedicated to discovering who was responsible for this attack, and bringing them to justice." Serafall Leviathan says, her tone soothing as she speaks.

She's not wearing the magical girl outfit she is known for, instead she'd dressed far more professionally in a long black skirt going to her knees, and a tight white shirt.

"What happened to my parents' bodies?" I ask, cutting her off with an emotionless tone.

"I've had them prepared for transport back to your mansion, I know you have a family mausoleum there." Serafall says, not insulted by my bluntness. "It appears that the goal of the attack was to prevent your family from retaking its place in the Pillar society. We captured one alive trying to escape after the bombing but they killed themselves before we could properly interrogate them, probably a spell cast on them by whoever sent them. May I ask what you plan to do next?"

Well, that's the million dollar question isn't it?

What should I do next? I didn't even know what I was going to do when I had a family to handle this kind of thing. I was going to go back to my family's mansion and plan my next move, but that was before I was attacked.

The Dantalion Mansion is very well protected, its wards have endured entire sieges by people who wanted our secrets or riches, we should never have left its safety.

"Go home, bury my family and turn the wards up to their highest level." I say, my tone still entirely emotionless as I try to process everything that has happened.

I picked a few drawbacks to gain my points during the CYOA, and I don't remember which. I literally just clicked a few of them at random since I didn't think it mattered and I wanted to get enough points for some of the other benefits.

I think I caused this, indirectly or not.

"And after that?" Serafall asks gently as I blink.

"The wards can keep me safe, maybe in another few centuries I can try leaving again, but this was a mistake." I deadpan, making her sigh.

"I understand your caution, but I doubt this was the end of it. They hoped to kill you all at once, your decision to leave made them change their plans, and your survival won't have made whoever arranged this happy." Serafall says slowly.

"Which is why I'd be safest far away from here, behind the wards that have kept our family safe for centuries." I retort, making her smile sadly.

"Your father admitted that the Dantalion wards aren't as strong as they used to be, Izan Dantalion was a true grandmaster of warding but he's been dead a long time. Your father could barely maintain the wards he left behind. Perhaps they'd keep you safe, but if they fall you'll be far away from any help." Serafall countered as I blinked.

This is the first I'm hearing of this, and I remember my lessons under my father, learning how to create permanent wards.

"So you think I should stay here, outside the wards?" I ask with narrowed eyes, making her smile slightly.

"I think you shouldn't let them win, they don't want your family retaking their place, regaining the power your family had before your seclusion, if you flee then they've gotten exactly what they want, though I doubt that will be enough for them to ignore you. Your parents came here to discuss your reintegration into devil society, to form alliances and negotiate for the return of their ancestral lands. While I know you haven't had time to adapt to it yet, you are now the Lord of both the Dantalion and Gaap families, those lands are rightfully yours." Serafall explained, hesitating. "And you're also one of very few surviving members of the true Leviathan family, as the only known male descendant of the original Leviathan, you are the rightful Lord Leviathan. That's why I was handling the negotiations instead of Sirzechs Lucifer, despite him being in charge of domestic affairs."

"You wanted to solidify your claim on your title." I realise, making her smile slightly.

"I did, it was part of the negotiations between myself and your father. I was going to help him claim that long empty seat, and I was to marry him, becoming the undisputed Lady Leviathan." Serafall admits, pausing before she sighs. "I was in charge of the security at this meeting as well, someone betrayed me, that much is clear, but that doesn't absolve me of my own failure. I convinced your parents to leave the relative safety of your home, and I failed to ensure they were safe. I owe you, and I will make up for this failure. I owe you three favours, and as long as they don't endanger our race I'll do anything you ask, I swear it." Serafall says as she crosses her finger over her chest, drawing a magical cross over her heart, a flash of light brightening the room.

"What was that?" I ask, making her pause.

"You haven't seen a magical oath before? I suppose if you haven't left your mansion then you haven't had a reason to. We devils can be bound by our words, I just bound myself to my promise. I can't disobey you if you call in your favours, it's a sign of how serious I am. I won't push you to decide immediately, but I would advise against hiding away from the world." Serafall says soothingly. "But right now, I understand that you have bigger things to think about, and the burial of your family to take care of. I'm sorry for your loss, and I will find those responsible, death will seem a sweet mercy once I'm done with them." Serafall swears, a hint of rage passing through her eyes.

"Thank you, and I'll… take your words under advisement." I say, sighing.

I have a Satan owing me favours, but my mind is elsewhere.

"If I may, can I ask you something?" I ask, making her blink.

"Of course, answering your questions is the least I can do." Serafall agrees immediately.

"Why were the Phenex family included in the negotiations?" I ask, seeing the surprise on her face.

"You… didn't know? They were there to discuss the betrothal between you and Ravel father was planning on stepping down from the position as Lord Gaap and giving it to you, with Ravel becoming your wife. The Phenex and Gaap family have history going back to before the civil war, and Lord Phenex wanted your mothers assistance with something, though what that may be I do not know. Devils like their secrets and even a Satan can only be so nosy." Serafall admits as I take her words in.

Ravel, she was one of Issei's girls in canon, I think? I'll be honest, I zoned out whenever Issei was on the screen.

Plus I only watched one full season, losing interest during the second season. I do remember reading that Ravel was in Issei's harem though.

"I see, I suppose he won't need to step down now." I deadpan, dark humour has always been my favourite coping mechanism. It's weird to think that someone I've never met but have many fond memories of, was going to give me their lordship, one of them anyway. "Will that be all, I have some burials to take care of."

"It is, but take this." Serafall says, passing me a business card. "Remember, you aren't alone in this, Kuro."

"I will, and thank you." I say, rising from my seat.

Letting me go, she simply directs me to where she had the bodies placed, and watches me form a magical circle and teleport away.

What the hell am I supposed to do now?

Sighing, I shake off the growing sorrow. The two sets of memories make this a bizarre experience, one side uncaring and the other distraught.

Standing in the foyer of my family's overly large mansion, I pause a moment as I wait.

Hearing movement, I turn and face the approaching creature, animated bones shambling towards me, coming to a stop as it sees me.

This is the power of the Gaap family, the power of Necromancy.

A few more skeletal figures show up, awaiting orders as I take a deep breath.

"Take my parents to the mausoleum, then return to your stations." I say calmly, looking over them. I'm the Lord of the house now, and they were created to obey the head of the house by my mother.

Undead servants that never tire and need no sustenance. They exist to serve, and they'll do whatever they are commanded to do, regardless of their own safety.

If I tell them to climb onto the roof and throw themselves off it, they will. I know this because my mother demonstrated their obedience by having a few of them destroy themselves, she is- or was a little extreme like that.

Heading upstairs, I go to head into my room before I pause, heading further down the hall towards the master bedroom, my new bedroom.

Now that I finally have some privacy, I focus for a moment and smile slightly as I call up what I can only presume to be the system interface.

I have access to three main forms of magic, the Devil system of magic, Necromancy and Warding magic. Necromancy is split into five categories, Traditional, Blood Magic, Spirit Magic, Egyptian Style and Fleshcrafting.

…I also have a master level skill in games, and an adept skill at giving massages, my mother enjoyed them and was rather demanding.

So, with all this magic at my fingertips, I have the tools I need to protect myself from future attacks.

Now I just need to learn how to properly use them.

Serafall Leviathan

She'd been betrayed.

Someone in her office had leaked the meeting, helped people smuggle bombs into the building right under her nose, and murdered the guests she'd invited right in front of her.

When she found out who did it, she'd show them just why she was so feared, even with her usual magical girl shenanigans.

She put a lot of effort into making people forget she could freeze most of the Underworld with a single spell, because people trusted and liked 'Magical Girl Levi-tan' more than they did Serafall Leviathan.

Kuro had taken his family's deaths well, or he was in shock and still processing it all, but while his decision to go back home was a logical one, it wasn't the one she needed him to make.

Marrying Lord Dantalion would have been massive for her, it was going to utterly declaw the Old Satan family, which was why she was so willing to do it despite him not matching her usual preference in partners.

And then it was snatched away. Already her foes were using this to smear her, she couldn't even protect someone in the same room as her, why should they trust her to protect the Underworld?

She needed to salvage this, which was why she was willing to take the chance to bind herself into these favours.

She was an old devil, and she could wiggle out of just about any binding. 'Endangering our race' was extremely vague, and she could use it to get out of anything she wasn't actually willing to do.

Her hope had been that Kuro would be similar to Riser in personality from their fast friendship, because if she'd given someone like Riser a favour she couldn't refuse she'd have been naked and riding his dick within the first five minutes.

She didn't need to marry Kuro's father, just a male Leviathan, and Kuro himself would suffice all the same.

She was confident in her ability to seduce him given the chance, and once he ran out of favours she'd offer herself to him fully, because being a Satan meant doing distasteful things for the good of all.

Plus, she and the other Satans wanted access to the Dantalion wards in case another war broke out, which seemed more likely with every passing day. In the Great War, Izan Dantalion's wards could change the tide of battle, it was why people respected him despite his troublesome personality.

Kuro was more important than he knew, and she wouldn't let him slip away and hide inside his mansion until the end of time, no matter what it took.

Bonus Scene - Sirzechs Lucifer

Had he done something terrible in a past life that had greatly offended the fates, causing them to curse him and his plans?

Well, obviously not since he was a devil and they had no such thing as reincarnation, but still he was feeling downright targeted.

The negotiations between the returning Dantalion's and the Phenex's had been the perfect opportunity for him to turn things in his favour ever so slightly, or to be more precise, in Rias's favour.

It hadn't even been hard to convince Lord Phenex if the benefits of having Ravel marry the young heir of the Dantalion family, which would mean she wouldn't be in Riser's peerage for the inevitable Rating Game between him and Rias (which she would absolutely lose the way things were going)

Instead of giving his sister a much needed advantage, he now had a major diplomatic catastrophe on his hands.

He was the Satan of Domestic Affairs, and the return of two old and powerful families into the Pillars had been carefully spread to increase people's faith in the new Satans.

Ugh, he'd been a Satan for centuries and they were still 'the new Satans' to many, devils were stubborn and slow to change.

Instead, he had a murdered Lord and Lady on his hands, the new Lord had all but fled back to his mansion, and people were asking 'how did the new Satans let this happen?'.

To make it worse, they were killed with Serafall in the same room, making them look downright incompetent to many.

They had their suspicions of course, but that didn't help the nightmare he was currently in.

To make things worse, his father was panicking. The Gremory family had a massive piece of territory, and a great deal of it once belonged to the Gaap family, they'd claimed it and owned it for centuries but by law it wasn't theirs and if Kuro Dantalion decided to return to the Pillars after this, his father would be forced to give it up or convince Kuro to let them keep it.

It didn't matter to most that the Gaap's had abandoned it so long ago, it was Gaap lands and if they wanted it back, the Gremory's had no ground to stand on.

But because he was panicking, his fool father had decided to speed up the marriage between Rias and Riser to make sure the Gremory's were in the best possible position to negotiate from, which ruined a lot of his long term plans.

If Kuro stayed hidden away, Sirzechs was fucked because he'd spent ages subtly boasting about the return of the Gaap and Dantalion family, plus they'd lose their weapon against the Old Satans faction. If he came back, he was still fucked because Rias would be forced into this damnable marriage far faster and long before she was ready to fight Riser and his experienced Peerage.

Why did the world hate him?

Still, perhaps he could turn this to his advantage.

Kuro's Character Sheet

Kuro Dantalion

Race - Pureblood Devil

Alignment - Neutral Evil

Mentor - None

Racial Traits

[Pureblood Devil Physiology (Strengths)]

As a Devil, you possess enhanced strength, speed, senses, flight and the ability to use the Devil magic system, allowing you to craft and cast spells. You also possess the ability to understand and speak every language. As a Pureblood devil, you possess the ability to use your lineage's special magical abilities.

[Pureblood Devil Physiology (Weaknesses)]

As a Devil you also possess a weakness to Light and Holy magic, you are repelled from sanctified grounds and you take damage from reading or hearing Holy scripture.

[Dantalion Lineage]

As a member of the Dantalion family, you possess the ability to use the Dantalion family magic to craft magical wards.

[Gaap Lineage]

As a member of the Gaap family, you possess the ability to use the Gaap family magic to use the power of Necromancy, raising the dead to serve your whims and using the power of death to slay or punish your foes.

[Leviathan Lineage (Locked)]

As a member of the Leviathan family, you possess the ability to use the Leviathan family magic to control the seas, to summon and control immense amounts of water or transform into a gigantic serpent-like sea dragon. You also possess multiple wings marking you as above the lesser devils, and an immense amount of innate demonic power.



Devil System - Apprentice

Better the Devil you know


Acid Splash

Launching a bubble of acidic water at your target, causing it to eat away at the flesh of whatever it lands on.


Forming a ball of unnaturally hot water, you launch it at a target and scald them, causing pain and damage.

Shape Water

You manipulate water in a small area, calling on your ancestral power, allowing you to change the flow of the water at will, change its colour of opacity, or animate it into simple shapes.

Teleportation Circle

As you cast the spell, you draw a 10-foot-diameter circle on the ground inscribed with sigils that link your location to a permanent teleportation circle of your choice whose sigil sequence you know. A shimmering portal opens within the circle you drew and remains open for a short time.

You can create a permanent teleportation circle by casting this spell in the same location every day for one year. You need not use the circle to teleport when you cast the spell in this way.


Devilish Tongue

Devil's are notorious for their silver tongue, able to talk the mortals out of their very souls. You have a bonus when attempting to persuade non-devil, though it's less effective against creatures like Fallen, and utterly ineffective against Angel.

Necromancy (Tradition) - Apprentice

The dead are restless, and eager to rise once more


Toll the Dead

Death comes for all things, and you excel at reminding them of this fact. Grim bells ring around your target, beckoning them ever closer to their final end, dealing necrotic damage. If the target is already injured, the bells ring louder, encouraged by your target's wounds.

Ray of Sickness

A ray of sickening greenish energy lashes out toward a creature within range, poisoning the target and rotting their internal organs.


Grim Harvest

Through your skill at manipulating the life force of others, you have gained the power to drain the life force of those you slay with magic to heal yourself, this is doubly effective if you use a necromantic spell to do so.

Necromancy (Blood Magic) - Novice

Blood is life, in my hands it can be death as well


Blood Boil

Raising the temperature of the blood inside your victim, you cause them excruciating pain and damage to their internal organs as their blood is turned against them.

Necromancy (Spirit Magic) - Novice

Dead men have many tales, and many more grudges


Speak with the dead

Often done by accident by those with the potential to use spiritual necromancy, this spell allows the caster to commune with the dead, though it gives them no control over the spirit and many take offence to being pulled back on the whims of the caster.

Necromancy (Egyptian) - Novice

The sands hold many secrets here



Ritually casting this spell over a corpse causes it to dry up and become immune to decay, hardening the flesh and increasing its resistance to damage.

Necromancy (Fleshcrafting) - Novice

Life and Death are two sides to the same tainted coin


Inflict Paralysis

Taking control of your target's nervous system, you strip them of the ability to move their extremities. This can be resisted by those with enough power, and can target specific limbs or organs, and the spell can be cast to take hold over time or instantly take effect.

Warding Magic - Novice

Good luck nerds, I'm behind seven hundred wards


Ward of Resistance

Drawing a runic symbol on your skin, you place a ward around your skin and give yourself a resistance to non-magical damage.

Lesser Ward

Drawing a runic sigil in the air, you form a temporary ward around you that blocks some spells and ranged attacks.


Wardcrafting (Dantalion) - Adept

Ward Crafting

You have been taught the secret Dantalion art of Ward Crafting, making Wardstones out of pure mana and carving the right runes onto them to create powerful wards.

Ward Maintenance

The first thing any Dantalion is taught is how to maintain the family wards, and as such you have all but mastered the art of ensuring your wardstones are in perfect condition and will remain so for a great many years.

Ward Breaking

By learning to craft and maintain wards, you have also learnt how to tear them down, exploiting weaknesses and flaws in them to remove them entirely.

Ward Types Known

Necrotic - By combining your Dantalion Wards with your Gaap Necromancy you have learnt how to make a ward that exists to punish the living, sending pulses of necrotic energy through its protected area and harming all those who do not belong there.

Detection Ward - An adjustable ward that can be fine tuned to detect things, ranging from any living beings, the use of magic to a specific race.

Surveillance Ward – A ward that allows the creator to remotely view anywhere within its range from a linked runic surveillance system.

Privacy Ward - An adjustable ward that can either prevent sight, scent and sound from leaving or entering.

Mundane Talents


Persuasion - Adept


Games - Master

Masseuse - Adept

Author's Note 2, Note Harder: I figured adding some smut early would make it clear what kind of fic this was for newcomers, saves me listening to them complain later.

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